Steve Morris
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Steve, from those days at a certain client in Altrincham where you were a sane voice in the wilderness, to meeting up with you again in the US, you were a friend. Life takes uncertain paths,and this has to be the strangest of all. You were a gentle person, and you did not deserve this. Ian
Ian Carney, Colleague
Nov 29 2003 7:46PM
Steve, I wish I personally had had more time to get to know you. You were such a big part of your Family and their life, no matter where in the world you were at any one time. I first heard of you 6 years ago, and from day one you were always talked about with voices filled with pride, and more importantly with love, by everyone that knew you. The week you stayed with us in July 2001 is something that will always be with us. It was one small chance to find out who you were, this man everyone spoke so highly of and with so much Affection and Love. You are greatly missed Steve. Every moment of every day you are missed. There is never, and will never, be a day when we fortunate ones who knew you, are not thinking of you. Take Care Always.
Jo McCarthy, Friend
Mar 8 2003 7:23AM
We spoke once, never met face to face, and will never have that 'Indian Meal'. Our chance meeting, has sent me on quite the journey over the last 19 months and for that I am forever in your debt. Bruce Springsteen wrote 'May your strength give us strength May your faith give us faith May your hope give us hope May your love give us love....' The world misses you
A friend, Friend
Sep 10 2002 10:39PM
Steve We miss you, we know you are still with us, we love you, we will never forget you..... Lori
Lori Hayes, Colleague
Sep 5 2002 1:13PM
In the South, we call relatives like you "kithin kin". You came looking for us - after 3 generations of our family that separated to live in the two worlds. It was easier for you to leave than those of that generation. Communications and technology made it so. But you never forgot that It was your ancester who took one look at the Statue of Liberty and turned around to go home! Our side of the family stayed. And you came later. I hope that great statue gave you comfort as you looked at her one last time as you, too, went "home". Our memories have tangible triggers - a clock, a picture, a family crest. You aren't forgotten. We say only "au revoir" - Until we meet again.
Liz Klemann, Friend
Aug 28 2002 8:54AM
Steve, You are missed by your Oracle colleagues. When we think of September 11, we think of you, and how you were taken from us way too soon. We think of you every day, and we will never forget. Tom
Tom Mayhew, Colleague
Aug 26 2002 12:01PM
To a lovely nephew,cousin and great guy. Both the spoken and written word -- irrespective of how articulate or how beautifully composed -- will always be inadequate whilst attempting to convey ones' true feelings,thoughts and emotions. Suffice to say, "Steve, you are with us now and will stay with us forever" All our love:- Mike,Bup,Bermie and Ambi xxxx
Mike Moris, Family
Aug 25 2002 6:35AM
I have thought long and hard about what to say to honor our fallen friend Steve Morris. As I assessed my time with Steve I remember many qualities I would like to share. When I first met Steve he was a young engineer who was hungry for knowledge and committed to excellence. He grew into a true leader and mentor to many people within Oracle. Steve had a great ability to help his teammates without making them feel intimated. Steve cared about people and loved his job. This made for a great combination. He was always sharing his knowledge to help others succeed. His colleagues appreciated his easy-going, low-key style and greatly respected his technical expertise. I personally depended on Steve every day to manage some of our toughest financial clients. I will miss our conversations and his British accent. Steve was a good friend, an exceptional employee and a mentor to his peers. He is greatly missed. Sincerely, Todd Jam
Todd James, Colleague
Aug 9 2002 9:52AM
Steve, a much loved nephew and cousin. We know that you enjoyed every minute of your life. We certainly enjoyed every minute that we spent with you. Thanks for many, many happy memories. Love always, Jan & Tony, Rach & Jim, Sue & Johan & Lucas.
The Pye Family, Family
Aug 4 2002 8:41AM
A Family Tribute. A wonderful son and brother, very sadly missed, by your Mum, Dad, Andy and Katy. From all that you told us, we know that you loved working as an Oracle Consultant and especially your assignment to MMC in the World Trade Centre. Thank you for everything Steve. You will always be loved and never forgotten. You will never know how much we all miss you. Our lives will never be the same again. May God be with you till we meet again. Mum, Dad, Andy and Katy.
Phil & Judy Morris, Family
Jul 6 2002 3:50PM
Steve was more than my husbands colleague he was a family friend. A very gentle and kind man that will remain in our hearts and memories. The Horton Family
Sandy Horton, Friend
Feb 4 2002 7:16PM