Shakila Yasmin

Family Tribute:

Shakila (26) and Nurul (36), a Muslim couple who been married for only year and half, were the victims of the World Trade Center Tragedy. Shakila Yasmin and Nurul H. Miah both used to work for Marsh & McLennan. Shakila's office was located in the 97th floor and Nurul's was in the 93rd floor in Tower one of the World Trade center. Nurul was in the 99th floor, attending a meeting when the 1st plane hit their building. Nurul used to work for Marsh & McLennan for about 15 years. Shakila just started about one year ago six months after they got married on April 2, 2000.

On August 20th, 1975, it was a crisis time in Bangladesh, Showkat Ara Sharif gave birth to Shakila at 3:30 in the evening. From her childhood, she seemed to be very intelligent and talented. She started talking clearly at a very early age. She recited poems and sang songs in many events in her school life. Shakila got her Secondary School Certificate (SSC) with distinction.

Shakila’s father Sharif A. Chowdhury has always placed education as the top most priority for his children. To achieve this goal, his family came to the United States on January of 1992. Shakila was only 16 at the time. She went to Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia, and got her diploma in honors. She then later on continued her studies by attending Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). In 1999 Shakila graduated and achieved her college degree in Management Information Systems (MIS). She became a citizen of US on May 1998. Although she came from a Muslim family, she wasn’t conservative. Shakila was very free and friendly to others cultures and people with different races and colors. She also participated in many activities in school and college life.

As for Nurul, he came to the States in 1985 when he was 21. He’s the eldest son of Kari Afsaruddin Miah. He was born in Bangladesh on June 2, 1966. Nurul came from a pious Muslim family. He was very intelligent and possessed good leadership. He had a power to lead his family and friends efficiently. Nurul was fair spoken and wasn’t scared to face the truth. He was loved by everyone and had the capability to capture anyone’s heart very easily.

Nurul got his certificate on audiovisual and provided his service for Marsh. By dint of merit he managed his good position in the company. He was very outgoing and was a really into hunting. Nurul loved to fish, hunt and camp.

Over the years that we’ve known Nurul, we realized how popular he was in his circle of friends and co-workers. He didn’t make any distinction between race and religions.

Shakila and Nurul met at a friends wedding I believe in 1995. They dated for 5 years before they got married. They were a very happy couple without any conflicts. Shakila was meant for Nurul and Nurul was meant for Shakila. They loved each other very much. As far as we know, Shakila and Nurul is the only couple that was lost in the September 11th’s cruel tragedy.

