Patricia Colodner

Family Tribute:CLOSER

As close as the sea is to the seashoreThe tide still rises twice a dayThat’s just the ocean’s way of getting CLOSERCLOSER

As close as today is to tomorrowAt midnight they can fin’lly touchCuz every minute brings them that much CLOSERCLOSER

So on this silent nightI call your name and suddenlyAll time and space between us disappear

I see your face in firelightI hold you close in memoryAnd even though I know you’re gone, I know you’re here

As close as the glow is to the emberYou’ve always been a part of meNow living in my heart you’re even CLOSERCLOSER


I see your face in firelightI hold you close in memoryAnd even though I know you’re gone, I know you’re here

As sure as there’s snowfall in DecemberYour love lives on in everythingSummer, winter, fall or springEvery thought of you will bring us CLOSER

The distance may be large or smallSomeday I know that we will all be CLOSER

Tom Snow/Dean Pitchford

©2001 Snow Music (BMI)/Pitchford Music (BMI)

Lyrics by Tom Snow and Dean Pitchford. Dean Pitchford is the brother of Patti Colodner

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I had the privilege to work with Patti when she supported Roger Burns. She was full of energy and loved to talk about her family! Hopefully, they are all doing well.
Charlie Scott, Colleague
Sep 11 2023 1:25PM
Dearest Patti, I think of you often. Our last conversation. You spoke of your children and your eyes dance with pride and love. You were such a loving human being. Continue to rest, friend. Forever missed and loved, Sally
Sally D Ramos , Friend
Sep 11 2022 11:17AM
Patti…thinking and praying for you today on the 20th anniversary of this unimaginable day. I pray that you are resting in peace and soaring high with all the other angels from this day.
Patricia King, Colleague
Sep 11 2021 0:13PM
You will forever be in our hearts.
Ilissa and Brett Marks, Friend
Sep 10 2021 0:06PM
Patti and I became friends in our young adult years in Hawaii. We met at a club, ran into each other often out and about dancing -during my early college years at UH. She was so easy to make a connection with - her friendly, outgoing personality drew many to her light. We hung out almost every weekend for a couple years. She gave me a little key pendant for the ‘key to our friendship’ along with a lovely note. I wore that key on an ankle bracelet for years even after she left Hawaii -Sadly, we lost touch. I am sure I still have it along with the note. If I find it, I will gladly share with her family. Patti- your aloha, smile and effervescence stays in my heart with much aloha. Thank you for the fun times.
Valerie Moore, Friend
Sep 3 2021 8:50AM
I miss you very much my friend. Your smile and generosity will live on in in my heart. Love to Colby and Jordan.
Jennifer Vermont-Davis, Family
Sep 11 2020 6:08PM
Just thinking about you. God bless you and your family. Aloha
Richard R Pulley, Friend
Sep 11 2018 11:42PM
Patty, I always think of you and pray for you and your family at this time of year. We knew each other so long ago. Our Mother's were good friends and you only lived 2 blocks away.We lost touch a long time ago but I was not surprised to read what a wonderful, employee, wife and Mother you were. God bless you and your family. 1 Aloha nui loan, Suzanne Hassall (Lepine)
Suzanne Hassall (Lepine), Friend
Sep 11 2016 3:44PM
Patti - I still see that beautiful smile. How your eyes lit up when you talked about the children. How you consoled me when I lost my sister... You're an Angel in heaven.. you touched many hear on earth. I will never forget you... Sleep in Peace my friend... till we meet again.. Sally
Sally, Friend
Sep 9 2015 0:38AM
May the angels of god bless and look over your husband and children. I knew you when you were a waitress at the lounge in the Vista International Hotel. We had so much fun together. What I remember the most was how happy you always was and made it a point to make everyone around you happy. It was a pleasure knowing you and am so sorry we lost contact. God bless you in heaven.
Felix Ramos, Friend
Apr 17 2014 4:04PM
God speed
tino farnum, Family
Jul 12 2013 4:42PM
Patti - Thinking of you today as I often do. Remembering the day I interviewed you for a job at Mercer and before the interview was over, knew we had a keeper on our hands. You were, without a doubt, one of my best hires and are sorely missed as a colleague and friend. On this sad day my thoughts are with you and your family. Rest in peace...
Patricia King, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 1:45PM
We knew you as 'Babs' back in Hawaii at Our Redeemer Lutheran High school You will always be in our thoughts and memories as a lovely sweet person. You are not forgotten.
Faith Peyton McDonald, Friend
Sep 11 2012 9:09AM
Patty, this is the first time I've written a tribute to you online. As a 9-11 survivor from Tower 2, I have always thought of everyone who was there that day, and prayed especially for you and your family. One of my memories of you was at a holiday party hosted by Mercer before you moved to Marsh. You were laughing and had that wonderful smile on your face. You will never be forgotten my friend - never. May you rest in peace.
Susan Mathew, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 12:15AM
