Sue Sauer

Family Tribute:Sue Sauer was a remarkable woman. As a Managing Director in Marsh’s Chicago office, she loved life. She devoted herself to her job, and always looked for ways to mentor others. One of the proudest moments in her career came when she was recognized by “The Academy of Women Achievers of the YWCA of New York” in 1996, receiving an award as one of the top women achievers in business. While the award was richly deserved, it was humbly accepted by Sue, who always looked for ways to share her accomplishments with others.

She traveled, she entertained, she played an ever-improving game of golf and she did beautiful needlework. She was a wonderful friend, who always shared a note, a call or a kind word to lift the spirit of others.

Her relationship with her family was loving, giving her 5 nephews an opportunity to be spoiled by an aunt who always looked for ways to treat them as special people. Whether it was a “care package,” a prized golf shirt or a trip to a faraway island, Sue always provided for her nephews in a unique and enviable fashion.

As a sister and a daughter, she shared love easily and regularly. Her warm smile, her concern for others and her devotion to her family was second to none. Her travels took her to unique and exotic places, but Sue always managed to bring back just the right trinket for each of us. Phone calls and letters kept her close, even when the miles kept us at a distance.

While we all know that Sue is in a better place, we will forever miss her enthusiastic outlook on life, her warm smile, and her amazing spirit. We were blessed to have her as long as we did, and will treasure each and every memory we have of her.

