Stacey Sanders

When Stacy Sanders was captain of the crew and swim teams at Andover, she was famous for her 'psych notes.'

They were short missives to her teammates, sent before big meets. They were all meant to uplift, but each one contained a personal detail. They were all signed with a heart next to her name. To her father, John, the notes were one of the many ways she went the extra distance to make others feel at home.

'She went out of her way to make other people feel comfortable,' Mr. Sanders said. 'With her friends, she would always end their conversations with, `I love you.’ Many of them learned to say that.'

She had a large circle of friends, he said. But Ms. Sanders, 25, who had been working on a technology project for Marsh & McLennan at the World Trade Center, also had a knack for befriending her friends’ parents, their sisters and brothers, even their grandparents. It was not uncommon, Mr. Sanders said, for her to spend an evening having dinner and seeing a movie with her boyfriend’s grandmother, for instance. Ms. Sanders and her boyfriend, Bryan Koplin, were shopping for rings and considering marriage. 'She had an incredible capacity to make herself a part of their families,' Mr. Sanders said. 'As a consequence, we all became a part of so many families.'

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I read the beautiful story 'From her closet, with love' - written by Stacey's best friend Zibby Right in Redbook magazine many years ago. I kept the story and read it often as a memorial to Stacey and all the other souls in the Twin Towers. The story begins "I can't remember where or when Stacey got her red feather boa"...and ends with "Happy, sad, happy, sad." A beautiful tribute from Stacey's soulmate. With Love, Pam in Washington state ❤
Pamela Sykes , Friend
Dec 13 2022 8:25PM
I didn't know Stacey, but obviously her smile lit up the room! I'm so sorry that such a young life was taken way too soon. To her family, friends and loved ones, please know that America will not forget her.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 16 2022 4:57AM
My prayers go out to your family and those who loved you so much. Reading about you today made me think of what an amazing person you were and how this terrible day affected your family. They have lost you but will never forget you and your kind heart. This day is hard for all affected and I know your family misses you dearly. I pray for your family that they can have some piece knowing how you touched so many others. I can only imagine how much you are missed. God Bless you all.
Kelly Stewart, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 6:54PM
You are not forgotten. Rest in peace.
Eileen McGuire, Colleague
Sep 10 2016 9:17PM
When I met Stacey through a friend at Microsoft, I was befriended and immediately felt welcome. Even when Stacey was busy, she always took the time to be polite & kind. Her smile & demeanor were infectious to most around her. Although I didn't know Stacey as well as alot of people, she is still remembered fondly. My love & respect will always go out to Stacey, her family, friends, & colleagues.
Gerard Tillman, Colleague
Sep 12 2015 6:47AM
Giants won the World Series! based on the photo I see she was a Giants fan.
Oscar, Colleague
Nov 4 2014 8:44PM
Thinking of you and your wonderful smile and personality today.
Eileen McGuire, Colleague
Sep 11 2014 9:57AM
Stacey, I am so greatful to have known you, we were both baseball fans and when the San Fransico Giants won the world series in 2010, you were the the 1st 1 i thought of. You were always there for me and you still are. Stacey, I will never forget you. You are like a sister to me, your my best friend and most of all my HERO. I love you Stacey
Derek Booth, Friend
May 11 2014 7:43PM
dios te tenga en su santa gloria !!
melissa fernandez, Friend
Sep 3 2012 12:02AM
Didn't know Stacey, but when I went to the 911 memorial, I found out about her and Rich Ross. I was curious, so I researched her. She seemed like a wonder young woman. For some reason, her death after such interesting life, really touched me. RIP Stacey.
Kevin, Colleague
Feb 27 2012 12:55AM
Stacey sat outside my office on the 96th floor of 1WTC. She was a wonderful young lady - smart, happy and as I remember, hoping to get engaged. She told me she wanted a ring just like her Mom's ring. Whenever Stacey was on a personal call, she ended it with I love you. Stacey loved many and I think she knew she was loved. My very deepest sympathy - even 10 years later to her friends and family.
Eileen McGuire, Colleague
Sep 16 2011 11:53AM
I didn't know Stacy. I wanted to reach out to every family but knew I couldn't do that, so I searched my mothers surname and figured I would start here. I can only guess how it must feel to lose a loved one this way. From now on, Stacy is my hero.
Diane Pak, Friend
Sep 12 2011 5:13PM
She was so sweet and unpretentious. A warm human being whose lose is keenly felt. I remember her beautiful smile and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Stacey, it's been ten years, but your presence and being are still keenly felt. You are missed.
alice foxf, Friend
Sep 10 2011 9:38AM
Thinking of you today, Stacey... Coming up on 10 years. Thinking about what you would have accomplished at the intersection of entertainment, the internet and women's rights in ten years time. Thinking about whether you would have had a family in the Weston area, in easy driving distance to your own. I bet you would have. Trying not to waste the time I have, because I know you wouldn't.
Maggie Malone, Friend
Aug 16 2011 1:19AM
I knew Stacey from high school. It was a place far from home for many of us and our friends became our families. Stacey was an important part of that family and having her taken away still hurts to this very day. The world is a little dimmer now, I think, and it's difficult to see things as clearly when such a beautiful and radiant soul has been dimmed. You are so very missed our blessed friend.
F, Friend
Jul 14 2005 2:49AM
I have spent the last three summers teaching at the high school where Stacey and I were each other's first roommate. I have many occassions to think of her here, and I always remember her with fondness and with respect for her ambition, her integrity, and her loyalty to friends and family. As one among many of her friends, I know that she continues to have a positive influence in our lives, and for that I am grateful despite the terrible loss of her presence among us.
Victoria Sancho, Friend
Jul 15 2003 4:29PM
Stacey's tribute talks about her 'psych notes' at Andover. While going through storage late last year I found one of these notes Stacey had written to me before a crew race and left in my mailbox--I had saved it all these years as a lasting memory of my wonderful times on the crew team, and seeing it again brought a huge smile to my face. Thank you Stacey, you always motivated us to be our best.
c. wood, Friend
Mar 11 2003 6:21PM
she is one of a kind and those who were fortunate enough to know her have been blessed. Stacey, we love you and miss you. b
b, Friend
Oct 26 2002 1:32AM
she is one of a kind and those who were fortunate enough to know her have been blessed. Stacey, we love you and miss you. b
b, Friend
Oct 26 2002 1:32AM
I had the pleasure of working with Stacy for a short period at Kaplow Communications. She was a beautiful, wonderful person who always had a nice thing to saw for everyone. Although Stacy and I didn't keep in touch, I feel a great loss.
Eric Rayvid, Colleague
Jul 12 2002 2:39PM
I didn't know stacey but the day after the tragedy i saw her smile on an italian newspaper.... she is a symbol for me... i hope now she's well where she is now
vittorio sassudelli, Friend
May 4 2002 9:19AM
I'm a Mercer Delta employee (an MMC company), but I knew Stacey through a friend in college (Abby Schwartz). I was always struck by two things in particular about Stacey: how down-to-earth and kind she was, and how poised she was as well. She was always so nice to people and so friendly, and she was incredibly self-possessed in a confident, but unassuming way. I really enjoyed knowing her.
Jessica Switzer, Friend
Apr 4 2002 11:26AM