Gregory Reda

Family Tribute:Gregory Reda was all about Love. He loved our family very much and worked hard to provide for us. During the week, he left while the boys and I were still sleeping. Greg would kiss our sleepy heads before he left for his hour and twenty minute commute to work. The day would never go by with out several calls saying, 'I miss you,' 'I love you,' and 'I can’t wait to see you later.' He’d call to talk to Nicholas, hear Matthew coo, or listen to Nicholas play his new set of drums. After his train ride back, he’d park his red Miata in front of the house and ring the doorbell. Nicholas and I couldn’t run to the door fast enough. Greg collected hugs and kisses from both of us. At the time, Matthew was just an infant and was usually in his bouncy seat on the table. Greg would kiss his newborn son. Nicholas would then run to the stairs and call to Greg, 'Daddy Change.' It was an evening ritual the two of them developed. Greg would go upstairs to change his clothes and chase Nicholas around and over our bed. They would end up on the bed playing a game of 'my pillow.' Afterwards, Greg would give Nicholas all of the special edition state quarters he came across during the day. Nicholas would run to his dinosaur bank to put the new treasures his daddy just gave him. I honestly don’t know who was having more fun during this special time between father and son. Anyone could tell by looking into Greg’s eyes or hearing him talk about Nicholas and Matthew, he was so proud to be a father and loved his children very much.

As for me and the love that we share, there is just so much I could say. He was the world to me, my true love and soul mate. During the past 11 years, we shared so many happy times filled with love and laughter. He was by far the most thoughtful, caring, loving husband a women could ever have. It is certainly an honor to have been chosen to be Greg’s wife. On the night of September 10th, I went upstairs to feed Matthew. Greg stayed downstairs to finish a few things downstairs. Since it was so late, I laid his clothes out for the next day and finally we were in bed. Greg turned to me and said 'Thank you for all that you do. For taking such good care of the kids and things in the house.' I remember saying, 'Are you kidding? You do so much, you go to work then come home and help out so much. Thank you!' It wasn’t unusual for us to acknowledge the gratitude we had for one another, but as one can imagine, it was especially special that night. It didn’t matter where we were, as long as we were together it was home.

Although Greg was missed when he wasn’t home, I know he was touching lives at work and even at the New Hyde Park LIRR train station as well as in our neighborhood. Greg was a manager who had wonderful interpersonal skills. Co-workers didn’t hesitate to come by his office, whether it was work related or not, it seems that people always left his office a little happier - of course, he did have a snack drawer. Nevertheless, I have received many letters from co-workers saying that Greg was a mentor, a pleasure to work with, had such a wonderful personality, great sense of humor and without a doubt irreplaceable. I’ve also received a couple of letters from people who saw him every morning at the train station. His absence was noticed but as one women said although they spoke to one another every morning, they never exchanged names. Then she saw his picture in the newspaper and now knows why she hasn’t seen him on the train. Through neighbors, I’ve heard stories about Greg that I had never heard before, like how he helped someone change a tire at the train station or how he called car service on his cell phone to help someone who had missed their station. A neighbor recently stopped me while I was with Nicholas and Matthew to tell me how one day Greg and Nicholas rang her bell. They found her wallet, which she had been franticly looking for. In my eyes, he was such a good samaritan; he did these acts of kindness and didn’t tell anyone about it afterwards. Hearing these stories certainly makes me proud to be his wife.

The weekend was family time. We were always together and truly enjoyed one another’s company. We tried to do things around the house, hanging pictures, curtains, fixing little things and cleaning, which you all know about. We would also take Nicholas for walks or bike rides around our neighborhood. Then there was the social life. We were always off to a party or social gathering. At a party, Greg always managed to find a balance between making sure our children were supervised and socializing with the adults. Greg played an important role in the lives of our friends and family members. Sitting around a table was always so much fun when Greg was there. He was an entertainer; he always had a funny or interesting story to tell. Greg always seemed to have us laughing at something. His presence at family functions or just hanging out with friends is definitely missed. Another side of Greg was that he was a sounding board for many. Friends, family, and co-workers would go to Greg to vent and to talk about issues, problems, or events going on in their lives. Greg was calm and easy-going; He never pushed advice onto anyone but always seem to brighten up a person’s day or help someone see things in another way.

He always knew the right thing to say or do. Several people have told me that when certain situations arise they often ask themselves 'How would Greg handle this situation?' or 'What would Greg do?'