Barb McAdamsSue’s Proud Sister

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My only contact with Sue would be on the phone and when she would physically visit the Grand Rapids Office of J&H/Marsh & McClennan. Given Sue’s personality, it was so easy to get to know not only her business acumen but also her sparkling personality. The best conversations I had with Sue were those few times that I would drive her to the airport to catch her next flight. I learned so much about Sue during those times. We could talk about anything, including men! Being a long hauler in marriage, I probably tended to give her far too much advice. Sue was probably one of the most talented, intelligent and approachable women I’ve ever known. On the day before the 20th anniversary of 9/11, my heart feels so heavy. Twenty years is a huge milestone, and I can’t stop wondering where Sue’s career and life would have taken her. I cannot stop thinking of what twenty years of life would have brought to all my friends and colleagues who were lost in that first tower on that day. RIP
Sharon Sikkema, Colleague
Sep 9 2021 8:44PM
I worked with Sue on an airline project in Denver. She was a kind and intelligent woman who I came to admire. I was stunned and saddened to hear of her passing on 9/11. I was so proud of how Marsh worked with all colleagues across the country helping us deal with the loss and grief at that horrible time. I retired from Marsh eight years ago but still so clearly recall how Ed Healy, our office head and each employee pulled together to support each other during this horrible time. May all those lost rest in peace. Sue you are not forgotten.
Mary Ann Simpson, Colleague
Sep 10 2021 9:45PM
Sue was a very special woman professionally and personally which made her so effective in all she did. She is missed and all those who had the pleasure of knowing her have a void in their lives. My sincere sympathy to Sue’s family for their loss. It was not in vain. Kevin Dwyer Friend and coworker
Kevin Dwyer , Colleague
Sep 5 2021 3:02PM
While working at J&H/Marsh I had the pleasure of getting to know Sue who was a very good friend of my boss at the time. She had a great energy, infectious smile and would always stop by to chat when visiting the Philadelphia office. When my boss and I learned that we lost Sue that tragic day we decided to put together a memory book for her family. I received so many beautiful letters from her friends and colleagues. It was a great pleasure to have been able to present that book to her family. I will always remember Sue on this day.
Laurie Guardino, Colleague
Sep 12 2020 1:35AM
A few months before 9/11, I had a grad school assignment to interview a senior woman in my organization. I sat down the hall from Sue in the Marsh Chgo office but had never been formally introduced. She was thrilled to sit me down in her office and answer all my questions. She encouraged me to return anytime. On 9/11 I was also in NY on business. I was downtown on 9/10 and lucky enough to have meetings in midtown the morning of 9/11. I've never forgotten Sue's kindness.
Paula Sullivan, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 2:13PM
I worked with Sue at J&H/Marsh. When we heard the news about Sue in our St. Louis office, the entire team was devastated. Not only had we lost a colleague, we had lost someone who was exceptional as a fellow employee and as a human being. Anyone who knew Sue could instantly tell how intelligent she was and she made many friends in our office. I cannot imagine the impact of losing Sue to her family and closest friends. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you.
John Rutledge, Colleague
Sep 2 2020 3:33PM
I was a colleague of Sue's when we worked at Johnson & Higgins in Chicago. She was always one of the smartest and brightest peoples in the room and we always learn from her. She was kind considerate loving and always giving to her colleagues and her clients. Her talents certainly helped many of us here and no doubt helping in heaven. I will never forget Sue and many of the other people that perished 18 years ago. God bless his family and all the families of people who were affected on 9/11.
Kevin Gallagher, Colleague
Sep 13 2019 11:31PM
I was one of the folks who felt Sue's guidance and mentorship. She helped me find a place at Marsh following the J&H merger. I still have a book she "lent" me which I never returned. She just made things better and had such a calming and fun presence. God bless to her family and friends today and always.
Suzanne Marshall, Colleague
Sep 11 2015 5:13 PM
Sue, you were so nice to me as a newcomer to Marsh when they acquired Sedgwick. You helped me understand the politics, procedures and all the other 'issues' that a woman in this man's world needed to know as a mentor and it was greatly appreciated. You loved to travel and stay n beds and breakfast's just like me and I still remember the book I shared when you were ready to go overseas again. I think of you especially on this day and send prayers for you and your family.
Donna Sandidge, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 9:39PM
Sue is a great person. We met years ago - I was a risk manager and Sue working for J&H.; She was a great thinker and helped me early on in my career. It remains hard not to be able to call Sue and talk through issues. We should all look to Sue for her ability to think outside the box. A great person, lady and friend.
Thomas Hunter, Colleague
Jan 9 2013 9:23AM
Sue My memory of you was the fun,the laugher and the time we had together on August 11, 2011 the day Jason and I got married. That day is special to us in many ways not because we got married but it was the last time our entire families were together. We cherish that day to the fullest. We love and miss you.
Jason and Cary Straka Mann, Family
Sep 13 2011 4:48PM
You gave me the gift of Toastmasters and taught me to believe in myself. My life is so much better for having you in it. We only knew each other for 4 months. You changed me in so many ways. It took me these ten years to get where you said I would be. A project manager, a success, a leader in a non-profit organization and with someone that loves me deeply. Thank you Sue. I wonder what my life would have been like with you in it a lot longer but I now believe in myself like you believed in me.
Rose Beeson, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 8:59PM
My memories of you are joyous and abundant. I was lucky enough to be able to tag along with you and my sister Jan. You two were a perfect team that balanced each other and taught me sooo much about life, giving of oneself and loving unconditionally. For that I am ever grateful. Knowing you was a gift.
Elizabeth Johnson Maxwell, Friend
Sep 11 2011 7:51PM
