Victoria Alvarez Brito

Just before school started this year, Victoria Alvarez-Brito and her husband, Mario, took their children on a weeklong vacation to Cancún, Mexico. It was a yearly ritual: pick a part of the world and explore it.

In the past, the family had traveled to the Dominican Republic and to Disney World, in Florida. Next year, the Britos were planning to visit the Netherlands. 'She wanted to get to know Europe, and we have relatives in Holland, so that was a good place to start,' Mr. Brito said.

During the Cancún vacation, the Britos took pictures and made a video. Watching the video or putting the pictures in the album with the children, Jamie, 8 and Raúl, 5, was sometimes as fun as the vacation itself. On Monday, Sept. 10, Mr. Brito took the pictures to be developed. On Tuesday, Sept. 11, Mrs. Alvarez-Brito, 38, left home early for the long commute from Elmhurst, Queens, to her job in the finance department of Marsh & McLennan in the World Trade Center.

Mrs. Alvarez-Brito promised her daughter she would get cod on the way home from work that night to cook her favorite meal, cod and potatoes in a thick creole sauce. 'She didn’t get to see the pictures,' Mr. Brito said. 'Now we can’t bear to watch that video.'

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I never met Victoria, but she sounds like she was a great wife and mothet with an adventurous spirit. I hope her family and friends find solace in her memory and have peace in the years ahead.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 15 2022 4:32PM
I remember her as a kind woman who took me to the park when I was a then-10-year-old and very good friends with her daughter Jamie. Not a year goes by that on September 11, I don't think of you, Victoria. I only knew you for a short amount of time but you have left a lifetime of an impact in my life. I often speak about you to my children and my husband. RIP, my friend.
Johanny Vicente , Friend
Sep 12 2022 0:30PM
Jamie, Wishing we kept in touch. Always thinking about you and your family. Can’t believe how time has passed, but we will never forget. Your mom is always in our hearts. Love you! - Kim
Kimberly Concepcion (Porras), Friend
Sep 11 2021 4:29PM
Victoria...I still think of you, especially at this time of year and hope your lovely family are thriving as you watch from above. God bless you, now and always. xx
Lesa Bales, Colleague
Sep 8 2021 0:24PM
Hi Mr. Brito, This weekend was difficult seeing all the videos and pictures on TV and social media. I live in Dallas, TX and work for Marsh & McLennan Agency. I visited New York 3 years ago and the memorial is beautiful. I want you to know that Mrs. Brito, you and your children are not forgotten. I hope the memories made with Mrs. Brito live on in your hearts and gives you strength every year. Sincerely, Diana C
Diana C, Colleague
Sep 14 2020 3:07AM
Sandra cuz I will never will forget you. When I found out you was one of the victims From 911 I couldn’t believe it. I will always remember how much fun we had when tio Soalmo Had parties at the house and you use to sing. Cuz I love you always will be remembered Am going to go visit you soon am back in New York. Te amo prima. Rest In Peace 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Gladys sierra, Family
Dec 10 2019 6:38PM
Wow my heart still aches.... we miss you vicki :-(
Gladys Abreu, Friend
Sep 11 2012 9:31AM
Location- Marsh. East India Dock London. I was in the accounts department Marsh EID, and although I had never met Victoria I had several telephone conversations her. Victoria, who was always very friendly and very helpful. My thoughts are with Victoria family on this tenth anniversary. Marian Newman Retired Collegue
Marian Newman, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 7:36AM
I've still got the last email you sent me on 10th September. It was funny and cheeful as your emails always were. I still can't believe that less than 24 hours later you were gone. My thoughts are with you and your family as we come to another anniversary. I hope they are thriving and doing well. You are still so sadly missed Victoria. God bless you, rest in peace. Lesa. x
Lesa Mace, Colleague
Sep 8 2011 8:09AM
I was just thinking of you, as I did that day. Remembering you and I waiting on 94th street for that Express Bus heading to Wall Street, day after day...You were like clockwork, me always trying to be first in line so I could get a seat on that bus..You laughing when you saw me there first, and me saying...'ha ha ha...gotcha'...I also remember weeks after when I went to that bus stop, and saw the flyers everywhere with you on them. I died inside. But I still have you in my heart, always and forever, and we shall see each other one day my friend. Until then, miss you. Althea
Elvanthia Douvlos (Althea), Friend
Sep 17 2010 4:08PM