Aside from Greg’s warm and friendly personality, he was also quite intelligent and had many interests. He loved to learn about new things but his true area of expertise was in computers. He enjoyed playing with the latest technical 'toy' and was the computer consultant for many friends and family members. He would help installing programs, finding the deleted file, hard drives, printers, scanners, and all that technical stuff that I also depended on him for. Photography was another one of Greg’s areas of expertise and hobbies. We both enjoyed taking pictures of all sorts of things. Our subjects ranged from the Brooklyn Bridge, the New York City skyline, to weddings and babies of friends and family. Nicholas and Matthew were also very popular subjects, as one can see by our photo albums and the framed pictures in our house. Many people came to Greg when they were interested in buying a new camera or flash. He was always willing to help a person pick the right camera for them. Greg really had so many different interests; he built and fixed cars, wrote poetry, played the saxophone, enjoyed reading, loved to listen to Van Halen and Areosmith, and really enjoyed watching and quoting movies. Eating was another thing Greg really enjoyed doing; as a child he had a very limited menu of pizza, hot dogs, french fries and of course, peanut butter. As an adult, he ate quite a wide variety of foods from taco bell meals, eggplant parmesan and shrimp to quail, quiche and fondue; He became the family’s connoisseur of sushi. During his teen years, which was before I met Greg, he enjoyed Disco music, skate boarding and even played football. I say even because if you knew Greg he was not into sports at all. Nonetheless, Greg was enthusiastic about the many interests he did have.

I want to be like Greg, to be happy, to love and be kind to others. I want to raise Nicholas and Matthew so that they know their father and can follow their father’s love of life. I’ve asked people to send letters that tell a story, a memory or a thought about Greg. I’ll put it together in a book for Nicholas and Matthew, so that they can see that it’s not just me who thought that their daddy was an incredible person. This is just a small sample of my thoughts on Greg, one day I will write a book for Nicholas and Matthew. Maybe this tribute will be my book s introduction. But for now I leave saying . . .

Gregory Reda, 33, tragically died on September 11th in the World Trade Center. He leaves behind his wife Nicole, 28, and 2 beautiful sons 21/2 year old Nicholas and 2 month old Matthew. Gregory was an extraordinary person; He was not only a husband, a father, a brother, a son, a friend, a cousin, a nephew . . . Greg was Greg and he is a hero. A hero that will always be remembered and loved.

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I went to St. Edmund Elementary School with Gregory. I remember him being funny and very smart. We once had a Halloween costume contest in school and he won. LoL. He dressed up as Aunt Jemima and won.
Mary Elbissouri (Guarnieri), Colleague
Sep 10 2021 10:34PM
Although we never had the opportunity to meet. I look you up each year and remember. ~Nicole (Reda) Dwyer
Nicole Dwyer, Family
Sep 12 2021 1:36AM
I never knew this tribute wall existed for Greg and others at Marsh. I have known Greg and his family since before I was born and I am 63 on this 20 memorial of the tragic loss of Greg and so many loved ones. My grandparents were neighbors to Greg's Grandparents Josie and John Tasso on East 38 St in Bklyn NY. My parents rented their second apartment form Josie and John and we lived there in the second floor apartment until my Mom was having my younger sister Joanne. She was child number five and the apartment needed to be upgraded to a house. We lived on East 42 St for a few years and when I was almost 6 yrs old we moved next to my grandparents, 2 houses away from Josie and John. Over the years Greg's Mom and Dad )who babysat for e and my siblings when we were babies) had married and they lived in the second floor apartment with little John Reda and Greg and Chris. I then my sister Kathleen babysat for them. Over the years my Sister Kath remained closest to Ursula and Frank and Greg and his family and his brothers. But it has always been such a pleasure and honor to know such a good and decent person and his family for just about my entire life. Greg was certainly Blessed with a most beautiful and kind soulmate as Nicole and his boys were such a joy to him. I cannot imagine the immense grief and pain at the tremendous loss of Greg in your lives, but I do believe he is with you in spirit and watches down on you as your own very special angel. You are often in my prayers. Greg was truly a blessing to all who ever met and knew him.
Patti Young , Friend
Sep 10 2021 1:05AM
I have never met you, I seen your name at the memorial and wanted to do research on the many lives lost that Terrible day, I picked your name. Just reading the memories your friends and family have written simply tells me heaven adores you. You are loved and remembered.
Matthew Martinez, Friend
Sep 12 2021 5:53AM
I never miss an opportunity to tell someone knew about how incredible you were because you're still always in my mind and always in my heart. All these years since you and the others were taken away; they somehow melt into one big, long, nightmare that I can't wake up from. My brain and heart working constantly to accept the reality of what has happened and that you were killed and it just refuses, as if you're going to still come home. I've never had a friend like you since and never will. Looking at the world around me today, I know you were too good to be left here to deal with all this misery; too pure of heart. I know it selfish of me to want you back here with us. Heaven is where people as good as you belong. I love you buddy.
