Alejandro Cordero

Family Tribute:Alejandro Cordero (Alex) was born in Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, New York. Alex lived all his life with his parents, Moises and Teresa Cordero, and his two brothers, Moises Vladimir (18 years old) and Wellington (17 years old) on 164th Street in Upper Manhattan in New York City. During his childhood, Alex attended elementary school at P.S. 128, then attended Stitt Middle School. In 1995, Alex graduated from George Washington High School.

During Alex’s high school years, he became a very popular and well-respected young man who was loved and admired by his peers and schoolteachers. Among other things, Alex was a gifted athlete who participated in his school baseball and basketball teams.

In 1995, Alex was admitted to the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) and Berkley College, where he obtained an accounting degree. Upon graduating, Alex worked for Marsh & McLennan Companies at the World Trade Center.

Alex can best be described as a kind, noble, loving, affectionate and responsible young man who was loved by all who had the fortune of knowing him. Like any other young man, Alex had all his life ahead of him. He had big dreams and great plans for the future. He wanted to further his career in accounting so that he would have a better life and help his family. However, on that terrible day, September 11, 2001, Alex was suddenly and violently taken from the lives of those who loved him: his parents, Moises and Teresa Cordero; his brothers, Moises Vladimir and Wellington; his grandparents, Minda and Lulo; his fiancee, Sonjare; his uncles, Felix and David; his aunts, Ruth, Loida, Ada, Ivonne, and Provi; a special friend, Nurellis; and a host of cousins and friends. Alex’s untimely death has left in their hearts great feelings of pain and sadness.

Alex, we will never forget you. We look forward to that day in which we will meet again in Heaven. Until that fateful day comes, we ask God to grant us solace and strength to endure the pain of your absence.Friends and Colleagues Could Confide in Him

Everybody around Broadway and 164th Street knew Alejandro Cordero. The young men on the corner - his old baseball pals who now spent their time hanging out and hustling - straightened up when they saw him walking down the street.

'Yo, hide that,' they told the younger ones with cigarettes in their hands.

Cordero, a 23-year-old with a broad grin, had a habit of marching underage smokers back home to their mothers and giving them an earful on the way.

Unlike some of his old friends, Cordero's dreams extended far beyond the corners of his upper Manhattan neighborhood. He had an associate's degree from Berkeley College in midtown Manhattan and a good job high in the accounting department at Marsh & McLennan's offices in the World Trade Center's north tower. He was living at home and saving up money for a four-year degree in business.

But 'he never turned his back' on someone just because they chose a different path, said his mother, Teresa Cordero of Washington Heights. In return, he got respect. 'The worst kids on the block ... they'd tell me, 'Señora, Alex is a good kid, he's the best.''

Cordero was the first of three sons born to Teresa and Moises Cordero, Dominicans who met in the Bronx and settled in Washington Heights. As he grew older, his mother told him to always help people who needed it, like the old women in their building who struggled with too many grocery bags. It was more a reminder than an admonishment. 'He was born to be like he was, very caring,' his mother said.

And so Cordero became the go-to guy. 'I am the counselor at work, I am the counselor at school,' he told his mother over dinner last summer at the family apartment. 'Everybody comes to me for problems.' Even his ex-girlfriends knew they could count on him for emotional support.

But his heart belonged to his girlfriend of three years, Sonjare Almadacar of the Bronx. They were talking about marriage and starting their own family. Cordero even knew exactly what he wanted their son's bedroom to look like: a ceiling painted to look like the sky, a carpet like green grass with red squares for bases and baseball bats on the walls.

He and Almadacar were saving for a vacation package to Santo Domingo when he was killed in the Sept. 11 attacks. 'He never got a chance to show what he could do,' his mother said.

