Linda Mair-Grayling

The Hotfoot Marathon, as everyone called it, began with a Bugs Bunny cartoon, during one of those endless summers at Linda Mair Grayling’s grandmother’s house on 139th Street in the Bronx. The idea was to emulate Bugs himself when he put a match between the toes of the snoozing Elmer Fudd: lighting it always produced a startling amount of jumping up and down.

'I don’t know how it started, but it got so bad we were all afraid to go to sleep,' said Aaron Mair, Ms. Grayling’s first cousin. He remembers that he was maybe 9 and Linda was maybe 12, and that her brother and his brothers were all culprits. 'Nobody really won, but nobody burned the house down, either,' he said with a laugh.

The very large Mair family — which counts many police and correction officers as members — tried to keep alive such golden memories as they searched hospitals and ground zero itself for the 44-year-old Ms. Grayling after the terrorist attacks. A single parent, she was so proud of the new job she had just gotten as a receptionist at Marsh & McLennan on the 100th floor of 1 World Trade Center. She so adored the view. Now her 7-year-old daughter, Isa, is living with Ms. Grayling’s sister Yvonne, who takes Isa to Our Lady of Refuge Roman Catholic Church. 'That’s near the Grand Concourse,' Mr. Mair said, 'and it’s the very same church that her mother went to.'

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I was her Daughter Isa’s School Principal. I have known the Mair family for many years as several of the children were graduates of Our Lady of Refuge. R.I.P. Linda❤️
Marivel Colon, Friend
Sep 15 2023 10:04PM
Missing you so much,My Friend.Praying always for your family!
GayNell Brown, Friend
Sep 11 2013 2:05AM
I have been here a thousand times. I must say I would have never expected to find the mother of my daughter ISA Setsu Martin, in such a condition. I feel sorrow and wish to express that to Linda's family. I so remember being in Japan with her, what an amazing woman she was. I miss and long to know my daughter. I want Isa Setsu Martin-Mair to know that she is not Motherless / Fatherless, I love her and I am actively looking for her. GOD bless the family Linda left behind. Keith Martin
Keith Bailey martin, Friend
Apr 15 2013 6:53AM
Another year dear woman where we look to the link that was broken when you fell. Our love is strong as we pray for the Lords protection over Isa, and the family.. Always, -Cousin A
Aaron Mair, & Family
Sep 10 2012 9:46PM
Your love & memory will never fade..
Aaron Mair, Family
Sep 11 2011 3:39AM
I met her when I was in the Navy stationed in Oakland, CA and her sis Yvoone and I served together. Seems like yesterday when I look at that smile in the pic because she was such a New Yorker at heart and I was a California Boy that took her to Hawaii, where we went on a what I call a Pre-Honeymoon- She had to go back to NYC to see her family and I had ordersout. Well, time went on and I got orders to Okinawa where her Mother grew up in. In fact, we lived in the same hometown of Ginowan where her Mom met her Father. She was a big hit with my Family just by her sympatico. I loved everything you gave me. PS Yvonne, I'm an RN JPG, USN (FMF)(SEAL) RET
John Phillip Grayling, Family
Sep 9 2010 10:32PM
My former Wife and Friend. We had met while she was on Holiday from NYC and got married shortly after we met. She was a true New Yorker and loved that city. I didnt find out she was killed in the attacks until a year ago, when I was going to contact her sister Yvonne. I was very saddened on our loss and to her entire Family. We will always remember you. John Phillip Grayling, R.A.N. HM1FMF)USN/(RET) New Orleans, LA.
John Phillip Grayling, Family
Oct 21 2009 6:52PM
The family has risen to the call of prayer and memory in your honor. We reflect on that place you hold in our hearts and collective family soul. No one can truly avenge or replace what has been taken; but do know that no Mair will rest until justice be done. God keep you in his loving grace. With sadness & love, -Cousin Aaron
Aaron Mair, Family
Sep 12 2009 1:40PM
Linda was a cousin of mine...(Sai-chon was my aunt, I am Tamiko & George Hasbrouck's granddaughter). I cannot sit here and say that my cousin and I were close, but regardless of our relation, the pain of her passing is just as deep as if we were two peas in a pod. Losing anyone in such a horrific way just makes us cherish the time we have even more. It also hits close to home b/c my mother (Clara) is the same age as Linda. I also live in New York City, and woke up to this horrific scene. Here it is 6 years later, and I still look up when I hear the planes the sound a little too close. I want nothing more than to go to Ground Zero to pay my respects, but it still feels like yesterday. Please, cherish what you have now, because you never know if it will be there tomorrow. God Bless Us!
Jasmine Perez, Family
Sep 10 2007 2:49PM
I didn't know Linda but whenever I walk into my sister Gaynelle's house in Oklahoma the first thing I see is is a picture of her and my sister. They were best friends while stationed in Japan. If there are any available pictures I would like to have them framed for my sister. Thanks.
tyrone Brown, Friend
Jul 19 2005 3:01AM
I will always remember Linda as a happy, helpful person, who had a kind word for everyone. Linda just had a way with making you feel comfortable and welcome when you came to the 100th fl. of the WTC. My husband, Greg and Linda would have very nice conversation, while he waited for me to get off work on many occassions. Linda always kept me up to date on the lastest sale, since we both loved to shop for our girls. I will always cherish the time spent with Linda, and will hold her dear to me forever. Linda, Thank you for being you.
Diane Sherald, Colleague
Dec 8 2003 11:29AM
Linda and I both started at Marsh around the same time back in 1998. We worked together at the 125 Broad Street location before the move to the WTC. Linda and I both enjoyed working with the Human Resources Team at that time, which included Ariel Boverman, Cynthia Murillo, Tonya Calloway, & Rolondo Fernandez. We've shared some hysterical moments. I would always creep up behind Linda and pull her chair back and she would jump out of her skin like she was really going to fall all the way back. After the move to the WTC Linda and I didn't work as closely but we still managed to remain good friends. We would try to go out at least once a month and have a ladies night out which included, Yvonne Wout, Maria LaVache, Cynthia Murillo, Elena Ledesma, Alicia Gurrera and others. Our last ladies night out everyone cancelled at the last minute except for Linda and myself. I said 'Linda what do you want to do?' Linda said 'Girl, I want some crab cakes.' The week before September 11th Linda sent out an e-mail to our all girl click encouraging another outing for that Friday, September 14th. Unfortunetly Linda did not survive the WTC Attacks and is no longer with us. Even with all the memories I've built up concerning Linda these last three years, the most memorable and endearing is those of her love for her one and only precious daughter, Isa. Isa was the apple of Linda's eye, and everyone and anyone who knew Linda knows what I mean and how her face would lite up like a christmas tree when you asked about that little girl. Isa I pray that you will always remember how much your mom loved you... And to Linda, don't worry we will still be in-laws, because my son is still gonna marry that darling daughter of yours. :) luv ya much, miss ya much
Lauren Weeks, Colleague
Jun 4 2002 2:51PM