Thinking of you and your family today. Ten years ago at about this time, I called and left a message at your house, as I knew if anyone knew how everyone in the New York office was, it would be you. You always kept everyone connected, and that is what I will remember the most about you. I wish all of your family peace. We were all fortunate to have had you as part of our professional and personal lives.
Colleen Britz, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 6:16PM
Sue - One blessing from this tragedy has been getting to know your Mom, sister, brother and nephews. Now I know why you were such a stand out! Your positive spirit and your example as a business leader, good friend, daughter, sister and aunt continues to inspire me each day. You are sorely missed and will not be forgotten.
Betsy Balderston, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 5:26PM
I am so blessed to have had such an amazing godmother and person in my life. We love you and miss you, Tante Susie.
Ariana Tavakoli, Family
Sep 11 2011 4:04PM
Sue, I remember your support and your friendship with great fondness, and I regret not having the opportunity to learn to play golf with you. I also remember how often you spoke of your family, and how blessed you felt to be a dear aunt. I miss you, Joanne
Joanne Larson Eudy, Friend
Sep 11 2011 12:00PM
Sue - your old friend from J&H; days, then Marsh. We had fun doing 'comp control' deals , and then just plain fun. 10 years, hard to believe, and still think of you often. You will always be remembered. HB
HB, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 9:45AM
I met Sue at the very first conference I attended after joining Johnson & Higgins in 1996. Sue definitely had it all together and impressed me greatly for her knowledge, confidence, vibrance, and connectedness in the firm and industry. She included me in discussions even though I was a complete 'newbie'. That's how Sue was. I was also impressed that she had the guts to wear her bathing suit at the beach (we were in Florida) at a work function! Sue, you are missed.
Lauri Hanson, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 8:48AM
Sue, It is hard to beleive it is ten years. I think of you often. Every day I use the skills you taught me. I am finally reaching the point where I can forgive those who carried out and perpetrated this horrendous deed. Rest in Peace! Rick
Rick Cessar, Family
Aug 30 2011 10:22AM
8 years ago I lost a mentor and boss who really encouraged me to be better then I was. Sue encouraged me to join Toastmasters. I did and now I am one of the leaders in our state in the Toastmasters organization. I thank Sue everyday because I have been blessed by being that organization in so many ways. And I am better for knowing her. She encouraged me to go back to school. And I did, finishing my Bachelors and getting a Masters too. I only knew her a few months but she will be with me for the rest of my life.
Rose Beeson, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 10:54AM
Sue, Another year today. I think I told you this once before, but you and my sister Chris could be twins. When I see her I sometimes think of you. All is well here. Many, many people, including me, miss your wonderful spirit and zest for life. Rick
Rick Cessar, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 9:39AM
I met Sue in the J&H; days and she was one of THE great Insurance persons I have ever met in my career. Super-Smart, personable, insperationable, fashionable...she made a long last impression on me. She once gave me a small still have it in my desk. I read it once in awhile and glance at it most days. I will always hold a place in my heart for the few times she and I met and will always be glad my paths crossed with hers in my lifetime. Sue, thank you for being you and I look forward to meeting up with you again above. Sincerely, Greg Wessel
greg wessel, Colleague
Aug 6 2008 12:50AM
We are thinking of Sue and all the others lost 6 years ago today. They are not forgotten.
Mary Ann Simpson, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 10:31AM
Sue, I've thought of you and your family on this date every year for the past 5 years, but haven't committed my thoughts until now. I remember you in Sunoco overalls presenting at 'Technico'; endless ruminations in designing the TCoR curriculum in 1997 and a lot of honest and thoughtful advise across the span of time I was fortunate enough to know you. A photo you took of me at the J&H; Recognition event in early 1997 remains a favorite of my wife's. Bless you, Sue.
Bayard Dodge, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 10:00AM
'Thanks Much', to borrow a phrase of yours, for all that you offered. Think of you often.
sheila pompan, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 9:07AM
Sue, I thought about you today and all that you taught me. How are things in heaven? Rick
Rick Cessar, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 7:34AM
I am thinking of you today, Sue. Bless you.
Michael C. Sensiba, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 1:54PM
Sue touched lives of people all over the country. I hope her family knows that she has not been forgotten. Mary Ann Simpson - Marsh, Denver, Colorado
Mary Ann Simpson, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 11:58AM
I miss Sue's positive outlook and her adventurous spirit. She genuinely cared about her colleagues and her family and showed it day in and day out.
Chris Pethley, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 11:17AM
Sue encouraged me to join Toastmasters International. She had spoken to me about possibly doing some training but thought I should get some practical experience. I loved it from day 1. 4 1/2 years later I achieved the highest educational award from Toastmasters, the Distinguished Toastmaster award. I dedicated my award to Sue for encouraging me to pursue my dreams. She was amazing and she believed in me when others didn't.
Rose Beeson, Colleague
Nov 21 2005 5:14PM
Among Sue's many great gifts and achievements, I believe her strongest legacies lie in enjoying work life, excelling at your work and mentoring junior colleagues in business. I know I was one of the lucky who saw her up close and admired her greatly. I started to work for her in July of 1998.I was lucky enough to work under her for two and one-half years. Sue was very professional, very smart and very quick. She always was willing to strive to improve. Sue treated me differently than my previous bosses. I was given greater responsibilities. I flourished. I loved my job. I liked her management style, her care and concern for her staff. She also never hesitated to show compassion to me or my children when I was going through a divorce. I wasn’t just an employee who missed days while going to court, I was someone she was concerned for. I concur with my colleague, Andy Daniels, who clearly summed up a wonderful part of Sue by remembering her “Oh Geez”. 'How I loved to hear Sue say that – either in person or on the phone! She could bend the phrase in so many ways, and make it mean everything from “I can’t believe what you just told me” to “Way to go!” And we all knew what hearing a “Yeah, Right” meant!' My prayers are with her family. I will always remember and miss Sue. Jackie