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Words can't describe how much you meant to all of us. All I can say is I wish you was here and we miss you! Thank you for being the amazing person that you was. You have inspired me to be the man that I am today and I will never forget you.
Christian Cordero, Friend
Sep 11 2023 11:00AM
I recently visited the 9/11 Memorial Pools and the first name I saw was Alejandro Cordero. My last name is also Cordero so I especially felt the need to pray for the family and do a little research, thus leading me to this site. From what I read, Alex was an amazing person, someone id wish i had known. I hope and pray continued strength to his Family and friends. Que Dios los Bendiga.
Manny Cordero, Friend
Sep 4 2022 0:23PM
Dear Alex, It has been 20 years since the tragic event of your unexpected passing that Tuesday morning, on September 11. Yet I will never forget that smile of your yours! Last time I saw you was about a month before 9/11. We happen to be at Jimmy's Bronx Cafe, Fulanito was playing that rainy Saturday night. It was sooooooo packed and the Patio side was closed (my brother and friends made it in), but you and I and countless others were stuck on the other side. So we laughed and danced for a couple of songs and caught up since our days in the high school afterschool program we had met at. My kids always ask if I knew anyone that had passed in the towers (I worked on the 89th floor but was in school and had to report to work but after my courses). My heart hurts to answer them "Yes a couple of people, but Alex, his smile was real and contagious." May your family continue to find peace in their hearts and you rejoice with all whom have crossed over. Q.E.P.D. Alex... hasta un dia que nos crucemos, ojala y haiga musica! R.I.P. my friend
Martha P, Friend
Sep 18 2021 8:36AM
Alejandro and I played on the MMC Softball team together. After games, we would meet and share laughs, food and drink...we became friends. I miss Alejandro very much! Rest in peace.
Jeff Way, Friend
Sep 9 2021 3:19PM
I lived next door to Alex from birth to about 4 years of age. I recall a couple of times we played together but I moved back to the neighborhood years later and our friendship grew. Without a doubt the nicest person I have ever met. Always warm hearted and never had a malicious or selfish though. He was a good influence for me growing up. Iâ m proud to say that my son Alex received a similar demeanor. I miss you bro.
Arnaldo Cabral, Friend
Oct 17 2018 1:52PM
I miss him and i will see him soon. love Unclericky
Ricardo Vasquez, Friend
Apr 20 2018 5:06PM
Wow. I imagined this page was long defunct, but I see love truly does last. My thanks on behalf of my entire family for your beautiful words and memories. To Marsh & McLennan for keeping his memory alive via this site. Wow Quique! that blew me away. Miss you brother. We lost Alex when I was 18 and he was 23. As a 33 year old man, with my own family, I still feel like his little brother. He was ages older than 23 in mind and spirit. I miss him dearly. It never goes away. But seeing this outpouring of love over all these years tells me God has plans for us all, and we must never question it. Many thanks. And I wish you all nothing but the best. Feel free to Join our family every year at the memorials downtown. We're always there. Come with your stories and hugs. Moises V. Cordero Jr.
Moises V. Cordero Jr. , Family
Sep 22 2016 7:17PM
Alex each year when this time comes around I think of you. I remember having had the blessing to be your Sunday school teacher and the church camping trips we took to lake Teorati in bear mountain. I still have the videos. Hard to believe 15 years have gone by. May you continue to rest in peace, your memory is alive and well in me and my children. Till we meet again. Quique
Enrique Pizarro, Friend
Sep 12 2016 0:46AM
RIP Alex. Always thinking of you on the anniversary. I was lucky enough to be friends with you at Berkeley College. I still can picture the last image in my mind of us outside of Berkeley and you offering your help with our accounting class. You were such a gentleman. The heavens are the lucky ones now.
idel, Friend
Sep 10 2016 3:15PM
Un Año mas de tu partida manin se que estas en un mejor lugar.
Robert Chalas, Friend
Sep 11 2014 11:39AM
Mi amigo the fueste a un mejor lugar por que dios te necesitaba. We will never forget you Alex its been 12 years brother that we lost you. God bless you kid R.I.P
Robert chalas, Friend
Sep 11 2013 7:58PM
