Kiran Kumar Reddy Gopu

No matter what cellular telephone plan he had, Kiran Gopu exceeded the limit of allowable calls. He talked to his friends constantly, and when his younger sister, Deepa, came to the United States from India, he called her every day.

As a foreign graduate student studying at the University of Bridgeport for his master's degree in computer science, thousands of miles from his home in southern India, Mr. Gopu, 25, was intent on maintaining ties with his friends. When his former roommate Vamshidhar Velpula did not get into the graduate school of his choice, Mr. Gopu applied to Bridgeport for him.

'I was really down when the schools rejected me,' Mr. Velpula said, 'but Kiran told me `You shouldn't be down.' '

As a roommate, Mr. Velpula could say candidly that Mr. Gopu 'wasn't a perfect human being.' But he said that what most characterized his friend was his pursuit of personal advancement. Mr. Gopu practiced meditation and read widely. He was devoted to classical Indian music. And he studied hard. His plans started to come together in August when he was hired by Marsh & McLennan as a software engineer.

'His dream was to work at the World Trade Center,' said Deepa Gopu. 'He called me to say, `You wouldn't know how it feels to be at the financial center of the world.' '

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Hi Kiran Anna. I am sure you are giving all the strength to our family in our tough times. I am sure the love we have on you brings peace to us no matter wherever you are. Love you.
Shekar, Family
Sep 11 2022 2:58PM
I remembered you today on visiting the memorial. We were Indians and with the same names. Belittling the cruelty of terrorism is a great offense. Religious misconceptions about islamic scholars must not be humanized. I hate the global practice of covering up the genocides against peaceful people.
G Gopal Bajpai, Friend
Feb 10 2022 7:19AM
Hi anna. Today I was talking to my son about you and he just couldn’t believe if it was really happened. We miss you a lot in our lives.
Shekar, Family
Sep 10 2021 3:27AM
20 years anna. Miss you!
Vikram Andem, Family
Sep 11 2021 11:53AM
Miss u my dear friend, every year this day I remember those days we spent together and friendship we shared.
Mahesh K, Friend
Sep 11 2021 5:13PM
A dear family member joined you and the grief is undescribable...I do hope some day we all can reunite...
Family, Family
Jul 7 2021 3:10AM
Kiran was one of the first persons I met on arriving in the US. I knew no one, but he made me feel at home the first few days I stayed with him. Even though it is almost 20 years, I remember him to this day and take a moment in remembrance of him.
Anon, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 3:59PM
Miss you lot Kiran..Remembering those days we spend in Kurnool..waiting for your comeback..God Bless You.
SubbaReddy, Friend
Sep 11 2020 1:52PM
God bless where ever you are. Remembering you with a heavy heart...
Shekar, Family
Sep 11 2019 8:33PM
Kiran anna, we miss you still and today again with the news headlines, I was anxious that attha's wish can fulfill. I always remember you and hear nice things about you from our family members. Every time I visit Proddatur, Attha and Mama come and visit our home to see me and invite me to your house. Nothing else is replacing you in your house. I still remember seeing all your photos when I was child and you look so smart. You will be in our thoughts forever...
Shekar, Family
Jun 13 2019 5:42AM
thinking of you
s, Colleague
Sep 11 2018 4:42PM
O brother, I adored you, I loved you I admired you and looked up to you for everything in life. The kind heart you had, the friendly countenance you had, I admired you for patiently listening to me, my first hero, my first love, my brother I thought you were God's biggest gift to me untill the day The biggest storm snatched you from us not a sign of thee ever since... How I prayed to the wind to gush you back to us, But the cruel wind instead took you to far off lands.... I can feel the tears rolling off your cheeks, feeling the pain we are going through... A long 15 years journey to come to peace and now I forgive you for leaving us alone for I know you wouldn't have left us alone if you had your say with the creator
D, Family
Oct 28 2016 4:10PM
Another year and only thinking of the many memories I would have with you. Life seems so unfair and it is now that I miss you more than ever. Not a single day goes where we don't get reminded of you and today the thought of not having you is so much more as these memorials are aired.
