Mike McGinty

Family Tribute:Someone once asked me how I would describe Mike. My answer was one I didn't have to think long about it was:

Beloved HusbandDevoted FatherFaithful Child of God

The only thing I ever wanted to be was someone's wife and mother. I think the only thing Mike ever wanted to be was someone's husband and father. The fact we found each other was my great miracle of life.

Mike was successful, kind, honest and moral. The fact he was so smart was the reason that he was able to figure out how to be such a wonderful husband, father and person. He was the kind of father who would fly to Florida or Missouri and back for a meeting in one day so he would not have to spend a night away from his home, me or the boys.

Mike and I met on a blind date. Set up by mutual friends. Our first date alone was dinner and the movie War of the Roses. This tells you something of his sense of humor. I remember at the first date Mike told me he was looking to be in a serious and committed relationship and I was so impressed by that. We dated for about 15 months and were married 3 months after that. Mike taught me what it was to be loved unconditionally.

Our marriage survived a lot those first few years. We married, I got pregnant, had Daniel all the while Mike commuted to New York - 2 hours and ¾ each way. Mike changed jobs, we moved, I got pregnant again, we moved again, I quit my job and had a premature baby all in 2 ½ years. Through it all Mike was the rock I leaned on. He never doubted for a moment that David would be just fine. He was always the person who gave me confidence and believed in me. Mike taught me how to trust but never succeeded in teaching me not to worry.

Family day was Sunday. Full of games, barbeques and gardening or rented movies. His boys came first in everything. He always left work at the door - which was frustrating for me at times because I felt somewhat shut out of that part of his life but it was interesting to me that everyone at work knew about the boys and me. I do know that he was hard working and well respected at what he did at Marsh.

There was nothing Mike liked more than a good joke. Someone described him accurately as an 11 year old boy stuck in the body of a 42 year old man. He was known everywhere for his dry wit and practical jokes. He was known to change peoples' screen savers at work to things with special messages and was also know to change passwords as well. When Mike worked for Sedgwick it took one good friend weeks to get rid of the screen saver that said 'Charlie is the reason Sedgwick is so successful'. He and the boys were always looking for a good joke to play on mom who always fell hook, line and sinker for the joke. Mike taught me how to laugh.

Mike was very active in our church. He was chair of the deacons, served on the church council, ran the confirmation program, mentored confirmands, was on two pastoral search committees and filled in for the pastor on occasssion with sermons he wrote and researched. He took his commitment to God as the most important in his life. He was very good at juggling many responsibilities and always served with joy in his heart. Mike taught me how to serve with joy.

I never heard him complain that his plate was too full or that he didn't have time to help someone or couldn't do something for our family. Very rarely did we ever feel as a family that we were not his first priority. Mike taught me what it was to be part of a family and juggle many responsibilities at once.

Mike had an incredible gift of speaking the truth in love even when it was the most difficult situation. He was never one to run from conflict but could see the big picture. Mike taught me to face conflict, forgive and move on.

Mike had his faults and he was very aware of all but one. His driving would take your breath away as you went through Boston. He was the typical Boston driver.

Many people thought that Mike would find a second calling as a pastor. He said he might make a good teaching pastor but he always said he didn't have enough empathy for all people. As he put it he was sure God loved him but he wasn't sure God loved the person driving 40 in the express lane on the highway. This was always said with that mischievous smile of his.

There are so many sad things about his whole thing that are just too numerous to even begin to describe, children growing up without fathers and mothers, loss of spouses and good, productive members of our world., lives cut so short, words left unsaid.

Two sad things in all of this for me personally include that Mike and I were supposed to renew our wedding vows in June. I had to have major surgery and we put it off until this fall and fall never came for us.

The other sad thing for me in all of this is that Mike was in New York that day because we didn't want to move. Rather than move there he went in for meetings and to work most Mondays and Tuesdays. He hadn't been on that schedule for very long.

In all of this I received two of the greatest gifts. On Sunday night before Mike left for New York we had one of those really great 'marriage' conversations where you are both on the same page, everything clicks and you talk about the important stuff. We felt so close.

The other was getting Mike home. Anyone who knew him knew the last place he would want to be was and work and the very last thing he would want was to be in New York. Mike would want to be home with his boys. We are one of the lucky ones - we have Mike home with us. I miss him more than ever.

