Michael Gu

Jean Liu met Michael Liming Gu a few days after arriving in New York from Shanghai. It was her first time in the United States, and she did not know a soul. She was introduced to him at a party by friends of friends of people she knew in China.

'It turned out we both came from China, from Shanghai,' she said. 'He said it was hard for him when he initially came, too.'

Both were graduate students. She lived in Manhattan and went to Columbia, and he lived in New Jersey and went to Stevens Institute of Technology. They phoned each other in the evening, and he helped to unravel the chaos of New York for her. When they could find time, he drove in and took her to Chinatown, guiding her to the best and most authentic restaurants.

Four or five years later, they bought a house in Piscataway, N.J., married and moved in. He filled the basement with several linked computers. 'He was always testing new computers,' Mrs. Gu said. 'He has to keep up with new things coming out.'

The night before he died, Mr. Gu said that it was time to teach Alan, their 2-year-old, to play computer games. 'But I have no clue about computers,' she said. 'He was the one who really liked them.'

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I didn't know Liming. I first read about Liming's death last year while in Beijing on a business trip. Being from the same city and sharing a same rare last name, this sad news stuck with me ever since... I'm glad to have an opportunity to read about Liming here and applaud Marsh for being so considerate in commemorating their fallen colleagues. It's so tragic to know such a fine life taken so senselessly. All I want to say is my sincere condolences and best wishes for Jean, Alan and family for their tremendous loss. May God bless you all.
Chris Gu, Friend
Sep 11 2002 7:32PM
I saw Liming's portrait in the NY Times this Sunday morning and until that moment, knew of no personal acquaintences or friends of mine who perished in the attacks. Liming lived across the hall from me during our freshman year at Stevens Institute of Technology. He was a year older than the rest of us because he had spent the previous year learning english to the level that would allow him to attend classes and excel, which of course, he did. He was polite and always good natured and during lighter moments, receptive to our 'freshman antics', whether it be a floor party or a prank on our fellow roomates and neighbors. Fond memories of Liming include him tutoring my on Gauss' Law before a test, playing some early computer games on our AT&T; 6310's and sharing a 'jar' of chinese tea. My condolences and best wishes to his wife, Jean and young son Alan.
Larry Newman, Friend
May 5 2002 12:56PM