I went to p.s.128 with alex, and he was a good friend , and a great well respected kid... we all use to play football and he was one of the best player. I was shock when they told me about the lost of a good friend. We will always remember youmy brother, I know u are up there looking down to your family and friends. Bless your family and may god keep you in his kingdom and for ever may you R.I.P. we will never forget you alejandro cordero.
Miguel Diaz, Friend
Sep 11 2013 10:07AM
I grew up on 164th wit Alex, gilbert, edwin, louie and so many others playing in the back ally that kept us from having to actually be on the corners and what was really goin in tje streets inthe late 80's early 90's. I was so pround to hear Alex had gone on to do great things his little brothers wre about my brothers age and now that im 36 it still pains me to know that Alex's family hurts on every 9/11 anniversary. But he must not and will not ever be forgotten. Another fallen soldier from washington heights. Te queroi hermano. R.I.P Your friend- Miguel
Michael Mercedes, Friend
Sep 11 2012 2:33AM
Mar 7 2012 4:24PM
We Went to Berkely together my friend. You carried yourself in such a respectful manner....but had a caring heart...I can tell becuase you were always willing to help or give advice when I needed help in accounting me and to many others. On this 10th anniversary, I will always remember your good deeds at were so kind. Gracias mi amigo por todo....You will never be forgotten! We will never forget!
Idel, Friend
Sep 11 2011 10:47PM
We will never forget you. You are in a better place. God bless to all of Alex's family and friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all on this day of remembrance.
Umali Pena, Friend
Sep 11 2011 3:22PM
We live in the same building for many years, and i still remembered how competitive we where in footbal and how great of a person you were.... You were kind to people and loved by everyone you came acrossed. All i have is memories now, but those wil never be forgotten. It was a pleasure to even gotten the chance to know you and your family........ Your friend LEO
Leo Leger, Friend
Sep 11 2011 9:56AM
Federico Lendof, Friend
Sep 11 2010 2:58PM
Nine years. Its such a strange feeling when I think about it now. You are always my big brother, no matter how old I get. Every day I remember you and strive to be more like you. That calm, the respect, your warm smile. You are with us forever, because you still make all of us better. I hope I can make you proud in return.
John, Friend
Sep 11 2010 12:47AM
Alex I miss you so much, as years passed by I miss you more. I thank God for the opportunity of met you them be your fiancée, your lover and your friend. I thank God for all the good times and memories I have of you. You were always there for me, loving me and helping me with everything. I think about you all the time in everything I do. I am still around your family, now they are my family too. I love them and I know they love me. Last month I went to Moise Vladimir’s baby shower and I was there with the family and that day makes me feel your were there with us right next to Teresa. God Bless You More From : Tu Chula Sonjare Almanzar
Sonjare Almanzar, Family
Sep 10 2010 3:45PM
sorry i'm so late in writing. i can't believe its been 8 years already. i don't know what to write...only that i was blessed to have known you even if it was for a short time. RIP.
Umali Pena, Friend
Sep 21 2009 9:22PM
Words can't explain the emptiness we have in our hearts with your absence. We miss you with all our hearts and all though it's been 8 years the pain just never heals. We miss you Alex and the kindness and smiles you brought to our lives. The warm smile you always had on your face you were a gift from God. But he knows why he does what he does and the things that happen is for the glory of his name. Alex I love you!!!
Vanessa Gomez, Family
Sep 11 2009 2:24PM
When times get a little rough, or when my thoughts become negative I find myself thinking of you. I remember that warm smile, that cool charisma and that look, the small nod or wink, that you would give us in a game of football. I think of that confidence you gave us, how you made me feel that I could do anything. I remember and I find myself smiling and thinking good thoughts again. You gave a lot to me growing up and even now you continue to give. I don't know how you do it. I wish you were still here. But all I can do is be thankful that I have these memories in my life.
John, Friend
May 2 2009 3:48AM
Alex, it has taken me the whole day to gather the strenght to write to you. I know you could never stand to see me cry, but I can't help but cry when this dreaded day arrives. I love you and I will never get over your untimely departure. I still have the sound of your voice in my head as if I heard it yesterday. This is way too hard. I know day I'll see you again will surely come.