Jackie Sbarboro, Colleague
Jan 9 2004 9:35AM
My father, Jim Charpie, worked with Sue at Container Corporation in Carol Stream, IL way back in 1984-ish. At that time, I was 13 years old and I lived in Wheaton, IL. My best friend had just moved to St. Charles, IL. and I was devastated. St. Charles may as well be the end of the earth when you are 13 years old and live in Wheaton. One summer afternoon I was pestering my mother, Sue Charpie, to please drive me to Amy's house. Mom wouldn't budge. So I called my father at work and begged him to drive me to Amy's. He said he would ask Sue Sauer if she wouldn't mind dropping me at my friend's house as it was somewhat on her way home. (Until this point I had only 'known' Sue Sauer from conversations at home. Both my parents know/knew her.) Sue said YES! I had my ride to my friend Amy's house. And that's how I remember her. As a co-worker/friend of my father and mother who thought nothing about driving me AND another friend of mine, out to Amy's house in St. Charles. That was really the only interaction I ever had with her. A 20 minute car ride when I was 13 years old. My mother and father kept in touch sporadically with Sue over the years. When I heard that she was one of the victims of 9/11 I froze and my heart sank. I think about her often. My prayers are with her and her family. Deborah Eastman (Charpie)
Deborah Eastman (Charpie), Friend
Mar 19 2003 1:49PM
My son Dallas Barker was lucky to receive Sue's name at a tribute/memorial service in San Diego, Ca. He called out her name in pride and then rung the 'Freedom Bell' in her honor on September 11, 2002. When we got home he asked me to find a photo of her so he could put a face to the name that he had received. We were lucky to find what a giving person she was. Sincerely, The Barker Family
Charl-Jo Barker & Son Dallas Barker (9yrs), Friend
Sep 11 2002 9:07PM
As with so many others, Sue touched my life both professionally and personally. I met Sue in 1998, yet we struck an immediate friendship. She was a wonderful mentor and when visting Chicago, a gracious host. I think of her so often and miss her. Knowing how close she was with her family, my prayers go out to them on this day and always.
Nancy Decato, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 1:22PM
The days following 9/11 were dreadful as we tried to determine the impact of the attack on the WTC. Like many of us, my first reaction was to reach out to friends and colleagues via e-mail or voice mail to make sure that they were OK. I remember vividly how my heart sank when I heard Sue’s voice mail message stating that she was attending a meeting in New York. I am one of the many who are grateful to call Sue a friend. She offered a wonderful opportunity to me 8 years ago to come to Charlotte and I will always be indebted to her for her faith, support, and friendship. I think of her often, and I miss her.
Ray Abromitis, Friend
Sep 11 2002 10:37AM
Sue was indeed a great person. While I knew her only briefly, it was enough to know a bit of that greatness.
Chris Mandel, Friend
Sep 11 2002 9:17AM
Sue was a remarkable role model to all young professionals at Marsh who had the privledge of knowing her, especially the young women for whom she set an excellent example. She took a genuine interest in the career development of the younger generation of employees and always had an encouraging word, friendly 'hello' or fabulous travel trip to share. She was a lovely person and valued mentor.
Anne Kristan, Colleague
Sep 9 2002 11:40PM
In August 2001 I spent several days with Sue at the Marsh Excellence meeting in San Francisco. I was new to Marsh and had talked to her on several occasions about my new position. After a couple of long talks those 2 days, Sue offered to be my mentor at Marsh. To guide me in getting to know the corporate landscape and politics. We talked on Monday the 10th and had planned on speaking again after her meeting in NY. When I learned that she was gone, I felt a tremendous loss, not only for my mentor but for my friend. As we get closer to the anniversary I think about her more and more. I want her family to know that she had a huge impact on me. Although I am no longer at Marsh, because of Sue I will always feel a part of the organization.
REB, Colleague
Aug 30 2002 5:17PM
We too lost a family member who had traveled to NY for business at Marsh. We are so sorry for the loss of Sue. Jim Cleere, who is my step-dad, worked for Seabury in Des Moines. Never did we think that he would not be coming home. We are thankful that we had a chance to talk to him as he was still at the Marriot hotel and hadn't gone to the WTC for his meetings. Through the account of someone who was with him, we know what happened to him. Unfortunately, he was not able to get away from the 2nd towers collapse and the other man did. We are so thankful that we found him and were able to know what happened. If you would like to talk to us please feel free to contact us. We will be going to NY for the 1 year ann. God Bless your family. We will never forget!!
Rhonda, Family
Aug 27 2002 10:38AM
It was always such a delight to see Sue in the San Francisco office . . . I can still here her infectious laugh!
Kristina Nelson, Colleague
Jul 10 2002 3:06PM
Sue was a leading light within our firm. She was an inspiring leader and partner, and it was a privilege to be a member of any team which she lead or particpated in. Sue was an exceptional friend, a trusted colleague, a passionate client advocate and a consumate professional. Simply put, she literally made everything she touched better. Words can not describe how much she is missed.
Andy Daniels, Colleague
Jun 24 2002 2:10PM
As former J&Hers;, Sue was an inspiration to me in my work with Workers Compensation and benchmarking the cost of risk. As a result of that inspiration, I continued her work at Marsh and produced a manual that aids thousands of colleagues throughout the Marsh system. Thank you, Sue, and I will miss you.
Bill Gardber, Colleague
May 9 2002 12:58PM
Sue, you added so much to so many lives. J&H; and Marsh were better places because of you.
David Peck, Colleague
May 8 2002 5:23PM
Before the industry got caught up with Quality and managing loss costs in an integrated way Sue preached it. She taught me fundamental lessons about work and demonstrated what work/life balance should be all about. Sue will always be an important person in my life.
Dave North, Colleague
Apr 6 2002 11:20AM
I would like to add that all of her friends in the Chicago office miss her terribly. She was a vital part of this office, a good friend to many and added to the success of our Chicago business. As head of the Chicago office I would like to say that we all recognized her as a an integral part of our lives.
Arlene Corsetti, Colleague
Apr 5 2002 7:03AM