MC, Family
Dec 4 2020 1:54PM
I was one of Greg's many, many friends at Pace. Greg was such a kind and funny person and made everyone feel like a friend. Your tribute is absolutely beautiful and truly captures the bright light that Greg was. I pray for your family every year on this day. May God bless you.
Lee Anne Chiulli, Friend
Sep 11 2019 0:21PM
Not a single day has gone by without you on my mind, and that's fine with me.
MC, Family
Jul 25 2019 8:58PM
I'm sorry I never met you I visited the memorial of the twin towers last week on holiday from England and yours was the one name I picked out and researched when I returned home. You sound like a very special person a similar age to myself with children of a similar age. My thoughts and prayers go to your family. ( I had to chose how I knew you. Sounds like you would be a good friend)
Helen pryer, Friend
Aug 16 2014 6:18PM
My, dear, sweet, brother. My God in heaven, how I miss you! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Many times, I still have to stop myself from calling you on the phone. Thank you, for bringing so much joy and happiness to my life! Words will never express just what you meant to me. Even though we were born of different parents, not even the word brother seems good enough to describe what you mean to me. I will forever remember, the laughs, the help, the advice, the quiet moments we shared. From our weddings, to the birth of our sons, and everything in between, you made every milestone of my former life one that I will absolutely cherish forever and will mourn along with your passing. The world is not, nor ever will be, the same without you in it. You had a way of brightening up everyone's day, eliciting a laugh, or at least a smile, from anyone you met. The way you looked at the world and the people in it so sharply contradict the way in which you were taken from us. Some days I just can't wait to be with you again, hugging and laughing like two friends like us only could. But I know, you want me to take my time. To do those things you've been robbed of doing, even though the guilt stabs at me still, for being able to enjoy what you so rightfully still deserve. Thank you my dear brother, for everything you have given me in this world and for watching over Michael. I can't wait to see your smile again. Happy birthday!
MC, Family
Dec 19 2011 9:02AM
although i never met you i keep you close in my heart
Zach Reda, Family
Sep 19 2011 9:26PM
Greg, I remember all those funny times at the old J&H; on 125 Broad Street... When we were all working with Matt Killeen, Nelson Ocampo, Steve Golden, Bill Quinlan, Perry Lam, Anita Chung, Tiffany Lam, Yee Ng, Rich (can't remember his last name - did a lot of R&D;), and others whose names I can't remember. You don't always have the luxury of time... I'm a NYPD Sergeant now. We used to talk about that, and you always told me to just go for it (although you did tell me a few times that I was crazy ;-)). I was there that day helping... When I heard you were missing and then killed, part of my heart sank. You were full of life, and always had a smile. Always put others in front of you. You're funny stories about your bird with tourette syndrome... I still laugh about them, and it's been over 15 years since I've heard them. Rest in peace, my friend, and may God hold you in the palm of his hand.
Tim O'Connell, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 4:02PM
My heart still bleeds and my life is emptier without you. I can't wait to see you again. Keep looking over us. Love you my brother.
Michael, Family
Sep 11 2011 1:15PM
I live in Michigan and was at the healing filed and sponsored Gregory's flag. I would like the family to have it. How can I get in touch with someone.
Jennifer Knapp, Friend
Sep 11 2011 12:54PM
Nicole, I am thinking of you today and hope that you, Nicholas and Matthew are doing well. I think of you often and smile thinking of my memories of Greg. He will always be missed and always cherished. Much love to you on this 10th anniversary.
Angela Zachary Hoffman, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 10:18AM
Greg, you were one of the funniest and nicest people I have ever met. I don't ever remember you without that big smile on your face. I can still recall so many laughs we had back in Pace, from the high fives we used to give each other in the middle of computer class when one of us got an answer right, to the ski trips and parties we went to and your 'Outta Here' written in tape on the top of your graduation cap. :) RIP my friend, you are sorely missed
Chuck Stein, Friend
Sep 6 2011 2:16PM
I never had the pleasure of meeting Greg Reda, but I was privileged to know the beautiful family he left behind. Both his sons Matthew and Nicholas were students in my 3rd grade class. His wife Nicole, despite her terrible grief and loss, was an inspiration to me in the way she carried on with such a positive attitude as she raised their boys into well-adjusted, well-liked, sensitive and fun loving kids. There are many heroes connected with 9-11 and Nicole Reda is one of them.
