Richard Caproni

Family Tribute:In Loving Memory of Richard M. CaproniFebruary 9, 1967 - September 11, 2001


One question. One word.Why?

No answer. No Meaning.Why?

He was Our Sun, Our light.He was laughterand life itself.

The light is goneand the laughter is only an echo.

The darkness is so deepand the strength we need to reach beyond itbleeds with each passing hour.

But we WILL reach beyond.We must.It will be a legacyTo the power of Our Sun.And his light will shine.And his laughter will always echo.

And where no meaning existedmeaning will be found, and a purpose, and a reason to go on living, never the same,yet somehow more determinedto shine the light of Our Suntoward a better place and time.

Beyond this moment, lost in time, we will believe once more.but, until that time,we mourn and askWhy?

- Tim WhalenBig guy with a big laugh

Three times a week, after Rich Caproni finished work, he went to the movies. It didn’t matter what kind – a subtitled foreign flick, a dumb comedy, a thriller. Caproni, 34, saw them all. If his friends needed to know who won the Oscar for best actor in 1943, or if they wanted an instant review of a new film, they’d call him. It was a habit he acquired growing up in North Babylon, Long Island, where his father frequently took him and his three younger siblings to movies. “He was a big guy with a big laugh,” remembers his dad, Richard, “and if something struck him as funny, he’d laugh so hard that all of a sudden the whole theater would catch on and start laughing, too.”

After graduating from SUNY Oswego, Caproni moved to Manhattan and rose to his position as senior account specialist for Marsh & McLennan, stationed on the ninety-eighth floor of the World Trade Center’s Tower One. In August, he bought his first apartment, a condo in Lynbrook, Long Island, and moved there with his Blockbuster-size collection of videos. His sister Lisa had just begun helping him decorate. He was looking forward to going to an Ohio State football game with his college friends in October, and to next summer, when he’d be close to the beach, the place he loved best. “He’d get there at nine in the morning and wouldn’t leave til the sun went down,” says a former girlfriend, Amy Ma.

At six feet two and 265 pounds, Caproni made an impression on those he met, and he kept his friends for life. When Ma threw a surprise thirtieth birthday party for him, so many people came that they spilled out of the room she had reserved and took over the entire bar. One of the few things in life Caproni didn’t like was cleaning. But after he moved into his new apartment, his mother sent a dust mop to inspire him. On Sunday, September 9th, Caproni called her for the last time. “Hey, Mom,” he said, “I want you to know I just cleaned the place. It’s sparkling.”