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Mike, I think of you and your sister often. Both of you kept me laughing at your wit and dry sense of humor. I will always remember you with love and fondness. Your kindness and welcoming nature will always be remembered. Thank you.
Toni Womack, Friend
Nov 12 2023 1:19AM
Still missing you after all these years.
Cindy, Family
Oct 3 2023 9:59PM
You are still remembered Mike!
Francesca Vanasco, Colleague
Sep 7 2023 8:23PM
Mike, I was not one of your closest colleagues and only had the priviledge to sit and talk to you on a hand full of times, but I remember your spirit and sense of humor. Most important was your love of family. You are missed.
Ellen Clements, Colleague
Sep 17 2021 7:36PM
I think about Mike and all of my friends lost, and those who survived often. I think about Cindy and their. oys and wonder where they are in their lives today. We were just associates but he was a great guy who found something good in any situation.
Ellen Clements , Colleague
Sep 11 2020 4:12PM
Mike, I am so happy to see that this site continues to keep the memories of all colleagues lost that day alive. I check back each year on the anniversary to let you and those friends and colleagues I had the privilege to know or work with that I still think of them. I hope Cindy and your boys have found happiness in their lives. I know you are watching over them. Rest in peace.
Ellen Clements, Colleague
Sep 11 2018 11:47AM
I take pause this evening to honor Mike, and offer a prayer for your family: "May they in a special way feel the warmth of your presence and of God's grace"
Pat Meyers, Colleague
Sep 10 2016 9:58PM
Mike, thank you for traveling to Little Rock AR to help me get started in power and utility. I did finally get the Entergy Account. You taught me much. Thank you
Eric Herget, Colleague
May 22 2014 10:43PM
Mike, Prayers went up for you on September 11, 2013.
Francesca Vanasco, Colleague
Oct 3 2013 9:43PM
Mike, I remember you and your family on this day every year with fondness and sadness. I am sure we all miss you as much as I and I hope that your family stays strong and remembers that we all still remember Mike and the special man he was. One year he came to my Halloween party with his wife and little Daniel and we all had a great time. Love you Mike.
Donna Sandidge, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 9:13PM
I remember Mike so fondly as a senior, respected colleague who went out of his way to make a new comer feel welcome and valued. There are many of us he touched with such kindness who will think of him every year without fail -- upon each anniversary and at other times -- and be thankful to have known him.
Marla Jordan, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 12:05AM
Missing you so much right now. You will always be in my heart...
Cindy McGInty, Family
Dec 11 2012 5:26PM
Today, thinking of Mike McGinty and all of my Marsh colleagues lost on Sept. 11th. I had the pleasure of knowing Mike and will never forget him...my thoughts are with his family today.
judy murphy, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 10:57AM
Mike, Still remember your lively brilliance all these many years.
Francesca Vanasco, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 10:56AM
Mike was one of my instructors at the Steam EOOW course in Newport,RI in 1987. He was a great teacher and mentor. Mike, your friends in the US Navy will always remember you.
Randall Jacques, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 5:54AM
Mike, your classmates from Bellevue Senior High School remember you with the highest regards and fondness. You were a nice person to know and be classmates with. Rest in peace.
Valerie Jacques, Friend
Sep 12 2011 4:35PM
I'm thinking of you on this sad anniversary, and remembering Mike fondly. Mike hired me at Sedgwick, and we were colleagues until 9/11. I think of him often, his sense of humor and how proud he was of his family. The first time I met him he showed me pictures of his boys, 'these are the cutest kids you'be ever seen, right?'.
Elizabeth Glavin Erdman, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 4:27PM
I am thinking about you today as I do often, but always on the anniversary of this day. It was an honor and pleasure to work with you and your influence is with me always.
Debra Mochi, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 9:35AM
Mike, your friends from Bellevue Senior High School will never forget you. God bless you.
Nancy Grover, Friend
Sep 11 2011 8:36AM
I only knew Mike McGinty for a short time while I worked at Sedgwick and Marsh. However, he made such an impression on me because of his kind, soft spoken manner and knowledge of many subjects. Obviously, from reading these tributes, he made quite an impression on others too! Blessings to the McGinty family.
Jodie Kawa, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 10:02PM
