Debora Maldonado

Family Tribute:'REMEMBERING'

Remembering my brother, JuJo's 'Going Away Party'Where I first set eyes on you.

Remembering my very best friend, Frankie, being thereAnd me saying to him 'That's the girl I want to marry'.

Remembering pursuing and being rejectedRemembering finally conquering your heart.

Remembering me attending East New York Vocational Tech High School, an all boys school.

Remembering you attending William H. Maxwell High School, an all girls school.

Remembering the two high schools coming together, planning school dances and performing school plays.

Remembering Senior day.

Remembering Prom night.

Remembering borrowing a car, getting lost and arriving at the Prom late.

Remembering graduation and both of us departing attending the same college, but different campus.

Remembering me withdrawing from college for many reasons and joining the Marines.

Remembering coming home one year later from the Marines and marrying my 'High School Sweetheart'.

Remembering leaving the very next day because I was being shipped overseas.

Remembering getting discharged from the Marines and trying to fit back into the civilian world in which I was lost in, having you there to set the stage.

Remembering our first child, Krystal Anne, that took fifteen years in the making.

Remembering you giving birth to Krystal, all those lengthy hours, the hard times you had and the many times we thought we would lose her.

Remembering the coming of our son, Chris James, two and a half years later and nicknaming him 'Macho Man'.

Remembering that no one said that 'Life was Easy', that we sometimes learn to adapt to different situations - good, wrong or indifferent. But always remembering from the first time that we enter this world we have a mission to accomplish. We have no knowledge of what it is, but as soon as the mission is full-filled it's time to depart from this world, leaving behind our loved ones. But nothing is greater than being with the God Almighty. When that happens, it's not to question why, but to accept that there are many reasons why. For those who stay behind will continue to nourish the seed we planted and ask God for health, strength and courage.

Our son, Chris, saw what took place on September 11th and he asked many questions. One was 'How do we get the bad guys?' I responded by telling him the Armed Forces and the many different law enforcement agencies. He tells me when he's of age he will join the FBI and I'm sure he will succeed.

To many, you were called Debbie, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt and Friend. With all those titles you held here on earth there is no greater title or place than being with the God Almighty.

As you look down from the heavens you know that there are many friends and family members who keep close ties with 'this' family. Marsh & McLennan Companies became a big part of this family and we hope and pray that it will always be that way.

Always remember that no one leaves this planet alive. We will all join you in the Kingdom of God and together start a new life.

As long as we remember, you will always live on.

May God Bless Us All.


Your Husband Otelio (a.k.a., Tilito and JR) and your children Krystal Anne and Chris James

Always in Our Hearts!

'Remembering the Good Times'

On August 3rd, 2001, my mom, brother, and I took a trip to Florida to visit our families and friends. When we arrived to Florida, we stayed over my cousin's house. Then, we all went to a restaurant to eat. A week later, we had to get up early in the morning because we were staying at a hotel in Orlando. The next day, we went to 'Islands of Adventure'. My brother and I went on many rides, such as the Hulk, the storm ride, the Spider Man ride and many more. We also went to Sea World and MGM. I enjoyed them a lot because I had fun watching the shows and performances people entertained. The day we were leaving, we spent the morning at the pool. After that, we all had to get ready for the long trip my family and I was taking back to Miami, Florida,

With Much Love,Krystal Maldonado

(Family tribute for Debora Maldonado)

March 11, 2002

Dear Mom,

I hope you remember all the things we did in the past. I know when we pass away, we will hope to see you in heaven. Rest in Peace Mom. I kept the things you gave me and I will always remember that you bought me them. You are in my prayers forever and I will remember all of the good things we had together, like going to Chantell's wedding, Sesame Place, Florida and New York City where we went to the WF Store. We all miss you down here. I love you very much. I thank you for all the presents you have given me. But, always remember that you were the best & took me to your job.

From Your Loving Son,

Chris James Maldonado

Debora Isabel Maldonado

Debbie was born in Colon, Panama on May 16, 1954; the youngest of three children to Leslie and Elvia Edwards. Her family moved to the United States when she was about five years old where her elementary education was in New York's parochial school system, graduating from William H. Maxwell High School and in 1976 earned her Associate of Science Degree from CUNY college in Brooklyn.

Quoting words from Debbie's sister Miriam from The New York Times 'Portraits of Grief' article on December 10, 2001; Debbie was a feisty, warm, chocoholic, woman of constancy and enjoyed shopping. She worked for Marsh & McLennan Companies for more than 21 years reporting to the same boss (James Halvorson) and keeping close contact with co-workers who became close friends throughout the years.

