Gayle Greene
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I worked at Marsh for five years out of the Chicago office. And I worked on an account that was a horse race track. Every year I would go to Gayle as she was the expert on this sports and gaming industry. I was ensuring I had the best program, and all the markets explored. She was a subject matter expert, full of knowledge and an early bird. I think & pray about her every year. Never met but lots of calls🙏
Cindy Hiestand, Colleague
Sep 12 2023 0:10AM
I still remember how kind and helpful Gayle always was when I had market security questions. Even though our relationship was only via the telephone (I'm in SF), I think of her on this day, along with so many others taken from us so suddenly and needlessly.
Stephanie Guaiumi, Colleague
Sep 11 2023 11:59AM
Dear Gayle, The memory of that awful day still haunts me. It was a very tramatic & sad day. I do take comfort in knowing that it was a rebirth day for you, as you are in a much much better place now! You were, & will always be, an important part of my life! I thank you for that honor!! Love Always! Elaine
Elaine M Mayer, Friend
Sep 11 2023 11:55AM
Her smiles at FSJ were always welcoming!
Chuck Walters, Colleague
Sep 12 2022 2:13PM
Gayle's sister, Donna, was married to my brother, Don, and she is the Aunt of my neice Janel. We didn't see much of one another being that we lived across the USA from one another. I have attended the "Healing Field" in Tempe, AZ and found the flag flying in memory of Gayle and all of the victims of 9/11. I would really like to go to the memorial in N.Y. but probably will never make it there as I have never traveled that far East. Today I'm going to attend a memorial service in Payson, AZ in rememberance. Payson is where I live and it is a small rural town in AZ. Gayle has been and always will be remembered by my family. I have a flag flying in my yard so she will "Never be Forgotten". God Bless you for presenting this page in honor of Gayle. I often ask myself if she perished quickly but know I will never have an answer. God only knows. God blesses America always.
Dar L. Harris, Family
Sep 11 2021 3:40PM
Twenty years. Still in my thoughts. Never forgotten.
Cynthia Hammond, Colleague
Sep 10 2021 11:56PM
Thinking of you, your kindness and sense of humor.
Kay Prince , Friend
Sep 11 2021 4:14PM
Dear Gayle, Rod, Eileen, Grace, you & I, always referred to ourselves as "chosen family"!!! I have always considered it to be one of the greatest honors in my life to call you "chosen family"/friend!!! I miss you as much today, as I did 20 years ago when you never made it home from "going to an ordinary day of work"! Life is so precious, & a lot emptier without you in it!! Grace is now with you, too!! I am sending you both my love & wonderful memories! Elaine. PS. Rod, Eileen & I will toast you tonight.
Elaine M Mayer, Family
Sep 11 2021 4:35PM
Remembering and honoring our colleagues today. You will never be forgotten. Much love from MMA Southwest Region.
Ashley Gerhart, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 6:22PM
Dear Gayle, 19 years have passed. It feels like that awful day happened yesterday. The NYC Memorial Service is impossible to attend or watch. I have tears in my eyes when I think of you, as you were taken from us much too soon. You made a difference in the lives of everyone who knew you. I can only take comfort in knowing that you are resting in the arms of God. I miss you and your down-to-earth common sense, & practical advise & way of living & looking at the world! Sending you my love always, Elaine
Elaine M Mayer, Family
Sep 12 2020 0:05AM
I worked with Gayle from here, from Poland and we were in touch those days. She was lost suddenly but I remember her name, I remember her...
Barbara Poplawska, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 7:14AM
I think of you often, however today is always harder than the rest. Thankful for the time we shared as co-workers and more importantly as friends. <3
Tina Pellegrino, Friend
Sep 11 2020 1:20PM
Remembering your kindness and your great sense of humor. R.I.P.
Fran (Abigana) Martinez, Friend
Sep 11 2019 2:35AM
Another year passes and our memories are so strong we continue to miss you. Until we meet again my friend,
LINDA Sullivan, Friend
Sep 11 2018 9:47AM
I always think of you Gayle as you were always so patient and kind to me. Rest in Peace Gayle!
Rosalia Croes, Colleague
Sep 11 2018 7:31AM
I think of you often and especially today . My heart goes out to your family and all who had the pleasure of knowing you. You are truly missed.
Fran Martinez (Abigana), Friend
Sep 11 2017 4:19PM
I cannot let this day pass without acknowledging that you are still in my thoughts. When I think of someone good-hearted, you are the first person who comes to mind. Please rest knowing that your colleagues treasured you, as I certainly did.
Cynthia Hammond, Colleague
Sep 11 2017 8:31AM
I think of you often but more so on this day. Until we meet again, forever in my heart.
Tina Pellegrino, Friend
Sep 11 2016 10:28AM
Think of you often. Rest in peace, Gayle.