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Never, Ever forgotten my friend ! The funniest there ever was ! “ ‘Short Circuit’ was an excellent movie !!! “ Love ya Pal !!!
Jim Grismer, Friend
Apr 3 2023 11:02AM
I did not know Rich, but after reading all the other tributes to him, he obviously enjoyed life to the fullest! I want to send my condolences to his friends, family, and associates. Millions of Americans like me will remember you always, and that tragic day that took you from all of us, too soon. May we all find peace, and move forward toward a brighter tomorrow.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 16 2022 4:31AM
The one thing I remember most is Rich's sense of humor and laughter. We didn't always hear the conversation, but his laughter definitely lifted our spirits. Monday mornings were a special treat. Though I didn't watch the Sopranos, Rich and Louise made sure I was fully apprised of the events. Rich was a gentle giant who is missed by everyone. I know he and Hannan are somewhere up there laughing to their fullest. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families. May they be comforted knowing that their sons led happy lives. Rest in Peace!
Raj P, Colleague
Sep 10 2021 9:14PM
Rich: Twenty years has gone by and it seems like yesterday. You brought so many laughs to this world and just so many memories. You made us all laugh my friend. God bless you.
CJ Zimmerman, Friend
Sep 7 2021 0:36AM
Thought of you and the time we had. Upper East side, Lower East Side, Montauk, camping... Your HUGE laughs and your gentle soul. This life on earth is a mystery. You are not forgotten.
Amy, Friend
Jul 14 2019 9:45PM
Rich, fifteen years have gone by in a blink of an eye. Tonight I watch the many tv programs about the day it happened and I think back to our college days where super senior trio of you, Tommy and myself joked aloud in speech class. The memories I will have forever and you will be missed the same. So grateful to have the opportunity to be your friend.
Jim Walsh, Friend
Sep 10 2016 9:15PM
You will always be in my memory. Miss you.
Sally, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 5:19PM
Hey Rich !!! I can't believe it's been 10 years. Time sure does fly by but it still feels like yesterday when we used to argue about which movies were great as we sat in our cubicles. You made the day go by fast with your constant joking and laughter. Those are the days I miss and will treasure always. Love and miss you dearly. Your friend, always !!!
Linda Vogt, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 5:38PM
Your life touched many and you will always be remembered as someone who could light up a room. Having met you through Sandy and Nick only a few times you included everyone in the fun and kept on laughing. Thank you for the great times Rich.
Kris, Friend
Sep 11 2011 9:21AM
Ricky 10 years still missed... Your buddy from SUNY Oswego Chicago Steve!!!!!
Steve Alessia, Friend
Sep 9 2011 2:41PM
The monster is gone. Rest in peace Ricky.
Amy Ma, Family
May 5 2011 2:45AM
Rich is missed so much. Such a funny guy and so fun to work with. He made it real. A serious business, but hey, it was just numbers.. he made me laugh..I still miss him.
Sally, Colleague
Sep 3 2010 4:01PM
I was a student of Dick Caproni Sr at South Side HS in 1968. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Ann D'Alessandro South Side HS Class of 1969
Ann Rosner, Friend
Sep 11 2009 4:00PM
So many things remind me of you, and how much we all miss you. Saturday Penn. St., Sunday the Giants, what I wouldn't do to get to watch one of them with you. I look forward to next weekend at Fernwood, and I know you will be smiling down on us!
Robert Doht, Friend
Sep 11 2009 12:23PM
I had Dick Caproni, his father for a teacher in 1967 at South Side HS and I remember when Richard was born. Mr. Caproni shared his happiness with the class. He was the nicest teacher. I am so sorry for the families loss. Toni Epstein South Side HS class of 1968.
Toni Epstein, Friend
Jul 18 2009 9:10PM
You will never be forgotten.
Amy Ma, Friend
Sep 11 2008 9:16AM
I lived on the same floor (3rd Floor Waterbury) with Rich at SUNY Oswego. When I think of Rich I think of his laugh and how he brought joy into the lives of all of those that were lucky enough to know him. I was ( and still am) rather short (5'1)....Rich would call me 'elfin magic' as a joke. Everytime I see a Keebler cookie commercial I can hear Rich's voice resonating down the hall calling 'Elfin Maaagic'. I teach English and was just sharing with my students how life shouldn't be taken for granted...since it is 9/11 we were discussing the World Trade Center. I decided to google his name to see if I could show my students a picture of glad that I found this site. Rich was a special guy, and his humor and laughter will not be forgotten.
Kelley Harrigan, Friend
Sep 11 2007 8:12AM
I can't believe five years have already passed. Thinking of you and hearing the sound of your laughter.
Amy Ma, Family
Sep 11 2006 9:57PM
Caproni, Working with you and Mike Hannan was a challenge every morning. First I had to be either the receiver of the jokes or I had to be the referee of the never ending debates in the department. We could always tell when you had arrived because you had this one of a kind hearty laugh that was so contagious it was funny itself. You made life at Marsh interesting. I am sure that you and Mike are still hanging out and laughing it up in Heaven. You both are truly missed. May God bless your family now and forever. Lovingly submitted, Yvette Marsh (1995 - 2004)
Yvette Guidry-Robinson, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 9:27PM
