Thomas Sgroi

Thomas Sgroi: A Man of Many Loyalties

Thomas Sgroi liked to keep his world around him. He was a picture taker.

Not that he was a camera buff, said his former wife, Laraine. 'He just wanted to have pictures so we’d have the memories.'

Mr. Sgroi, 45, who worked for Marsh & McLennan on the 95th floor of the World Trade Center, moved from Brick Township, N.J., to Staten Island after his divorce in 1999, but the family remained close. He and his former wife exchanged e-mail frequently on the subject of their two sons, Michael, 20, and Nicholas 14.

'Everyone in the family counted on him,' Mrs. Sgroi said. 'He was the rock.'

He was the kind of guy, she said, who had kept all his friends from high school in Borough Park, Brooklyn, where his parents still live in the house where he grew up, the kind of guy who liked doing home improvements, the kind of guy you wanted at your party and who liked throwing a party himself, the kind of guy who prized loyalty.

'He was a major Jets fan,' Mrs. Sgroi said. 'I’m trying to continue that tradition,' she said. 'I was never into football, but now I feel like I have to be. For him.'

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Tomas was a fun loving man who treated his employees like friends & family. He always had a smile on his face to greet people. He will always be remembered for his joy 4 life.
Arlene Taclay, Colleague
Aug 8 2022 1:13AM
Visiting the 9/11 memorial in Brick a few weeks ago, I wondered if anyone remembered there was an MMC colleague. Happy to learn more about you here. Rest in peace.
Jane, Colleague
Sep 13 2022 5:44PM
Remembering Tom
David Schwed, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 0:53PM
We think about you often dear friend. Your boys are good must be very proud. Always in our hearts, love Patti, Bob and family ❤️
Patti, Friend
Sep 11 2019 2:13AM
I grew up on Thomas's block in Brooklyn; our parents were very good friends. Although I was just a kid, Thomas always seemed like a happy guy, and I can see from the many tributes about him that he was a great guy. I remember his son speaking at the St. Frances memorial service, and I thought what an incredibly brave young man he was. (As an adult, I had lost my mother the previous month, and I couldn't imagine having to go through what he did, what you all did.) I just wanted to say that on this day, I was thinking of all of you. I happened to see the 2009 article about "Thomas Joseph Sgroi Way on 58th St; that is a beautiful thing.
Michael Fragale, Friend
Sep 11 2016 0:56AM
Hey Tom, Can still hear your voice on the other side of the cubical like it was yesterday. Sorry. Can't bounce them rubber bands off the ceiling any more and land you on the other side. Your ceiling is now infinite. Thinking of you and all others often. Never forgotten.
Mark Konzelman, Colleague
Sep 10 2016 2:34PM
Remembering Tom.
David Schwed, Colleague
Sep 11 2015 7:49AM
Never Forgotten Tom!
Lev Feldman, Colleague
Sep 11 2015 12:32 AM
You are still in our memories Tom!
Lev Feldman, Colleague
Sep 12 2014 12:22AM
Remembering a great guy today. Rest in Peace.
Natalie Augustin, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 4:38PM
We still remember you Tom! Rest in Peace.
lev Feldman, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 10:22PM
I think of you and all my ex-colleagues at MMC everytime I walk by 1166 - which is often since I still work in the area. May you rest in peace.
Dino, Colleague
Sep 12 2011 12:11AM
Tom, Miss you buddy... Baldwin
Baldwin, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 10:25AM
Tom, You called me at my office at Prudential and invited me to your home to discuss your insurance needs. I met with you and Loraine. I remember asking you where you worked and you replied that you worked at the World Trade Center and remarked at how exciting it was to work there. I remember your friendly manner and nyour desire to build a swing set for your children. Rest in peace and God be with you
John Maynard, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 10:00AM
Hi Tom, I just wanted to stop by and say Hi. You are still in our memories as good manager and friend. Thank you for for giving me an an opportunity to work for you and your team at MMC.
Lev Feldman, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 9:30AM
Tommy you will always be in our hearts my dear friend...
Patti, Family
Sep 11 2011 8:31AM
Tommy,it doesn't seem like it could be 10 years since we saw each other. I think of you often and with a smile. You brought out the best in everyone with you kind and generous spirit. Keep us mortals in you thoughts. We need a lot of help down here.
Anne, Friend
Sep 11 2011 1:47AM
I feel privileged that Tom attended my wedding just days before on 9/8/01. Ten years and 7 children later my wife and I still discuss how lucky we are that Tom was with us to celebrate that special day. His managing style and coolness under pressure continues to influence me today as my career progresses. Tom was a mentor, a fellow Jets fan, and most of all a friend.
Matt Grom, Colleague
Sep 5 2011 2:34PM
You are deep in my thoughts today....I hope it's you just trying to say hi. I miss you every day.
Joanne, Friend
Mar 24 2011 11:40PM
