James Oakley

Jim Oakley was a Civil War buff, so he was happy to be a parent volunteer when one of his daughters went on a class trip to Gettysburg. In fact, he had such a good time camping and re-enacting the great battle that 'he insisted on bringing the whole family down' to Gettysburg that summer, said his wife, Denise I. Oakley.

That trip was rivaled perhaps by the class trip he took with another daughter to Fort Ticonderoga to re-enact a battle of the Revolutionary War. 'That time, they gave him a uniform,' Mrs. Oakley said, adding that her husband had been looking forward to accompanying his youngest daughter on her class trip.

James A. Oakley always found time for his four daughters, ages 26 to 11, despite a daily three-hour round-trip commute from Cortlandt Manor in northern Westchester County to the World Trade Center, where he worked for Marsh & McLennan as senior vice president for information technology.

One of those daughters is starting to share his interest in history. 'We have Civil War books all over the house, and the nice part is that she's started to pick up some of them,' Mrs. Oakley said. 'So she's going to carry on that interest.'

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Miss and love you Jamie! Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. The first 10 years of my life were spent with you and our families. You, Bob,Lois, Janis, and I were more like brothers and sisters rather than cousins. Rest in peace! Love you!!!
Joyce HOGAN, Family
Sep 11 2023 10:50AM
Remembering our cousin Jamie today.
Jason Tinsley, Family
Sep 11 2023 10:39AM
Never knew you but we share our last name. God Bless you!
Terry Oakley, Friend
Sep 11 2021 3:42PM
I commuted by car with Jim, almost 1 3/4 hours a day. I cherish the memory of our chats. He was so intelligent. We shared lot's of fun times in the 70s. We were true friends. I miss Jim, and also his lovely wife Denise - and the girls. I will be thinking of them this 20th anniversary of our 9/11 tradegy.
Gary M Cavazzi Sr, Friend
Sep 2 2021 10:13PM
Always in my thoughts and prayers! Love you Jamie! ❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Joyce Hogan, Family
Sep 11 2019 5:38PM
Not a day goes by that I dont think of you Jamie. You had a tough life growing up and like most of us made some mistakes along the way. I'm so proud of all your achievements both personally and professionally. I have always loved you like a brother rather than like a cousin. While you leave behind a loving wife and 4 loving daughters, you are now with your Mom, Dad, and brother Bob. Also, you are with my Mom, Dad, our Grandparents, aunts and uncles. Rest in peace. I love you all! ❤🙏❤🙏❤
Joyce Hogan, Family
Sep 11 2019 5:28PM
Jim taught me a great lesson, 'Never have a meeting without an agenda'. I remember Jim every time I write one. When I met him, he showed me a picture of his family. Never had I met anyone more proud of those girls. I wish you peace and comfort.
Fred Scharr, Colleague
Sep 10 2014 9:40AM
After mass today, we were asked to select names from a basket of 911 victims. James Oakley was the name my husband selected. We will incuded Mr. Oakley in our prayers asking GOD to provide comfort and strength to his family and to let them know James is remebered. Sincerely George and Diane Lianares
Diane, Friend
Sep 12 2011 1:37AM
Peace to your family, and your many friends and colleagues, Jim. I weep in remembrance of so many lives cut short. You serve as my reminder to try to show kindness and joy to those still sharing our earth.
McCracken Computer, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 6:01PM
Jamie, I think of you and your beautiful family everyday. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers as will Denise and all of your beautiful daughters. Joyce
Joyce Hogan, Family
Sep 11 2011 3:55PM
Remebering Jim today on this ten year anniverary (see my previous post from 2010). Wishing his family peace and comfort.
Dawn Washburn, Friend
Sep 11 2011 9:55AM
Remembering 9/11, I always remember my colleague Jim. When he visited us in Colombia he hardly knew our culture but he was so nice that we felt that he was an old friend. I miss you and all our other colleagues. Saludos, Andrés Felipe
Andres Felipe Gomez, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 8:40PM
I think of Jim often, he was a very good friend.
Samuel Higgs, Friend
Sep 10 2011 11:01AM
Remembering our cousin Jamie today.
Jason Tinsley, Family
Sep 9 2011 8:46AM
I had the pleasure of working with Jim on various projects at J&H; Marsh and truly enjoyed it. Not only was he extremely capable in his job, but he was also such a kind and warm person. I remember visiting his office where he proudly showed me his family. My thoughts are with your family.
Julie Wilde, Colleague
Sep 8 2011 4:32PM
Today I was remembering my time with Marsh with my wife and Jim came to my mind. Why? Because we were invited to play golf in a beautiful golf course in Coral Gables and I was struggling with the high roughs while Jim was always on the fairways. He encouraged me by saying: 'Never mind. Only one good stroke and you feel as you were Tiger Woods'. And it was true, so we enjoyed the play and, of course, he won the game. It was really nice to work with you. Saludos, Andrés Felipe
Andrés Felipe Gómez, Colleague
Oct 4 2010 8:01AM
jamie my childhood next door neighbor,enjoyed knowing you throughout life in the 50s,60s,70s. I know you are in a better place now, God Bless you and your family too .
jeff booth, Friend
Jun 18 2010 2:36AM
Living in Florida most of my life, I was shocked a the events of 9/11, but did not think that I personally knew anyone who was a victim of the terrorist attack. Months later, I found out that Jim Oakley's life had been cut short by the attack. Jim and I worked together on the McCracken and Delphi Information Systems Product Development Committees in the 90's. Jim was working for Frank B. Hall at that point in time. While we typically spent our time together discussing business, occasionally we would discuss our families, as we had children of similar ages. At each anniversary of this tragic event, I think about Jim and his family, as well as the thousands of others whose lives were changed forever. Each year, it brings tears to my eyes as I recall the fond memories that I have of Jim. Bob Davis Pensacola, FL