Patti was a wonderful colleague and an unforgettable friend. She reached out and made a point of getting to know me when I was new to Mercer in 2000. I remember - like it was yesterday! - she and Warren had just returned from their ten year wedding anniversary trip to Paris. I loved hearing her stories about Warren and the kids, and about her early days when she first moved to New York. She inspired me and still does. I'm so grateful I knew her. I miss her so much. To Patti's family, who meant the world to her: My thoughts are with you, now and always.
Shelah (Weiss) Greenbaum, Colleague
Sep 7 2011 8:52PM
Patti and I worked together for a period of time at Mercer. During this time, we never met personally but spoke by phone nearly every day. Our calls were driven by business issues but we always took a few minutes just to catch up on things. She loved sharing stories about her kids. I think of her often, particularly around this time every year and, when I do, I miss the lovely person I grew to know and the beautiful voice I heard so many times on the other end of the phone.
Tiffany Lee, Colleague
Sep 6 2011 11:23AM
On this 10th anniversary I am thinking of you and my heartfelt prayers go out to your family whom you loved so much. I will always remember your beautiful smile and kindness. God bless you.
Vita Jacobsen, Colleague
Sep 1 2011 11:53AM
I, like Charlie Scott, first got to know Patti when she was the Admin Assistant to our boss at the time. It was clear, from even the briefest of discussions with Patti, that her children and her husband were the center of her universe. Her personality and style made her one of the most effective colleagues I have ever seen take on the role of Administrative Assistant for a Senior Executive. She is and always will be dearly missed
Bob Schuetz, Colleague
Aug 31 2011 11:55AM
I met Patty (Pitchford) when she came to Maryknoll. We were always in the same class and I talked her into going to Star of Sea high school with me but we each found a different crowd to hang with. I had been to her mom's house in Kahala before. We weren't exactly best friends in school but we were friends and I listened to many stories that she had to tell me, many of which were about Dean, whom she was (understandably) so proud of. I was devastated when I read of her tragic death and it was had to shake that feeling. I was glad, though, to see that she had made/found a family and a great life. It was comforting. Thank you for the memories, Patty, I regret not keeping in touch.
Nina Rapozo/Bourke, Friend
May 2 2011 12:59AM
When my mom, Patricia, died in the twin towers in 2001, i was only 2 and a half. now i am 11, and still thinking of her daily. I still love her with all my heart, eve thought i didnt know her for that long. i a filled with happiness when i see how may people have come on this site and stated what they thought about her death. i am sitting in my room right now, days after the aniversairy of 911, thinking about how special she was to me. my sister. my dad. and to everyone who has posted on this tribute. thankyou.
Jordan Colodner, Family
Sep 16 2010 9:54PM
Remembering 'Babs' Was looking through my hs yearbook , 30 year reunion, and came across Patty's pic and where she signed... Always remember
Faith peyton mcdonald, Friend
Apr 23 2010 10:05AM
My Dearest Friend at Star of the Sea. The memories are like yesterday. Our song ' Inseparable' You are still in my heart, thoughts and prayers. I will remember you always. Love and Laughter, now also with sadness..... Love you Lady! Kimmie
Kimberly Louis, Friend
Sep 12 2009 6:26AM
We are all thinking about you.
Seth, Family
Sep 11 2008 10:25AM
Thinking of you today Patty. I'll always remember you dancing and having a good time at the Corporate Holiday Party. You were always so lively and full of happiness.
Anne Marie Cutone, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 9:08AM
Just thinking about you.
Rick Pulley, Friend
Sep 11 2006 3:04PM
Patty, Thinking of you and your family today, friend and colleague. Remembering your beautiful smile and caring ways.
Vita Jacobsen, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 8:44AM
Dash knows his grandma loves him! We miss you. Courtney & Seth
Courtney C. Dallaire, Family
Sep 7 2006 2:59PM
I was VERY fortunate to have reconnected with my high school friend, Patty Pitchford, via in 1999. Patty and I attended Our Redeemer Lutheran High School in Honolulu and had not spoken in years before reconnecting. I have to tell you we had a great time walking down memory lane, sharing stories about our new lives and familes, and simply enjoying our journey in life. We emailed many times and talked on the phone. The following months would mean losing contact - yet again. I tried locating Patty's info and, in the process, discovered she had perished in the attacks on the World Trade Center. My hear sank. That day - September 11th - I prayed that NO ONE I knew was in either building or on any of the planes. I had no idea Patty was fully engaged. My God. I had no idea. I am so thankful for the brief reconnection with my high school friend. In high school, I looked up to Patty - I thought she was larger than life and pretty damn tough. I guess I never knew how much I would realize the reality of my sense of her. My thoughts and prayers are with Patty's loved ones and with her. Pattie Brown Freeman
