Mohammed Shajahan
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He was my uncle on my mother's side of the family who he took into his own home and helped settle down in New York after immigrating in 1995. I was just 4 yrs when 9/11 happened but I have many pictures of him carrying me when I was born and family pictures when we were living in his beautiful home. I was told only good and amazing things about him. Thank you for creating the foundation of our family history. None of us would be here without him. p.s. I didn't know this site existed and I no longer live in new york but I randomly googled my uncle's name today and this came up. Thank you to whoever created it. Sorry it took this long, but my thoughts are always with him.
Tahiya Hossain, Family
Aug 25 2023 4:13PM
I never met Mohammed, but I met his beautiful wife & children. He must have been a great man, to have such a special family. May God bless him & his family.
Susan, Friend
Sep 8 2011 1:57AM
I knew Mohammed when he worked at a gas station in Nanuet NY ( Rockland County). A regular customer, I used to speak with Shah who was new to the country and working long hours and studying in school. He did his homework at the station, and achieved a Bachelor's then Master's degree. He was the nicest man, never without a huge smile. I am a recruiter, and I took his resume and tried to help him find a job. I was very sad to learn that he perished in 9/11.
Janice, Friend
Sep 11 2010 12:25PM
his daughter is my best friends and she loves her dad very much .
Leena, Friend
Mar 1 2008 7:39AM
im one of his daughter's best friend and they always seem so myserable thinking about thier dad. i feel really bad for them and im always trying to comfort them by anyway.
shirin's friend, Friend
Feb 9 2008 12:11PM
I am an ex-employee of Marsh. It is a great company to work for. I used to meet Mr Shahjahan quiet often. I always remember his words. He used offer prayers in his office. May god bless him.
Gulam Irfani, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 3:37PM
his son is a great friend and from the way that yusuf acts he musst be a great man
mahmoud mohammed, Friend
May 9 2007 2:44PM
Mohammed was a kind man, an excellent father, and a beloved brother. May Allah grant ease to his family and friends, and light in his grave, and justice to all those suffering from the repercussions of the tremendous loss of life on 9/11, and the events that followed.
David Helleman, Friend
Apr 12 2007 1:18PM
I know His son Yusuf hes a great person, and just so strong and brave Masallah ,he is a perfect leader, and InshALLAH his father will enter jannah. I would have never lived without a father , but yusuf is just so tough you can just feel it,Yusuf is a really special friend that i will never forget Inshallah everything goes well for him
Mohammad Barazanji, Friend
Apr 2 2007 10:28PM
He was a great dad to me and i will nver for get him from his son yusuf
Yusuf, Family
Mar 5 2007 3:18PM
He was a great uncle who loved his family. Tarif
Tarif, Family
Oct 8 2006 6:56PM
i missed my dad and i will never ever 4get my dad. Love his little daughter Shirin Shajahan
shirin, Family
Feb 26 2006 7:04PM
i know his son one of my best freinds and he always tells me how good he is i would never be able to live without my father
obada, Friend
Oct 14 2005 8:44AM
jeena yahan marnaa yahan isske siva jana kahan
mohammad shajahan, Friend
May 1 2004 6:26PM