Nurellys, Friend
Sep 11 2008 10:09PM
Como pasan los anos. Todavia me recuerdo de nuestros dias en casa de Nurelly...bailando por que no estavanos en nada mas. We miss you. RIP.
Annie Minguez, Friend
Sep 11 2008 9:25AM
Alejandro, I cannot believe it's been 7 years since you and so many others were taken away from family and friends on the dreadful morning on September 11th. Last month, I walked by Ground Zero and had so many mixed emotions. I could barely look through the fence to get a glimpse of what could have been, but isn’t. On this day, I remember you as the person I met in college…outgoing, respectful, helpful and cheerful. This is how I will always remember you. RIP Alejandro. Umali
Umali Pena, Friend
Sep 11 2008 9:08AM
Is unbelievable how god took the greatest person with him, me used to play baseball and basketball in a league in high bridge center. He was very charming guy me my brother and his cousin and him self became really close. We also got to go to the same college I used to him all the time and talk asking how he was doing and he was always with a smile on his face.
Robert Chalas, Friend
Apr 9 2008 1:23PM
I cannot believe it has been six years since that dreadful day. A prayer goes out to you, Alex, your family and friends who miss you dearly. I am thankful to God for having had the pleasure of meeting you and taking a class with you at Berkeley. You are surely missed!
Umali Pena, Friend
Sep 11 2007 9:09PM
alex and i when high school together to class together too. that day i was one block away when that happen. it was the worst the of my life but you still in my memories.
Sheffer Moreno, Friend
Sep 11 2007 9:32AM
Alex man, what can I say you were such a influence on my life and you played a big part in my growing up. You were practically a father to my older brother who was practically a father to me so I will always consider you my grandfather. I remember I saw you that very morning on my way to school I don't remember exactly what we talked about but we had a small conversation and it always just replays in my head. I'm not too proud to say I love you man and rest assured I will always be there for your mother and brothers no matter what. From the corner of 164th and Ft. Wash A.K.A. Alejandro Cordero Way, I miss you We miss you But you will never be forgotten With much love and respect, Randall
Randall Perez, Family
Sep 11 2007 8:42AM
I did not know Alejandro but I went to college with his brothers Moises and Wellington two respectable young men, I met his parents briefly very warm and loving people, my heart goes out to the family. Moises is a good friend who supported me when I lost my mother in 2003 much love,...God bless your family
Dwayne Scott, Friend
Sep 3 2007 3:46PM
Hi,I didn't know Alejandro but I am from New York and I just happen to come upon this article. This got my attention because he and I went to the same JHS and H.S just diffrent years I graduated from Stitt in 1968 and from G.W. in 1972. I now live in Columbia s.c. I'm so sorry he was an awesome young man.and to his Family just know God truly loves you and is holding you close to him. God Bless You always, You are in my prayers. In His Name Gerry
Gerry, Friend
Jul 5 2007 4:33PM
I dont know this young man But i feel for the family and may god bless him in paradise
Rosaliz, Colleague
Feb 1 2007 5:17PM
Alex, Thank you for all the good times and for the memories. You kept life at Marsh interesting and kept me and T's sanity. You always provided the best advice and will forever be my adopted brother. I thank you for being there when I needed someone to talk to. I miss you. May God bless your family and your soul. Love, Yvette Marsh (1995 - 2004)
Yvette Guidry-Robinson, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 9:08PM
I actually went High School w/ Alex. In the high school year book he wrote his baseball no. and reminded me that friends regardless of the distance between them last forever. Our senior year was when we had the most classes together. My name for him was MORENITO and he called me Annie. It was heart breaking to find out about his death. However, I know what lost is because I lost a close uncle on Flight 587. To the families I know it hurts and it'll continue to hurt but put your sight on the Lord. At times we aren't satisfied w/ the way things happen however, always, always remember that he giveth and he taketh away. May the Lord continue to provide light in your darkest hour.
Ana Perreaux, Friend
Sep 11 2006 5:21PM
