Robert A. Hepburn

Every morning, Theresa Hepburn and her two girls would drive Robert A. Hepburn to the train station in Union, N.J., where they lived, for his commute into the city. It was just one of the many routines that defined their family life.

Another unfolded after he settled into his office. He would call every day around 8 a.m. to make sure that Allyson, 6, and Jennifer, 4, were ready for school. And he would always ask what they wanted him to bring them that night. 'They always wanted gum or candy,' his wife said.

When he returned home, he would take care of the girls so their mother could go to her evening job.

Mr. Hepburn, 39, was an office service manager for Marsh USA, a job he had held for only two months. He worked on the 93rd floor of 1 World Trade Center, and his desk was against a window with a view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and of course he shared it with his family. During the summer, Mrs. Hepburn and the girls took the train into the city every Thursday for lunchtime concerts downtown.

'He would go down to our train and meet us and put us in our seats, and then he’d go back upstairs to work,' she recalled. 'Then he’d come down during his lunch hour and watch the rest of the show with us.'

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I worked with Bob at Amerada Hess for years; he met his wife Theresa there, I attended their beautiful wedding. I left the company moved on and lost touch, when I heard that my friend was in that tower on 9/11 a piece of my heart died as well. I will never forget you, I pray for you and your family everyday. My love to his family, may you find peace and to my friend Bob RIP!
Alma Smalko, Friend
Sep 14 2011 10:37AM
dear jennifer i feel reall bad about your dad. if that was my dad i would keep on crying till i meet u. P,S ILKL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR U AND IM YOUR FRIEND!!! SEE U SOON!
dominique albert, Friend
Mar 5 2009 4:23PM
i read about your dad he sounds really sweet and a cool dad. from julianna caltabian
julianna caltaniano, Friend
Jul 15 2008 3:35PM
Bob Hepburn was a GREAT person... a loving son & father, and a loving & faithful friend. Whenever anyone needed help, whether they asked for it or not, he was always there to help. When it snowed, he would shovel his sidewalk & driveway, as well as those of his neighbors. In the summer, when lawns of his sick or elderly neighbors needed cutting, Bob was there to help out - no questions asked. Bob left behind a beautiful & loving wife, Theresa, and two adorable daughters -- Alyson & Jennifer. Bob lived for his family. His mother & father retired to Florida, but Bob talked to them every week on the phone and visited them as much as possible. I knew Bob for 39 years and we considered each other brother & sister. Some of my memories of him are: When he was young: * His bucktooth smile; :-) * Trying to pick fights with his brothers; * Playing basketball; * Sitting on the front stoop (especially during thunder storms); When he got older: * Teaching him how to drive; * Going to the Arrow Lounge & bar in Irvington; * Teasing my friend Dave about wearing a pink shirt, but later on in life always wearing a pink shirt of his own; * Looking out his bedroom window when I got home late at night to make sure I was OK, then teasing me the next day about being a dirty stay out; * Loaning me money for my 'tune-ups' (inside joke); * Teasing each other that we had to 'approve' of each other's girl/boyfriend or they were 'outta here'; * Yelling at me because I didn't have any meat in my refrigerator; And when he got older: * Helping him move from Sherman Ave. (very hard to do); * Helping him with his 'tune-ups'; * Being a bridesmaid in his wedding; * Watching the new Hepburn family grow as the kids came along; And the one joke that I'll never, ever forget: Bob telling me & Barbara that we're 'OUT OF HIS WILL' I love you Bob. You were a great brother! Lynda
Lynda Lippman, Friend
Sep 11 2003 12:59PM