Helen Gilmartin, Friend
Sep 4 2011 11:21PM
Hey buddy, Just thinking of you today after the criminal was finally taken care of. Miss you bro. We had some great times at J&H.; Rest in peace my good friend.
Shaji, Colleague
May 2 2011 4:11PM
Hey bro, thinking about you now. Wishing you were here to celebrate my bday with me, having some pie together. I miss you!!!
MC, Family
Jan 23 2010 1:47AM
Hey buddy boy, Here it comes again. I can't believe it's been eight years! Are your ears ringing from my talking about you all the time? God, i miss you. Love you
MC, Family
Aug 17 2009 1:20PM
Greg, I had the privilege of meeting your boys and your wife. The kids are wonderful and your wife is doing well, no doubt they miss you beyond belief. I have been so inspired by your story, your personality, your good deeds -- just needed to tell you. Look over them and my best to you. -MDP
M Prendergast, Friend
Jan 20 2009 8:41PM
No amount of time can make missing an outstanding guy like Greg any easier. I miss my friend, my brother. I will never forgive those that took him away from me.
MC, Family
Jan 8 2009 1:53PM
Hey bud, I'm still missing you. It really hasn't gotten any easier without you. I think I've learned to numb the more painful aspects of my past. Wish you were here so Ann Lisa would get to know the guy I'm always talking about. You would have loved her and her you. Look over us, please. We all miss you down here. M
M, Family
May 12 2008 11:00AM
I've never met you Greg but worked with your good friend Astrid's dad Clive. I also recently met your best bud Michael on the survivors website & couldn't believe the connection. I've heard so many wonderful things about you & just know you're hangin with your friends in heaven who you had lunch with every day. Watch over your family & friends - they need you.
Joyce, Friend
Mar 14 2008 10:32PM
Greg, There will never be another you. Ever. I'm not even going to waste my time trying to find someone to fill the shoes you left behind. You were my best friend, my brother. Now I pray that you are an angel watching over my son. I think about and miss you all the time. I still reach for my phone to call you when something funny happens. You have been a shining example for me. I've learned a lot of lessions on how to handle problems from you. You helped me learn to laugh things off rather than take them to heart. I am a better person for having known you. Losing you has taught me to appreciate who and what I have and to live in the now. Sadly, it's true, life is too short; you are a perfect example of that. I want you to know, that I carry you in my heart always. I'm sorry that I can't keep all those promises I've made you, but please know, I tried my best. I also want you to know, that I have finally learned to move on with my life to strive to be happy again! Your spirit has given me the strength to be positive and live in the now. Thanks to you I am once again able to remember that life is truly for the living. After all, the show must go on, right? Happy birthday in heaven dear brother. I love you very, very much!
M, Family
Dec 19 2007 9:09AM
Dearest Greg, College was a long time ago.. but the memory of you seems to be right there.. We had a lot of fun in college and the world is truly missing a wonderful person now that you are gone. My thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family.
Betty Shrem, Friend
Feb 6 2007 4:01PM
I cannot believe it has taken me these many years to finally write something but I just received an email from Marsh saying they are going to discontinue the message board. I'm hoping you would be logged on (in heaven of course) to read this before they disengage this message board. I really don't have any solid enough reason for not writing sooner (besides the pain) but I will tell you, I really think of you often particularly when they speak of the WTC in the media. Every note that I read about you is so true and that you were the kindest person one could ever meet. I loved when you found the time to find my office in the WTC and talk to me about your family, the house projects that you had to complete before Nicole returned from vacation and of course, IT stuff. My thoughts are scattered with memories of when you tried to quit drinking soda, when I visited you at your desk and admiring the view of the city and water and the props and toys you always had at your desk to make your environment and neighbors happy. I know I can go on telling you what a great person you are but you must know this with all the notes written about you. I think what hurts most of all is that we wrote an email to each other 2 weeks prior to the tragedy and we were to get together for a lunch. I told you to come uptown where the big wigs are and you responded with something funny of course. I miss you terribly but I know you are heading up the IT dept in heaven. God Bless you always, Susan Zuckerman (Lee)
susan zuckerman, Friend
Jan 9 2004 3:47PM
Happy birthday buddy boy, It's your third birthday in heaven. I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly. It all seems like yesterday that you and I said goodbye for the last time. Remember how we had our own handshake when we parted company? Remember the night you and I sat in my car in front of your house and talked for hours about life? Remember when you and I moved into our apartments on the same weekend and we shared the truck rental? Remember 'surfing' in the back of the rental truck while I drove it too fast and took the turns too tight? Remember how we used to cruise around in your Miata with the top down and our sunglasses on? Remember when you and I almost started a bar fight in Stingray's? (Ironic, how now your remains are laid to rest across the street from there). Remember you and I spending hours setting up your new TV and making it fit in the entertainment center? Remember riding the elevators at Pace wearing Burger King Crowns? Remember how mad your mom got at me every time I tried to take her picture? Remember how mad you would get at me every time I went to pet Peanuts? Fourteen years of the best memories of my life dont just disappear. I carry them with me always and think about them often. I want to thank you for giving me some of the best days of my life. I wish you were still here so we could make some more. I miss you my friend, my brother. Rest in peace. Love always, Michael
