Hamidou Larry
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Hamidou, I always appreciated your help and patience. I mostly miss our conversations. Still thinking of you my friend. RIP
Raj, Colleague
Sep 12 2022 4:29PM
We miss you dearly, and we will never forget you!
Hamado and Pamela, Friend
Sep 11 2022 8:00PM
Hamidou was a wonderful father who spoke often about his son. He was a consummate gentleman.Y ears later I discovered that he always gave up his train seat to my wife during her pregnancy. I wish to offer my condolences and prayers to his family. May he rest in peace.
Raj P, Colleague
Sep 10 2021 8:38PM
Larry my love there's not a day goes by, I don't think about you. I remember you sooo much even after 13 years. I cannot forget your call Saturday before the World Trade Center. I promised to call you back, but I never had a chance to get back to you. I miss you so much and most of all I remember you beautiful smile.
Paulette, Friend
Sep 11 2014 11:00AM
Hey man Thanks..I can remember me first starting at Marsh and you were the person who showed me the ropes on how to find people inside the Trade Center, cause I was always fearful there...Everyone Knew who larry was, I had no idea your lastname was larry. But you were always a good guy in my book, and everyone talked about your smile and dimples.... never forgotten You Bro.......
Antoine Mc Cants, Colleague
Jul 23 2014 11:30AM
We miss you dearly. We still have your voice on an answering machine that we will not throw away. Your picture hangs on our refrigerator. We will never forget you! We thank God for the time spent with you.
Hamad and Pamela Bance, Friend
Sep 11 2011 7:45PM
Larry you are truly missed.
Brian Williams, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 8:34AM
Hamid, family and friends knew you, the world outside did not. I was one who of the many who never met you. The testimony of who you were by your example and your interaction with others will stay deep in many hearts. You have gone to much a greater place. I know that your spirit has illuminated the heavens. There has been an enrichment in my life since you went away. That erichment has been through your family and friends. Dear friend, I leave this message for your family to know that the prayers of peace for them. Here I am thousands of miles away, but your presence is here with me. I have a picture of you and your family on my desk. When I look at it I see the dimples Martha talked about, your special smile and I a feeling of tranquility envelopes me. I will treasure always the sacrifice you made of your life for our nation. Oftentimes when a loved one leaves us those outside the family tend to forget. You will not be forgotten Hamid. Your family is one to be proud of and I feel honored to have met them. They will remind in my thoughts and in my prayers. Rest in Peace my brother. Joyce
Joyce, Friend
Sep 11 2002 3:49PM
To My friend Larry, When we first met I thought you had the prettiest dimples I had ever seen. Working with you was a pleasure, you were always on time, a hard worker and a great friend. I miss the times you would come to my desk and made me smile when I was upset, and how you use to make me see things through the other side of the window making me understand certain situations. I felt as if we belonged together at times. You inspired me in may ways. I wish the best for your children whom I got to meet and speak to. I pray that the lord takes them under his wing and guides them through life as you helped so many in the Dojo. Sensei, My friend, My buddy, My Angel I wished I had returned your call that day you left me a message now I feel so empty knowing my friend wanted to talk but I was so busy with work and I could not pick up the phone at that moment. But I know that you forgive me because I saw you smiling down at me from heaven in my Dream. God has let me know that you were with him in my dreams. Till that one sweet day....... Martha Soto.
Martha Soto, Friend
Jun 5 2002 4:42PM
he was my uncle and he was really my favorite and i wish he was here so that we can catch up on all the things we have out and i wish my aunt and cousins was more happier if he was here and i will never forget him because i will always love him.
kimar meeks, Family
Apr 11 2002 8:28PM