d, Family
Sep 9 2016 3:39PM
Happy Birthday. May you RIP.
Aug 29 2016 11:38AM
Since 13years once are waiting for use are hopefully waiting that u will come back on any day
VGA Subba reddy, Family
Sep 6 2014 3:34PM
I still remember, he is my very good friend during my Intermediate (10 ), just came to know he is no more... make me feel bad and no words to describe the pain. I even remember the day I have been to his house in Proddutur along with my classmate. God bless your soul and your family and give them the strength.
Sudhakar Rajan Y, Friend
Sep 20 2013 5:42AM
For a dear brother - Its been so many years and though some memories are fading...some still remain fresh and it all seems like yesterday...the fights we had, the secrets we shared, irritating smile you had when you teased me calling i irritated calling you cling cling, your first crush, the slap i got when i told you about narendra.... though these memories bring a lot of happy memories alive...they also remind me that that's all i have of you...sometimes they seem so surreal as i start thinking of them too much...not sure what I am even saying....with teary eyes and lots of love for you
Deepa, Family
Sep 11 2013 9:48AM
Annayya, this new year night missing you so much...everyone is sleeping and I am crying crazily...I want you so badly...I want to talk you so badly...
Deepa, Family
Jan 1 2013 5:16PM
I am his brother.I still remember our child hood days how we spent in mylavarm Dam. Brother we miss you. ShivaGopu, Brother
shivagopu, Family
Nov 5 2012 7:18PM
Kiran was my senior in Bridgeport University and we shared the same apt building. I remember him as a frank, friendly guy who always had a friendly word and smile. Most of you who shared thoughts on this page are not aware of this but he wasn't treated right by 2 of his other room mates who even tried to scuttle his chances at getting a job by not delivering messages from prospective employers on their apt land line. I am a witness to an argument Kiran had with both these guys when he confronted them asking why the messages left on the land line phone for him were not conveyed to him. Now on one of the other tribute sites on the internet, one of these same roommate so called 'friend' wrote a few years ago ' i am sure u enjoyed the arguments we had back then, it was fun' ( my foot !) hmmmm but when I look back and think of it, MAYBE ( perhaps) this was the employer call that finally landed Kiran his job and if he hadn't got the job , he would have been with us now. Such is fate, strange, unpredictable and u never know what is around the corner. I still remember the agonizing first few days of searching and waiting by your friends looking for you in Hoboken, Weehawken and all other town hospitals close to NYC, until the gruesome truth finally sank in. May you rest in peace Kiran, there are surely a LOT of people out there who really appreciate you for what u were when you were among us, may your soul rest in peace.
Deepak, Friend
Sep 11 2011 9:14AM
My dear bro...words can not describe how much I miss you today
Deepa, Family
Jan 20 2011 5:10PM
Knew Kiran briefly in Bridgeport and still remember your face like yesterday. Praying to God to give your family strength and peace of mind Priya
Priya, Friend
Jul 24 2010 8:43PM
I was his classmate in Tirupati and Junior in pulla reddy..I remember the days we went to Tirumala by scooter. We survived minor accident while coming down from the hill. I thought he would guide me when I was doing masters as he came a year before me. But he left all of us :( with love sairam
sairam kondaraj, Friend
Sep 11 2009 11:56AM
Kiran is a brother-in-law for me. I still remember his smile. He always has a smiley face. I still remember the date I met him in JFK airport in New york Aug 4th 2001. Actually he was very busy on that day. But he came to see me all the way from CT with lot of troubles. Finally he met me just 30 mins before I got into flight. He is so much affectionate to me and my wife. Luvs, Venkat Bava & Lakshmi akka
Venkat, Family
Nov 16 2007 7:50PM
Dear Pidudul, 6 years passed ...We think of you even today. We miss you buddy. Rgds, Sai
Sai, Friend
Nov 14 2007 4:41PM
I worked with Kiran at Marsh. Pretty cool guy. I still think of him and his zest/zeal for just about everything. That's what I remember most. You are missed Kiran...
Phill Roberts, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 9:28AM
