Shevonne Mentis

Family Tribute:Shevonne Olicia Mentis was born to Myrtle Bazil and Aubrey Mentis on November 1st, 1975, in Guyana, South America. She was raised by her mother. She graduated from Saint Joseph High School in Georgetown, Guyana. She also attended Carnegie Cooking School. After graduation she became an entrepreneur, managing a variety store. She then bought two cars and started to manage them as taxis. In July of 1999, Shevonne migrated to the United States to join her family. She resided at 365 Marion Street in Brooklyn with her mother Myrtle Bazil, sister Sharon Bazil, nephew Anthony Bazil and nieces Jamela and Shikia Bazil, until September 11, 2001. She attended LaGuardia Community College. She then took a computer course and began working as a clerk for Marsh and McLennan, on the 93rd floor of Tower 1 of the World Trade Center. Shevonne enrolled herself at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) and was beginning her third semester in fulfilling her dreams of obtaining a degree in Business Management. She worked very hard to maintain a high average while working full time. Shevonne had no children, but she loved to take care of her nieces and nephews. She loved to go to church on Sundays, often taking her nieces with her. She was an excellent cook and fulfilled that role at almost every family gathering. Shevonne was very fond of her little sister Bonita Mentis Williams, and at one time acted as parent to her in the absence of her mother. She was very goal oriented and would have succeeded at what ever her ultimate dreams were. Shevonne had gained the friendship of so many people, in so many places, in such a short time, and have left with them her vivaciousness, her thoughtfulness, her humor and her kindness. Shevonne is dearly missed by her parents Myrtle Bazil and Aubrey Mentis. Her sisters Debbie Newton, Carlotta Phillips, Sharmine Mentis, Cheryl Bazil, Sharon Bazil, Michelle Mentis, Bonita Williams and Renatta Mentis. Her brothers Wesley Bazil, Aubrey Mentis Jr., and Gordon Bazil. Her best friends Abiola Hazel, Nancy Clarke and Winston Antrobus. Her nieces Tacarra, Ayanna, Tagreia, Keshia, Tiffany, Nadatta, Jasmine, Janay, Shikia, Jamela, Dwyonita, Alliyah and LaBrea. Nephews, Andre, Anthony, Jamal, Michael, Justin, Gordon Jr., Anthony (sonny), Allan, Ashton, Amsry and Alonzo. Uncles, aunts, cousins and friends. Her visit on this earth was brief but she has touch the hearts of almost everyone who knew her and even those she didn’t know.

+Sharon Bazil (sister)

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Today she just crossed my mind we went to secondary school together.My deepest condolences to her family.
Sharon Montague, Colleague
Sep 12 2021 11:08PM
Sweet angel, god bless!
Anon , Friend
Mar 20 2021 10:33AM
In loving memory of my sister Shevonne Olicia Mentis one of God's angel November 1975- September 2001 Fearless in the natural and now you're truly free to be.Time will fly by, things will changed, but my life will remain rooted in the memories that we've shared together my beloved sister. I can't call you on the phone anymore but in my heart I talk to you everyday. Thank you my dear sister for being my inspiration and strength. I won't forget you and I'll always love you. May you continue to rest in eternal peace. Your loving sister Bonita Mentis
Bonita Mentis, Family
Aug 24 2016 9:09AM
Shevonne it is 12 years now since you passed but memories of you sitting next to me in BMCC classroom on 09/10/01 giggling because we were getting out of class early is so fresh in my mind. You inspired me to continue my education and to live life to the fullest. It was a pleasure and a joy being in your presence. May you soul rest in peace.
Adelia Gulliver, Friend
Sep 11 2013 11:51AM
hi aunty shevonne i still miss u so much. Im all grown up now and i wish you could have been here for me like you always was. i miss and love you so much NEVER WILL WE EVER FOGET YOU..........
naddy, Family
Mar 26 2013 12:56PM
Sis it has been eleven whole years without you here wtih us. Not a day goes by that you are not thought of and miss. People say time will heal but our hearts are broken forever. The only comfort is that God took you away from us on that sad and dreadful day.We never got a chance to say goodbye. May your soul rest in eternal peace.