Fran Martinez (Abigana), Friend
Sep 11 2016 2:36PM
Thinking of you & that terrible day! I wish we could "turn back time"! There has been a hole in my heart since that gruesome day! You are loved & missed! Our little "family" hasn't been the same since you left us. Your guiding & loving presence will always be cherished. We had some great times together! Love Always! Elaine
Elaine M. Mayer, Family
Aug 6 2016 11:10PM
In my prayers always, especially today. Rest in Peace, my friend.
Fran Martinez, Friend
Sep 11 2014 1:02PM
While we pause to remember those we lost on this day, you are forever in my heart.
Cynthia Hammond, Colleague
Sep 11 2014 12:27PM
Another year passes and you are missed but never forgotten my friend.....
Linda Sullivan, Friend
Sep 10 2014 5:55PM
Always think of you on this day. You always made me laugh.
Juan Hernandez, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 8:58PM
Gayle, I think of you often, but especially on this day. Rest in peach my friend. You are truly missed.
Fran (Abigana) Martinez, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 11:27AM
Another year continues to pass and your strong memories continue in our hearts. You will never be forgotten my friend........
Linda Sullivan, Friend
Sep 9 2013 1:07PM
Remembering you today, Gayle. We will never forget you and how much we enjoyed working with you.
Cynthia Hammond, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 8:51PM
Still Thinking of you.. Miss your laugh and fun personality.
Kim Avocato, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 8:51PM
RIP Gayle, I think of you often.
donna wood perez, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 1:54PM
Dear Gayle,We shall never forget you, your smile, your voice and your laugh. We shall keep this day as a sacred remembrance of you and what we lost in a moment.We carry on but we never leave you behind. Thank you for helping us daily to carry the tears and the sadness in our hearts but still to move forward with strength and determination. God Bless You and your family today and always. Patricia & Charles Barraza
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 10:32AM
Hey GG still miss you and your advice!
Linda Sullivan, Friend
Sep 11 2012 8:41AM
Gayle, remembering you and your great laugh today.
Mark Forrester, Sedgwick Colleague
Sep 11 2012 7:09AM
Gail, Remembering you today. Always in my thoughts and prayers.
Fran Martinez, Friend
Sep 10 2012 11:57AM
Gayle and I became friends at the ripe old age of 5 at Our Lady of Victory grammar school in the Bronx. We followed each other through high school, Mt. St. Ursula, and when she converted to Catholicism, I sponsored her (I was her Godmother) which we used to joke about because she was slightly older than me. I only learned of her death a few months after the 9/11 attacks because her address book was with her when she died. I hope you know, Gayle, the friendship and love we shared was very special and will always remain one of my fondest memories of you. Think of you, miss you and remember you in my prayers. Love you. loving you.
Theresa Krupp Orsogna, Friend
Jun 18 2012 8:05AM
Happy Birthday Gayle <3
Tina Pellegrino, Friend
Apr 23 2012 11:00PM
You are missed!
Diana Hatton, Colleague
Sep 12 2011 2:54PM
Gayle, Another year has passed and I still think of you often. It is hard to believe it has been 10 years and you are still truly missed and always remembered. Fran Martinez, Colleague Sedgwick James
Fran martinez, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 9:26PM
In school you were always bigger than life with your wonderful grin and wicked sense of humor. Now you're our guardian angel. Please watch over us and keep us safe.
Cat Pragoff, Friend
Sep 11 2011 8:40PM
Seasons change, time passes but what remains the same is your imprint on our hearts. Your smile, your face, your stories & jokes are forever ours. Rest in peace and may God Bless you and your family today on the 10th anniversary of that terrible morning. We miss you and we are better for having known you. We remember you today and always
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 11:59AM
I only met you once but spoke with you a number of times while I was with Crump in San Francisco. You always friendly, helpful, and when I finally did meet you, you made me feel like a long-lost friend. I know your many colleagues and friends who were privileged to know you are thinking of you at this anniversary.
Laura Danoff, Colleague
Sep 9 2011 6:43PM
I can not believe that you are gone 10 years now. Time can not erase the fond memories and I continue to think of you often and smile Linda
Linda Sullivan, Friend
Sep 6 2011 6:01PM
Enjoyed working with you while we were at Sedgwick...never forgotten, Gayle!
Mackey Hughes, Colleague
Aug 19 2011 9:54AM
Today, a day very much like that Tuesday nine years ago we are remembering you with love. Keeping your memory forever in our hearts and praying for you, your family and friends. Patricia and Charles Barraza
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2010 12:42PM
Another year and you are missed. Always think of you. Linda
Linda Sullivan, Friend
Sep 10 2010 9:14AM
Gayle, I still think of you often and miss you very much. Jan Smith 9/11/2009
Jan Smith, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 7:56PM
Another year has passed. I think of you often and smile. Linda
Linda Sullivan, Friend
Sep 11 2009 5:37PM
Remembering you today brings a smile of my face remembering your wonderful sense of humor, that is so missed. Rest in peace.