Bob Davis, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 10:28AM
I knew Jim when Marsh was doing the due dilligence work to buy DeLima in Colombia. He was a great guy thinking always in his family and specially in his daughter. He told me his daughter was a coin collector and since then each time we travelled togheter we were looking for coins and bills. I will never forget my work days with Jim. Saludos, Andres Felipe
Andres Felipe Gomez, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 10:17AM
I met Jim at Marsh in Casualty Practice. At my first annual Casualty Congress conference in Ft Lauderdale, my material did not show up. I had to have everything reproduced. Jim volunteered to take me to a Kinko's where little did we know would take most of the day leaving Jim to miss a golf game with his other colleagues. I am sorry he missed his game but not sorry I had the privilege to know him and the support he gave me through a very trying time for me.
Patty Mendogni, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 8:32AM
Jim was my brother-in-law from his first marriage to Joanne Oakley. He had a daughter from that marriage as well. I am saddened to see in all the memorials to him that his daughter, Heather, is never mentioned. She suffered a tremendous loss as well. My family and I were devestated at the loss of Jim. It changed our lives because it made 9/11 so real to us.
merili geller, Family
Jan 24 2008 10:33AM
We have had the honor of knowing the Oakley family for many years. Jill, Chris and Ali, you are such strong women, and we have learned so much from you. Mrs. Oakley, you are mother to us, and we appreciate all you have done for us. Mr. Oakley must have been an amazing father and husband, because the Oakley family is such a strong, supportive, loving family unit. All our love and prayers to you. Rob and Nikki Segnit
Rob and Nikki Segnit, Friend
Sep 11 2007 6:20PM
Four years ago (on the one year anniversary of the September 11th attack) I attended a local tribute for the 9-11 victims put on by a radio station in San Diego, California. The purpose of this tribute was to give the local community a place to go and express their sorrow and respect for the people who lost their lives on 9-11-01. I could not pass up this opportunity. It was an incredible experience. I actually felt like I just walked up to the 'Wall' in Washington, D.C. There are no words for the amount of respect and sorrow that poured out for the victims and their families. This event was held at the San Diego Chargers stadium. Everyone that came (and there were thousands) was randomly given the name of a victim of the attacks who's name, age, and place of perish was to be read aloud on stage. We were then asked to ring a huge (liberty size) bell in their memory. I was fortunate to be given the name of James A. Oakley. Although I am usually not one to be the focus of large crowds, I proudly walked up on the stage, read aloud James' information, and with tears in my eyes I rang the bell in his honor. For four years now I have wanted his family and loved ones to know that there is someone in San Diego who every year places the name badge received that day with James' information on it in front of a candle that remains lit for the entire day of September 11th. Although I have never had the opportunity to meet James, I am proud to have been given him to honor and pay respects to for the rest of my life. May God bless his family and friends. It is my prayer that you will be able find comfort and peace during these hard times.
Dawn Washburn, Temecula
Sep 12 2006 7:40PM
This tribute is to Mr. Oakley and the Oakley family. I (and my family) only knew of the Oakleys from the swimming team that my son attends with Jim's daughters. This past summer, my son became very good friends with one of the girls as they worked together as life guards at our town pool. I can sense from Jim's daughter that he was a exemplary father and that he would be proud of his loving family. Peace.
Peter Hsu, Friend
Sep 11 2006 3:10PM
I remember Jim with great fondness from my days as a young software training consultant at a start-up development company outside of Boston in the early 80s. Jim was with Frank B. Hall at the time. They were one of our largest insurance customers. In the very early days, the software somewhat 'buggy' and not always stable. As a customer, Jim was the ultimate professional at all times. He was firm in his commitment to his company to make certain they were delivered what was promised and yet he viewed the relationship between the companies as a true partnership. I remember his subtle sense of humor, his work ethic, and his desire to work his magic in the background rather than in the limelight. I have wanted to send my rememberences and condolance to Jims Family for nearly five years. Thank you for this opportunity. Jim, on behalf of your many friends and colleauges at McCracken Computer you are remembered as a gem and a gentlemen.
Annonoumous, Colleague
Sep 6 2006 10:07AM
In 1998 during a trip to New York, I was introduced to Jim after the J&H;/Marsh merger. It was then that we realized we actually had worked together years before at Frank B. Hall. We subsequently renewed our friendship over the next few years. Jim was a great guy. I was always struck by his honesty and sense of practicality. When he was asked to give his opinion on how a technology application might perform, you could take his answer to the bank, even if the answer he delivered was not the one you were hoping to hear. I miss him.
Roger Smith, Colleague
Sep 18 2003 4:44PM