Mike, I have never forgotten your brilliance, integrity and joyful commitment toward your work in the Marsh Power Practice. Your loving wife Cindy and the McGinty family are in my thoughts.
Francesca Vanasco, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 6:42PM
Cindy, my thoughts and prayers are with you this weekend.
Marge Mathers, Friend
Sep 10 2011 9:11AM
Cindy, your tribute to Mike is one of the most touching and joyful articles I have read in a while. Mike has a great reputation at Marsh, and I'm thinking of you, Daniel and David on this 10th anniversary. God Bless your Family.
Lauri Hanson, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 8:12AM
Mike: It's been ten years and we have you in our hearts. I'll always remember you as my manager at Sedgwick and your patience and help. Tony
Tony Madera, Colleague
Sep 9 2011 4:10PM
On 9/11/2002 I sang in Tucson Az in a Rolling Requim for theTrade Center. The Requim was sung around the world starting at the moment of the attack. I had a pin with a name Michael McGinty, a man I do not know, but have thought about many times since 'the sing'. Michael, you are on my heart fotever. To your family, keep strong, I will keep thinking and praying for you for the rest of my life. Chase Rawak
Chase Rawak, Friend
Sep 8 2011 9:22AM
Mike and I both served in the Sedgwick Power Practice, Mike leading the US Practice. Every year we would hold a forum in London and each year Mike would attend and give an insightful presentation on a topical issue. Later we both worked in the Marsh Power Practice. Mike was an intelligent man and I'd regularly call him to get his advice on things and get the latest on what his two sons were up to. When my first son was born Mike very generously sent gifts. Ten years on Mike and his family are still very much in my thoughts.
Mark Popplewell, Colleague
Sep 5 2011 1:14PM
Another holiday without you and we wish you were with us... the boys are getting older and turning into men now. You would be proud of them. David is driving and Daniel is looking at colleges. We love you and miss you.
Cindy McGinty, Family
Dec 31 2010 1:12PM
Mike I wish you could be with us on Saturday to see Daniel graduate from high school. You would be so proud of him. Both boys are doing well and growing into fine young men. We miss you and love you. I know you will be with us in spirit. :) XO XO
Cindy McGinty, Family
Jun 1 2010 11:21PM
I am not sure why this day in particular I think of you and Tom Duffy, co-workers way back before the terrible tragedy of 9-11. I feel and pray for your family and children often. Many blessings to you all and make the best out of everything.
Wendy Windsor Ashburn, Colleague
Apr 20 2010 3:34PM
Mr. McGinty, You insisted on driving me home (although there was only one house between mine and yours) from babysitting David and Daniel each night so I would be home safe. The caveat was that I had to name the current song on 100.7 ZLX. Now I like Fleetwood Mac. Remembering you still.
Andrea Mooney, Friend
Sep 11 2009 3:13PM
I used to love it when Mike would announce his anniversary in Church. 'We've been happily married for 10 years, 13 all together'. It cracked us up every time, even though we knew it was coming. He was a great friend and I miss him like crazy. He taught me soo much, just be being and doing...
Bob, Friend
Sep 11 2009 11:05AM
I love you today and everyday ...
Cindy McGinty, Family
Sep 11 2009 9:48AM
I miss you and am thinking about you today especially on Memorial Day. I love you always.
Cindy McGinty, Family
May 25 2009 9:26AM
I miss you.
Cindy McGinty, Family
Sep 11 2008 6:16PM
hi dad moms surgery went well and daniel broke his leg but he fine but im the only moble one been thinking of you
David McGinty, Family
Jan 20 2008 9:22PM
Hey, just wanted you to know I've been thinking of you.
Daniel McGinty, Family
Nov 21 2007 1:36AM
For a long time after 9/11, I would listen to Van Morrison's song, 'You just steal my heart away,' and would know in my heart that this is how Mike felt about his family. It is hard for peace to come when so much of what happened that day still seems to go on...but there is love. The last time we saw Mike, he sat in our living room and talked about his boys, about playing in the basement with them. We didn't have children yet and I can't remember if we were expecting yet, then, but I do remember how much we wanted to get in on the fun, too, Mike made is sound so rewarding. He loved you all so very much, and he gave us all so much to remember and share. If there is anything stronger than death, it is love. Please know that we always hold you in our hearts and that Cindy and your boys are always in our prayers. Debra and Jeff Fritts
Debra Fritts, Friend
Sep 13 2007 12:36AM