Pattie Brown Freeman, Friend
Apr 4 2006 4:38PM
Just thinking about you today...
Seth, Family
Mar 31 2006 4:01PM
09/11/2003 Patti, Growing up in Hawaii with you was very special.You were and always will be my friend.I miss you and think of you often. Now that you sit next to God, I know that you are safe and at peace. May God bless you and your Family. Aloha, Rick Pulley Las Vegas
Richard R Pulley, Friend
Sep 11 2003 4:22PM
I knew Patty from grade school and still have the PURPLE marble egg and PURPLE crochet scented hangers that she gave me for Christmas. Many years have past and I never saw her after she left Maryknoll. I often wondered about her. 20+ years later, my sons attend St. Louis (the same school as Dean graduated from)did a 'Footloose' production. When they announce her passing, I just went numb. While I read it before, it still didn't hit me until I heard it. Back then, it was only her, her Mom and Dean. To see them in their older years, I didn't have the heart to approach. A flood of memories of her came through. Singing our favorite songs(or at least trying to hold a tune).Her memories at Maryknoll may not have been all that great, but everytime I run into someone who would've known her then, I tell them about her. The Patty I knew was warmer than the Hawaii weather here. There is a song here in Hawaii called Flying with Angels. When I hear it, I think of her living spirit. Here's the lyrics. FLYING WITH ANGELS LYRICS Where are you going, inside your mind I guess were always livin' on borrowed time Yes I will be here, to hold your hand just close your eyes and sleep I understand Chorus: You're flying with angels above us all and I'll be here to catch you if you fall If others leave you, you know I'll stay My dreams will whisper to you and guide you way so sleep my darlin' (sleep my darlin') one kiss goodnight (one kiss goodnight) another song awaits you with rising eyes Chorus 2x Oh I'll be here to catch if you fall ---- I knew she would grow to be a wonderful person. I wish I knew before hand where she was. Maybe we would have crossed paths at one point or another. Aloha my dear friend I know you're flying with angels.
Aleta Bain, Friend
Jul 2 2003 8:52PM
I remember Patti during our days at RJR Nabisco and especially recall her innate sense of style and love for her husband and child (1 at that time). She was a classy lady indeed and I was horrified when a former RJR colleague gave me the tragic news. We will always remember her and may God grant her family peace and comfort.
Louise Fertig, Colleague
Dec 6 2002 11:23AM
I get to know Patti beginning in July 2001, when she was Admin Asst to my boss at then time. Phyllis Rudi, who works as my Amin Asst and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Patti. Her energy, independent spirit and professionalism were evident from the start. After a few months we began to learn a lot about Patti, her husband and two children . . . whom she loved very much. Our working experience with Patti concluded in mid-2001 but we kept in touch. We miss her.
Charlie Scott, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 1:50PM
Patti came into my life when I started my first “real world” job. I was fresh out of university and new to New York, having just moved there after visiting my cousin for a weekend two weeks before. Her warm smile and open friendliness immediately dispelled the myths I’d heard of cold, rude New Yorkers. She took me under her wing, so to speak, and introduced me to ‘her New York’, teaching me about life in the City and how to get along in it. It was the little things that have stayed with me the most – how she taught me how to tie my scarf to protect me from the bone-chilling winter winds (being from Florida I was not adept at these things)…how she brought me to her favourite sushi restaurant and patiently taught me, a sushi amateur then, how and what to eat (and didn’t laugh too hard when I dropped it in my soy sauce and it splattered everywhere)…how she guided me through the Upper West Side and all her favourite haunts – the corner deli and its salad bar, Zabar’s, Lincoln Center and Central Park…how she would mail me cards to remind me that our friendship was special to her. As I found my own New York Patti’s support was unyielding, even when finding my own way meant drifting from her. I have always regretted that in the pursuit of my place in the world I allowed this to happen; in the years since I have often thought of her and wondered how she was and if she was well and happy. I never felt this regret more so than when I spontaneously searched the Internet, on the off-chance that I could find where to contact her, and came upon this tribute page. It’s no surprise that she touched so many, as that was her way. There are no words to properly express my sympathy for her husband, children, mother and brothers; I hope that Patti’s never-ending love and the many happy memories of her bring comfort and peace. Patti, you have never left my heart and will remain there always. May peace be yours.
Melissa Warren, Friend
Sep 7 2002 9:06AM