Bonita Mentis, Family
Nov 9 2012 6:06PM
im still missing u so much wish u was here to see how big i have gotten...........u will always b in my heart luv n miss u
nadatta, Family
Jul 17 2012 2:58PM
hi aunty shevonne i really do miss u n i wish u was still here cause i really do think things would hv been better....its been real hard since u left im hoping that ur looking down on us n guiding us as we go through our journey......... we all love n misses u very much foreva in our hearts love naddy
nadatta forde, Family
Oct 24 2010 1:20AM
I never met Shevonne , I wish i did from the comments she was well loved. my father is Alfred (Blurry) Mentis. I was born in England I never knew my Mentis side of the family. I am so sorry for your (our) loss.
maurice mentis, Family
Oct 13 2010 6:14PM
hi auntie shevonne i miss you soo much.I know that we werent as close as you other nieces but my love for you will always be the same.Im in high school now well actually ive been in high school and every day i think of you.I know that you are looking down upon us from heaven and u know that we all love you soo much and we will never forget you.may your soul rest in peace and i will hopefully see you this september. love always your niece, Jasmine ***we all love you and will never forget you***
jasmine, Family
Jul 22 2010 3:22PM
Everyone says there deepest apology goes out to us. i always believed them, but truth is no one knows how i feel not family friends or even random people. ii had an emotional phase today. i mean you are the world to me... im grieving in my own process because nothing makes me feel better about how you died. you suffered you went through pain and that's something no one should experience that horrible way one dying. im so much like you but i can never be you. im a girl lost in her own little world and hates anyone who says there willing to help because someone allways end up dispointing me. just like i've been doing to some people for years. iiLuvYhu till i meet you up there n after that for infinity. x1000000000000000000000000000
Dwyonita, Family
Feb 24 2010 5:52PM
i i´m from panama i never knew shevonne,i just enter this page because i was looking for the meaning of my name and i saw this,i´m 28 years old my english is not to good so im sorry about some words,i sorry to know what happen to her it seems she was a wonderfull person and loved by a lot of people,just keep in mind she will be always a live in you heart may the lord rest her soul in peace...
shevonne moulton, Friend
Nov 19 2009 11:05AM
Shavonne you are truly missed, you were such a wonderful person. There was never a dull moment when ever she was around. She was always a lively person with a burst of energy. I remember the last memorable time we spent together was my son's (Raymond)his 3rd birthday when her and my sister decorated the yard and made it so beautiful. I have always enjoyed her presence and will always miss her. Warm thoughts goes out to my dear best friend Bonita and the entire family. Love always Dacia
Dacia Tucker-Brown, Friend
Sep 20 2009 7:29PM
Shevvy my heart is sadden and filled with pain that u r gone,I luv u and u r missed.I miss callin u while u were on ur way to work.See u soon.Every day i remind my daughter of u.U r not forgotten.Luv u always.
Abiola Hazel, Family
Aug 14 2009 5:26PM
hi aunt shevonne i miss u alot.i have a picture of you over my bed and i hope that you are watching over me.i went to church on easter sunday and got a message from a female that is on the other side and you were the first person that came to mind when i got the message.I love you and thanks for the message it really helped me a lot cause i am now working even harder to suceed in life.
nadatta forde, Family
May 8 2009 10:52AM
Hi Auntie Shevonne. This is your favorite neice and god daughter Shikia. We have hit a new year 09. Im graduating this year and going to high school. Hopefully I would go down the right path in life. I know that you are watching over me every night and day. I love you and miss you.
Shikia, Family
Feb 11 2009 8:58PM
hey its the day after christmas about 7 years later and we all still miss you.
Jamela, Family
Dec 26 2008 12:34PM
I am so sorry for Dwyonita. Before I did not know that someone so close to you could just leave forever without much choice in just a blink of an eye.I also say that whoever was those ppl who attacked Manhattan were very wrong. Why would they take the job of being a terrorist? Don't they have family to think of? Don't they thin that the ppl who dies have family? I would never murder myself or anyone else. I naturally don't even kill a bug that is on my wall. I always tell my dad to. Well that is how life is. I hope that her aunt is in a safe, beautiful, wonderland that I call HEAVEN! P.S I am in her 6th grade class.
Razzberri Tote, Friend
Dec 24 2008 6:35AM
hey auntie i miss and love you peace.