I didn't know Mr. McGinty. I know his son David because he is in my boy scout troop and he is a very good kid. Six years have passed since 9/11 and every year I am reminded of the horrible tragedy my nation had to endure. This is nothing compared to what the McGinty's go through. They are reminded every day of the tragedy that has directly affected their family. It seems that every year I seek to learn more and more about what happened that day and about who was involved and I only wish that I personally knew Michael McGinty. Everyone tells me that he was a great man and that is why I am honored to do what I can to pay respects, mainly by helping out at the McGinty fun day. God Bless the McGinty's, you are in my prayers.
Ed Fuller, Friend
Sep 11 2007 10:42PM
On this sixth anniversary, I wanted Mike's family to know that I still think about them often. Mike's high school class, Bellevue Class of 77, had it's 30th reunion this past summer. His name was read along with others from our class that have passed on. So many of his former classmates still remember Mike and the fun that they had back in high school. Our thoughts are with you.
Nancy Grover, Friend
Sep 11 2007 10:28AM
On this day we miss you and love you dearly. Be proud of your sons they are growing into fine young men.
Cindy McGinty, Family
Sep 11 2007 8:27AM
Dear Cindy, My thoughts and prayers are with you today.
Marge Mathers, Friend
Sep 10 2007 10:04PM
I can't believe it is almost six years. We just got back from Block Island and missed you so much. How can so much time have passed and it is still so raw...
Cindy McGinty, Family
Jul 22 2007 9:57PM
Mike, tomorrow it has been five years. I am going to be there in NY when they read your name and those of our colleagues. Although we have all moved on in our lives, they are very different without the friends like you that are lost. I still miss those jokes, and playing name that tune while driving to meetings. My life was blessed to know you.
Debra Mochi, Colleague
Sep 10 2006 10:47AM
Dear Dad I haven't written to you in awhile but I think about you a lot. A couple of days ago it was Zoey's birthday. You would like her she is so cute.
David, Family
May 14 2006 9:09PM
I didn't know you personally, but i know you must have been a good parent because your family really loved and still loves you a lot. They donate money and stuff and i am sure you're watching them do it with a smile on your face. And your son david turned out pretty good too.
Milena Casamassima, Friend
May 9 2006 8:11PM
It was the weekend of July 15 2005, that I learned that Mike (Mr. McGinty as I referred to him)was lost during the attacks. I served with him aboard the USS Mississippi. After he qualified as the Engineering Officer of the Watch I was fortunate to serve as his Watch Supervisor. I recall him as a knowledgeable, professional who was not easliy rattled, very methodical and deliberate in action and thought. During the banquet Mike's name was read along with the other other Mississippi shipmates who have been called home.
David Mendlowitz, Colleague
Jul 18 2005 6:47PM
Mike I love you and miss you. I want you to be proud of us so I am trying so hard to just live life without you. I would give anything to see that impish smile. Love Cindy
Cindy McGinty, Family
Sep 11 2004 9:18PM
It's been three years ago today. You are not forgotten. I still keep Cindy and your boys in my thoughts and prayers. Nancy Grover (BHS Class of 77)
Nancy Grover, Friend
Sep 11 2004 7:59AM
Happy Birthday Mike - We all misss you very much. We love you Cindy, Daniel and David
Cindy, Family
Jul 11 2004 4:43PM
I miss you... Love Cindy
Cindy, Family
Feb 18 2004 10:29PM
I had the pleasure of working with Mike during 'the Sedgwick days' and remaining friends after the acquisition by Marsh. Mike was a funny, lovable man who took great pride in his family. He was always happy to take a minute or two to share a story and tell a joke. I remember one day when Mike brought the boys into the Marsh office. At that time, my cubicle was situated right across from Mike's office and I had fun with the boys helping them access clipart in their favorite things. I've also met Cindy. She is truly a remarkable woman who is clearly carrying on in Mike's work i the world. She is an inspiration to many, many colleagues and friends. I think of the McGinty family often and wish them peace and love.
Judy Murphy, Colleague
Sep 12 2002 8:37PM
I didn't get the chance to get to know Mike well. I had actually just started communicating with him via email and telephone within the office on a project a short few weeks prior to 9/11. I enjoyed his spirit those few weeks. After having met Cindy at a CPCU luncheon I found her to be a woman of grace. How she has survived is an inspriation to us all. Although I don't know Cindy well either, I find I think of her and her boys often and say a special prayer at church service for them all.
Ellen Clements, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 2:39PM
