Louis Minervino

Louis J. Minervino didn’t really have hobbies. He had a job and he had a family. At work, he calculated figures as an accountant for Marsh USA on the 98th floor of 2 World Trade Center. At home, in Middletown, N.J., he helped his young daughters, Laina and Marisa, tabulate their schoolwork. Now they are college graduates.

Mr. Minervino 54, was dedicated and disciplined. He was married 26 years. 'He was quiet, so quiet,' his wife, Barbara, recalls. 'He was so quiet we once asked him if he was in the witness protection program.'

Saturdays were for chores around the house — chores he did with quiet precision. On Sundays, he would pile his papers on the dining room table to do office work. Some of the other habits he left behind: rotating his socks in the drawer, to put the most recently washed in the back; sharpening pencils to a perfect point. And knowing how to say goodbye.

'He never left the house without kissing everyone goodbye,' his wife says. 'He made a trip to each of the girls rooms to say goodbye. And then he came to me.'

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I never met Lou in person, but we spoke several times on the phone about the most mundane things from my office at Guy Carpenter in Philadelphia, and yet from what little interaction we had, his gentility was very evident. He touched countless people in ways he’d never have imagined. I think of him on this date, and every time I look towards the southern tip of Manhattan.
Steve , Colleague
Sep 11 2023 11:00PM
I worked for Lou for 7 years. I remember my first and only interview with him, feeling so comfortable around him. I had never experienced that before with other employers. Lou was a gentle person and always helpful. I could always tell him anything, like he was the father I never had. For the first time, there was a consistent figure in my life, which I could turn to for friendship and support. There was never a time that I could not talk to him or that he would not offer advice. Lou was a man that was kind and generous. He loved his family and his job with such joy and pride. A man that made sure that his family was taken care of even if it meant he had to sacrifice something important to him. I respected him and enjoyed working with him very much. Lou, if I knew it would be the last time, I would be there to share your day. I would have said how much I appreciate you in each and every way.
Emily Kwok, Colleague
Mar 26 2009 11:01AM
I worked at Coney Island with Louie in the summer of '64. We were both Staten Islanders and went to St. Peter's HS. After our 7:00pm-3:00am 'parkie' shift at Coney Island we'd hitchhike down the Belt Parkway and take the 69th street ferry back to Staten Island together. I couldn't have been in the company of a better guy. It was great just being around him...Always composed...Always confortable with just being Louie. I can't say enough about him.
Paul Bovino, Friend
Feb 18 2009 9:27PM
I first met Louis in my home in Pensacola, Florida. My wife Gloria Gilbert Dumas, and Lois's wife Barbara are cousins. Gloria past away this past March (2007)and was my best friend for 28 years. She talked about Louis and Barbara many times over the years, and we always mentioned how quiet he was. I was reminded of this when reading the tribute to Louis, I can still vision Louis and Barbara sitting around talking with my wife and I. Wish I could roll back the clock. Barbara has very strong will, as Louis did, I wish them well and invite future contact if so desired.
Ken Dumas, Family
Sep 11 2007 6:53PM
Hola. las bendiciones de nuestro señor jesucristo para lois. Soy de la Republica argentina y quisiera saber si laina y marisa sabe de alguien por aca del mundo. Los saludo atte.
Leonardo Minervino, Colleague
May 9 2007 9:14PM
Since the day I found out he was in the building my heart has gone out to him and his family. Having been apart of thier lives for about three years I got to see first hand just how close they all were. He was a kind gental man that was clearly totaly in love with his wife and daughters. Even during tough times he was always one to keep his head up and be strong for his family. Mr. Minervino may you rest in peace and to the family you treasured Mrs. Minervino, Laina and Marisa may you not only find peace with this tragedy but some how find the happiness that Mr. Minervino wanted to give all of you.
Scott Hopwood, Friend
Oct 21 2006 2:46PM