Patti and I graduated from college together - we had alot of fun as evening students and would sometimes have a glass of wine and share conversation after class. She also worked for a client of Quotron - where I had worked at the time we met. We knew each other before she'd started her family and shortly after her marriage. What I remember most about her was her love of her husband and how very much she looked forward to starting a family. After graduation we lost touch - I am sad to say - but I remember her warm and vibrant personality. I am happy that she was able to share her love with her children and husband - and know that she is smiling down on all of them while walking with the Angels.
Karen Marino, Friend
Aug 19 2002 4:17PM
Patti and I met several years ago, she was returning to work after Colby was old enough to go to school. I noticed her immediately, she stood out from the rest of the group with her keen sense of humor and brilliant smile. Over the past several years, we enjoyed many lunches and so many laughs. Patti was the kind of person that I didn't need to see or speak with everyday to know she was my friend. We would have a quarterly 'catchup' lunch, our last one was in June 2001. I have thought about that so many times over the past year. She was in transition at that time, I had been traveling quite a bit and didn't realize she had taken a position in the WTC. We traded voicemails, but didn't chat. I was looking forward to seeing her in the Fall. I was puzzled when I didn't hear from her but my trusty Palm Pilot had mysteriously lost her home phone number. After sending our holiday card, my husband and I received a note from Warren in early December. I am still recovering from the news. Her love for Warren, Colby and Jordan was always apparent. She spoke so highly of Dean and his accomplishments. Patti was so proud of her family. I think of Patti when I see the brightest star in the sky at night. I know she is watching - with a smile. I miss you and love you my dear friend.
Susan Wingender, Friend
Aug 12 2002 1:54PM
I only met Patti once. I was 8 months pregnant at the time and was wondering about child care arrangements for my unborn son. Patti said she found people from Guyana to be very warm and caring, although I would always have a special relationship with my son as his mom, not to worry. These simple words were a tremendous gift to me. Now my son is almost 2 and he laughs and plays with his nanny from British Guyana. His face still lights up when he sees me at the end of the day. Patti's spirit shines on in her children and many others.
Jennifer White, Colleague
May 23 2002 2:00PM
Patti and I started with Marsh around the same time. I came to Marsh in February 2001 and she came a few weeks later. We sat next to each other on the 96th Floor of the North Tower, and in the months of April and May, we had a lot of time on our hands, so we were constantly chatting away and making plans for lunch and shopping. My favorite memories of Patti were when we'd go out to lunch in the Financial Center - We'd enjoy a nice Chardonnay with delicious calamari or hamburgers and curly fries. We frequented Amish Market (across from the South Tower) a lot, doing our grocery shopping together and sometimes having lunch there as well. Patti was a good listener and was always ready to give me good advice. And she was funny, especially when talking about her years growing up. But the thing I remember most about her was the way she spoke of her children, Colby and Jordan. Her eyes would light up like you wouldn't believe. And she talked about Warren, her husband, like she had just fallen in love with him. I miss her so much - I feel as if I've lost an old friend. I only knew Patti for a short while, but it seems like I knew her for much longer than six months. She is constantly on my mind and has been since that day in September. Patti - you are very much loved and you will always be in our hearts!
Serena Barrera, Colleague
Apr 11 2002 5:51PM
The first time I met Patrica, was when I first moved to New York and she came to help me paint my apartment. Not too many people, even close friends, would volunteer to help with that chore, and Patricia did it without asking twice. That was just how Patricia was - always thinking about how to help others. Her smile, her sense of humor, the light in her eyes and the love in her heart will continue through her children. I am so glad to say that I knew Patricia. Though the voice is quiet, the spirit echoes still.
Shannin Seeholzer, Family
Apr 10 2002 5:00PM
The grandeur of this unforgettable woman can be witnessed by the love beaming off of all those that her life touched. Her children, her husband, her brothers and her mother all carry the torch of her fierce bravery and irreverent humor. She is sorely missed. May God rest her soul.
Jeffrey Marcus, Friend
Apr 10 2002 2:47AM
Patti was my father's assistant at Marsh. I talked with her on the phone atleast three times a week. She was always so nice to me. She would always ask about how school was going for me and about my mother and brother. I met her once when I went into work with my father. Her children happenned to be there the same day. You could see in her children's eyes how much they loved and adored their mother. Patti will be missed by all who knew here. She had a heart of gold and a tremendous spirit.
Deborah, Friend
Apr 7 2002 7:24PM