Vicki, Hoy dia es un dia muy triste. Con todo respecto amiga me acuerdo de ti y tu familia. Hace anos que los alma de muchos se rompio y es una trajeria. Mucha gracias Vicki por traerme de Iraq vivo. Siempre se que estas en el cielo mirando a tu familia y amigos. Mucha gracias por la bendiciones y todas las memorias de los dias de trabajando juntos y tu y mario conociendo a mi familia en el primer cumple de mi sobrina. Nunca sera olvidada. Un abrazo y ses que nos mira desde el cielo. Tu amigo, Ricardo Roman
Ricardo Roman, Friend
Sep 11 2010 4:18PM
I can't believed its being 9 years since you lefte us Vicki or how some of us called you 'Sandra' I remember as if it was yesterday when you was pregnan with jamie and we was joking around with the babies name,my wedding my baby shower, the parks all our good times together! May your soul rest in peace!
Gladys Abreu, Friend
Sep 10 2010 11:35PM
Vicki, Con todo respecto hoy dia en tu memoria tu amigo Ricardo Roman. Vicki, god bless you where you are, I know a great person like you is in god heaven. Siempre pienso de ti amiga. The kids must be so big by now. Gracias por siempre estar cudiandome desde el cielo amiga. Yo retorne bien de Iraq y se que tu estava mirandome del cielo. Un abrazo fuerte, Ricardo Romman
Ricardo Roman, Friend
Sep 11 2009 5:46PM
I worked with Victoria @ my first corporate job @ Moore North America, and she became a great friend and mentor @ work. I worked closely about 2 years with her before she got her new job where she had gotten me an interview. I know she was a great person all around. I trully miss her, my deepest thoughts and condolences goes to her family. Mario, if you ever ready this please get intouch with me so I may have go and visit NYC again. I have left since joined the army, went to Iraq and came back. God bless you vicky. Your friend, Ricardo Roman
Ricardo Roman, Colleague
Sep 3 2009 12:17AM
Hi Viki, In your memory I want to let you know we had a priest who flew in for mass for 9/11 and a special prayer was made for you from all the soldiers here in COP MEADE, Iraq. I know your in a peaceful place. God bless the family. I am still here in Iraq and pray to you all the time. Que dios te bendiga. Tu amigo, Ricardo Roman 101st Airborne Division 3BCT, 1/187 IN REG, FSC COP MEADE, IRAQ APO, AE 09344
Ricardo Roman, Friend
Sep 12 2008 11:07AM
Mamiiiiii why u died :,(
Raul, Family
Aug 13 2008 10:37AM
Me victoria worked together in Moore North America for a couple of years together. I got to meet her family, husband, daughter and son as well did they meet my family. Vicky was like an older sister to me. She always guided me with work and advice. She always said I was like her yonger brother, iam 30. I was never able to read or look at any site about Victoria becuase I remember her so clearly. I was suppose to go to her job that morning and interview for a job. I worked at that time next to the Empire State Bldg, and called her at 8:15am to confirm and I got nothing. I met up with her family afterwards and went on the search just liek everyone else. I want you to know Briot-Alvarez family, Iam in IRAQ right now fighting the war on terrorism. I look at the sky her in Baghdad and speak to vicky and tell her Iam sorry that this happened to you. With all respect, Victoria'Sandra' Brito-Alvarez, bless you and your in all the soliders prayers here in IRAQ. MUCH RESPECT, PFC RICARDO ROMAN
Ricardo Roman, Colleague
Dec 7 2007 12:09PM
VICtoria is my best friends mom...i just wanna say that even i never meet her i lub her cause the thinks jamie have told me about her are amazings!... i hope VIctoria is in heaven and resting in peace!...your family love u VICTORIA! thats all i can say... R.I.P
cristalia, Friend
Aug 17 2007 12:23PM
aunt victoria victoria was my aunt i love her to much. she was a good person and at this time i dont really know why did she died. on all vacation y saw her. she allways came to dominican republic because we life in dominican republic. and we are her family. i know that am not going to see her anymore but she always is going to be in my heart. im going to remenber she like a very good person it dosent mater that she die she allways in going to be in our mine. please if somebody know were is victoria alvarez please call this phone: 718-393-3142,809-296-1785, 809-525-5059.
camila nuñez brito, Family
Nov 3 2006 5:29PM
Victoria was my aunt from my dads side my dad and her were cousins. I loved her so much and I know that she loves me. I know that I can't see her any more but I still have memories in my heart and in photos. she will never be forgotten by family and friends. the only thing that I can remember about her is when my mom and her were playing around at my uncles house.She must proud of how beautiful her daughter looks now.God bless her and god bless you all!We love you Vicky.
Melissa Ovando, Family
Aug 10 2006 1:45PM