Alex todavia no puedo creer que te hallas ido mi buen amigo con esa sonrisa que le alumbraba el dia a cualquiera. Todavia paso por 164st y creo verte es algo increible cuando me entere que te habias ido no lo pude creer me entere de tu partida un año despues por casualidad y no me pude contener. Y ahora 5 años mas tarde vuelvo a ver tu foto pero ahora es diferente porque me has puesto a nestra amiga Nurellys en el camino despues des 10 años gracias Alex por que tuve tanto tiempo buscandola y no la encrontraba y gracias a ti la encrote denuevo aqui por medio de todos estos email Nunca podre olvidarte,no se por que Dios siempre se lleva la gente buena y nos deja los malos siempre te voy a extrañar, tus consejos,tus chistes y esa sonrisa que alumbraba el dia... te quiere siempre Claudia God Bless you Alex xoxoxoxoxo
Claudia, Family
Sep 11 2006 4:46PM
Alex, it has been five years since these sad events occured. I only wish that I could see you smile or hear your genuine advice at my hard times and in my good ones. On a day like today and any other day, I know you are with me always. What I keep with me are all the great laughs we had at Marsh. I miss you my brother, and I will see you in heaven. Your friend, Tara
Tara Rivera, Friend
Sep 11 2006 12:33PM
On this same day, you were taken away from us. RIP ALEX.
Umali Pena, Family
Sep 11 2006 10:17AM
Alex, it’s been 5 years since those horrible events occurred which evidently took you away from your family and friends. When the month of September comes around, I begin to feel melancholic almost immediately and then in a blink of an eye, you are on my mind. I read such lovely things about you on this page and realize you were all those things and more! I wish I could see you again…in a dream, at a glance to simply say “Thank You”. Your charisma and out going personality is what this world needs more of. God Bless You! To Alex’s family…GOD BLESS YOU ALL. And to MMC Thank You for keeping Alex alive on your page.
Umali Pena, Friend
Sep 8 2006 12:03PM
alex we miss u son we need you back sometimes i get lost and feel bad cuz u aint there for me to call on nomore wen i go to new york in the summer and i cant see u come through the door from work that hurts but i kno u in a better place and 1 day the whole family will be reunited again.i love u
moises ruiz, Family
Aug 24 2006 10:56AM
I miss you Alex RIP Uncle Felix
Felix, Family
Mar 10 2006 11:45PM
hey alex just wanted to let you know that we caught sadam huseein and osama is next.He put you up there and thats takes away a piece away from me with you mark my words OSAMA WILL PAY SOMEHOW SOMEWAY HE WILL.It's easy to find him hes in a hole.I hope i can see you again Love your cousin Emanuel Mendez
Emanuel Mendez, Family
Mar 10 2006 11:40PM
Iam freind of Alejandro's brother Wellington and when I heard he went to heaven I felt for the family allthough I didn't say anything to Wellington i felt sad so my tribute to alex cordero god bless you and i hope i see you in heaven
Mario Robles, Friend
Dec 14 2005 9:51AM
Alex was truly a great person Alex was like a little brother to me. I remember one day after a baseball game we stood in front of a store drinking and tell jokes. Alex was my youngest daughter first crush. Alex will truly be missed.
Robert Brantley, Colleague
Dec 3 2005 10:35AM
You know it's taken me 4 years to try to find the words for you Alex but I can't believe that your gone. I always saw you as a little brother and was happy to hear that you become the big brother on the block. Memories never fade and you will always be my kid neighbor with the magic smile and the great attitude. You always kept out of trouble and tried to keep everybody ouy of trouble too. I saw you grow up and went from following everybody around to having people follow you. You will always live in my thoughts and in my prayers
Viniel Taveras, Friend
Sep 11 2005 11:59AM
I knew Alex from Stitt Junior High School and I bumped into him a few times in school. A very nice guy that most people would ask for advice or help. I know I wasn't as close to him as most people, but I can remember a young man always going to his classes with his friend with a smile on his face. I was in shock to find out that it was him who had passed, but I know that God has him in a better place than here. I send my condolences to his family and friends. May God bless you Alex and keep you in his glory forever and hope to see you there one day. Sincerely; Domingo Canela Jr./STITT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT
Domingo Canela Jr, Friend
Feb 23 2005 11:04AM
