Vincent Boland

Family Tribute:Vincent grew up in Ringwood, a small suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. As a teenager he would visit the city on different occasions, but his true love of New York became irreversible when he became a student at NYU.

Vincent traveled many places and saw many things in his short 25 years, but he always carried New York in his heart.

In June of 2000, he traveled to California to attend Stanford University to attain his masters and he thought he might stay awhile. However, in June 2001, with his masters in hand and the demise of Silicon Valley, the great lure of New York again pulled him back home.

He quickly secured a job with Marsh and McLennan on the 97th floor of Tower 1. He was a business analyst developing technology solutions. He had just started out on a wondrous life and career. He was a quiet person, humorous, a good friend, highly ethical, and extremely capable. The world lost a brilliant “star.”

Vincent will long be remembered by his family and friends for his irrepressible humor, his never ending friendship, his furrowed brow, his comical cynicism, and his angst with style. He was definitely a very remarkable and distinct individual. Once you knew him, he could not be forgotten.

And so our tribute to our son and brother Vinny does follow:

Ode to Vincent #2

“This one’s for you”

It is now six months since that faithful dayAnd they try to tell us that we will be ok.But we’re not so sure that they are rightBecause you are gone and we have lost our light.An angel way up high they sayYou are always with us both night and day.But we cannot hold you and hug you tightAnd our hearts just ache all through the night.Your life was lost to help us allA “Freedom Angel” that’s what you’re called.Your death was surely not in vainBecause freedom will win, over all this pain.It will take time to see the light.It will take time to be all right.But in the end three thousand strongFreedom will ring out loud and long.And we must never forgetThe sacrifice you all have met.Your lives for freedom that is trueWrapped in the colors of red, white, and blue.Each night a tear or two will fallTo remember why, you died for all.Freedom, truth, love, and lightThat’s the reason we do fight.So Vincent, now’s the time to takeAnd raise the gauntlet highTo make us see what we must doSo that no more may die.

Good night Vincent.

Love,Mom, Dad, Erin and GregA memorial scholarship fund has been set up in Vincent’s name. Anyone who would care to send a donation can send it to:Lakeland Bank103 Ringwood AvenueWanaque, NJ 07465

A memorial scholarship fund has been set up in Vincent’s name. Anyone who would care to send a donation can send it to:

Lakeland Bank103 Ringwood AvenueWanaque, NJ 07465

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Well 22 years today, but it seems like 102 without you by our side. Life does surely play some nasty tricks. We miss and love you very much, but I am sure you already know that. There is not a day I do not think of you. Vin, Sally and Leo have really grown so, and they are our treasures. We are so blessed to have them in our lives along with Erin, Greg and Sarah. Stay close to us, and each time a Cardinal comes to visit I know you are nearby. With all our love and prayers, Dad, Mom, Erin, Greg, Sarah, Vin, Leo and Sally
Joyce Boland, Family
Sep 20 2023 4:33PM
Hi Vincent, I know I am a day early but I just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. We still miss you and love you so very much. Oh how we wish you were here with us and enjoying your niece and nephews. They know all about you and love you too. Rest in peace my son and keep watching over us. We know you are always near by and with us. Happy Happy Birthday and as you always said “Let’s do dinner." Love, Dad, Mom, Erin, Greg, Sarah, Vin, Sally, and Leo
, Family
Aug 3 2023 4:07PM
To the Boland Family: Please accept my most sincere condolences on the death of your son 21 years ago. Reading your messages to him over the years broke my heart. I can relate to your pain somewhat, having lost my husband and mother over the last 10 years. The pain of losing a child must be the worst pain of all. Grief is the price we pay for love. Please continue to be strong and know that so many people care, even though we are strangers to you. Best wishes for the future and peace be with you all.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 14 2022 6:04AM
Good Morning Vincent, I can hardly believe that it is 21 years since that terrible day. We still miss you and love you so much. We will not go into NY today. We are just too old for such large crowds but we will visit your memorial in town. At night we hope to see the twin lights that will shine over the NY skyline in remembrance of tower 1 and 2 and all the lives lost. We did not forget your birthday but my letter to you never got recorded. So Happy Belated Birthday. The whole family visited you at ground zero and we saw the museum. I am sure that you know that even Vin was with us. Did you see my red cardinal? Until we meet again keep us all in the palm of your hand and watch over us. Love you so. Mom&Dad
Joyce Boland, Family
Sep 11 2022 9:58AM
Dear Vincent, It is now 20 years and you would be 45 years old. Oh how many grand adventures you would of had but it was not to be. You have not been forgotten and we so dearly miss you and love you. We spent the day together as a family and how we wished you were with us too. Stay close by and watch over us. We can feel you are near by.Love,hugs and kisses,Mom,Dad, Erin, Greg,Sarah,Vin,Sally and Leo.
Joyce Boland, Family
Sep 12 2021 0:47AM
I think of Vincent, especially at this time of year. I finally wanted to reach out and say that Vincent was a great classmate and team member when we were in Grad school at Stanford. After we both graduated, one day in NYC I was getting money out of the ATM and I heard a knock, and there Vincent was saying hello. It was such a coincidence to find us both in New York, and he shared about his new job at MMC. It was only days later that the tragedy occurred, and I wondered, was I one of the last of his friends and family to have gotten to see him? To Vincent's family, I will say he was so happy and excited when I ran into him, and I know you are truly forever proud.
Alice Choi, Friend
Sep 11 2021 2:19AM
My family lived around the corner from the Boland family. My brothers and I went to elementary school with the Boland children. My brothers and I often played with the Boland children growing up. Vincent was a smart, kind, gentle and funny person. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Boland family. RIP Vincent. Never forgotten. Megan Marchick Le
Megan Le , Friend
Sep 12 2021 6:20AM
Recently came across Vincent’s memorial and something about him and his memorial has always stuck with me. Sending prayers and blessings to the family and friends of this bright young man. Vincent you were loved and still are loved by many and I hope you are at peace. Taken too soon but never forgotten. Best wishes to all of you.
Anais C. , Friend
Sep 11 2021 6:32PM
Happy Birthday Vincent we still love you and miss you so much. We are celebrating your birthday today with the family. You are not forgotten. Love ,Hugs, and Kisses, Mom &Dad
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2021 11:12AM
Random stranger here just browsing and wanted to let you know that the world has not forgotten your son, uncle, brother, husband, or father. We still mourn with you. RIP, Vincent.
Lori, Friend
Jun 19 2021 4:42AM
Sorry Vincent that I did not get this posted for 9-11 . Just want you to know that we still miss you and love you so very much. You are always in our hearts and we know you are close by.Happy belated birthday we did not forget. Vin,Sally, and Leo are such great little guys and I wish you could enjoy them with us. They remind me so much of you. Stay close we love you . Love and Hugs, Mom & Dad
Joyce Boland, Family
Sep 14 2020 10:53PM