Lou was the person who hired me to Guy Carpenter and I worked for him for over 12 years. In the time he taught me many things about accounting and about life. Lou would take the time to explain accounting to me when I didn't understand, he wasn't above rolling up his shirt sleeves and using T squares (which is an accounting term) to show how to make an entry and how it will affect the books. He never made me feel as if I couldn't do it, he always made me feel that I could leap mountains if I put my mind to it. Lou was the person who made me realize that I could get my CPA. He's the one who backed me up and he's the one who told me he would sign off on my CPA when the time came. Unfortunately, that was not to happen, but that didn't change anything I went and took the tests and past them and all the while knowing Lou was looking down at me and saying you can do it. I will always remember his love for his family and his love for the job. No matter what was going on in the department or in the company Lou always took the time to talk about his wife and his daughters Laina and Marisa with great adoration and with even greater love. Rest assured Lou you will never be forgotten and you will always be loved.
Cindy Burke, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 9:49AM
I left MMC eight years ago today. During my time there, in London, I made many great friends - including some in New York. I counted Lou amongst them. I respected him and enjoyed working with him very much. I looked forward to going to New York, and I looked forward to his visits to London. His family may blame me for the few extra pounds he carried on returning home from a visit to the UK! I remember when the news of the tragedy broke, I immediately thought of him although we had not met for several years. For some strange reason I had cause to visit this site today of all days and, noticed the tributes. I am saddened and shocked to see Lou here - I didn't know. I have been living and working in Washington DC since last August. Since being here, I have always had it in mind that I would take a trip to NY and, when there, call him. Sadly that is not possible. Today is the day that the President delivered the final ultimatum, and we are likely to be at war within the next 48hrs. Many personal tragedies lie ahead. If they are inevitable - please don't let them be in vain.
Nigel Davies, Colleague
Mar 17 2003 10:07PM
I went through high school and college with Lou. He was a true gentleman and a fine human being. If you look at his yearbook picture, he still looks the same. My condolences to his family and friends
Richard Pikulski, Friend
Sep 19 2002 1:35PM
Though I'd only met Mr. Minervino a handful of times (as one of Marisa's college roommates), I feel I knew him through his wife and daughters. A 'daddy's girl' myself, Marisa and I often laughed in puzzlement or frustration when faced with situations more familiar to a Dad than 2 college girls who separately equated 'Dad' with 'Bob Vila' -- a flooding bathroom at 2:00am brought groggy instructions to call maintenance and/or the guys across the hall...and guaranteed a private lesson in situational protocol at a later date. :) The Minervino's always put family and their faith first, priorities I'm sure establised by a completely devoted couple... and passed down to two wonderfully genuine young women. May God grant his family the strength, hope, and faith to meet every day as it comes and to move forward in Louis' memory and in the spirit of his ideals. Spread the message of the Gospels in everything you do-- use words when absolutely necessary. God Bless you all...
Kara Schmidt (Loyola, 2000)
Sep 17 2002 4:32AM
I am an italian professor of social anthropology. But same name, same italian origins, I think. Once We are immigrants in Usa, but our common roots was of Calabria or Puglia (Southern Italy). I dont know nothing one of the real life about this my lost omonim, this 'qiet man' perished in the orrible TT disaster. But from that bad day I consider J.L. Minervino, my real brother in life. I say goodbay Barbara, Laina and Marisa. In memory of J.L. Minervino. Sincerely yours, Mauro Francesco Minervino. (Add.:Via Piano Torre n.70 - 87027 PAOLA -Cosenza- Italia)
Mauro Francesco Minervino, Family
Sep 6 2002 12:11PM
Before I transferred to Hartford for Guy Carpenter I worked for the firm in New York. There I got to meet Lou. I remember him as a gentle person and always helpful when I needed to talk to him about an accounting matter which, in most cases, was my expense account. Whatever might have seemed askew didn't stay that way long. Lou got whatever needed fixing taken care of and you were good to go. I extend my heartfelt sympathies to his family at this time. The world is poorer for losing a man like Lou.
John Cosgrove, Colleague
Jun 10 2002 7:13PM