Martin Giovinazzo

Family Tribute:September 11, 2001 was just an ordinary day until 8:46am. My life and the children’s lives were shattered when you were taken from us. Martin we miss you and love you so much, it hurts everyday not having you with us. I will make sure that your memory will be kept alive, and also for the children I will make sure they will know who their father was, especially Andrew (a.k.a. Andy pants). You are everything to me and part of me is missing without you here. Theresa, Ashley and Andrew were everything to you. How you played with them every night you came home, and how you played music on your computer to watch them dance, and hearing you laugh. God how I miss that laugh, and your hugs and kisses. I cry everyday without you. It’s so hard not having you here with me and the kids. I love that big sense of humor you had. You always made me and the kids laugh. How you got them interested watching the Three Stooges and Little Rascals and now I have Andrew watching them and he loves it. You are everything to us and we love you and miss you. So I won’t say “goodbye” hon, I’ll just say “I’ll see you later.”



Theresa, Ashley and Andrew

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I did not know this site existed. I miss you so much. You were one of my best friends. You were one of the few people who I could take the truth from. You were always brutally honest with me and I loved that. I miss your sense of humor and your laugh. I miss watching you play video games. When Pete and I get together, we always talk about how much we miss you. Hope you are at peace. I recently spoke with Teresa on Facebook. She has grown into a beautiful young woman. You must be proud. I was hoping to hear from Dorothy, but it has not happened yet. You are forever in my thoughts. I love you! PS - I still have problems buttering my toast :)
Colleen Mahoney, Friend
Oct 21 2014 3:07PM
Another year is passing. Mike and I are married and have two boys, so playing online games is no longer a priority. We still keep in touch with the gang (Harry, Larry and Joe from Tampa, Mark is now in Gainsville and and Bryan in Georgia.) When we get together your name and memory always comes up. You are a great friend. I often think of your niece, Lovelace and wonder what a beautiful woman she must be. We will never forget you Martin aka 'Rockbottom' from your friends in Florida and the game Ultima Online. Kimi & Mike
Kimberly & Mike Schoolcraft, Friend
Dec 30 2013 9:13AM
9/11/13 I still remember my friend Martin. 'Rockbottom the Bard' our guildmate in Ultima Online in the guild Raiders of Valor.
Bryan Thompson, Friend
Sep 11 2013 10:07AM
13 may 2011 - I was just made aware of this site. --Martin was my friend. Once when I was out of work he called me and tried to get me to apply for a job in New York. --We met as members of the 'Raiders of Valor', a guild of comrades playing an on line mmorpg called Ultima Online. Martin's character was 'Rockbottom the Bard' mine was 'Mingo the Bard' --He was a great questing companion. the typed repartee between us all was the most interesting thing of all...kind of like online chat with a quest to do. --After 9/11 we had a wonderful on line memorial service. When ROV moved from UO to Star Wars Galaxies, we built a memorial garden in our player town of Tuskn Flats. Every year we remember our friend. --I hope his family and children are well. Bryan Thompson
Bryan Thompson, Friend
May 13 2011 7:44PM
heyy .. im ashley im theresas bestfriend... i thnk of him to be an uncle im sad i didnt get to meet him... i would have loved to ... but god has his ways of saying its time... when me and teetee r at skool he is all we talk about ... she misses him dearly .. me and my sister thinks she looks so much like him .. it so cute .. anyways thats all i have to say ..i love martin giovinazzo and theresa to
ashley mendez, Family
Nov 20 2010 11:07AM
Dear Dad/uncle We MISS U ALOT!! and love u with all out hearts even though ashley didn't meet u she loves u also :) <3. I really wish u were here with me and the family and soo how everybody grown. See ur nieces and newphes and see their children...which they have now!! aha but we love u alot and ashley says she wishes that she met u and call u uncle MARTINNNN <3. its ashley ... you may have fall trying to protect us but you still live on ..always and forever .. your name will never be forgoten . we will wake up and fall asleep with your name in our hearts. U will always stay their and never be forgotten at all! <3 Watch over use no matter what and 1 day we will be 2gether again <3 but until than.we will think of you as if your still around. Like ashley said until than u would want us 2 be strong, find friendship and have a good life. We love u and u will never be forgotten and tell these meany boys 2 leave us alone aha <3. Love and 4ever will Ashely & Theresa Meninazzo<3333
Ashley & Theresa Meninazzo, Family
Nov 17 2010 9:11AM
Just remembering you and the children Dorothy. We have not forgotten you. God Bless you and the children today and always. {{{{Hugs}}}} From the Teddy Bear Family This peom is for you Dorothy. I changed it a bit switching the references from a female to a male. The Dash by Linda Ellis I read of a man who stood to speak At the funeral of a friend He referred to the dates on his tombstone From the beginning to the end He noted that first came his date of his birth And spoke the following date with tears, But he said what mattered most of all Was the dash between those years For that dash represents all the time That he spent alive on earth. And now only those who loved her Know what that little line is worth. For it matters not how much we own; The cars, the house, the cash, What matters is how we live and love And how we spend our dash. So think about this long and hard. Are there things you’d like to change? For you never know how much time is left, That can still be rearranged. If we could just slow down enough To consider what’s true and real And always try to understand The way other people feel. And be less quick to anger, And show appreciation more And love the people in our lives Like we’ve never loved before. If we treat each other with respect, And more often wear a smile Remembering that this special dash Might only last a little while. So, when your eulogy is being read With your life’s actions to rehash Would you be proud of the things they say About how you spent your dash? On Linda's website the poem is set to music and made into a short movie.