Victoria also known as Vickie was the youngest of two sisters, she was my grandmother's pride and joy. She was my only aunt by mother side. I loved her dearly. She often was my Guardian Angel.When I was growing up and as her only niece she always gave me advise, and spoke to me about the world. My aunt was more than an aunt, she was my bestfriend, and my second mom. She taught me how to be strong and to always keep my head up and to take everything that comes in life and make it as positive as possible. I know that in her living days she made me strong enough to deal with her passing. Last time I saw my Aunt she just came back from Cancun Mexico, She was excited. After the disaster the My husband and I spent months looking for her hoping to find her unconscious some where, until this day I drive around the city and hope to find her. I focus alot on the homeless and hope to run into her some day, even though deep down inside I kmow that dream may never come true, hope is all thats left. As I was growing up my aunt use to take me at times to her jobs, and as a little girl I remember my aunt saying that she would love to work in the WTC.A dream that came true at a costly expense. Jamie, Raul and Mario are all doing fine. Its hard to get over the tragedy, but they are strong and making the best of it. A mother could never be replaced, so memories is all they have left. My grandmother moved to P.R to get away, and everynight she lights a candle hoping to wake up from this nightmare. Vickis was always incharge of keeping the family together on holidays and now it seems like together is too painful. We all know life must go on, eventhough sometimes it seems so unfair. To all those that passed so tragicly we will never forget you, and for us the survivors memories is what will keep them alive, So please don't ever forget them. Thank you for reading my thaughts.
Melissa Navarro, Family
Nov 3 2005 11:03AM
Dear Brito Family, I was reading Victoria's tribute and while I had no direct contact with her at work I was moved to write. I just want you to know that my prayers are with you and your family. Please know that Victoria and the rest of your family have not been forgotten. I hope that you have managed to find some of the strength needed for handling such a difficult burden. Mostly, I hope that you have found the strength to finally watch the vacation video you couldnt bear to watch before and to be able to reflect with some happyness and not just sadness on the memories you have with her. God Bless, Michael
Michael Cantatore, Colleague
Jul 16 2004 10:36AM
I live in Michigan and only got to talk to my aunt a couple of times. I barely remember her voice. I just wish I could have met her before all of this happened then I could really say that I was her niece. But now all I can say is that she was a stranger to burned a hole in my heart when I found out about this. I just want to say that I will always keep my aunt and the rest of my family in my prairs. mabye some day I will be able to visistthem and they can tell me more about Victoria. with Much love, Your niece Allie
Alexandra Brito, Family
Aug 7 2003 8:10PM
Victoria did not work for Marsh for very long, but she made a lasting impression with everyone she dealt with. She often spoke about her family and had many pictures of them on her desk. I hope her family can find the strength to carry on with their lives the way she would have wanted them to.
Corinne Simonetti, Colleague
Sep 12 2002 10:38AM
I trained Victoria when she first came onboard the Finance dept at the WTC. My first impression was that she was very family oriented, her persona was one of warmth...and she had a great sense of humor. I remember talking to her about her poetry, something she was quite proud of...seemingly she was quite Artistic. For the rest of my days, I'll never understand why she was torn from this World... God bless her family...and with all that is good, Victoria, I'll never forget you. Always your friend...Branden
Joseph Branden Tirado, Colleague
Jul 10 2002 9:09AM
I worked with Victoria on a close basis. She was only with Marsh for 5-6 months. During that time I knew a person that loved her family dearly. Victoria spoke frequently throughtout the day of her then 8 year old daughter, 5 year old son and husband. She was proud and had many pictures of them on her desk. She was thoughtful and kind. We had similar taste in books and she lent me some great books. I truly enjoyed working with her and I will miss her a great deal.
Leila Elvebakk, Colleague
Apr 19 2002 1:30PM
I had the priviledge of knowing Victoria for only a short time. I work in the UK and corresponded with Victoria on a daily basis for around a year. Although I was never lucky enough to meet her, it was always great to talk to her on the phone or receive one of her e-mails. The news that she was one of the WTC victims was devastating. My thoughts immediately went to Mario, Jamie and Raul.Their grief at losing their wife and mother must have been devastating beyond anything I could ever imagine. Being so far away made me feel helpless, but I hope that the Brito family, and of course all others this tradgedy affected, knew that we felt their pain and loss. I hope that in time, the sorrow will be overtaken by the many happy and cherished memories that Mario and the children have of Victoria. A very special lady, never forgotten.
Lesa Mace, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 5:19AM