Debbie spoke with her dear friend Veronica Bryant, who is also employed by MMC, every day and also phoned her sister, Miriam in Miami every day. She had the same boyfriend, later husband, Otelio, since she was 14, would visit her mother every Sunday with her children, Krystal and Chris (now 12 and 9) and they would take the same summer vacation year after year to visit her sister.

She was affectionately nicknamed by her husband 'Mouse' but by no means was she timid. She was simply short. For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing her, consider yourself Blessed. For those of you who didn't, let me assure you she was a beautiful person both inside and out. A warm, modest, devoted daughter, sister, mother, wife, relative and friend. She will and has been truly missed and will never be forgotten.

P.S. Debbie was packed and scheduled to move back to MMC's midtown office sometime the week after the September 11th incident and she had just returned home from her summer vacation. She had so much happiness and confidence about who she was and what the future had in store for her and her family. People who'd seen her the Monday (9/10) before the tragedy all said she had a radiant glow and it was just a pleasure to see her beautiful smile. Let us all hold on to like memories.

Written for the Family by Charlene Y. Policard

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Deb, You are surely missed! I miss our laughs and talks about your kids and my grandkids who are now in there 20's Thank you for being such a good friend and teacher when I started with MMC 33 years ago. I miss you very much! RIP!
Sylvia, Friend
Sep 11 2023 1:10PM
Came upon this site and wanted to leave a few words for my friend, Debbie. Remembering our days working together at Marsh & McLennan, the births of your children, Krystal & Chris, the celebrations we shared, our talks, our rides on the subways both pregnant waiting/hoping to get a seat, our shopping sprees, the list can go on and on. You are always remember amiga. May God continue to give rest to your soul and give strength and peace to those who love you. ~ Maria
Maria, Friend
Sep 11 2023 10:56AM
When I started at Marsh & McLennan 31 years ago as floater, the first person I met on 42 was Debbie. With her beautiful smile she introduced herself and said I am here if you need help at the desk. She became my mentor and a good friend. I will always be grateful to you Debbie. RIP!
Sylvia, Friend
Sep 10 2021 8:28PM
I can't believe we are coming up on 20 years of one of the worst tragedies in US history. I miss you Debbie. I wish I could have just one more conversation with you my precious friend. Twenty years and it still doesn't seem real. β€πŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜˜
Betty Stephen, Friend
Sep 9 2021 3:46AM
My dear friend I am thinking of you on this day. I miss I talks. I can't even think of the words to express how much I am missing you even after all this time. Until we meet again my friend...........
Betty, Friend
Sep 12 2018 10:55AM
Debbie, I cannot believe it has been 11 years...I so often think of you and wonder how your husband and children are doing. We worked together for quite some time and I have such great memories. I can still see you coming back from lunch with bags and bags,and of course, it was always for your children. You had such a love for your children and family - you were one special lady!!! Love you Debbie and I will never forget you! xoxo
Lori Gabel, Friend
Sep 11 2012 3:59PM
You are not forgotten Debora.
Francesca Vanasco, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 10:58AM
Will always remember the wonderful times we had going shopping for our children and those fun rides home on the 'F' train sharing stories of our families...every so often I see a picture of you and your smile reminds me of the love and devotion you had as a wife, mother and friend...
Maria C, Gabbe
Sep 10 2012 6:11PM
Childhood friend:went to same paroquial school,same H.S,and she was one of my bridesmaid at my wedding.How can I forget her, Debbie. Her mom, Elvia, would babysit me when I was young.Miriam, and brother Cuchi, as I knew him, were always there. After H.S we went our separate ways, but still kept in touch over the yrs.After 6yrs, my husband I moved to PR.We wrote to each other,and once in awhile I would give her a buzz.Always spunky,but worried about not having babies.As time went by she got busy at her job, and I was busy having and raising my own babies.I remember her writing in our H.S Pen and Ink,'I hope when You have your kid,you name her after me'. And you know what Debbie, I did, I name her after you. She is down rite witty,stubborn,and feisty just like you were. I been searching all these years looking for your family. I hope this tribute gets published so that maybe with luck,some member of the family will see it.Miriam,Elvia,'cuchi'my other family from the old neighborhood,please get in touch at e-mail.Also Tilito,as I remember calling you,my quest to find you guys would be so complete,after so many yrs, If I could only reach out to one of you.Thank you Debbie,for helping get this far. I know exactly where you are and I hope your at peace,as I know some day I will be. Love to all who knew her. N.Maldonado-Camacho 5/27/11
Nilza Maldonado-Camacho, Friend
May 27 2011 8:49AM
Debbie I think about you often, you are missed more than one could imagine. I miss seeing you every Sunday. You would be so proud of the kids they are beautiful people inside & out! I hope your soul can rest easier now ... xoxo
