Monica Lyons
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Each year and often during I think of Monica. She was a very special person. I offer my sincere sympathy to her family for their loss. I hope they can have some comfort in knowing how special Monica was and how many people were so fortunate to have known her. I am one of those fortunate people.
Kevin Dwyer , Friend
Sep 10 2023 8:52PM
20 years will never dim the memories of my many years working with Monica. Her always cheery attitude was infectious and made my day. My sincere sympathy for Monica’s family and their loss. It was not in vain. Kevin Dwyer Friend and coworker
Kevin Dwyer, Colleague
Sep 5 2021 2:51PM
I have & will always remember, the young woman who always came in early and handle her job with grace. God Bless.
Pat Borowski, Colleague
Sep 11 2016 9:14AM
I was the new guy in the Marsh Risk Consulting department, but Monica treated me like a close friend from the beginning. She would look after me and make sure I did not miss anything of importance that needed to be done. Monica went out of her way to be my friend and had a great sense of humor. I will never forget you Monica and how you took care of me right up until 9/11.
Mike DuBose, Colleague
Feb 24 2011 5:34PM
Monica was my downstairs neighbor in Bayside, Queens. Always friendly and always interested in our lives as we were growing up. My sister and I spent a lot of time in her house talking and laughing. She was a great person who really cared about those around her.
Bret Adams, Friend
Sep 11 2010 8:41PM
I was several years younger than Monica growing up in Massapequa Park - we lived around the corner and our parents were good friends. Monica was the only 'babysitter' I remember having other than family, and she was so much fun and sweet. My heart and prayers to all who knew and loved her. Monica - I still have the gypsy and clown outfits that were yours so many years ago and you gave me! Now that my children are grown, the outfits will be worn by their children when they're big enough - you'll always be rememberend and loved.
Pam Price Von Rhee, Friend
Sep 11 2010 7:57AM
Growing up in Massapequa Park during the 50's and 60's and living around the corner from Monica, we became very good friends. Our parents were very close and we spent a lot of time at each others houses. Monica and I rode our bikes all over the place and many times our parents would pack a lunch for us and we would ride down to the park near the tracks alongside the lake and have a picnic lunch. We were best friends for awhile, then lost touch in later years. I didn't know until today, when I tried to find her to reconnect, that she is no longer with us. How very sad. For those of you who knew her later in her life, your comments seem to portray a person who was as nice and sweet as a woman, as she was a young girl when I knew her. I truly am sorry for all of you who will miss her. May God let her know how much she touched each of our lives.
Greg Price, Friend
Jun 16 2009 8:00PM
7 yrs later, and still hard to feel normal, Monica i miss you and the times we had an laughs in the bars, and they were just the best. Miss you Love Salvatore Governale Glendale,Queens.
salvatore Governale, Friend
Sep 11 2008 9:21AM
Time passes so quickly but memories of good people do not. As I read the rememberances of Minica I too was reminded of her great personality wonderful smile and even temperment. On occasion, I would see Monica on trips to NY and we would spend a few minutes recalling the 'old days' (I started at J&H; in 1970)Monica is a special person to us all. To her friends and family, it must be comforting to know how many lives she touched and how we all remember her as a very special woman.
Kevin Dwyer, Colleague
Sep 10 2008 10:17AM
I worked with Monica at J&H.; She was in W.P and I started in Binder control. She was a great person. always with a smile. and always willing to get the job done.Because there was always that 'RUSH' job that had to get out.....Here smile and laugh will always be a happy memory to me.
Patty Morrice, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 10:17PM
I began working with Monica at J&H; in 1987. She was very creative and friendly with all of her co-workers. We miss her today and every day.
Kevin Still, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 10:14AM
i want you to know i still have not forgotten you Monica, today is the 6th year you were taken from us and you will always be braver then the rest of us. love you, miss you, and will always be here for you. love salvatore governale.9/11/2007
salvatore Governale, Family
Sep 11 2007 9:25AM
I do not know Monica Lyons... but today at college we each got a person that died during 9/11. I recieved her name. I read about how she was loved by her colleages. I know I don't know her or her friends and family, but I will pray for ya'll during this time.
MaryGrace, Friend
Sep 11 2006 2:10PM
I was doing a google search on Monica's name because I remember her as a child growing up. She lived downstairs from my family. I was shocked and sad to find out she perished on 9/11. I was only looking up her name to see where she was, what she was doing, because I was fondly remembering my childhood and was curious about her. I had thought maybe we could somehow keep in touch, get reaquainted... I remember Monica as a kind, gentle person with a beautiful laugh. She used to readjust my pigtails like a mom and talk to me about stuff. She was a refuge in my world, the kindly neighbor that made difficult grade school days easier. She loved animals and had a guinea pig and a dog. I used to come down and play with them and just talk to her. Oh, I cry writing this. Monica was such a lovely human being, never an angry harsh word, never in a bad mood. She took me to the beach once and pulled me out of the water when a wave knocked me over and keep turning and turning me. I thought I was finished, I was running out of air, until I felt her strong hand pull me up and set me right on my feet. She saved my life, I truly believe that. I miss Monica terribly just writing this. She was an angel and now is one up in heaven. On 9/11 I will think about her. She had a huge influence on my life and was my best friend and neighbor growing up.
Beth, Friend
Feb 18 2005 7:45AM
hi monica we miss you so much the times we had drinks at mc'stones bar on stone st i always told you and adny get me outta here get me out of this jail standing behind the bars of the steps we all miss you and the night befor 9/11 we had drinks your seat was always waiting for you at the end of the bar when you just walk in we had good times one day we all will be in the bar in you & miss you ,,,,salvatore governale(crazy sal)r.i.p. honey
salvatore governale, Friend
May 18 2004 2:13PM
In the mid-1950's, Monica Passalaqua Lyons was my friend on Roosevelt Ave in Massapequa Park NY. We shared good times in her backyard plastic blue pool with her Easter duck.
Jane Jacaruso, Friend
Feb 6 2003 6:11PM
I have known Monica for a long time. She was a very hard worker and always willing to do for others, especially her friends who truly miss her. She had a wonderful personality, greatlaugh and and was a pleasure to know. No matter what the situation, she was always willing to help others. You are truly an angel in heaven.
E. Frey, Friend
Apr 17 2002 5:50PM
Most of the time I spent with Monica was after 6:00 PM, working on a proposal or report at 125 Broad Street. She always was cheerful, even as the evening crept on - she never complained or got cross. Monica's light-heartedness made it so much easier to take the stress. She was simply delightful to work with!
Sherry Boyar, Colleague
Apr 11 2002 7:09PM
Monica worked for years in the word processing center at J&H;'s 95 Wall Street location. In my earliest days working there, in 1978, she became a good friend who was always willing to go the extra mile for her colleagues. She would always see things from the bright side. She had an infectuous laugh, and always wanted the best for everyone. She remains that person in my mind, at least.
Glenn Camp, Colleague
Apr 5 2002 10:00AM