My gosh I don't know where to begin I've known Alex since I was a little girl we both attented Arca de Refugio. My family knew his family we were considered a huge family.The last time I ever saw Alex was on a camping trip in the year 1998 he looked so happy and energetic. I remember how we all sat in the tent with his brothers and told scary stories. It so weird because the day before that tragic event happened I thought about him and his family.I recall asking my cousin for their phone number but unfortunately this had to happen. Alex and I might not have been blood related but he was like family to all of us. I'am very fortunate to have known him he was always so happy even when he was upset. Alex thank you for the good times,Moises and Wellinton you guys stay strong and sweet and to everyone else in his family stay faithful in God. WE LOVE YOU R.I.P.
Kenya Irene Rivers, Family
Sep 27 2004 6:07PM
As I sit here and cry I can't believe this. I stumbled on this page by mistake, thinking, 'I know that name', not knowing that it was a friend. Everything said here is true, in High school we called him 'chocolate' in spanish. As I read, I can't help but think back to the early 90's in 'G-Dubs'........ damn Al I can't believe your gone. But travel well to that 'undiscovered country from whose borne no traveller returns'
Edwin Diaz, Friend
Sep 24 2004 9:28AM
Alex: Man, I can't believe this aspiring young man has passed away. Alex and I were in elementary and junior high school together. I always thought about these people whom I went to these schools with as links in my life's chain. I always remembered all my classmates and their names so well, that their faces would light up whenever we bumped into the street. But Alex, I miss you brother. I heard the rumors of your passing surface after a few months after the WTC tragedy but I couldn't believe it. Until I drove passed 164th Street and Fort Washington Avenue and looked up to the street name and saw Alejandro Cordero way. It was then that my eyes watered from the unfortunate truth. Man Alex, I still have the Stitt yearbook and look at your picture and still can't believe that you have moved on. I remember seeing you in August, one month before the WTC attack. I was so happy for you when you told me about all of your accomplishments. Rest in Peace my dear friend for you will be missed. Much love goes out to your parents--thank you for having brought such a beautiful person into this world. I offer my condolences to your family and parents. Much love to you Alex. Your friend, Raymond A. Hiraldo
Raymond A. Hiraldo, Friend
Aug 26 2004 11:12AM
Alejandro 'Alex' Cordero. When I say that name in my mind so many memories come back. I was only 7? or so when we met? I was some little kid and you were my best friend's oldest brother. Soon later, you became my big brother too and watched out for me like I was your own flesh and blood. I miss you so much, but in your memory, I won't cry. When I think of you, I'll think of your smile, the way we played dominoes together and that wink you gave us when it was our turn to catch the ball in a football game. If theres anyone I could be more like, or that I try to be more like its you, Alex. And thanks to you, we can all be better people, people more like you. Because you left some of yourself with everyone, you always gave all you could. And because of that, you'll never really be dead, cause you live in all of us. With Love, Your Brother - John.
John-Paul Gonzalez, Friend
Aug 20 2004 3:21AM
Alex May God bless your family, I know you're watching over them. May you always rest in peace Caroline
Caroline, Friend
Apr 6 2004 12:58PM
Brahim Touma, Friend
Jan 16 2004 12:17AM
Alex, What a gentlemen. So mature, handsom, sweet, classy and sharp. When GOd made you he broke the mold. I always wanted my little boy to meet you so that he would have something to aspire to. GOD has you now. My prayers are with your family and loved ones always. Gwendolyn WTC1 98th Flr.
Gwendolyn, Colleague
Nov 11 2003 3:19PM
Alex, You and I were teammates in 1997 at BMCC and I remember your friendship particularly since I was the only player from out of town. I will pray for your family as well as you and sincerely hope that they can one day recover from your loss. I know that you are in a better place. Miguel Arechavaleta Miami, Fl
Miguel Arechavaleta, Friend
Feb 5 2003 1:10PM
Alex I miss you! Whenever I would panic at work you always calmed me down and fixed the problem. You were so calm about everything and I admired that. Sometimes it would annoy me that I couldn't make you angry but I knew that's what made you the type of person everyone loved! I know you're in a better place now but it's still not fair. God Bless your family Caroline