Natalie, Family
May 2 2011 2:32PM
Loved her....
Ronnie Thyben, Friend
May 2 2011 2:08PM
Debbie, Still missing you and think of you often!!!!! What I remember most is what a wonderful wife and mother you were.......your family meant the world to you!!!! I will always remember our little talks at Marsh, always about our children - and all your shopping bags when you would return from lunch. You were always shopping for something........ Rest in peace Debbie
Lori Gabel, Friend
Sep 14 2010 3:53PM
I knew Debbie through our temporary service, Leafstone in the mid 80's. I recognized her bio in the Times obituary in December of 2001 and knew immediately who the story referred to because of the reference to Strawberry...the retail store. I am so pleased to know she was able to have her babies, at least for a while. And I am glad to be able to add in a tiny way to this tribute.
Amy Hamilton, Colleague
Sep 11 2010 4:27PM
Debbie or better yet 'mi compinche', became my friend and mentor when I joined Marsh & McLennan in 1980 straight out of school. Debbie had a magnetic personality that immediately we became good friends. Debbie went to my brother's wedding and i was part of Debbie's most precious moment when she was pregnant of Crystal. Yes, we did lot of shopping in all the stores around 6th Avenue preparing for Crystal's arrival. But, Debbie showed me how unique she was went after I left Marsh & McLennan to join MorganStanley, we always kept the communication. When M&M; moved to the WTC, our 'compinche' was back again. We met for lunch and shop at lot but this time, I was the one expecting a baby. On 9/11 at 8:40 am I was in tower #2, 67th floor. When I noticed what had happened on tower #1, I thought about you Debbie. I have prayed every day for your husband,kids and family to find comfort. You will always be in my heart and I will always cherished our friendship...Love, tu compinche. ~Candi
Candida Perdomo, Friend
Sep 10 2009 7:44PM
Deb, you are surely missed, I miss our talks about your kids and my grandchildren. I never got a chance to thank you for teaching me the ropes when I started with the company 18 years ago. Thank you for being such a great teacher. You will always be in my heart. Lov Sylvia
Sylvia, Friend
Sep 4 2008 1:59PM
Debbie, In your death I finally realize just how precious and short life really is. My friend, I have finally written that first book, which will be published in 6 to 8 weeks from now. It was a long time in the making, but it has finally happened. Many thanks and memories of your encouragement down through the years.
Betty Stephen, Friend
Oct 19 2006 3:04PM
Debbie, I miss you so much. Sometimes I question the Lord and ask Him why, but I know that you are in a much better place and He knows what's best for all of us. I thank God for Charlene who has kept me informed of how your family is doing. I have not met her yet, but hope to meet her in the near future. I had often wondered how was your children and husband progressing and one day the Lord heard me and sent Charlene to update me and I thank God that they are progressing well. I know it is hard for them, but I'm just glad to know they are alright. Again, you were an Angel sent from Heaven and called back home. I miss you. Respectfully, Betty Stephen
Betty Stephen, Friend
Sep 11 2006 4:37PM
Dearest Debbie: You are often thought of. You are definitely missed by all the lives you touched. Your children Krystal and Chris are a reflection of you. They are growing up to be the children you had guided them to be. I am sure you are watching over those who love you. Please pray for us. Missing you always.... The memory of you will never be forgotten..... maria
Maria C. Gabbe, Friend
Sep 11 2006 10:07AM
I worked with Debbie 20+ years ago in New York at the American Cigar Company. She was a dear friend and a lovely person. I have pictures of her in my photo album. I moved to Virginia in 1986 and have not seen Debbie since then. At a friend's house over this past Labor Day Weekend, I found her picture in a book 'Portraits' about those we lost in the 9/11 tragedy. I was horrified. Debbie had a great personality and was always smiling. She was always willing to help. When I was getting married back in 1981, she was the one who decorated my desk at work. When I became pregnant with my first child, she was the one again who decorated my desk. Even though I haven't seen her in so long, she was one of those people that you never forget. I am so glad; however, that she was finally blessed with children. Otelio, if you have any interest in some of the old pictures I have of her in the office, please let me know and I will make copies for you. May God Bless you and your children, and your entire family. Debbie is in heaven now, looking out for someone, I'm sure.
Joanne Seay, Friend
Sep 8 2006 9:25AM
I miss Debbie and enjoyed the time we spent working together, laughing together and sharing precious family stories together. She was a wonderful friend, wife, daughter and mother. As stated 'people like her just aren't around any longer.' Her heart was of gold. I know she is in Heaven with the Father, God, smiling that beautiful smile.
Betty Stephen, Friend
Dec 30 2005 11:38AM
Dear Debbie, We will always remember how beautiful you were inside and out!!!! You were a wonderful mother and devoted your entire life to your family. We are so grateful that we had the pleasure of knowing you and sharing a part of our lives with you. I hope and pray that Chris and Crystal will possess just part of your kindness, sweetness and selflisness. May you rest in peace. Always in our hearts. Love, Fran, Jerry and Adam Torres