Michael Cantatore, Family
Dec 19 2003 2:44PM
Boo - Will you join me for a smoke? You were always good like that - you'd always join me in my wicked vice even though you never smoked. We could talk about your kids. They're so big now and so beautiful. Nicholas reminds me so much of you - he has your eyes and your smile. Matthew looks like your brother, Chris (I think so anyway) and will probably, one day, kick Nicholas' butt. From what I hear from Nicole, he's musically inclined (you gotta hear the karaoke going on in your house - who am I kidding - with the volume, you gotta hear it). Maybe we can talk about Nicole again and how you knew she was the one for you. Annoying habits that are just endearing traits in the one you love - I remember. I still remember you telling me about hiding her Tiffany bracelet for Xmas on the top of the closet 'cause she would be too short to ever find it - not like you were ever THAT tall. Remember how you used to beg me to stop sending old J&H; office supplies to Nicole 'cause you were running out of room in that small apartment in Brooklyn. Remember how I used to make fun of your phone conversations with her - all Pookie and Snookums and air kisses. Can we go to lunch together? We can talk about the office and you can listen to me gripe about the latest offense Joe (God bless his soul) did to me. We can re-hash old J&H; days and talk about how the world's changed and office politics stink. I'll tell you all the gossip that I swore I would never tell anyone else. We can even have McDs - to hell with your cholestrol. I'll even do the man thing, just so I can spend more time with you, and go to J&R; or Radio Shack. And it WAS chili and not black bean soup in the cafeteria that made you beet red and sweat profusely. I promise not to use the dumb man-voice. Will you visit me in my cube? Or I can visit yours. We can share some chocolates or reduced fat Oreos and, I gotta tell you, my left shoulder is killing me and could really use a massage. Thought I was 18 again and could dance the night away last Saturday but found out the next morning that I’ve become geriatric – all my bones hurt. I lost my toy mail truck, Boo’s Messaging Machine, as you called it. You realize that it took me two weeks to find that last post-it note on my stuffed bear? Remember the notes I left you on your whiteboard? Christina would be hooting outside your office and I used to have such devilish fun abusing your office space. The best was rearranging all your Van Halen CDs. You still needed to get those shoes polished under your desk that had been sitting there since we moved from 125 Broad. Mikey had some great photos of the Monkey Shrine to Joe. By the way, we got Finn a tiara for her birthday two years ago - no specially made wand. Can I see you walk towards me just one more time? The change jingling in your khaki pants and the clicking of your joints as you strutted down the hallway. I will admit, however, that from Jen’s perspective, Joe’s clicking and clacking of joints were worse than yours. I can see the big cheesy smile on your face that would light up your eyes and can almost feel the great comforting bear hug you would offer up. I still remember your plaid shirts and clunky non-standard office black Docs. Salt n' pepper curly hair that needed a cut. Pen in the breast pocket, Pilot in the back, cell phone and pager on the hip – you were no better than Wilson and his Batman utility belt. Will you take the train home with me or let me drive you home? Only this time, No Truth or Dare, which you sucked at, by the way, 'cause you were too “good” to ask “bad” questions – besides it used to make you blush too much - it always was one of my favorite pastimes to make you blush as much as possible. No philosophical questions this time about what constitutes as cheating or why we have homeless people in the US but still send food to Ethiopia. Instead, tell me why it had to be you that day, why did it have to happen and can you really see us now or hear our thoughts? Can you feel the pain we experience and the emptiness we live with every day that you are gone? Can you tell me now, who can I tell my secrets to? Who will listen to my complaints and rantings of a mad woman? Who will remind my jaded heart that there is always some good in this world? Can you let me know if we will ever have peace in our hearts and find acceptance one day that you are really not here for us anymore? Do I sound selfish? I don’t know any other way – I just want you back so badly sometimes it really really hurts. Yes – to have you come and smoke with me now, just to visit me once and hug me like you used to. Just to have you sitting beside me just one more moment to laugh with and be stupid and knowing that it would be the last just so I could cherish every second together instead of taking all those memories I now have stored in my head for granted. Now I smoke alone downstairs and stare at the memorial every day to say my hellos and, most days, I eat my lunch at my desk. I wander the streets of NY by myself when I want to get away from the office. I fake the smiles and I fake the laughter – yes, always got to play the part – I was always good at that. I keep my secrets to myself and pretend to care about the gossip just ‘cause I remember how much you enjoyed them. I remember…I can’t ever forget…it all meant too much … it still makes me cry. There is so much I have to tell you but will you really be able to listen? I want to get this out so if you can hear, read or know, you’ll realize that I still think of you every day and have never forgotten but there is so much more to write. So to quote some of the bubblegum music that you used to make fun of me for listening to (at least its not Country): “As we go on, we remember all the times we had together, And as our lives change, come whatever, We will still be…Friends Forever” “Its kinda hard with you not around Knowing you’re in heaven smiling down Watching us while we pray for you Every day we pray for you Till the day we meet again In my heart is where I keep you, Friend Memories give me the strength I need to proceed Strength I need to believe…” I miss you so much, Boo – it hurts – still so much. No words could ever explain. I’ll love you always, my dear friend. Boo