Fran (Abigana) Martinez, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 11:52AM
I used to handle an account for a few years that was a race horse track with one of our practice offices in the midwest. Gayle really helped me out multiple times when I was in Global Broking Chicago on a number of questions with the account i.e. markets to approach for the class. She picked up the phone so fast and was always available. I think about her every year now. Peace be with you. You are missed.
Cindy Krebaum, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 8:06AM
Gayle, You are always in our thoughts and prayers especially today. I often stop and think what would Gayle 'Logical' Greene will think in different situations. Until we meet again.... Linda Sullivan
Linda Sullivan, Friend
Sep 11 2008 12:43PM
Had a question today about a market and immediately you came to mind. You made me laugh and you were a great colleague. I miss you.
Juan Hernandez, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 11:19AM
Gayle, You are truly missed and I think of you often. God Bless and pease be with you. Your friend and colleague, Fran (Abigana) Martinez
Fran (Abigana) Martinez, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 11:12AM
Remembering you on this sad anniversary. God Bless you and your family today and always. Pat
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 9:53AM
Gayle, Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers often, but especially today. Peace be with you. Fran (Abigana) Martinez San Francisco, Ca.
Fran Martinez, Friend
Sep 11 2007 11:07AM
Gayle, You are in my thoughts and prayers always and especially today. You are truly missed as a friend and a former colleague God Bless you and your family Fran Martinez September 11, 2006
Fran (Abigana)Martinez, Friend
Sep 11 2006 1:15PM
Remembering you, not just today on the anniversary of the tragic events during which you were taken from us, but many, many times during the past five years. You were such an inspiration to many of us who enjoyed working with you. Your happy disposition was infectious. You always went above and beyond to make sure that colleagues were recognized for their contributions. You will always be one of my heroes.
Cynthia Hammond, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 10:40AM
More than a moment of silence, on this day and everyday may we use our lives to honor and respectfully remember you. With careful consideration we continue on where you could have gone, good left undone, countless gifts not given. We will not fail; we will not forget you, our precious family, our dear friend, our inspiration. Patricia & Charles Barraza
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2005 7:36AM
With a terrible sadness we mark this day, the third anniversary of the morning we lost each of you. In the end it is only a marker. The grief, sorrow and the incredible possibilities that we lost in those horrific moments remain with us every day. We weep, no, sob from a place deep, deep inside that has been left empty by your absence. And we pray, for you, your families, your friends, and your colleagues. And for ourselves may God give us the strength to go forward and honor you with our lives. We will never forget you. Patricia Barraza
Pat Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2004 9:33PM
Remembering - I wanted to write to say we remember you and think of you as we go on. We miss your being, but feel your presence. I believe that your spirit is our angel watching over us in a dangerous world. Remembering you keeps you with us and brings us peace in turmoil. In this season of renewal and everyday since we “lost” you we keep you and your loved ones in our thoughts and prayers. Peace to you.
Pat Barraza, Colleague
Apr 2 2004 1:35PM
We are reminded daily of all we lost that terrible day. Gayle, you were so giving and friendly in everything you did. I try to keep that spirit in myself. I pray for you and your family. God Bless. Pat
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 12 2003 3:05PM
I had heard Gayle did not make it out of the WTC. Yesterday in the NY Times, I saw her name and picture and it just generated memories that continue. Like most of the posting I just read, I met Gayle during the Fred S. James days. She was always a professional. More importantly, she was a good person. Always a smile, a friendly word. I left James in 1986. Her memory has persisted. She was a wonderful person. It was an honor to have known her. Brian Smith, Brooklyn, NY
Brian Smith, Colleague
Sep 12 2002 9:25PM
Gayle, I didn't realize that you were part of that awful day one year ago until I read your name across the bottom of today's CNN's coverage. I worked for James in NYC when you were there and remember you well. My thoughts are with you, your family and your friends. Barbara Collins, Toronto, September 11th, 2002
Barbara Collins, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 10:17PM
I was introduced to Gayle when I was the accounting premium manager in the Fred S James office in San Francisco. We worked together for over 18 years. I remember her smiling voice, and her willingness to help and guide you through any situation. Over the years we developed a kinship that I hold dear to this day. I will always remember the welcome I received when we finally met in the New York office in 1989. I will remember her always as a friend and a colleauge. Fran (Abigana) Martinez ABD Insurance Services - Redwood City, CA
Fran (Abigana) Martinez, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 4:38PM
I met Gayle as an employee of Crump of NY; we shared office space when Gayle was responsible for carrier security at Sedgwick US. Gayle worked for my dad for a number of years and he thought the world of her and she of him. Gayle was a true professional. She was always upbeat, funny and kind. It is sad that so many Marsh personnel lost their lives at a time when they no longer needed to work. I know that Gayle had many conversations with my dad about retiring early and leaving corporate life. Gayle, both Charlie R's will miss you. I might be able to say in better than the old man.. Goodbye....
