Ralph Scorca
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Ralph, I am not sure you would remember me? Perhaps I am wrong. We worked together for maybe 5 weeks MMC yet a friendship was formed something like a grandfather and grandchild. I remember the morning in July 2001, you asked to see me in your office on the 99th floor. I came in a hurry as I always looked forward to talking with you. You informed me that you had nothing to do with the decision and you begged an pleaded with HR yet to no avail, you had to let me go. The reason was because my resume had stated I was currently enrolled in college when I had really taken a semester off. MMC viewed this as a lie in my application. Ralph, I never got to thank you for saving my life. I was so upset that I was let go and I did not understand how something so trivial would lead to me being fired. On 9/11, was when I understood why I was terminated. God sent Ralph to be my Angel and to save my life by letting me go. Each year I would watch the ceremonials on TV just to hear Ralph's name. As time went on I forgot how blessed I am. However, this year I remembered. As I look at my daughter who is now 4, I am even more grateful to Ralph because if it was not for him she would not be here. Therefore, today I am saying THANK YOU. THANK YOU THANK YOU. I will always be thankful to you and I will always remember you. I wish your family peace and comfort in knowing that their father, son, uncle, grandfather and friend was my Angel on 9/11.
Quiane, Colleague
Sep 15 2013 4:12PM
Ralph, Love you and miss you. I think of you often, not just today. I still wonder why and think what life would be like if you were here with us. You are such a great guy. Joanie
Joan Marine, Family
Sep 11 2009 10:24PM
Ralphy, I still remember your smile, your smooth shaven cheeks, chewing gum, and a waltz on the ice while you carried Christie. Joanie
Joan Marine, Family
Jan 26 2009 8:21PM
The anger and disbelief have eased but Ralph, you are still so missed. Ralph, you are a great guy, non judgmental, great sense of humor, and so kind. Joanie
Joan Marine, Family
Sep 19 2007 7:25PM
I know Ralph is looking down on us good guys & gals and is helping us to fight the bad guys. I worked as supplier to Ralph at AT&T...;, our company was a smaller vendor but Ralph treated even the little guys with respect. Actually he treated everyone with respect, even those who didn't deserve it. He was not a shrinking violet though, built like the biggest oak tree in town. I know that he had straightened out a fellow or two when they had it coming. A great athlete in his youth he never boasted about it and few knew about it. Ralph had a heart of gold and died an honorable man. I hope to see him again someday.
Jerry Morgan, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 12:29PM
I had the sincere pleasure meeting Ralph, along with several others, as MMC's national account manager. Ralph was always kind, sincere, and ethical, representing Marsh in a truly professional manner. I will always remember Ralph for making this southern boy feel so welcomed in the big city! God Bless the entire family.
Michael Holmes, Friend
Jan 27 2003 11:32PM
I kew Ralph for a long time. We worked together at Liz Claiborne and them at Marsh. Ralph was a really great guy! I was pretty surprised that after not being in contact for about two years he remembered me and wanted me to come work with him at Marsh. That is just the type of guy he was! Always helping others! My thoughs go out to his family... Especially his wife whom he adore and always talked about. You will be missed!
Marisol, Friend
Jun 11 2002 4:53PM