Shashikiran Kadaba

Family Tribute:

Shashikiran was born on the 31st day of January 1975 (as per records 13th Jan 1975) to a middle income family having totally 5 children. Shashi as he was called was the youngest of the brothers and sisters. He has 3 elder sisters and 1 brother. I am the eldest of all.

The age difference between the eldest child and Shashi was 13 years. Being the youngest he received the love and affection from every one in the family. Everybody contributed for his welfare, upbringing, joy and happiness. He used to socialize with anyone and everyone within a short span of time. He has made lots and lots of friends. Wherever he used to go and work he used to become one among them and people used to miss him a lot whenever he had to move over to another assignment.

He got the right kind of education, support from the family and he came up in flying colours. He completed Engineering Degree and was successful in getting employment in WIPRO, a software company of India. He joined WIPRO during 1995 and has served at various countries like Singapore, Japan and USA as Software Engineer. Before aspiring to go to WTC, NY he was in

Phoenix working for a project at American Express Bank. There again the people at Amex have appreciated his work and have given him an appreciation letter.

Shashi always looked for tougher assignments, which would increase his knowledge and brighten his skills. He used to work for 16 to 18 hours a day and whenever warrants he used to overstay.

Apart from work he used to play cricket, tennis, read fiction, see movies and socialize a lot. He loved the kids in the family. Music was his passion. He has various CDs of old Hindi film hits, recent pop music collections. He had three nieces and two nephews. The kids used to have a lot fun whenever he was around. Shashi was the brightest most cared person of the family. He was very ambitious, adventurous person too.

He was having a sports bike at India and owned a sport car at phoenix. He used to travel a lot by bike. Even at U S A he has used his car to travel a long distance. He wanted to do his MBA as his elder brother, at New York. He wanted to work at WTC. He used to tell us to work at WTC is a prestigious job. But fate has swallowed him at WTC. On 30th May we watched the final ceremony/zero level and lost all our hopes.

Now we are always living in his memory, his whispering voice, laugh, jokes etc., and still believe that he will come back for holidays. In his last message that is on 10th Sept 2001, he sent us a message that he will watch the autumn and send us the picture of the season. Because everybody says that autumn will be very special. We are still waiting for the season and the pictures…………….


Each and every person of the Shashi’s family.