Anita Chung, Friend
Nov 3 2003 11:25AM
When news spread of what was happening in NY last year, the first person I thought about was Greg. I had worked with Greg, over the phone, for many years at J&H.; Every time I visited NY, I always stopped by to say hello. He was always glad to see me and always asked about my family, as I did his. He was one of the nicest, most helpful people I have ever met and I will never forget him.
Dianne Beam, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 1:16PM
Greg was probably the nicest, happiest man I have ever met. I had the privilege of working with him in 1995 - 1996 at J&H; on 125 Broad Street. He always had a smile on his face, always exuded this incredible warmth and friendliness. I have never forgotten how sweet he was to me and have thought about him often over the years. It warms my heart to read the other tributes posted for him and know that I was only one of many who appreciated this wonderful man. I will never forget him!
Oveta Foster, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 11:40AM
My friend, Greg I met Greg when I started working at Johnson & Higgins in 1995. I didn’t know what to expect in my new environment. I am a quiet person when initially meeting new people. I sat at my desk and read my newspapers during lunch. For a while, I would follow the same routine every day. Banana for breakfast, Blimpie for lunch, read the papers and go back to work. Soon, I became more familiar with my co-workers through work interaction. I immediately formed opinions and knew who I could ask questions without the fear of intruding or bothering that person. Greg was one of the first co-workers I met that I felt this way about. He answered my quest for knowledge and work procedures with kindness, understanding, patience, and most of all, humor. I tend to gravitate to people like that. I always enjoyed working with him because no matter what problem we were trying to resolve I knew we could have fits about it and still laugh and needle each other in a warm friendly manner. Greg was not just a colleague. Greg was a friend. As time passed, I saw our friendship grow into a complete masculine barb-fest. As the saying goes, “You always pick on the those you really like.” Soon the whole IT group courtesy of Greg knew me as “Monkey Boy”. My eating a banana every day surely made me act the way I do, according to him. Naturally, I felt the need to remind Greg of the pen(s) he always carried in his shirt pocket (even at our wedding!) and all the rest of his nuances. I always told him how much I couldn’t stand him. And soon we would always see each other and trade verbal assaults or unkind hand gestures. Let me say that they were the most endearing and affectionate barbs friends could possibly exchange. You see, we like so many other big boys disguised as men loved to make fun of each other because we were so totally comfortable with each other and truly liked and enjoyed each other’s company. Men don’t come right out and say exactly how we really feel, right? Well, that might be true but Greg knew how I felt about him and I knew the same. Greg and I were friends. Greg was also a great friend to my wife, Lori. Lori knew Greg for about a year before I started working there. Lori and I were friends with Greg before we ever started seeing each other. We kept Greg and our other friends in the dark about our relationship for as long as possible so we could surprise everyone at once about our engagement. Lori was always in the middle when we started badgering and debating each other. He always wondered why she would stick up for the Monkey Boy. I still recall the look on his face when we told him we were getting married. The first thing out of his mouth was, “Oh no! Now I have to call you Monkey Woman, Lori!” Greg was so happy for us. We still see Greg and Nicole dancing at our wedding and him whispering in my ear, “You did good, Ape Man!” I was no longer a Monkey Boy; I had risen to a higher level! As happy as Greg was for us, we were just as happy for him. Greg loved his family so much that it consumed him. I admired his passion for his family and his love of photography. I saw countless pictures that Greg was so proud of. Many of them were always displayed in his work place. I am a better person for knowing Greg. It may sound funny, but Greg’s warmth was always felt when in his company. He was truly more than a co-worker. He was a respected colleague, a wonderful husband to Nicole and father to Nicholas and Matthew, a warm compassionate man. He was and always will be my friend…. I love you Greg and I will always miss you and remember you. Chris Browne
Chris Browne, Friend
Sep 11 2002 9:36AM
I worked with Greg for only a few months. I was from Marsh and we started working together as the merger progressed. While there was a lot of 'us vs. them' mentality by people from the former Marsh and J&H; firms, Greg was one of the people that stayed away from that and treated everyone with respect. I did not know him that well, but he was always a gentleman and you knew that he didn't have any bad intentions for anyone. He was a team player and always willing to help out. Good people like Greg will be missed.
