Stephanie Irby

Stephanie Irby would have fit right in on the Starship Enterprise.

'Her collection of `Star Trek’ videotapes just blew my mind,' said Addison Irby, an older brother. As soon as a tape was released, she bought it. 'When I tried to debate with her about what Captain Kirk did, she would take out a tape, find the exact spot and show me that I was wrong,' he said.

Ms. Irby, 38, an accountant for Marsh & McLennan, who always wore 'a big, bright smile,' microwaved the food for her dog, Charlie, a golden retriever, said Kenneth Irby, another older brother. And she doted on her 2-year-old niece, Cecelia Melton.

Ms. Irby, who was single, shared a house in Queens with Cecelia and her mother, Stephanie’s older sister, Pam Irby.

'Stephanie was like a second mother to Cecelia,' Kenneth said. 'Before she died, she was about to use her own savings to open up a college fund account for the baby.'

On Sept. 11, Stephanie Irby had planned to take the day off, but 'she was too conscientious to miss work,' Kenneth Irby said. 'In the last minute, she decided to go in.'

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Please let me extend my condolences to Ms. Irby's family and friends. America will never forget you.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Oct 2 2022 6:19PM
Steffie in her obedience to God saved me from throwing myself into drinking and parties when I was in the midst of a divorce. She gave me a place to live that was close to my church which was literally my sanctuary at that time. I could never put into words the value I place on her hospitality at that time. She even let her dog Charlie keep me company much of the time..this was priceless to me. Luv u and miss u..and I am FOREVER THANKFUL
Nikki Joseph, Friend
Sep 11 2012 1:32AM
I hope this site/ link can help me. On 9/11/01 I was an instructor for the NYC Parks Police in Battery Park City when the attacks happened. There was a recruit female recruit the name by the name of IRBY. When I went to transport Officer Irby through the rubble, she keep crying & screaming, 'My sister! My sister! My sister is up there! She's not answering my calls'! She was unconsolable and I felt helpless. Officer Irby shortly resigned from the Parks Department, I have moved on to a better job, but I am still trying to find this person, Parks Officer Irby. I do not know her first name, but every year, I go on the assumption that Stephanie Irby & Officer Irby are sisters & pray for the family as I light a candle & place a flower at WTC. Please, if there is a connection, help me find my recruit and give her my email.
Eloy Suarez, Friend
Sep 10 2012 11:03PM
I'll never forget when we had a church picnic at the park in Westbury and we were playing volleyball and Stephanie didn't agree with the call and she stated her opinion in a sweet and gentle manner. That always stayed with me. She showed what it was to have a meek and humble spirit. I remember I used to drive her home sometimes after church and she was so appreciative for the ride. I never got a chance to tell her but I admired her gentleness and I wish I had a chance to tell her that I love her and will never forget her. So Steph 'I love You'!
Ellen Holland, Friend
Sep 11 2011 6:27PM
I enjoyed Steffie; I most miss her hearty laugh at things we both found funny. She was so down to earth. I miss you Girl.
Alicia Fieldings, Friend
Sep 14 2010 9:34AM
Stephanie and I are truely family in that our father is God. I met Stephanie when she first joined the Rescue Church of Christ. Stephanie and I spent lots of days together talking, laughing and her letting me drive her pale yellow car. Stephanie and I had a private hand shake that we would do most times after church service would end. I miss you Stephanie but I will surely see you again!
Vivianne Mitchell, Family
Sep 12 2010 10:37PM
Steffie and I were best friends. She always referred to me as 'Homie #1'. We were more like sisters than friends and we were going to skip work that day and hang-out but she changed her mind. Steffie was loyal, devoted and genuine. I really miss her.
Patricia Morgan-Hodelin, Friend
Sep 12 2010 10:03PM
I'm not sure if any relation i'm from washington dc. My heart goes out to all the loved ones. May her sole rest in peace.
Gwendolyn Irby, Family
Feb 9 2007 10:08PM
Steph, What's up??!? (Smile) A strong and upfront lady with a big heart. Thank you for the encouragement and support in my moment of doubt. One truly does not know what they have until it is lost. GOD has you now. My payers are always with your family. Until Jesus comes calling take care. Gwendolyn
Gwendolyn, Colleague
Nov 11 2003 2:37PM
My cousin, Stephanie will always be remembered by her cheerfulness. I will miss never being able to laugh with her about the thing we did in Mobile, Alabama as children. Stephanie help me to learn tolerance as a 11 year old. I will always be thankful that God placed her directly in my life as a kid. I know she is smiling from Heaven with her father, Uncle Fred, and brother, Fred Jr. Eternally I will recall Stephanie's unique way of calling me 'Leo Jr.' (smile)
Leo Fournier, Family
Sep 13 2003 9:36AM
My Sister, Stephanie was a beautiful spirit. Honest, to a fault, Loving and faithful. She was the type of person that would not let you in easily, but when she did, you were in for life. Her faith in God was unshakeable, so I know deep in my heart she is truly in a better place. The one thing I miss most of all is not having the chance to tell her how really special she was, and how much I really really loved her. I miss her Deeply. Addison Irby
Addison Irby, Family
Sep 11 2003 8:31PM
My thoughts of Aunt Steph will always be filled with love, fondness and admiration. Her presence will always be felt in our family as our memories continue to touch our hearts and souls. The life she lead was blessed and our family will never forget the love of our beautiful angel.
Alisha Marriott, Family
Sep 11 2003 1:45PM
Steph was a great person to work with. She was warm, outgoing and full of life. I remember talking with her about our pets. I have a cat and she had Charlie who I pictured in my mind as a small lap dog. I had a good laugh with Steph when she brought in Charlie's picture. I couldn't believe the size of him. She kept his picture on her desk and it always brought a smile to my face when ever I saw it. She was also a very thoughtful and sweet person. When I was transferred to another dept. she gave me a card with some words of encouragement and told me to keep in touch. I still have that card.
Charlene Auclair, Colleague
Jul 10 2003 2:37PM