Mike,to me,has always been the personification of 'An Officer and a Gentleman'. We worked together originally at Sedgwick---Mike in Boston---and I in Hartford. In addition to his primary responsibilities,Mike was placed in charge of casualty-surety claims in New England. He was immediately a thoughtful and considerate leader. With nothing to gain personally,Mike insisted on my receiving a title promotion from Asst.V.P. to V.P. A lifelong fan of West Point football,and an Army veteran---because of Mike---I found myself cheering for the Naval Academy during the 2001 Army-Navy game.He'd like that. It was only recently that I learned that Mike was religious and devoted to his church. My parents were both ministers---and it's probably not by accident that I recognized Mike's special qualities far beyond the intellectual.
John Kunz, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 1:00PM
closing in on the anniversary of this horrible tragedy, i continue to think about my days a J&H; in baltimore and the people that were lost. I met mike working on nuclear policies and boy was he a savior. i clearly remember how proud he was when he came to the office after he had been married. i knew what a special person his new wife must have been. i pray for Cindy, Daniel and David. know that Mike will always be watching out for you from heaven.
wendy windsor ashburn, Colleague
Sep 3 2002 11:39PM
As the anniversary of our loss approaches I have been thinking a lot about Mike. He was a great friend and colleague to me, making traveling fun, challenging how I saw things and letting me know he valued my contributions to our team effort. Now often when I have to make a decision for our clients, who sorely miss him, I think about how Mike might have approached the situation. So, his influence is always there. Thanks, Mike.
Debra Mochi, Colleague
Aug 22 2002 2:30PM
Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you. We wish you a happy birthday from all of us to you. Hey! Zoe our dog has grown a lot and I am watching a video to learn how to train my dog Zoe. We miss you and love you. Daniel and David
Daniel and David McGinty, Family
Jul 11 2002 8:44PM
Happy Birthday Mike. We miss you more now than you can imagine. Life is so hard without your presence. I miss your hugs, jokes and partnership. Love you more than you can imagine. Love Cindy
Cindy McGinty, Family
Jul 11 2002 9:29AM
Dear Daddy- We miss you so much. We got a dog named Zoe and you would love her. She is helping me so much she is adorable. I want you to be able to see her and to hold me and my dog. I miss you so much. Zoe has only been home for two days. I taught her 7 things. I love you David
David McGinty, Family
Jul 6 2002 8:27AM
Dear Beloved Daddy I miss you, I miss you, I miss you!!! I hope you got my balloon that I sent up to you with my wish. If you got it do you like it, it was silver. You were the best dad ever. I wish you could take me to one more football game. I miss doing all the fun things we used to do and I will think about you on father's day. I will send some more stuff to you with balloons. I cry for you sometimes.Sob, Sob, Cry, Cry. I love you. Your son David
David McGinty, Family
Jun 15 2002 9:18AM
Dear Dad Say hi to the cats for us. With Father's Day almost here we have been thinking about you a lot lately. We decided to plant a flower or bush for you because we know that you loved to garden. On Sunday we are going to go to your favorite nursey BRIGGS and pick out something that makes us think of you whenever we see it. My vote is for a Venus Fly Trap and a catus. I think you would like that. Good bye and Xo Xo Daniel
Daniel McGinty, Family
Jun 13 2002 6:58PM
Irish Heartbeat 'Oh won't you stay stay awhile with your own ones. Just one more day, one more day with your own ones. Because the world is so cold, don't care nothing for your soul you stay with your own ones.' Van Morrison Mike was my brother-in-law. After all the years we have been a family, the 'in-law' tag seems unecessary. Somewhere, during that time, I just started to think of Mike as my brother. This was important to me because I grew up in a family of girls...I knew the joy of being a sister...of having sisters...and always wished for a brother too. Mike gave me that wish. Mike was my big, smart, happy, funny, successful and loving brother. Who could ask for more.... I always felt very proud of him - who he was and what he accomplished. We shared many things... Cindy, our children, responsible jobs, a love of flowers... gardening...birds and, most specially, Van Morrison. My world?, our world?, the world? will be a lesser place because he is gone....and I will miss him very much. Susan
Susan Quinlan, Family
May 31 2002 11:12AM
I had the pleasure of knowing Mike McGinty, his wife Cindy, his children David & Daniel for a number of years. He graduated from Bellevue HS in Nebraska while his father was stationed at the Offutt Air Base. He shared his memories of Nebraska frequently. Our children are the same ages and he was so very proud of his boys. He was our power & nuclear expert and he was all that to our client as well. Mike was very serious about his work and we teased him frequently about being so technical and intense. The Omaha office was fortunate to have known Mike McGinty. We miss him very much!
Sheri Shonka, Colleague
Apr 19 2002 2:41PM