Hi to the Boland Family, My name is Liz Pendergast (Hack) and I graduated 8th grade from St. Catherine’s in 2002. I was the recipient of the Vincent Boland memorial scholarship from your family at graduation that year. Just wanted to let you know that I think about Vincent every year. It means a lot to me that I was given an award in his name as it sounds like he was a wonderful, smart person. How time has gone so quickly.. now I am married and my husband actually works at Marsh & McLennan. I will never forget Vincent or your family. Sincerely, Liz
Liz Pendergast (née Hack), Friend
Sep 11 2020 9:11PM
Hello I am really sorry for the death of Vincent Boland. I also have a few questions. In my dad's Stern University photos of graduates , I was searching them up and saw Vincent in the "Graduates" I will always remember him even if I didn't know him.
Grace, Colleague
Feb 21 2020 8:53PM
Good Morning Vincent, It has now been 18 years and Dad and I sat and listened to the names being read. We heard yours and saw your picture. It is no easier now than it was in the beginning. We love and miss you so very much. By for now and know that you are always loved and missed by all your friends and family and never forgotten. Love Mom and Dad
JOYCE Boland, Family
Sep 11 2019 2:14PM
Sorry, I forgot to send Vin's love too on your birthday message.
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 9 2019 11:32PM
Happy Birthday Vince, another year has passed and this week-end we have Vin with us. He is a joy just like you, full of energy and smarts. We will be at the Memorial today so look for your Birthday Balloon that we will send you. Thank you for looking after Leo and keeping him in your arms. He is doing so much better. Until we are together again, much love and we do miss you so. Mom, Dad, Erin, Greg, Sarah, Sally and Leo.
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2019 1:38PM
Hi Vince, Happy Happy Birthday. We have happy news. You are now an uncle again of a beautiful set of twins-Sally and Leo- and of course we cannot forget Vin who is almost 5 now. He is a most marvelous and loving little boy. We all miss you very much but you are not and never will be forgotten. Have a good day up there in Heaven and say hello to all for us. Love, hugs and kisses, Mom, Dad, Erin, Greg, Sarah, Vin, Sally, and Leo.
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2018 7:54AM
Happy 41st Birthday Vincent. Another year has quickly past and we still miss you very much. Again this year scholarships have been given out at Stanford and Lakeland in your name. You are never forgotten and each year new young people are helping to carry on your dreams and goals. Your nephew Vin is quite an adorable character and very smart. He reminds me so much of you.Tonight we will once again celebrate your life with a Birthday dinner.Also Rebecca is going to be defending her doctoral dissertation on Sept. 11th this year in hopes of taking back that day in a small way for you. Happy,Happy Birthday. As always stay near to us and guide us .We will always love you and miss you but we will be together again one day. Until then love you,Mom,Dad, Erin,Greg,Sarah, and Vin
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2017 8:05AM
Hi Honey, Happy 40th birthday. I can not believe you would be this old. Life goes on but we truly miss you.Little Vin is our joy. He reminds us so much of you. He is handsome,smart and loved by all.Many more scholarships have been given out this year in your memory.Keep watching over us and stay close.We are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate your birthday .I know you will join us. We love you, Mom,Dad,Erin,Greg,Sarah,and Vin..
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2016 7:30AM
Hi Honey, I wish that I could say hello in person but since I can't I am hoping this will do. My thoughts my heart and my love are always with you. Happy 39th I did not forget but I could not get it posted. Your name sake Vin, is quite a character just like you. He has the spark that brings the light and the love to our hearts. On 9/11 the family is getting together "to do lunch" in your memory and honor.May your spirit continue to be near us always and may you be at peace.Until we are all together again,Love Always, Mom and Dad PS Your awards and scholarships still continue.
Joyce Boland, Family
Sept 8 2015 9:27 PM
Hi Honey, Happy 38th birthday. I can hardly believe you would have been this old today. We surely love you and miss you more than ever,You now have the most handsome cutest and smiling loveable nephew you could ever imagine. His name is Vincent Joseph. He looks just like you and your brother when you were babies.He is the love and the light of our lives and we thank you for sending him to us.Many more scholarships and awards have been given out in your name this year. You will never be forgotten and dearly loved and your enthusiasm for life and for helping others lives on.Mom,Dad,Erin,Greg,Sarah,and Vi--Love you always.
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2014 9:00AM
Dear Vincent, thinking of you all these years later. You were the best gift from Stanford and your laughter and sense of angst still rings in my ears. Missing you everyday. Remember how we hated kids, well i have 2 of them now. Your mother's gift of a little baby's pnk dress now wears on an 11 year old. When i get to the heaven we both talked about,we have lots to catch up. Warmly, Tania
Tania Choi, Family