Ron Vestuto, Colleague
Sep 10 2002 12:33PM
I cannot believe that today (5/28/02) I have just discovered that some of my former colleagues at M&M; (previously from J&H;) were victims of the devastating attack on 9/11. I left J&H; almost 7 years ago & never really kept in touch with anyone there. I had known that J&H; was acquired by M&M; & that M&M; had some offices in the WTC, but I never really gave it much thought. Today, I stumbled upon a website that listed all victims, sortable by employer. Out of curiousity, I decided to check the impact on M&M; and was STUNNED to see so many of my former co-workers listed. I shared a cubicle with Greg & got to know him fairly well at the time. He was always known as being fiercely dedicated to his job and fanatically in love with his soon-to-be wife. He was always cooing & googling with her on the phone and was not embarassed about it, no matter who else was listening. I am in real shock over the loss of such a caring person. I send my deepest sympathies to his family & friends. I am very sorry to hear of this news. -Michael Goldberg 5/28/02
Michael Goldberg, Colleague
May 28 2002 2:10PM
********GREGORY REDA, PART 1 OF 2******** This is the first thing I’ve been able to write about Greg since losing him on September 11. When I began to type this on the Marsh website I had to designate what my relationship to him is. Naturally I chose family even though it was fate, not blood, that made us brothers. Part of the difficulty in writing about Greg is knowing where to start. I guess it’s easier if I tell you how we met in college during our freshman year. We met through a mutual friend, as is usually the case, and we hit it off right away. If you knew Greg you probably felt the same way when you first met him. He had a way of becoming everyone's instant good friend. He had that type of inviting personality that was like the front door at grandma's house being opened wide when you went to visit during the holidays. It was always 'Come on in!' No pretense. No judgement. Just genuine Greg from the start. And that’s how he ALWAYS was. Greg and I kept in touch almost every day since we became friends. We hung out in school. We hung out with each other on the weekends. Even once I moved out to New Jersey with my family Greg and I always managed to get together. We even became members of each other’s families. I can’t tell you how many times I tormented his camera shy mother with my video camera while Greg was known in my house as the “good boy”. If they only knew, right Greg? When I eventually left Pace to attend another college, Greg and I would keep in touch over the phone. We would call each other up and spend huge amounts of time joking around. That was not an easy feat for Greg since he was almost completely deaf in one ear so that meant he had to hold the phone to his good ear the whole time. Have you ever tried having a one-hour conversation on the phone without changing ears? Try it and you’ll see what a great friend he was. We would joke about everything we could imagine. We had this skit we would play on the phone where he and I were DJ’s on WNUN, nun radio, broadcasting live from the Vatican. We even had traffic reports coming from the “Dove-Copter” and had ads for Pope-On-A-Rope-Soap. And that’s how it was with Greg and I. For years. I remember how excited he was when he met Nicole at Pace. Greg worked at Pace as well as attended, so he had an office there. I used to torture him by changing the letters in the directory for his floor into funny and some times lewd sayings. You’d be surprised by what you can make out of “Office of the Provost” and peoples’ names. Even my, then girlfriend, wife Maria got into the act! She came up with “An order of toast”. He told me to meet him at his office one day because he wanted me to meet this girl he met. Her name was Nicole. I can still remember that day like yesterday. Greg was BEAMING! He even had his camera there and I can remember helping him compose a picture of Nicole in the reflection of the window. To this day it’s one of my favorite pictures. I guess its because it takes me back to that day. Oh, and yes, it’s also because Nicole is in that picture too. Let me tell you some things about Greg. Greg would help anyone. He would listen to anyone. He would give advice that, to me, seemed amazingly unbiased and fair but never unsolicited. He would put others' feelings and wants ahead of his but he was nobody's fool. He believed in family, community and God and had faith in them all. He loved a good time and was always part of the reason why the times were so good. Greg had many loves in life. First came his love for his family. When he met Nicole, his love grew to a capacity he never knew before. He was a bit apprehensive at first, fearing that it might be more than he could handle. But once he realized how perfect they were for each other and that love always finds a way, he made that leap of faith that most young men make when they leave behind the life of a boy and take on the life of a man. In his case it was more of a step than a leap. That’s because of how truly perfect he and Nicole were for each other. There are millions of cliches and aspirations for the perfect relationship between a man and a woman. I can honestly say, Greg and Nicole had them all without even trying. They never fought or argued. They never took advantage of each other. They never denied the other anything that was within their power to give. Yes, it was that good. So fitting an environment that their first child, Nicholas Gregory, should be born on St. Valentine’s Day. A perpetual gift of love to each other. MICHAEL CANTATORE, 4/8/2002 1:15:26 PM
Part 1, Family