Thomas, Went to WTC site yesterday for the first time.Your Nephew Manuel was a reader at the ceremonies, and did an awesome job. We, your Family, love and miss you very much Thomas. I know how proud you are of Manuel for he has your drive and determination and your sense of humor, too. Lauren, your niece has, like you and you taught her well, to strive to achieve the best in life, and Anthony, now our glue, as you were for all of us has your calming ways and your smile that makes us all know everything will always be ok.So be proud Thomas and know you live on forever in each one of them. Rest easy,we will all be together again, love and smiles, your Sister.
Teresa, Family
Sep 12 2010 12:24PM
Where you be? :( Remembering Tom as the best manager I have ever worked for.
David Schwed, Colleague
Sep 11 2010 11:30PM
Tom, I still remember the good times after work at Virgil's Grill near midtown Marsh office and the famous 'Fall of the Poarch' Ice Tea!
Lev, Colleague
Sep 11 2010 10:27PM
Dear Tom, ...fond memories our of you, always. May your spirit, smile and sense of humor live on... Baldwin
Baldwin, Colleague
Sep 11 2010 10:27AM
rest in peace Tom.
Jeff Worth, Colleague
Sep 11 2010 8:58AM
Tom, I remember talking with you over a cup of coffee on many a morning. You were a great manager and friend. I learned much from you. I was the last one to see you on that fateful morning as I wished you a good morning and we exchanged smiles...I'll never forget you.
Henry, Colleague
Nov 2 2009 10:26AM
Its been 8 years now and every year, on this day, I think back to what it was like working together. We enjoyed collaboration, success, and of course, your leadership. Rest easy my friend...
Jonathan Morris, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 9:24AM
Tom I finally got permission from your sons to submit your photo to the memorial at Ground Zero. For the longest time they didnt want you to be a part of it but in the harshest reality you are. We miss you each and everyday. If I could trade places with you I'd do it in a heartbeat so your sons could have you back in there lives for love, for guidance, for just you being you. You will always be their shining star. Forever in our hearts, Laraine
Laraine Sgroi, Family
May 28 2009 12:19PM
Remembering you today, like we do every year. You are missed.
Kathryn & John Holderman, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 9:49PM
Wow! Hard to believe its been 7 years. I can still hear your voice over the cube at WTC like it was yesterday. Thinking of you on the anniversary of that fateful day. God Bless you Tom.
mark konzelman, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 12:52PM
Tom, Yet another year has are in my memories and prayers... Baldwin
Baldwin, Colleague
Sep 10 2008 11:22PM
Tom, Remembered and missed... always, Baldwin
Baldwin, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 7:12PM
Tom, as another 9/11 anniversary comes upon us, I still think about you every day. All of your friends do. Every time we get together, we talk about you. I wish you were here every day. Love, Joanne
Joanne, Friend
Aug 31 2007 12:14PM
I met Thomas J. Sgroi, Vice President, Marsh Technology & Information Services, on September 4, 2001 at a meeting in his office on the 95th floor of One World Trade. The company I worked for at the time brought me into the city to meet with him about Marsh's use of technology in their business. I remember the meeting now mostly because of the signifigance of the date, but also because I always write the date and location of my first meetings with people on the backs their cards. My memory of our one-time meeting is that Mr. Sgroi seemed to be an easy-going guy. I remember he cracked a lot of jokes (good ones, too) during our meeting.
WAJ, Colleague
Feb 10 2007 10:33PM
Tommy, A long time has gone by and your name still comes up in our conversations. It seems like only yesterday we were all together in Bay Bridge at BBQ's, laughing and joking around. We will never forget your love for the NY Jets, Sam Adams beer, afternoons watching Pee Wee's Playhouse with Mike and Nicky, and our summers swimming in the pool. You will always be in our hearts and we all miss you very much. Amy/Scott/Eric
Amy & Scott Upmal/Eric Venneman, Friend
Jan 22 2007 5:08PM
'Where u be?' - This was the famous Tom's BlackBerry message to the folks who worked for him... Where u be?
Lev, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 4:48PM
Tom, I miss you...although you are gone, you will not be forgotten... Baldwin
Baldwin, Colleague
Sep 10 2006 10:04PM
mike, Family
May 21 2006 5:15AM
Although the Jets are not having a great year, Tom, I just want to let you know they beat the Raiders today 26-10. Wish you were still here to celebrate the victory.
Rihard Venneman, Friend
Dec 11 2005 6:03PM
Tommy, All of us became so close when you and Aunt joanne were together. We had a blast everywhere! The Bronx Zoo, th poconos, Bobby's house and Rose's on the 4th of July. It was always a great time! I miss you very much adn I love that bracelet, I wear it every day! Love always, Nicole
nicole, Family
Sep 2 2005 11:08AM
I still miss you.
N, Friend
Jul 10 2004 11:28PM
Many times during the past 2 years I stop and think of Tom and also have thoughts of his family which I have not met. Tom was one of my software clients that was a true pleasure to deal with. He always made me feel welcomed. If by a visit to WTC or by phone he always gave you feel like you were not being a pest, even if he was up to his eyeballs dealing with the daily issues of the data center. Tom also was a straight shooter when it came to business, which is hard to find today. I can remember looking forward to seeing Tom for business which always was a pleasure because we would always find time to talk about family and football. We were always at each other due to my loyalty to The Miami Dolphins, but it was all good fun. He was one of the few people to this day that would greet you with a smile no matter how his day was goingwhich is a rare gift. Even though Tom was not with them for long, his family and friends should be pleased to have had such a special person. In closing, I would like to say, God Bless Tom and his family and friends, I am sure he looks at us from a better place. Gary