Sep 12 2013 12:50AM
Hi Honey, Just wanted to wish you a Happy 37th Birthday. The years have gone by but my heart still aches for you. If only I had a minute with you for every time you are in my thoughts, we'd never be apart.Some happy news though,You are going to be an uncle. It is a boy. Watch over and take good care of him. More scholarships and awards have been given out in your memory this year and you are never forgotten and always loved. I know you are close by for I can feel your presence. Love you forever and always, Mom,Dad,Erin and Greg
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2013 7:01AM
Once again Happy Birthday Honey, We may be far apart but that means nothing because you are always in our hearts. From the first minute of the day to the last at night,our thoughts are filled with memories of you. We love you always and that will never change. If every thought we had of you were a shining star, the night would be as bright as day. We miss you very much.Love,hugs and kisses, Mom,Dad,Erin,and Greg
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2012 8:49AM
Vincent, I was thinking of you and your family today. I know that your Mom was worried that the people who you worked with at Marsh might forget you. We haven't.
Phil Vincent, Colleague
Nov 14 2011 10:23PM
Hi Honey, Happy Birthday,I can barely believe you would have been 35 today.It seems just the other day all five of us were at Disney World enjoying the park, the exhibits, and the rides. Life sure does take some unexpected and devastating turns. We miss you so very much and always will.Our lives have a big void without you. Ten scholarships and three awards have been given out in your name this year. Your memory and goals live on.You are constantly in our thoughts and heart. Tonight we are all going out to dinner to honor your life and your birthday. We love you so much and we always will. Love,Hugs, and Kisses, Mom and Dad Erin and Greg too
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2011 8:27AM
Dear Vincent, I came upon a poem the other day that sums up what I am feeling so I am sending it to you. I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and the day before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories,and your picture in a frame. Your memory is a loving keepsake,with which I will never part. God has you in his keeping, I will forever have you in my heart. Happy 34th Birthday, Honey. We still miss you and love you so. Mom and Dad
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2010 9:02AM
Thinking of you and your family on this sad anniversary.
Lisa Pieretti Karpowich, Friend
Sep 10 2009 4:54PM
August 4th, 2009-thirty three today that would have been fine,but I guess the Lord had other ideas and took you from us,it has been 8 long years. We love you dearly and always will. We are waiting for the day we will meet on that heavenly hill. It has been a good year for scholarships given out in your memory--four at Stanford, one at Lakeland, and three awards at St. Catherines. The memorial for you and Christian was dedicated in September. It was a beautiful day, a magnificent ceremony and so many friends and family attended. We also know that your spirit was there. We could feel your presence.-=Happy Birthday and continue to stay close to us and guide us . Until we meet again. Love and kisses, Mom and Dad
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2009 7:59AM
I was friends with Vinny while we worked at Ernst & Young together. He was a caring, smart, warm and funny guy. I think about him every year on this day and wish he was still with us. Although we weren't very close friends, he was thoughtful enough to bring me back a souvenir mug from a trip he had taken to London. I still have that mug and am glad he gave me something to remember him by. My thoughts go out to Vinny's family. Much love, Yvette
Yvette Alvarez, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 2:17PM
I did not know Vincent, but was in the LDT program a year after him, so we all knew of him. I also wanted to say how touching the poem is, and let his family know that even people who did not know him have not forgotten him.
Keri Morgret, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 12:06PM
Happy Birthday Vincent,I can hardly believe that you would have been 32 years old this year. It has been a long seven years and we miss you more than ever. This September-Ringwood is dedicating a memorial in honor of you and Christian. It is a beautiful spot with benches and a plaque and lots of trees and flowers. It is very serene and peaceful. Three more scholarship have been given out this year and one of the recipients reminds me so much of you. You are never forgotten and never will be. I just long to hold and hug you again and I know someday I will. Stay near by us and guide us through. Love you always and forever, Mom and Dad
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 5 2008 4:03PM
Vincent, I have thought about you and your family often. While you were simply Greg's older brother to me, you always stood out as a kind and good example to all. I always loved seeing you, Greg and Erin with your loving grandparents on 'grandparents day' at St. Catherines You have such a good and kind family. I wish you peace and all the love and luck in the world to your whole family. -childhood friend Tim Howe
Tim Howe, Friend