Caroline, Friend
Sep 12 2002 12:34PM
I did not work with Alex, but I would see him in the elevator and I remembered his smile. His smile would light up his whole face.
Doris L. Williams, Colleague
Sep 12 2002 11:39AM
Alex will be greatly missed. He was not only a fellow student of mine, he was a good friend and a wonderful person. We had some good times. You'll be missed bro.
Fernando Luna, Friend
Sep 11 2002 1:56PM
Alex was in my calculus class at Berkeley College in 2000. This class was the worst for me, but check out how Alex was the bomb at it! He helped me and other classmates at understanding calculus enough actually pass the class. I for one needed to pass the class, as it was my last requirement to graduate, and because Alex took the time to explain the formulas in calculus, I along with several other classmate passed calculus and graduated in April 2000. I was always thankful to him and when I saw him, I would always say 'Loco...gracia!' and he would smile, as if he was saying 'It was nothing, I'm happy I helped!' This was Alex! It saddens me that he is no longer in this world, but at least he's in a much better place. After the events of 9/11, I called Berkeley College and Marsh & McLennan trying to find out any information possible about his whereabouts and family and no information could be given. As I read Alex's tribute and learn of his long family and fiancee it saddens me more to think of all the pain they are going through today, a year after the tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to Alexs' family, fiancee and friends. May he rest in peace!
Umali Pena, Friend
Sep 11 2002 10:03AM
Alex I miss all the laughs and talks we had at work! I pray that the Lord has you in his glory and that he comforts your family and loved ones!
Ada, Colleague
Jun 26 2002 3:51PM
Even though me and Alex never got to speak much, we've known each other since we were little. His mother is my godmother and he is my sons godfather. The few times that me and Alex got together we always had fun. Alex is a very simple, sincere and wonderful guy, just like he is a friend. Alex we will never forget you and I promise you that Alexander will know who his Godfather was. I'm sure that you'll be watching him from wherever you are. We Love You and We'll miss you. We will never forget you.~Darlenis & Alexander~
Darlenis Jimenez, Friend
Apr 29 2002 10:43AM
Alex friendship was one of a million he was like a angel and remain an angel as he looks above us.His personality and everything he done made me realize what type of a friendship he would bring to the table day in and day out. Alex was sure loved by everyone that knew him.There was only one thing about Alex that he always said, 'don't worry about me everything fine'. My blessing goes out to his family....'stay strong'.
Charles Morales, Friend
Apr 24 2002 1:53AM
Alex was a sweet person and had a relaxed and calming disposition. He was a big baseball fan and played on the Marsh softball team. I'm very sorry for his family and friends.
Leila Elvebakk, Colleague
Apr 19 2002 2:22PM
Alex was not only my co-worker but also my brother. I am a former Marsh employee and had the pleasure to work with Alex for almost two years. He was a sweet and loving person. He always knew what to say to me when I felt down and out. He always spoke about his fiancee and his family. Alex was the type of person that never let anything bother him. Alex, you will always be in my heart. I will never forget you or your advice on many situations. Your sister and long time friend Tara
Tara Rivera, Colleague
Apr 17 2002 2:41PM
Alex was a terrific person. He had such a kind heart and a great sense of humor. I loved arguing with him over the Boston Red Sox. He thought Pedro Martinez was the best pitcher that ever lived and I, being a HUGE Yankee fan, couldn't stand to hear that! He will be sorely missed by everyone who came in contact with him.
Linda Vogt, Colleague
Apr 17 2002 11:50AM
I'm his fiancee, I want to say that this man is the most wonderful man that esist in this world. I love him with all my heart and I will feel so till the end of my life. I will never forget all the things that we did together. He esed to help me a lot to understand life. God is the only one who really know how was our rilationship,the intensive love and the intensive care that we have for each other. I still feel the same love for him and I don't know why this had happend to him and to others. I hope that God could help to understand (why?) and one day God let me be with him once again, but this time for ever. Loving you Alex tu Chula, Sonjare
Sonjare Almanzar, Family
Apr 14 2002 8:13PM