Barbara Walsh
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I didn't know Barbara, but I want to extend my condolences to her husband, children, family and friends. So many great people were lost on 9/11, but Americans have not forgotten them. I hope Barbara's family has found the strength in these last years to move forward and find new joys and peace in their lives.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 30 2022 6:36PM
She is still missed by me and my heart goes out to her family. She loved her family very much. I will always cherish her kindness and great smile.
Canda, Colleague
Sep 28 2021 7:07PM
Thinking of family and friends of Barbara's today. God Bless!
Diane Lynn Wren, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 7:15PM
God bless you Barbara. RIP. PS: I didn't know Barbara. I'm a random stranger.
MW, Friend
Sep 11 2020 3:57PM
Plain and simple Barbara, I miss you, you were so lucky to work with Frank and Garo and I hope are still all together. I think of you often.
Jeanne Moran, Colleague
Sep 9 2016 1:13PM
Hello Barbara My name is Roberto Franco, Im am 29 years old currently living in California we have never met before but I feel as I known you all along. I was a senior in High School down in Florida when 9/11 occurred but it would be several more years before I even knew your name. I first heard your story told by your courageous son on a 9/11 television special. Your Son told us the story about the last time he saw you. How the family (your grandchildren) were at there little leagues games & how you sneaked away early drove ahead of the family and cooked dinner for your son & grandchildren so when they arrived they could come home to a hot meal but you didn't even get to sit down at the table with them as you had to get home so you could rest as your worked the next day in tower 1. Your son mentioned as they were arriving home you were litterly giving your hugs & kisses and your son says 'yup she got in her car and drove off' & that was the last time he ever saw you. Because of you Barbara I cherish now more then ever my own family My father, My Mother. You represent to me all the mothers of america & if it wasn't you up on the 96th floor it could have been my mother thats when it hit home. I can't imagine life without my mom. I was young when 911 happened and I certainly understood the implications of that day but until I met you is when it finally hit me what 9/11 really meant to me. I will always remember your name & what you did for me my dearest friend. God Bless all of America & may you rest in peace. oh & I thank you for helping me understand how important everyone in my life is and all those around me that I don't know how we are all still connected,i'll be listening for your name tomorrow. =)
Roberto Franco Jr, Friend
Sep 10 2014 10:07PM
Barbara I saw your son Jimmy on TV tonight in the 'Rebuilding of Ground Zero'. I never met you, but I am a Mercer employee (part of the MMCo family) and worked at 1166 on 9/11. I did my best to try and help in the following months at the family resource center and in any way I could. Jimmy mentioned that you worked where the first plane hit, so I knew you had to be one of our family of lost ones. You must have been an incredible mother to raise a son who could build such a wonderful memorial to you and the thousand of other victims. What a meaningful tribute. May you and your family find peace in those beautiful waterfalls. Next time I visit the memorial, I'll be sure to pay you a visit.
Andrea, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 11:49PM
As I goggled my mothers name I am so touched how so many people write such loving things about my mother. There is a forever whole in my heart. A whole that will never heal . I miss my mother. My 3 children never got to meet her. I tell them stories all the time about her. I feel so sad that they didn't get a chance to know what a wonderful person my mother was. I pray to her everyday . I love you mom. Continue to watch over us . Until we meet again ... Your Daughter, Allison
Allison DiMarzio, Family
Oct 15 2011 10:46PM
Here it is almost 10 years later and although I didn't know Barbara or ever met, we were colleagues and shared the same name. There was a running joke between us because we always received each other's e-mails. I appeared first on the list of employees so everyone thought that she was me and vise versa. We used to laugh when I would get the e-mail to move a phone, reserve a conference room, RSVPs for something or other, etc for people in her office. It got to the point that I would e-mail the colleague back and tell them that I would love to help but I'm located in Morristown, not in NYC and I am not the Barbara you're looking for. I still think of you everytime I see my name and there is no room to insert my middle initial. I will always say a quick prayer for her and the family. May God keep you safe in HIS loving arms.
Barbara C. Walsh, Colleague
Aug 13 2011 1:01PM
The Kubiak Family in Las Vegas is thinking of all of you today on this day of rememberance. Ray, Sue and Geri Kubiak
Susan L Kubiak, Family
Sep 11 2009 10:10AM
thinking of you, remembering you, love you aunt barbara, joann
joann Szenics, Family
Sep 10 2009 10:28PM
To Barbara's Family, Wishing you all peace and comfort on this day. I will always remember her with a kind word, and a beautiful smile. May there be moments of comfort in your sadness and times of peace in your days. Regards, Jackie (Johnson & Higgins employee)
Jackie Eannel Kolb, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 4:54PM
We think of you every day and miss you very much. We know that you watch us, guiding us through tough times and smiling in the good. Love you very much Paul, Jennifer and Lauren (Ben & Kailie too)
Paul, Family
Sep 10 2007 10:11PM were my friend for years at Shearman and Sterling, we rode the 19X home nightly and then you were my son Freddy's babysitter. He loved being at your house and a big family at the dinner table. There was so much love in that is so unfair and I miss you so....
Maureen Gottschalk, Friend
Aug 31 2006 9:35PM
We miss you every day; we miss your family leadership and your 'can do' attitude. Thank you for teaching us the value of living for today, while planning for the future.
Paul, Family
Sep 11 2005 8:49PM
Barbara, I remember you fromthe J&H; days. You were always kind and friendly. You and I would stop and chat from time to time, usually about ofice gossip or things in general. I was truly saddened to hear that we lost you too. I can still remember your wonderful daughters calling me several times in the nights after 9/11, wondering if I heard anything about you. I only wish I could have given them some good news. I now see you in my pictures of my baby shower. Im so happy you were there to celebrate with us. I hope that you are in heaven, resting peacfully. Love always, Michael Cantatore
Michael Cantatore, Colleague
Feb 3 2003 2:47PM
Barbara was a very special woman. I had the privilege to work on the same team with her for a year. She was always willing to help out, always ready to answer questions and a great person to talk to. I will never forget her! May God bless and comfort all who have lost loved ones in this tragedy. Maranatha!
Oveta Foster, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 11:29AM
I worked with Barbara at Johnson & Higgins for 4 1/2 years. Being new to the company, she took care of me especially when I was on the road. She was a great lady who always had a kind word, smile, and spoke lovingly of her family. Those who touch us live forever within us. Wishing you peace and comfort. Love, Jackie
Jackie Eannel Kolb, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 9:37AM
Sunday, I attended All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena California and as I entered the church I took a wrist band and on it was the name Barbara P. Walsh.I had to call the church and find out more about her.Leslie, who typed all the names, said Barbara was 59 and lived in New York City and was your employee. I somehow thought I could see her face...somewhere...I know Barbara is in the hand of God, held in His Grace. I will wear this band, with Barbara's name, knowing oh so little about her, but keeping her close to my heart...Rev. bj
Rev. B.J. Enright, Friend
Sep 9 2002 3:09PM