Mar 21 2008 7:17AM
Hey sweetie, another year without you. not one goes by that i don't think about you and your family, and how blessed i am to have known you even if it was one short year at Stanford. Missing you still, and your laughter, your humor and your acceptance and generous spirit. you live on always in my heart. love tania
tania choi, Colleague
Sep 12 2007 11:09PM
Hi Honey, Happy Birthday, well another long year without you. Four more scholarships have been given out in your name,two at Stanford and two at Lakeland to help continue your goals. Today we are having a barbecue for your birthday with family and friends. You are not forgotten and never will be. Save us some room on your shining star. We love you. Mom and Dad
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2007 12:37PM
I have been with Mercer for one year now and never knew Vincent. I came across this during a break from client work and would just like to say that the poem to your son is beautiful and I wish I had known him. It brought a tear to my eyes as I think about my family and how I would be able to cope with such a loss. My son is 2 and my daughter turns 1 next week. God bless you and your family. -Tony
Tony Roberts, Colleague
Sep 12 2006 12:27PM
Vinny and I worked together at Ernst & Young. He was one of the smartest people I ever met. I don't think I could get through the workday without his wonderful sense of humor. I still miss him and think about him often. He was a great friend.
Victoria, Friend
Sep 11 2006 11:37AM
Hi Honey, This birthday would have been a milestone year,Happy 30th. Once again your friends have not forgotten and we are all going into the city for dinner to celebrate your life. Also four more scholarships have been given out in your name to help complete your goals. Greg got married in July as you know and you were his best man as he had always planned. Your presence was truly felt. We will always miss and love you. Time can not erase the void. Until we can once again throw our arms around you and hug you and hold you we will forever hold you in our hearts. Love, Mom and Dad
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 4 2006 12:20PM
I miss your smile and your beautiful thoughts. I know you are in heaven and in my heart forever peace to you in a field of lavender crystal
Crystal, Friend
Jul 4 2006 6:04PM
I wish I had known Vincent, and even though I didn't, I am sorry for his loss, and would like to pass greetings from one Boland family to another. I am filled with great sorrow to read Vincent's birthday wishes from his mom and dad. All the best, from Mark, Lisa and Liam Boland
Mark Boland, Friend
Feb 18 2006 7:42PM
Hi Honey, Just wanted to wish you a Happy 29th Birthday. Three more scholarships have been given out in your name and there is now a bench in Central Park that is yours. Tonight we are meeting with your friends in honor of your birithday. As you can see you are not forgotten, as if you ever could be. We miss and love you so, for love never dies. Love , Mom & Dad
Mom & dad, Family
Aug 4 2005 9:18AM
Not forgetting you this year, dear friend. Missing you rolling your eyes with me at 2 of my babies now. We never could understand those screaming kids and now i am a mother of 2. i met someone that gave me a glimpse of you the other day, and i was so nostalgic remembering how we just 'clicked' that first day of school. You will always be the only one i can work with effortlessly. Hope you're having a ball where you are! missing you terribly.... Tania
tania choi, Family
Sep 16 2004 12:00AM
I knew Vincent from the Lakeland High School Drama Club. He was a year behind me. He was always very nice and quiet. I remeber he was very close to Miss Manning. We didn't know eachother that well, but when I had heard that he died on 9/11, memories of him came flooding back. So sorry for your loss. I'll always remember him as a very sweet guy.
Lisa Pieretti Karpowich, Friend
Sep 14 2004 3:06PM
Hi Vincent, Today would have been your 28th birthday. We just want you to know that we still miss you so much and never a day goes by that we don't long to have you back - we know that you are still near us we can feel your presence. There have been many scholarships given in your honor to help others, so that they may obtain their education and in so doing help to complete the goals that you could not. Guess what Vincent, I've been forced to enter the computer age. Well honey Happy Birthday and remember we miss you and love you. Until we will be together again some day. Love, Mom & Dad
Joyce Boland, Family
Aug 3 2004 11:05PM
I am attending Stanford because of Vincent. I was blessed this year with the fellowship left in Vincent's name. I have had life-changing experiences in the short 12 months that I have been here. I have chosen to become an educator, someone who can be an instrument in helping young hearts find their own dreams. Vincent, I have found my dream here, I have found my SELF, and it would not have been the same without this gift. Thank you.
Eric, Friend
May 2 2004 1:19AM
hey darling, it's been 2 years. i am in singapore and am sad that i cannot be 'with you' during this second anniversary. i keep thinking it's yesterday, and you are so near in thoughts and ideas. miss you dreadfully.... will keep thinking of you each time i eat Thai food or talk about stanford. love tania
tania choi, Friend
Sep 15 2003 8:01PM