Charlie Ruoff, Colleague
Aug 12 2002 2:56PM
There are to many words to describe Gayle Greene, as I so fondly called her Gayle 'Logical' Greene. I first met Gayle when we were colleagues at Fred S. James of NY in 1983. Gayle and I started the Security Group together along with Frank Witthun and eventually Charlie Ruoff. We started with a two drawer file cabinet that evolved into thousands of files. Gayle could remember every insurance company that went down in the 1980's, she always amazed me. Gayle was a wonderful boss and mentor who taught me so much. She also helped so many colleagues along the way obtain their CPCU. Gayle touched so many people during her career and I know they miss her also. We worked together until 1999 when Marsh bought Sedgwick. During those years a wonderful friendship grew. She was a truly wonderful and caring person who knew how to laugh. Gayle became my daughters godmother in 1991 because I wanted Gayle as her role model. I have much love and respect for Gayle and I will miss her dearly. I will miss her advice and guidance most of all. She will never be forgotten in our hearts. Linda Sullivan
Linda Sullivan, Friend
Jun 12 2002 11:01PM
During the late 80's I joined Fred S.James which became Sedgwick James, in Philadelphia (later merged into MMC). I got to know Gayle Greene in the course of my job, and on a number of occasions we had very interesting conversations. Having lived in France for the past 11 years, it is only today, through a former colleague that I learnt of Gayle having been a victim of this most senseless terrorist act of 9/11. I grieve for Gayle, for her friendly and at the same time very instructive conversations with me, who was just joining the Insurance industry at the time, and who explained to me what her job was and how she and her team were going about it. Thank you for your friendship, Gayle. Wherever you are, in the Great Somewhere, I am sure that you are still the very friendly soul you were on Earth.So long, Gayle. You will be missed. David Harari - Paris - 5/21/2002
David Harari, Colleague
May 21 2002 1:19PM
I was a former colleague to Gayle & we worked on many projects together for over 20 years, prior to my retirement. We were together as Fred. S. James Co. & Sedgwick Inc. Gayle was one of the most intelligent, friendly & thoughful people I had known - always ready to assist people. She was also my friend & we used to share memories of the 'early' years together. I have been extremely saddened & very angry too -- since 9/11. Galye & many other fine Marsh people were lost forever but we do have our memories. Frank Pezzolla
frank pezzolla, Colleague
May 17 2002 3:03PM
I knew Gayle through CPCU and her Security Committee work for Fred. S. James. I was always impressed by her knowledge, and willingness to help. She was a great asset to the company, and her death is a great loss for CPCU. Although I am retired I know there were many of the 'James Gang' who are still active with Marsh who remember her with great respect, and fondness.
Sharon Oxford, Colleague
May 15 2002 4:01PM
Gayle introduced me to the Insurance Industry during the Fred S James/'New Amsterdam Excess' days. I owe Gayle my success and longevity with Fred S James/'New Amsterdam Excess', which eventually became Marsh & Mc Lennan/'Crump' (I'm now working for Crump of New Jersey & New York). I've been with the company for 17 years. Gayle was a superior FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE!!!! We considered ourselved 'chosen family', as we knew each other for 24 years, and were 'always there' for each other and our families, when either of us needed help or just a friend to chat with. I miss her so very much for her wisdom, love, friendship, common sense, inspiration, and 'all around' wonderful person!! Gayle would literally give anyone 'the shirt-off- her-back', if needed! I know in my heart that Gayle did not leave the 100th floor until she knew everyone was on their way downstairs that day. Gayle has become a part of me and will always live on in my heart!!!!!
Elaine Mayer - Crump of New Jersey/New York, Family
Apr 10 2002 6:08PM
I first 'met' Gayle by phone about 18 years ago, back in the Fred. S. James days -- before Sedgwick, before Marsh -- when the Mission Ins Co was having troubles. Gayle had just been appointed to start up our market security oversight office -- Mission was her 'baptism of fire.' As the Seattle Market Security Liaison, I had many opportunities to work with Gayle over the years, unfortunately through several more company failures, and I was always impressed with the scope of her knowledge. She had an amazing ability to remember even the smallest details about a market's financial status. During the past few years, our respective roles changed somewhat and we didn't have as many opportunities to talk to each other. I regret that we didn't make some excuses to call each other more often. I miss her a lot -- I miss having someone a phone call away who can answer a quick question for me or direct me to whoever might have the answer, but most of all I miss just talking to her and hearing her laugh.
Carolyn Tomlinson, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 11:07AM