Even after 5 years, if I hear certain songs,movies or hear someone with the same big hearty laugh I think of Rich... a truly funny and amazing friend.
Sandy Napolitano, Friend
Sep 11 2006 3:03PM
So many laughs, so many memories. It's hard to believe 5 years have passed. Rich, we miss you more today than ever.
Rob Doht, Friend
Sep 11 2006 12:32PM
I met Rich during the summer of 1993 in Montauk. We only kept in touch for a few months, and when I learned about his death from his friend Matt on December 8, 2001, several memories came forth. While it was only a short period of time that I knew him, I always thought he was something special. For the last 10 years I have been in a loving marriage and have two beautiful boys, however, I continue to this day to have dreams about our few months together. If I hadn't run into Matt I would have never known that you were no longer here. I just want to say God bless you and your family for having to deal with this horrible tragedy and good-bye. Lisa
Lisa, Friend
Nov 1 2004 8:15PM
Hey Ricky, The world and our lives have forever changed since that horrible day. You are often in my thoughts and I will never forget you.
Amy Ma, Friend
Sep 10 2004 1:47PM
Hey Rich Just wanted to let you know I did not forget you, you were just that type of person Caroline
Caroline, Friend
Apr 6 2004 12:56PM
The serenity of this particular snowfall brings me great peace inside. I know you are at peace in Heaven. We all miss you and love you. I'll never forget you.
Cousin Gregg, Family
Dec 5 2003 12:32PM
Another year has gone by......miss you much. I have learned in this past year, to smile more than cry when I think of you. You always have a way of bringing a smile and laughter. Giants won their 1st game of the season!
Amy, Friend
Sep 11 2003 2:31PM
Caproni was a great guy. We had big laughs about life. I miss our Wednesday morning chats about NYPD Blue. His laugh was so hearty that you could hear his laugh from the other side of the floor.
Joey Rodriguez, Colleague
Dec 13 2002 4:24PM
Unfortunately, I never met Rich, but I've met his parents, who are both lovely people. Reading and hearing stories about him, I've learned that he was an extraordinary person. I was browsing the Internet and I came upon this site and decided to leave a message. I wish his family and friends peace and comfort. God bless.
Deanna, Friend
Sep 14 2002 2:21AM
Hey Rich I can't believe you're gone! I see your picture on the net and TV but it's surreal. I find myself asking WHY? Why were you early that day when you always came in late and left late? I guess God wanted you back,but we need you here. I had such a crush on you and now you know, I keep asking myself what if? I miss you like crazy! xoxo
Femalefriend, Friend
Sep 12 2002 6:47PM
I attended high school with Rich and will remember his easy going ways and his smile. My thought and prayers are with his family.
Christine Ray, Friend
Sep 11 2002 2:56PM
Ricky had the heartiest laugh. His laughter was contagious. He has touched so many lives, especially mine. He will always be in my thoughts.
Amy Ma, Friend
Sep 11 2002 10:30AM
I met Rich while attending SUNY- Oswego( 1985-1989 ) Despite not knowing Rich that well,(although we knew each other in general) he undoubtedly had an impact on my life- He had a dynamic presence about him and I remember laughing whenever I saw him.He certainly made me laugh .He had a gift to make people laugh and feel good . He will always live on within those of us who knew him. I am blessed to have known him . David K. Clasgens Rochester, NY
David K. Clasgens, Colleague
Sep 8 2002 9:48PM
What I will remember most about Caproni (that's what Michael Hannan called him) is his laughter. Caproni would take a serious situation and make a joke about it. He kept the Premium Accountng Dept. laughing all the time. I will truly miss his smile and how he enjoyed his life. May God continue to Bless his Family.
Shirley Farris, Colleague
May 10 2002 1:03PM
I had the pleasure of meeting and working on the same floor with Ricky 11 years ago when he started working for Marsh. My memories of Ricky are many. He was a truly Funny person man who lived his life to the fullest and found enjoyment in just about everything. Ricky was fun to be around and I will always remember his infectious smile, hearty laugh and carefree spirit. I think of him often. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ricky’s family.
Patricia Foy, Colleague
Apr 22 2002 8:52AM
Richie-Rich is what I used to call him. I have never met anyone funnier than him in my life and I doubt I ever will. He had a natural gift for making people laugh. He could turn a little one-liner into something that would put you in stiches. Richie-Rich loved the movies and tv. He was up on every new release and he also loved the classics. I got him into watching 'Will & Grace' and he got me into 'Malcolm in the Middle.' Whenever I see these shows, I think of him. Rich also loved to debate people, but he would always put a funny spin on it. He was a good person and I miss him very much.
Leila Elvebakk, Colleague
Apr 19 2002 2:08PM
Rich was one in a million. I met Rich when I started working for Marsh in 1994. He was such a character. I enjoyed going over to his desk each morning to talk about anything from movies to sports to vacations. He was such a movie buff. And God forbid if you disliked a movie that he thought was the greatest movie ever made. That would make him crazy that you could think such a thing. When I left Marsh in 2000, I never lost contact with him. I could always call him for a laugh. I will miss Rich very much. He will always be in my heart.
Linda Vogt, Colleague
Apr 17 2002 11:44AM