Horace Passananti
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To honor 911 victims, a flag for each person who died on 911 was placed in front of the St. Louis Art Museum on Art Hill. It was a very moving sight. I have since purchased the flag that was planted to honor Horace. It has his picture on the pole and Marsh & McLennan Company. I am giving the flag to my 26 year old son in memory of Horace. He will proudly display the flag in front of his house in St. Louis, Missouri.
Julie Gritts, Friend
Sep 26 2011 7:16PM
We all miss him very much. Its not the same without him. Unkie monkie...
Ryan Fremont, Family
Oct 30 2009 12:40PM
I met Horace while working at Scholastic for Vinnie Marzano. Horace always made me laugh when I dealt with him. He was a great guy and always helpful to me. God bless you, Horace. You will always be remembered....... With love, Lisa
Lisa Tumminelli-Rodriguez, Colleague
Aug 28 2002 2:19PM
My father, Gerald Olcott, died on September 11, with his very good friend of 30 years, Horace. To know that my father is with Horace, and has been, for all these years helps me to find some comfort. I just wish they could have played their scheduled golf outing on September 12... At least one last time. For all of us who suffer from the tragic losses of September 11, we must remember that memories and love will always carry us through... God Bless you Horace...
Jill Olcott, Friend
Jul 29 2002 5:18PM
I am Horace's neice and goddaughter. I want to thank everyone for all the kind words and prayers for my uncle and my family. As many of you know him..he was a great person. Thank you all.
Francine Fremont, Family
Jul 26 2002 2:44PM
I met Horace when he worked at Frenkel and I worked at Alumax. We travelled together two or three times a year in the 90's to conduct claim audits. I will always remember and treasure the time we spent together reviewing files, going to dinner and having coctails. Horace ALWAYS greeted me with his big grin and kept me entertained with his stories - some of which I believed. Horace was a wonderful person and I miss him dearly. He was one of the good guys. See you on the other side Horace!
Andy Bradbury, Colleague
Jun 21 2002 9:31PM
I first met Horace in 1968, when as a freshman in college he was searching for a summer job. I was with the Town of Hempstead, and Horace applied for the position of seasonal public safety officer at the beaches and pools for the summer. Horace was the perfect Officer, mature, sincere and level headed. What a pleasure it was to know him. Coincidently, my younger brother Robert Caufield was working at Marsh's 95th floor (electrician) T-1 on September 11th, and was also tragically lost on that day. Robert never knew that I knew Horance, as then I didn't know Horace was working for Marsh. WHAT A TRAGIC LOST OF WONDERFUL PEOPLE. GOD BLESS THE LOST AND THEIR FAMILIES. MR CONDOLENCES TO THE PASSANANTI FAMILY, especially Horace's mother. Peace Douglas C. Caufield, Massapequa, NY
Douglas C. Caufield, Friend
May 8 2002 3:02PM