Gary maliscini, Colleague
Sep 10 2003 2:06PM
Tom, You were always very friendly and pleasant. A few weeks befrore 9/11 I had the chance to work with you directly and to get to know you a little better. I could tell you loved your family and were a true Jets fan. The thing I remember most about you is how highly everyone spoke about you. You were definitly loved by a lot of your coworkers. I hope you are at rest and peace. Love, Michael
Michael Cantatore, Colleague
Feb 3 2003 2:26PM
On this anniversary of our nation's greatest tragedy, I began reading through the thousands of names of loved ones lost. I went to school with a Gary Sgroi and wondered if Tom was related. In reading through the previous letters I am again reminded how fresh this wound is. It is the scab that will not heal. Laraine, Michael, Nicholas - I am a stranger - but I am so sorry for your loss. Melissa
Melissa Shapkin, Colleague
Sep 12 2002 10:45PM
In the journey to experience the things that life has to offer, there are few to rival the impact that Tom had on my life. I worked under him during a several projects including a major Windows migration project. Me being the youngest and materially least experienced member of the entourage that received his stamp of approval, he gave me my first big break, saying that he saw a flare for excellence and success in me. The lessons he taught in his kind, often light hearted words gave me the perspective of a great man that I will tell my children about and take to my grave. The motivation given to me in a few closed door sessions act as my personal motivation to continue daily, even in the midst of this tragedy. I will miss him greatly, and truly wish that I could share with him my successes based on lessons preached using his football team analogies. Thank you Tom, and you will be dearly missed--
David C. Thompkins, Colleague
Sep 12 2002 1:37AM
I worked with Tom for about two years at Marsh. I frequently visited the data center where Tom was. He was always fun to work with and he and I became friends. (But I think he was friends with just about everyone. He was kind of the 'Mayor of IT'.) He always spoke about his boys as a proud father. Tom will be missed as good people like him don't come around too often.
Ron Vestuto, Colleague
Sep 10 2002 12:42PM
Tom, A year has gone by without hearing your jokes, your thoughts, your advice. Right now this world is a difficult place to be in because your not a part of it. I've relived the previous year of your life through the many photos you had taken but now that has come to an end. Today, September 10th 2001 was our last conversation about our children. But there is so much more I have to tell you. My only hope is that in some way you are still a part of our world, experiencing the joys of our sons. They are a blessing and my saving grace.
Laraine Sgroi, Family
Sep 10 2002 7:49AM
I've only known Tom since the J&H;/M&M; merger. I had the pleasure of working with Tom on a couple occasions concerning merger related projects. He was a great guy and fun to work alongside. Eventually he sat in the aisle just over the partition from me at WTC. It wasen't until then that I realized it wasen't just directed towards me but his courtesy and politeness was afforded towards everyone he associated with. Tom was a truly genuine person and we'll dearly miss him. My sincerest condolences to his family and circle of friends.
Mark Konzelman, Colleague
Jul 25 2002 3:26PM
Tom, I still have the video I took at Jill's house, you know, next door, for that picnic. It was fun. It is still hard to believe you are not with us. I was downtown today, and seeing where the buildings were made me think of you. This attack was like a personal attack for the friend I had, and the father you were. Remember fishing in Bay Head, with Eric and Nicky? I know you do..because we will always. Until we all meet again.
Richard Venneman, Friend
Jul 14 2002 8:50PM
Fourth of July was one of Tom's favorite holidays spent with his sons. On the 3rd they would go to his friends house to watch the fireworks. It was a night for good friends to be together. This year as I was standing on his friends porch watching the festivies I was thinking this is so wrong , it should be him standing here , not me. I still dont understand how this could have happened. Happy 4TH Tom, we miss you
Laraine Sgroi, Friend
Jul 8 2002 5:46PM
In January 1978 Tom's sister and I planned a surprise party for him. On the day of the party we had the worst snowstorm. You couldnt drive in it , there were very few busses running. He decided to walk from Borough Park, Bklyn to my house in Flatbush just to see me. I hated to ruin the surprise but I had to tell him that there were people waiting for him back at his sisters house in Borough Park so he warmed up for a few hours and then together we ventured out to get to the party. It took a few hours but we made it. Tom would never miss a party.
Laraine Sgroi, Family
Apr 27 2002 9:48AM