Apr 8 2002 1:44PM
********GREGORY REDA, PART 2 OF 2******** Greg was a wonderful father. Loving and patient, he would make sure to take time to play with his children. He nurtured them in every way while he took on his role of father and disciplinarian. He always knew that we, as parents, are directly responsible for how our children turn out in adulthood and he was going to make sure they would grow up with everything they needed to be good citizens. Now I guess you can understand why I HAD to make him my best man at my wedding. Greg and Nicole were married the following year. From that point on it was as if the four of us led parallel lives. Often getting together on Friday nights for videos and snacks. The night usually ended with Greg watching the three of us fall asleep on the living room floor. We even had kids at almost the same time. Nicholas was born three months exactly before my son Michael. People asked us “Geez, do you guys do EVERYTHING together?” I don’t think you could have found two more proud daddies! There are some great pictures of Greg and I holding our boys in our arms at a street fair. Life was good. Not that we were without problems in our lives, but when you have a great friend like Greg you had someone to compare notes with to make sure you weren’t losing your mind. Greg helped me get into J&H; six years ago. Many mornings were spent, just he and I, at his desk, talking about our family concerns. We eventually got into a rhythm that had us alternating who would have the next family update. It was truly comical. When Greg and Nicole told us they were expecting their second child my wife and I were surprised they were ready for baby number two so soon. Now, looking back, I’m so happy they did! Matthew Antonio was born on July 8th, 2001. I won the family baby pool! While I was collecting my winnings from Greg, Nicole was busy, snapping away photos of the moment. Little did I know he was about to ask me to be Matthew’s Godfather. Next to being my wife’s husband and my son’s daddy, I can honestly say this is the greatest honor of my life. I cried. Matthew was Christened on October 7, the day the U.S. began its attack on Afghanistan. We had a lot planned for the future, the four of us. Greg and I were going to try to take the boys to see monster trucks this summer. We were going to take them to baseball games. We were going to have them over to our house once we got around to buying one. The four of us were going to enjoy life together and get old together. Greg and I were going to be the two cute old men sitting on the bench in the park throwing breadcrumbs to the pigeons. Not to feed them mind you, but to get them close enough to try and kick them. Greg really hated those “rats-with-wings”. Now, after September 11, Nicole, Maria and I act like a tripod. Holding each other up and holding high the memories of Greg. Trying all the while to sift through the long hours of the day to capture any subtle nuance of Greg in a gentle breeze or in a ray of light through the clouds. He’s there you know. In every smile of his sons’ faces, in every movie line that I hear that he and I would quote incessantly, in every moment that we live and breathe. I lost a lot of friends that day. A lot of TRUE, lifelong, friends. Sometimes I feel guilty not thinking of them as often as I do with Greg. But I realize that that can’t be helped given our history together. I know all my other friends are in a place of peace and forgiveness; I hope they understand and are cutting me slack. So, for now, I’ll end with, you guessed it, a movie quote. Its from The Shawshank Redemption, a movie I had been trying to get Greg to see but he never had time. Time. What is that anyways? “Those of us who knew him best talk about him often. I swear, the stuff he pulled. Sometimes it makes me sad, though, (Greg) being gone. I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged, that's all. Their feathers are just too bright... ...and when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice...but still, the place you live is that much more drab and empty that they're gone. I guess I just miss my friend.” MICHAEL CANTATORE, 4/8/2002 1:17:00 PM
Part 2, Family
Apr 8 2002 1:43PM