Dwyonita, Family
Dec 23 2008 1:50PM
Hey auntie if your reading this well go.on. My feelings have not change September 11, 2001. In fact they are the same. I miss you and everyday I remember the wonderful person that wastaken away by god. I still no that god takes the best flower from the bunch. I can say that I love you and will al ways try my best to make you happy. Auntie im in 6 grade now. 7 years have passed but the pain feels like it was yesterday. Did you know that recently 3 men atmitted of planning the attack. I hate them. They killed many loved ones including you you were only 25. For you to be on the 93 floor 1st tower had me grieving. Inhave two brothers now Jahvonne and Jeremiah. Your loving god daughter, Dwyonita
Dwyonita, Family
Dec 21 2008 1:37PM
though i dont know dwyonitas aunt, i am so sorry for her and i am saddened by this tragedy she is still going through. i love yuo dwyonita!
jazmine stewart, Friend
Dec 9 2008 5:19PM
Hi auntie Shevonne, My name is Akil and i would like to say that even though i never met you i still love you.
Akil and Shikia, Family
Oct 12 2008 7:34PM
I love you with all of my heart. You are now in peace watching and guiding to the right path. September 11, 2001 was a very devastating day. I lost not only an aunt but, a wonderful god-mother. I will always love you.
Shikia, Family
Apr 23 2008 6:24PM
I love you so much that if there was a staircase to heaven I would bring you back. We miss you a lot. Love Jamela, Shanty, and Aaliyah.
Dwyonita Williams, Family
Jan 19 2008 7:33PM
She was very sweet and kind to people she knew and people she did not.September 11,2001 was a bad day for us,Mrytle Bazil,Bonita Mentis, Sharon Bazil,Dwyonita Williams, Jamela Bazil,and Others. We love and miss you.
Dwyonita Williams, Family
Feb 28 2007 6:49PM
though i don't know shevonne personally. In reading this tribute, I commend her sister for putting this together for her. I pray that shevonne's spirit will continue to reign in the hearts of those she knew and loved, hopefully touch the hearts of those she didn't learning of her determination to conquer her deams. as a fellow guyanese and a previous St joseph's student i extend my sympathy with those the tragic lost affect upon shevonne home going to the eternal father. may she rest in peace.
kiwana Welch, Colleague
Dec 12 2006 10:58PM
However late, my prayers and deepest sympathy go out to the family and friends of Shevonne. I attended St.Joseph's High with Shevonne and was even the the same class in form 4. Shevonne was an amazing person full of life and energy, she had definately made a positive impact on the people who knew her. She will truly be missed.
Seandel Madhoo-Gibson, Friend
Oct 27 2006 11:58AM
Shevonne,A good friend,a close friend and a bright shining star.It's hurts daily that you are not here. I know God is with you.My deepest sympathy to the family.
Winston Antrobus, Friend
Sep 13 2005 2:06PM
God Bless her & her family.
Wendy Rodriguez, Friend
May 19 2004 3:55PM
To the family of Shevonne Mentis, I would like to take this time to express my deepest sympathy. I found out not so long ago but have been trying to get in contact with someone from her family until I found this site. Shevonne and I were classmates at St. Joseph from first form all the way to fifth. She was one of the first people I made friends with the first day of high school. I'm originally from Melanie Damishana (now live in Queens) and some days as I pass Vryheidslust I would tell my dad to stop and pick her up while she waited for the bus and we'd ride together to school. We had great times in high school. We lost contact with each other because I left Guyana just after high school until I saw her over here on labor day, it was such a happy and joyous reunion, we exchanged numbers and caught up on old times. We were planning a St. Joseph class reunion. She was such a wonderful person. A good friend, this hurts me, I'll dearly miss her. Once again to her family, my deepest sympathy. Sincerely, Abayomi Talbot
Abayomi Talbot, Friend
Dec 24 2003 1:54PM
Shevonne I miss you so much it seems like only yesterday may your soul rest in peace I love you. Love always your sister Bonita
Bonita Mentis, Family
Sep 11 2003 3:16PM
Shevonne i really miss you.if only that dreadful day wouldn't have come we would have had more time to know each other.i love you your cousin Alexis
Alexis, Family
Oct 11 2002 5:30PM