Marion Victoria Manning

Those girls in Springfield Gardens were just tight like that. They grew up together and went to school in the neighborhood. They became young women and found husbands and homes near where the Q5 bus stops. They were starting to have little ones of their own, right there in Springfield Gardens.

Marion Manning, known as Vick or Vickie, was no exception. She was close to her old friends, including one named Sean who had become her husband in April 1997. And her 2-year-old daughter, Lauryn, was so close to her in looks and in her heart that she sometimes called the girl Mini-Me. But her dreams carried her outside of Queens.

'She just wanted to see the world,' Mr. Manning said.

And she was taking her friends along. Mrs. Manning, an executive secretary at Marsh & McLennan, had arranged trips for her friends and their husbands to Cozumel, the Bahamas and Cancún. 'She would get the best deals; she would get everybody’s ticket,' said Tina Corbett, a friend.

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I didn’t know Marion, but I just saw the archived CBS News coverage from 9/12/01 and saw her husband Sean on the news talking about how their entire family was looking for her :(….I was hoping she was found and ok…but Google brought me here. This is sad, sincere condolences.
Kathy H, Friend
Jan 17 2024 11:24PM
Marion, I didn't know you, but I hope that you are at peace. You will never be forgotten. Condolences to all her family and friends.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 16 2022 4:52AM
I never knew you. But I was there via tv when the Lord took you home. May you continue to rest in peace on this 20th year anniversary of your home going. God bless America. We will never forget.
Karen , Friend
Sep 11 2021 3:22PM
Marion, I did not personally know you during your time in this physical world. I watched in horror as you and so many others perished at the hands of terrorists and prayed for each and every one of you on this day so many years ago. I bowed my head in prayer on that day as I do today. You are not forgotten.
Michele Martin, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 6:26PM
Yes, I'm a new friend of her. I'm a german artist of photography and I have taken a photograph of her name at her birthday on 4/30/17. It will shown on a exhibition in June. I was shaken very much when I visited this place. Something of the kind may never happen again!
Reinhard Hentze, Friend
May 27 2017 7:56AM
She believed in Christ's promise of Paradise. I'm so looking forward to welcoming her back!
Sandra, Friend
Sep 16 2013 8:53PM
Vicki was a beautiful person, raised by a wonderful family. She will always be loved.
Cecilia, Friend
Sep 11 2013 8:28AM
Vicki was an amazing woman, wife and mother. We worked together at HIP and I had the priveledge to attend her wedding to Sean. I've never forgotten her nor her family. I am a better person for having known her.
Amy Adoniz, Friend
Sep 10 2013 9:27AM
Marion, we are thinking of you, your daughter, and your family on this 10th anniversary of 9/11. We wish you had not been taken from us on that day. May you rest in peace.
Lauri Hanson, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 8:01AM
May 21 2002 4:16PM
Marion was a very sweet girl and I am so sorry that I did not get a chance to know her better. We had lunch for the first time right before she left on her vacation. I am glad that we did, but I am sorry that it took us so long to finally get together. THat was the last time I ever saw her. WHat I will remember most about her is her wanderlust - she wanted to go everywhere and she sure knew how to find the deals! Marion had this incredible way of not letting work get her stressed out. I always joked with her that one day I would be in therapy from work related stress and I would use her as my behavior model. I will miss her and remember her always.
Stephanie K. Danizger, Colleague
May 7 2002 2:59PM
I believe that Marion was my husbands secretary. She was always so kind to me when I called, and I know Ron valued her. He spoke of her often and he appreciated what she did for him. My prayers are with her family.
Cindy Comer, Friend
Apr 12 2002 5:44PM