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I came to eagle rock memorial site, randomly looked at his name engraved on memorial site and googled to know about him more. Thats how I got to know Shashikiran now. I haven’t met this man or knew him. But with all my heart I pray for my new friend. May his soul rest in peace ❤️
Puneeth Kumar, Friend
Jun 17 2023 10:11AM
I just visited 911 memorial and seen shashi name. Started googling.. just thinking about him and his family ..
Dharsana, Colleague
Sep 11 2023 6:05PM
Missing your mischievous smile and twinkling eyes. You are ageless in my memory - frozen at 25. Your love for your family was so deep that even in your demise you ensured that all of them lived comfortably forever. I am just remembering beautiful times we spent together in LA and then in Mumbai before you left for NY - only to never return. Love you baby.
Murli kadaba, Family
Sep 11 2022 8:37AM
Hey Shashi (calling you after 21 years!), We were friends on Tennis courts in Phoenix. But you left sweet memories for me. Tennis was our stress reliever after work. I couldn't believe you were one of them in lost lives at WTC. Om Shanti!
Raj B, Friend
Feb 17 2022 9:00PM
Miss you always shashi and love you loads
Poornima K L, Family
Sep 11 2021 4:39AM
It’s 20 years since we lost you dear brother. It’s a cloudy day in Gurgaon and the mood is morose. Just seeing your photos and remembering the good times. Reading comments from friends and family in the thread. Longing for you. Om shanti.
Murli kadaba, Family
Sep 11 2021 2:58AM
Dear brother, it’s 18 long years since we lost you. We remember you often. Though time softens the pain, days like this one bring back waves of memories and tears. I am remembering your hug, your smile, your dress, your voice, your anger, your love. The world has changed so much in these years. I am sure you would have led some of these changes yourself. Missing you brother. Lots of love. Murli
Sep 11 2019 4:46AM
Kuki, I'll always miss you :(
DK, Family
Sep 12 2013 1:42AM
Last Fall I visited New York and the 911 Memorial. I saw the name of your loved one, found his name so beautiful and took a picture of his name. This morning, I woke up to turn the news on and there on the television, I hear Shashikiran Lakshmikantha Kadaba. I looked back at my photos from a year ago and there is his name. In his honor, I put his name into my search bar and here I find a quick look into what he brought to life here on earth. To Shashi's family, his name has brought him honor in the world. As I sit in California I wonder how painful this day is to his whole family and all those friends that still think about Shashi. It sounds like he lived life fully and worked very hard to be a smart and giving person. May his name always be a blessing. Our family too will remember his life each year on this very sad day. My regards, Sheri Trimboli Chico, California USA
Sheri Trimboli, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 11:33AM
Mamatha I am poornima's friendand class-mate at SJCE Mysore.I know shashi as a shcool going boy.He was very active,mischivous ,a bundle of energy .It was very hard to believe that he is nomore.even now while conversing to his family without my knowledge i take his name.He was darling to his sisters.I am sure shashi where ever you are you also will be missing this family.I pray almighty to give strength to this family to bear the loss and peace to his soul
mamatha, Friend
Sep 7 2009 1:15AM
It is 7th year since this tragedy took place and every year I think about you, my dear friend, Shashi. We worked together at Wipro and played cricket on Sundays. Shashi was excellent at whatever he did. I always remember his smiling face, he was smart, intelligent and very witty. He nick-named me "baba" when I tried to keep a goatee beard. Shashi visited me in california during thanksgiving of 2000, we drove to Lake Tahoe and learned skiing. We had lot of fun there, what I didn't know is that's the last time I would see him. Shashi you are an inspiration to your friends and colleagues, you showed us how to live every moment of your life, to its full extent. May God rest your soul in peace and give lots of strength to your near and dear ones.
Shalabh Raj, Colleague
Sep 12 2008 2:20AM
Hi shashu, It has been 7 years since we lost u to the cruel fate. Not a single day has passed without your sweet memory. It is becoming difficult day by day to fill the void created by your absence. It is september again and a very sorrow one for the whole family. We miss u so much and we luu u always. Poornima manjunath
poornima manjunath, Family
Sep 4 2008 9:52AM
Murali, This is Venkatesh, from Saraswathipuram, Mysore. I am very sorry to know about this tragedy. Convey my condolences to your parents and if you get a chance call me or e-mail me your address and phone number. I would like to talk to you. I know your are very busy with your work but when u get a minute drop a line. My mother sends her regards to you and your family. Bye for now Venkatesh 937-427-0517
Seshadri Venkatesh, Friend
Jul 11 2007 10:21AM
I just came across this site and saw Shashi's picture and all my old memories from Bangalore came back. I was new in Wipro but Shashi made my start in Wipro to me more fun, he was very friendly and made friends in no time. Shashi was my team lead while working on a project for American Express. He then along with Kiran moved to Phoenix and I replaced him at Bangalore. He was technically brilliant and used to guide us from Phoenix, we received lot of client appreciation for the projects we executed at American Express. Later in 2000 I moved to Detroit and Shashi moved to WTC. The day of 9/11 I was watching the WTC on fire and tried to send several emails to Shashi and called other friends in NYC. I was shocked when I saw the towers coming down. Till now its hard to believe Shashi is no more with us. No words to describe the loss as a friend, team lead , colleague and a fun loving person he was... Buddy.. if you are watching us from up there , I just want to tell you that you will always be in memories of your friends and family.
Ketul Patel, Colleague
Jul 10 2007 12:56AM
I am writing this after 5 years. I could not believe when I heard that Shashi was one among the lost in WTC. He was a total prankster. Cannot forget his witty smile and teasing remarks on the corridors of Electronic city campus. Would miss those anyday. My prayers to his family.
Amri, Friend
Sep 12 2006 12:11PM
I have worked side by side with him at Wipro in other projects literally and knew him as a person who could lightn up our stressfull work environment with lighter moments and just coudnt believe it was him there.. may god rest his soul in peace.
G Mohan Prakash, Colleague
Sep 12 2006 7:40AM
When we were in College. He used to do lot of fun and he use to be identified by every body ever day. We use to call him "MASS BUNK", because he used to love making class massly bunk. Hey, I filled with tears dear, may god give one more life to shake with us.
Murali Mohan M.N, Friend
Oct 28 2005 6:07AM
It is after 4 years that I am writing this tribute. I did not believe it until recently when a friend of mine confirmed it that it was indeed Shashi who died in the 911 attack. He was a student of NIIT Mysore Centre and was well known to me through his sister who was a student of mine. My memories of him is jovial, gregarious and a very intelligent boy. My condolences to his family. Vishwa
Vishwanath Krishnaswamy, Friend
Jun 15 2005 10:02PM
May peace be always with him....Good people are always called early to his abode.
Krishna S R, Friend
Sep 11 2002 6:14PM
Shashi and I graduated from the same Engineering college - JC, Mysore, India. We were in the same class - 92 thru 96. Even after college days we used to hangout after office hours in local joints in Bangalore. He was a good company, fun to be with. Filled with joy and enthusiasm which reflected in his talk and action. On Sep the 10th, a day before the unfateful event, I received a birthday wish email from him, saying he wanted to be back in India as he wanted a more relaxed job. I wish this didn't happen to him nor to anybody else in the world. I feel very sad for his family, his mother especially. I pray to Allah that he may rest in peace and may Allah grant him a heavenly abode in the life HereAfter, Ameen. Vasim
Vasim Patel, Friend
Sep 10 2002 1:53AM