Scott Vasel
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I didn't know Scott but read his obit on I understand he had a wife and two young sons. Also, 9/11 was only his second day on the job with Marsh. What tragedy! I hope his wife found the strength and courage over the last 21 years to move ahead with her life and that she and her sons find comfort in their lasting memories.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 23 2022 10:30PM
May you continue to rest in peace.
Sonia, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 5:39PM
Hard to believe it' s been this long, and I think about you every year.. You were a great person with a big heart. I still remember your wedding to Amy (as I'm sure does Pat Lasallle). The world is a lesser place without your personality and great sense of humor. You were robbed bud, but you made a great impact. Your sons would have been proud to know you better
Randall Lowry, Colleague
Sep 12 2018 2:20AM
Hey Scott, can't believe 15 years have gone by. You have not been forgotten. Very fortunate to have known you and your witty sense of humor. Today your memory is honored.
Christina Zacharczuk, Colleague
Sep 11 2016 8:31AM
Just thought of Scott because on Facebook a mutual friend posted a picture of Scott Vasel's inscription at the 9/11 Memorial site. I grew up a few houses from Scott in Fort Lee. He always had a smile on his face and everyone I know liked him. When I was still living up there, we used to wash other people's cars for extra cash and our own cars together. We did a little weight lifting too in his basement. I was truly saddened the day I heard he passed. If you see this Janine ( not sure of spelling) my apologies and hope all is well with you. Gary Zinderman posted the picture of Scott's name at the Memorial on Facebook.
Jeffrey Levin, Friend
Aug 13 2013 12:38PM
Happy 44th birthday to my baby brother. It never gets any easier. I will never forget Marsh for being so amazing to my sister-in-law and nephews when he was only started working there the day before.
Janyne Vasel Dembicki, Family
Jun 3 2013 3:36PM
Scott, I always think of you today and have thought about you and your family through out the years. I had a great time working with you. You had a unique sense of humor. You truly cracked me up. I'm so glad we met and got to spend those years working together. Rest in peace and bles you and your family.
Patrick LaSalle, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 10:47AM
Hey Scott, can't believe 10 years have gone by. I am thinking of the fun times we had @ Citicorp and those lunches @ Jeremy's. You are missed.
Christina Zacharczuk, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 9:03AM
Scott and I were in the same Fraternity at Fairleigh Dickinson, I was at his batchelor party which I remember well. I went from 34 to 44 in these past 10 years where Scott has remined 32/33 (I forget if he was a year or two younger than me). What a horror we all lived through.
John Castellano, Friend
Sep 9 2011 11:06PM
I never met Scott, but wore a Victim of Terrorism (VOT) bracelet with his name engraved the whole time I was in Iraq w/ the 47th CSH.
Pete Franklin, Friend
Sep 9 2010 7:05PM
I worked with Scott at Citicorp in the early nineties.. Like many colleagues that move on to other financial institutions, I lost touch with him. I was unaware that Scott had perished during 9/11 and discovered that yesterday while reading the NY Times.. Scott and I would often go to lunch together and he was a funny, wonderful person. A pleasure to work with .. I remember him talking about his wife, buying his first house in NJ and of course, cars.. I’m truly sorry for your loss. 5 years later, I’m sure its still very difficult.
Thomas R. Clarke, Colleague
Sep 12 2006 10:13AM
I never met Scott, as I retired in 1996. However, I live in Park Ridge, NJ where Scott and his family moved to in 2001. Therefore, I've read a lot of wonderful things about Scott. Park Ridge recently unveiled a Memorial to each of the six people from Park Ridge who worked in the Twin Towers. So Scott you'll always be remembered by your Loved Ones and future generations. God Bless You and Your Love Ones. Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 8:54PM
I met Scott once while he was visiting his wife's brother's house. I live across the street. Every once in a while, his wife and two young boys come for a visit. They play with my three young boys. They ride their bikes, skate, ride their scooters, and their favorite, play baseball! I enjoy when they come over and love being able to see them get bigger. The circumstances of Scott's death are traumatic. The days leading up to his untimely death are unimaginable. To think that everything is going well and then have that happen is outrageous. I simply cannot understand that. When I see Scott's wife, I see such a sadness in her that no one will ever understand, including myself. To have something special torn apart so drastically in minutes, is incomprehensible. I wish them all the best in the future and hope to see them around.
Elizabeth Stoma, Friend
Sep 12 2003 4:36AM
It's hard to believe that it has been 2 years that I have not seen or spoke with my baby brother. We were so close and he was it was only his second day. We were so happy for him that he got such a great job. I love his boys so much and now I have been blesses with 2 boys of my own (twins 8 months). Justin Scott who was named while he was still inside me looks just like Scott's oldest and just like our family that is scary. It has been a very bittersweet year and I wish he was here to hold them and love them like I love his boys. We miss him so much and life will never be the same but my boys will know him through me and he will never be forgotten.
Janyne Vasel Dembicki, Family
Sep 10 2003 8:17PM
Scott was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Fort Lee in 1986. We became great friends throughout high school and college, and always stayed in touch. Scott was at my daughter's first birthday party, and I was at his son's birthday party that summer. Scott was a great friend, and a great father. I think about his humor, and the way he made me laugh every day. He was the one who drove me to the DMV to get my licence. I have a million memories like that. I love ya brother.
Jeff Bricker, Friend
Aug 30 2003 4:41PM
I knew Scott when we were both in high school in New Jersey. He was one of the most kind, loving and special people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am sure that his new Marsh co-workers would have felt the same if given a chance. My heart goes out to his family.
Erica Schiff, Friend
Oct 11 2002 5:26PM
Scott worked for me, but I never had the chance to know him well. He was killed on his first full day of work. Late on Monday afternoon, September 10, I sat with him at the desk where he died. He had finished his orientation, we had talked about the first tasks he would undertake, and we had moved on to chatting informally and arranging details. He wanted to work from eight to four, in order to be able to have more time with his young children. I was glad to agree. Since I could only know one thing about Scott, I am glad that it was how much he loved his children. Heartbreakingly sad though it is, there could be no better memorial.
Walter Lawn, Colleague
Jul 2 2002 9:32AM
I have never meet Scott but the other day I saw a picture that memorialized him with his little boy next to a picture of him. The picture of his liitle boy moved me to tears. Even though Scott was on his second day of his new job he was part of our Marsh family. My thoughts and heart goes out to his friends and family. If you would like a copy of the article, please email me at
Leticia A. Becerra, Colleague
May 30 2002 10:47AM
Perhaps I am the only one affiliated with Marsh who would even know Scott's name. But I never met him. My husband Joel Miller was the Disaster Recovery AVP...and he had only just met Scott and was really looking forward to having Scott join his little DR team. I know that Scott began working for Marsh the day before he died. I prayed on that morning that Joel took Scott on a mini tour around. But that obviously didn't happen. I think of him often even though we never met, I am saddened by his fate. I knew he left behind a yound son and wife. If they ever read this, please know that I mourn for both of our husbands every day. God Bless them both.
Margie Miller, Colleague
Apr 26 2002 10:46AM