Frances, Jerry and Adam Torres
Apr 7 2004 4:42PM
Dear Debbie, I was hoping it was a mistake, that you got out...but you did not come home. It's taken me a while to write to you. But I want to tell everyone, what an inspiration you are. You always smiled, not matter what. You met difficult situations with enthusiam. I especially admired, how you talked about your children. Debbie was a true eptiome of a woman. I was so looking forward to seeing you on our floor once again. The Ya-Ya sisterhood club missed you very much. But I won't worry about you, because I know your having tea the man upstairs and peering down on your beloved children, family and friends. May God bless your sweet spirit....may God bless your family. Bree
Bree Hernandez De Pabon, Friend
Aug 5 2002 4:33PM
I recall the first time Debbie approached a few years ago when we first moved to the WTC. She was coming from the midtown office and I was coming from 125 Broad St. I had seen her several times on the 99th floor but never talked to her she just gave me a simple smile and kept on walking. But one summer day she came to my cube and asked me something about my pc; from then on we became inseparable. We will eat lunch together everyday,in a bit of a rush so we had enough time to window shop. Then we will leave together on the E train she will go home in a rush to cook for her family and I will go to York College. We became so close, that everyone one though we were mother and daugther (she gave a small laugh when people asked her if she was my mom and she will say 'do I look that old?'). Then one day my real mother died and Debbie droped her responsibilities and took me to her, from then on she she took the role of mother; she will bring me lunch and give me lectures whenever she saw i wasn't doing the rigth thing. On September 9, 2001 she spent the day in my apartment in Ridgewood, we went shopping for a new dinnette set she wanted and then we spent most of the day in the Italian festival seeing Krystal, Chris and my son Victor going on rides. then I took her home in my car, the car that got stolen the nex evening and the reason I didn't make it 'on time' to be with her on September 11. debbie I miss you, and I know you are in a better place now, but as selfish as it sounds I wish you were here with me. The moments we shared together will always be in my heart and I will never forget your motherly advice and and your love. Lissette Gutierrez, 5/16/02 10:42 AM
R. Lissette Gutierrez, Colleague
May 16 2002 10:44AM
I will always remember your wonderful personality, charm and your smile. Even though we use to work together at MMC, when this incident happened the first person I thought of was you, knowing that you worked in one of the towers (i just didn't know which one). I will always cherish the wonderful times at MMC working with you and sitting next to you on the 42nd floor of 1166. It was a pleasure seeing you every morning when I came to work. I remember us discussing about children. Krystal and Chris were your pride and joy and now I know how you felt about your children, because now I finally, after 39 years have a bundle of joy, in which I'll never forget you telling me 'in due time'. Morgan-Taylor L. Peters was born on March 12th and when she gets older, I will let her know that you were a beautiful person and I'll never forget you.
Jacqueline S. Byers, Friend
May 9 2002 5:21PM
You came into my life at Marsh as a beautiful butterfly, a rose, a rainbow, a song, a promise from God. Yes, as He says He will never leave us nor forsake us. On September 15, the first Saturday after you were so suddenly gone from us, I went in my garden (.... we both loved to talk about our gardens...) and with tears in my eyes, trying to reason with your absence, a beautiful yellow and black butterfly came by. I guess reminding me that your memory lives on in every butterfly, rose, rainbow and God's Promises. Gone but not forgotten... Always in my heart!
Veronica Bryant, Friend
Apr 24 2002 2:52PM
I met Debbie when she started going out with her husband Tilito. We also went to the same High School together. Debbie was very shy and very respectful. Debbie is the type of women that you cannot find in these days. She was a homemaker and a great wife and mother and also made sure her husband was taken care of. To me she was the sister I never had, she was very kind to my sons and alway invited us to her kids birthday parties and use to make something special for my son Fred so she always made sure that he was coming to the party. When she use to introduce me to her friends and family member she would always say this is my sister and I alway though that was so beautiful. I know that the heaven has a angle looking out for us and I hope that she is taking care of my son and guiding him well. Debbie we will never forget you and we will always cherish the moments you gave us. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who knew her and loved her.Well my dear angle until we meet again the heavens have you to guide us and everybody you knew. May god bless you and keep you in his hands. With all my love Your sister Alicia
Alicia LeGuillow, Friend
Apr 22 2002 12:57PM
I will always remember sweet Debbie as a valued co-worker and a loving friend who loved life and was always positive. I know that her family and friends will forever treasure their memories of her.
Barbara Ann Cohen, Friend
Apr 5 2002 8:50AM