Jan O'Kane and Family, Friend
Sep 11 2006 2:10AM
Dear Mrs. Giovinazzo. You may not remember me, but you were kind enough to send a 'thank you' card and a picture of Ashley, Andrew, and Theresa after your first XMas without your husband. We were so glad that you had appreciated our small gift of XMas money. I'm writing to let you know that you and the children are still in our thoughts, especially as we approach the fifth anniversary. All the Best. Larry Weisberg and Family
Larry Weisberg, Friend
Sep 2 2006 12:51PM
My Dear Brother Martin When I look back at our childhood days I think of what we did and what we shared in many ways all the fun and the laughter and yes there were many tears if I can only bring back the day of our yesteryears. We grew up together and chose our paths in life I met my husband and you met your wife we created a family filled with both children and love a gift given to us from His Grace up above. Although our time together in this life had come to an end there were many hearts broken and only time will help them mend. I'll always keep your memory brother deep with in my heart until we meet again when from this life that I will part. Martin I miss you with all my heart and soul having you gone from my life has taken it's toll.
Rose Giovinazzo, Family
Mar 15 2006 11:10PM
Martin~ It was a while since we had spoken and to think now that we never will again makes my heart ache. The last time we spoke, you and Dorothy has asked me to bring my then 2 year old to your house, I, as usual, couldn't make it and cancelled. I wonder if I had known that was the last time I would have seen you if I would have blown off whatever was so important (can't even remember what it was now). It's been 4 1/2 years since you were taken from everyone that loved you so much...I still talk to Rose and she is lost without you even though she goes on everyday...and Tina emails me regularly too. Then there's me... Ya know as you get older and life changes so much you find yourself remembering times when things were so much more simple...I think of our childhood. With that thought you are the first person that comes to my mind and I remember all the times you made me laugh so hard I really did pee in my pants and all the times you wiped my tears because I fell every two seconds. We were always friends, we never had one fight, and we were always close. You were like my big brother and we spent more time together than anyone. That was about when I moved to Jersey. My favorite memory of all though was the one when I was leaving the next day and you took me into your room and played 'our song'...appropriately titled 'My Best Friend' by Queen. We cried and hugged and I will remember that moment and that song for the rest of my life!! Those bastards stole you from your family, your life, and from one will ever understand what we were to eachother, but I guess they don't have to... I hold our memories close to my heart and who knows maybe someday we will see eachother again. Always Ang
Angela Besignano, Friend
Mar 12 2006 9:36AM
May your Angel Wings fly high knowing how much you touched everyone. Your beautiful wife and children will always have you in there hearts. You are missed everyday and I am so blessed to have worked with you and Dorothy at Amex Tower. I miss always your talks and how you cared for me and everyone who knew you. May God always bless your family - you are a Hero.
Michele DiPreta, Friend
Sep 11 2005 1:33PM
Martin, Still can't believe you are gone. I will always remember the little room where everyone didn't smoke. You are very much missed! My fan is still going. Thank you. Toni
Antonella, Colleague
Sep 12 2003 1:23AM
oh Martin, how I miss you!You made work fun! You made life fun... funny!The jokes we played on each other,...,your face,your voice,'I don't know weather to kiss you or punch you!' There's not a day gone by,that I don't laugh and cry with you!You'll always be a part of me, and for that, I can't thank you enough.Don't forget me...I'll love you forever Bro...
Patrick Reynolds, Colleague
Aug 22 2002 9:18PM
My baby brother, that morning I was online and saw your name on my buddy list, but that was one of those mornings that I was busy surfing and didn't get the chance to im you. God how much I miss you. I love you so much. Donna & Jennifer miss you so very much. You were more of a brother to Eddie than his own could ever be, I guess that's why you asked him to be Andy's Godfather. You knew how much we love your children. You knew how much we knew you love ours. Mom & Pop miss you, and all I see in their eyes is the saddness of not having you there. I hear the depression in their voices and the age in their faces. Thank God they have your children to keep them going. They love those kids so very much and your children love them just as much back. You will always be our 'Egghead'. I dream of you and know you are always near. I love you, Your big sister, Angela
Angela Giovinazzo Quinn, Family
Aug 3 2002 3:20PM
Martin, You wanna go down? meet you on 5 minutes. Thanks for putting up my fan, every time I look at it, I think of you. Toni
Toni, Friend
Apr 4 2002 11:26AM