Kiran, We worked together for the short time that you were here. It seems like yesterday when you shared your several interests. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Satish
Satish Vamburkar, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 9:18AM
Five years are passed away. Still I remeber the last day we spent in proddatur. Still I remember the Last click on you, but I never dreamed that photo which I clicked appear in every news . Sweet memories are always following me. Suddenly the nightmare appear before me , keeping away all my sweet memories away. God is too greedy that he was not given me power to revert back the time , but I have a power to make you along with me since my death. I love you ra. Still I love you. My son was born on Sep 23 , I was expected he will born on 9th, again the god is so greedy , he never keep with us what we like. I believe you are watching us. I LOVE YOU ra. Your loving friend, Surendra.
Surendra, Friend
Sep 7 2006 2:34AM
I am Deepa's Class mate in St.Joseph's HighSchool, Proddatur. Both of us used to be good friends and study mates. I was shocked to see this page today. When I read the news in Enadu telugu newspaper on 9/11/2001, in India, I wished it should'nt be this guy, my friend's brother. But today I am really shocked. I know the value of a brother. Deepa!! My deep condolence to u and ur family.
Madhavi, Friend
Jul 24 2006 2:09PM
There has not been a single day...we want to talk to you...there is no one in this world with whom we share more memories with. Amma still hopes tht u will certainly come back some day...nanna and I wish that to become true atleast for one more day...have so many things and so many stories to share with you...come back annaya
deepa gopu, Family
Sep 11 2005 12:43PM
Miss you friend. I miss those interesting arguments about music and other affairs I had with you.
SuryaKumari Upadhyayula, Friend
Sep 11 2004 10:50AM
I was very shocked when I read about Kiran who was my Senior in St.Joseph's High School, Proddatur. I've always known him to be a humble person. Every year when it is 9/11 day I think of him. I know we cant get the lost souls so May his Soul rest in peace. My Sympathy to his family and Deepa. I've known Deepa when I met her in an Essay writing competetion which was held in proddatur at LCC computer center. She won the first place and she was the topper in +2 Exams as well. Anyway All I wanna say is it shouldn't have happened to such a humble people.
Naresh Guvva, Friend
May 29 2004 12:59PM
Kiran - It has been two years since you were ripped from us and from the life you were working so hard to build. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and pray for your sister and family. I only knew you a short while, but your ready smile, kind disposition and gentle laughter deeply touched me, and those who were fortunate enough to work with you. You are missed. Fly free dear soul and pray that we who remain will learn from your gentle ways and optimistic spirit. Blessings to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Chuck
Charles Trella, Colleague
Sep 13 2003 3:34AM
Wish I could revert back things.
Latha, Friend
Sep 11 2003 9:11PM
As roommates we used to constantly Disagree and fight over all the petty things (it was fun while it lasted I am sure you would agree )...Just wanted to say I miss you a lot and thank you for teaching me how to be a good friend and better person.
Vamshi Challa, Friend
Sep 11 2003 5:43PM
It was so good to know you. I remember talking to you on various subjects and recall your zest for life. God bless you!
Satish, Colleague
Sep 13 2002 4:06PM
Dear Kiran, A year has passed...and I thought about you a lot during this period. You were one of the first persons I met upon reaching Bridgeport. Though my stay at Bridgeport was short, the memories are still fresh and vivid. I recall you as being a diligent, honest and enterprising person. Apart from this, you were well liked by everyone around you. This tragedy has been taken hard by all your friends and family as it is difficult to find people like you in this materialistic world. Wherever you are, we all remember will always remain in our hearts and our memories. Om Shanti...
A.K., Friend
Sep 11 2002 10:01AM
i love you, we re waiting for you annayya....please come back.... i seem stubborn infront of evryone, but you know i am waiting so much for you.... i love you annayya, please come back soon
deepa gopu, Family
Aug 29 2002 1:13AM