Maria La Vache
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I think of Maria and smile. A true friend and consummate professional. You are missed.
Anne-Marie Dolinac, Colleague
Sep 11 2023 3:36PM
I didn't know Maria, but I would like to send my condolences for your loss to her husband and two adult daughters. America will never forget. I hope that in the years that have passed since 9/11 you have found the strength to move forward and find joy in your lives.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Oct 4 2022 2:21PM
Maria, You are in my thoughts and you will never be forgotten. God bless.
Svein Tyldum, Colleague
Sep 12 2021 2:32AM
Hi, Maria. Your warm smile and personality are never forgotten and stays in my heart always.
, Colleague
Sep 12 2015 9:12PM
Maria was my cousin and although we lived miles apart in our adult years, we grew up together in Brooklyn and were best of friends and playmates. She was always wonderful and full of smiles and laughs. I returned to Brooklyn to be in her wedding and that was an experience I'll never forget.
Dina Dudley, Family
Sep 12 2015 0:17PM
MARIA WAS A WONDERFUL PERSON ...I woulD LOVE FILLING IN FOR HER AT THe RECEPTION Desk. In the International dept at J&H..; Words cannot describe what a Genuine Good heart n soul she had...R.I.P Maria ♡ Lissa
lissa spisto, Colleague
Sep 8 2013 1:53AM
Maria and I traveled to the city by a van.....every day. Maria was a pleasure to talk to...she had a great sense of humor too!! We would talk about our families and Maria was also good listener...she always remarked about the cologne I morning she handed me a full bottle of Obsession,which I loved...her husband didn't like that particular cologne..Maria thought of me....A real sweetheart...I truly miss her.Rest my dear friend.. Love, Bill
Bill Carroll, Friend
Sep 12 2011 6:14PM
Marie and I worked together for many years. She was always helpful and friendly. She was part of what made our Johnson & Higgins company and the International Department a special place! She is remembered in my heart and is truly missed!
Larry Templeman, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 12:26PM
Never forget you. I hope your family knows they are not alone....
Drew Haaser, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 3:35AM
Years later, Maria's smile and genuine interest in others are fresh in my mind. It was a pleasure to work with her at J&H.; She is still missed.
Michael Ricks, Colleague
Feb 10 2011 3:44AM
I worked with Maria when she was the receptionist on the 99th floor of the WTC. She always did everything she could to help me prepare for my training programs and always had a smile. I will always remember Maria for the sweet woman that she was. All my best to her family and friends as we continue to remember that tragic day.
Allison Kempe, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 1:51PM
I worked in the International Department and overseas when Maria was the receptionist on the 9th floor. When I would return to NY for visits when working overseas, she would always greet me with a smile and hello.....I knew I was home. She is in my thoughts.
Svein Tyldum, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 5:14AM
Maria was the receptionist on the 9th floor at 125 Broad Street where my department, the National Casualty Office, was based from 7/86 until our move to the 5th floor in 1998. Maria and I soon developed a friendship through lunch hours shared in the J&H; cafeteria, and we met several times for dinner following my department's move to midtown and Maria's move to the World Trade Center in 1999. Ours was a friendship that would have extended beyond our employment, but for the tragedy of 9/11/01. Besides being a friend, Maria was the VERY BEST RECEPTIONIST. My department had only two support staff, and Maria was always willing to lend a hand by covering our phones when we were short-staffed. It's taken me awhile to put my thoughts in writing -- and these are far from adequate -- to express my feelings of loss for Maria's family and friends. She is missed. She will be remembered. She will never be forgotten. May this be a comfort to all who knew and loved Maria. Regina Motreuil 9/17/02
Regina Motreuil, Friend
Sep 17 2002 3:34PM
I never met Maria but I became friends with her daughter Mary Jane. I know that she truly was a wonderful woman! My thoughts and prayers are always with her family!
Anamarie Catarelli, Friend
Sep 17 2002 1:22PM
Met Maria since the early 80's. Since working in New York and then when transferred abroad always looked up that nice and tender person. Will miss her.
Rodrigo Fajardo, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 6:25PM
On behalf of the many International trainees that passed in front of Maria's reception desk for so many years, let me thank you for showing us that having a calm, professional demeanor and being a warm and caring person are not mutually exclusive.
Drew Haaser, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 3:02PM
I knew Maria during my 13 years in the International and Property Departments at the New York headquarters of Johnson and Higgins, prior to its merger with Marsh. Maria was our 9th floor receptionist and we greeted each other daily until the two departments were consolidated and we moved to the 6th floor. Even then I would see her from time to time. Maria was always cheerful and pleasant and you knew that she enjoyed being with people. I had not seen Maria since retiring in 1998 and was shocked and saddened to hear that she was one of those lost. My deepest condolences to Maria's family. Karl DeFoeAugust 17, 2002
Karl DeFoe, Colleague Aug 25 2002 10:23AM
August 17, 2002 Karl DeFoe, Colleague Aug 25 2002 10:23AM
Maria had the greatest sense of humor I ever had the pleasure of coming across. She was such a card. To really know Maria, you would know that she wasn't the quiet woman that made an appearance at the receptionist desk. She was a woman with a lot of spunk and life. Maria I will forever miss the jokes we shared and your crazy sense of humor.
Lauren Weeks, Colleague
Jun 4 2002 2:39PM
Maria always had a geniune smile and was interested to know how you were doing. She often told me about her family and her love (and worries) about her daughters as they were growing up. When visiting NY, it always made me feel better to touch base with Maria; she was very much a friend.
Maura Garych, Colleague
May 20 2002 3:42PM
Everytime I would go to the 9th floor (at J&H;) I would see Maria sitting at the reception desk and always had a smile on her face. She was a wonderful woman and a pleasure to have worked with. My sincere condolences to the LaVache family.
Ellen Frey, Friend
May 9 2002 6:55PM
A timid sweet lady. A caring friend. A professional who knew how to 'handle ' a client's call.
Mike Heim, Colleague
May 9 2002 4:19PM
Maria worked, for many years as the receptionist for J&H;'s International Department. She was always a smiling, helpful, thoughtful friend. She went out of her way to make certain that international visitors were welcomed warmly. She was always 'the warm welcome' and cared about everyone. We will all miss Maria.
Glenn Camp, Colleague
Apr 5 2002 9:52AM