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May Allah the almighty give them the highest place in jannah
Raihan Rahman, Colleague
Sep 14 2023 0:37AM
I love you.
Maevah Joseph, Family
Sep 11 2023 3:42PM
I don't know Shakila in person, found her name on 9/11 memorial, read about her story and wanted to make a prayer for her and send love. Love, From Iran 💚🌱 Suzan
Suzan, Colleague
May 29 2022 4:47PM
Prayers for Peace in Heavens
Imran Khan, Friend
Sep 12 2021 4:21PM
18 years have gone by. We did not forget you Shakila vabi and Nurul Vai. May you both rest in peace.
Kamal, Friend
Sep 11 2019 6:17PM
I am very toched of the trajedy but I take this opportunity to pray to the almighty to give these couple a place in heaven and bless them with the most blessing as well. Be silent a moment 60seconds
S. Arumugam Sithambaram, Friend
Dec 23 2008 6:46AM
I remember Shakilah from my short time at Marsh MMC. She was a very nice girl, very smart working phone support. She was meant for greater things. It was obvious to anywone who worked with her. I used to call her husband the "Elevator Guy" because I was first introduced to him in the lobby getting off the elevator one day. So whenever I saw him, I would tell her, Hey Skaklia, I saw that Elevator Guy, he told me to tell you hello. That always brought a smile and laugh to her face. You could tell that they were a couple in love. Now they are together forever with Allah. May God Bless You both.
Deron Kirton, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 11:49AM
I went to high school with Shakila. I remembered her as a very sweet and bright individual who could get along with just about anyone. Every year on this day, she is the first person I think of. She will always be remembered with loving memories. May Allah (SWT) grant her Jannat-ul-Ferdous and keep her in eternal peace.
Nayeema, Family
Sep 11 2008 9:17AM
I met Shakila through Nurul Bhai. They were a wonderful couple. We will miss them always and we will never forget as long as we are alive. May your souls be in peace.
kamal, Friend
Sep 11 2008 2:40AM
Hello Tumpa aka Shakila & Dhulabhai aka Nurul, My most memorable moment with the both of them was when I met Dhulabhai for the first time when my sister, Tania and I went down to Richmond/VA Beach. In the first couple of minutes of meeting, I felt like I have known him for years. He was so full of life and adventure within the 3 days we were there; we were always out and about – either walking through the botanical garden, at the beach or canoeing in the James River. Dhulabhai was always joking around making everyone laugh…especially Tumpa; she couldn’t help but smile whenever he was near. I remember how he used to jokingly say “I’m marrying her because she makes the best tea!” and give her this great big hug & a kiss! Both of their eyes we filled with love when they looked at one another. Together they were definitely a match made in heaven! I just want you to know that I miss and love you guys very much. I feel very lucky to have had two loving people part of my life. May Allah bless us in meeting you both again in Heaven, InshAllah.
Floura, Family
Sep 11 2007 6:19PM
Taz, Friend
Jan 11 2004 1:36AM
Dear api, We are all miss u lot..before september 11th you gave me a mail regarding your home address and telephone number of NY..I save this address in a notepad.Now every day when i am remebering you then i open this document and think of ur cute and smiley face ..We are all pray to god for both of you.May both are find peace in heaven.
Adnan, Family
Aug 22 2003 4:06PM
Hey sis.. happy belated b-day...abba, amma and i miss u and nurul bhai so much, you guys are in our minds 24/7. There isn't a moment where we don't think about u guys. I remember the week before September 11th, when we came up to NY to spend some time with you, as it was just last week. But time as flown to about 2 years now. I didn't hear your sweet voice or saw that beautiful smile of yours in 2 years. I just think that you are still in NY. It doesn't feel like you’re not in this world anymore. But when reality hits..i can't help my tears. If we only knew you would be gone, we would hold and hug u a lil longer, talk for little longer spend time with u little longer. WE miss you very very very much. May Allah let you and nurul bhai rest in peace... love u guys
Fahim Chowdhury, Family
Aug 22 2003 1:46AM
All r My Hearts
Srini, Family
Feb 10 2003 3:03PM
i have known shakila since she came to the us. we were neighbors. we attended same high school, we came to become very good friends. after graduation, shakila went to vcu and i went to gmu. we have kept in touch. i still remember when i saw her last in NY, she was wearing a red sari and she was looking so happy with her hubby. i still have that picture in my head. only if she know how much i miss her. god bless her, may they unite in heaven. may allah bless them both and take under his wing. miss both of you.
Kamruz Zaman, Friend
Sep 11 2002 2:00PM
Shakila is my first cousin, I've known about her my whole life, but got to know her when she came to America in 1992. She and her family was staying at my house while she was attending highschool. It was a great experience, because not only did I get to know my cousin better, I made a friend as well. When I remember her, I just think of her beautiful smile and her beautiful long hair. She and Nurul Bhai loved each other dearly and they knew that from the first moment they met. He made her happy like no one else could. He would do anything and everything for her and she would do the same. I had the pleasure of being a part of their lives. When I think of them I imagine the both of them together in Heaven.
Tania Chowdhury, Family
Sep 11 2002 12:01PM
I have known Shakila since she was knee-high. Precocious as a child, she was also a singer who was not shy to perform. She was a very intelligent and considerate individual and I say that not only because I am her first cousin. When she came to New York after marrying Mia, I was excited to have her in the town I loved so much. Most members of our family live in Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, that situation was not meant to last long - how I wish we did more together during her year and a half here! May she find peace in heaven along with Mia. Badrul
Badrul Husain, Family
Aug 6 2002 4:51PM
Shakila and I met through the phone as helpdesk analyst and call coordinator. Shakila was a pleasure to work with, Intelligent, friendly and very professional. When we finally met at the techfest Shakila and I felt as if we had known each other for many years. Mia was also a pleasure to work with, he was funny and very helpful. When I learned that they were married to each other I knew that he is a lucky guy having Shakila as his better half. My prayers goes out to their families. May they be United again in Heaven. Martha Soto.
Martha Soto, Colleague
Jun 5 2002 4:23PM
My husband, Steve Morello, worked with Miah at Marsh. We attended Nurul and Shakila's wedding. Steve loved Miah like a brother and respected and trusted him. Miah made my husband smile. Steve would come at night and tell me about his day and they would surely include Miah. We were honored to attend the wedding of Nurul and Shakila and were hoping to have a long friendship with them. I pray my husband was with Miah, the man he respected so much, when this horror happened. Maybe they even shared a story. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Families of Nurul and Shakila. Respectfully, Eileen Morello (wife of Steve)
Eileen Morello, Friend
May 28 2002 12:56PM