Maria Jakubiak

Kazimierz Jakubiak is uneasy about that urn of trade center ashes on a table in his Queens living room. 'It’s mixed with the people who did this,' he said.

His wife, Maria, loved this house, had tried so hard 'to get it just right.' That brick fireplace? He had promised to build it by Christmas, and now he has. Next to it hangs a picture of the couple on a cruise in 1997, just before a flood engulfed her parents’ house in Poland. 'She was crushed,' he said. 'It was the house she was born in.'

In 1989, the Jakubiaks had the chance to emigrate to either the United States or Canada. 'I want to see the Statue of Liberty,' she had said, and it was decided.

When their youngest was 3 — their boys are 11 and 16 now, their daughter, 17 — Maria Jakubiak itched to go to work. After studying English and receiving an associate’s degree, she got an accounting job at Marsh & McLennan, later studying nights for a bachelor’s degree. Everything was clicking.

In August, shaken by a ride in a plunging, out-of-control elevator, Ms. Jakubiak, 40, took a few days off. 'You could quit,' her husband had said. But she loved her job, and especially the co-workers who were fresh out of college.

'She was like a mother to them,' he said. 'It was her first job in the U.S., and she was proud of it.'

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I been looking at the victims for a while, and as someone born after 2001, the victims who worked on floor 98 definingly hit me the most because reading the comments, you can tell how much them and the surviving marsh mclennan employees from that floor really loved each other. i'm only got to a - j for victims, but people like maria, you just knew were the sweetest people. her and virginia fox, also a floor 98 worker, were the most emotional for me because these two women were adored by their coworkers, and you can tell how amazing people they were. i noticed a lot of their surviving coworkers responding under mostly every floor 98 worker, and it's both heartbreaking and sweet to see, because in my opinion, people forget that the victims were average workers, and people usually love or hate their jobs, but you can really see the positivity and love this particular floor of survivors have for the victims, and you know how everybody really cared for one another. i hope maria, virginia, and every marsh employee is resting easy! and i hope that the families, friends, and coworkers are healing well!
Chris, Friend
Jan 7 2024 5:02PM
19 years, still hurts. Always remember your kind heart and I have always prayed for strength to you amazing family. God Bless xoxoxo
Steve Otero, Friend
Sep 11 2020 1:56PM
I'm just sitting hear smoking my cigarette think of you and how much I love and miss you I wish I could have shown you the man that I've become and wish that you could meet the love of my life she's a beautiful girl named Sylwia and I no u would have fallen in love with her just as quickly as I did I wish we had more time together you were taken from me to soon and I just wish I could see u and hear u for one more day just so I can show u what u worked for wasn't a waste and we are all ok I love u mom and I think about u everyday and would do anything to get even a few mintue to hear ur voice and see u smile because it truly was beautiful
Christopher Jakubiak, Family
May 20 2016 10:27PM
I saw your name on the Memorial when a replica of it was in our area and was astounded to see someone with my last name on it. I did not know if we were related, but after reading the tribute I am still not sure. My grandfather Michael Jakubiak came from Poland sometime in the 1930's or 40's, and I do not know anyone in Poland. I am very sorry to hear about your loss of life and pray for your family.
Michaelynn Jakubiak Cecire, Friend
Jul 23 2012 3:01PM
I was near, just in the front of building when 2nd building was hit. I was watching terrible tragedy. I was terrrified. Some intuition was telling me to be there. I survive but I lost the faith and the friend. Marysiu, I will keep you in my thoughts and my heart. You were the best mother, friend and your smile that is not gone. The smile that will stay forever. Grace Ch.
Grazyna chojn, Friend
Jun 19 2012 10:29AM
Ten years later..I still think about you.. I will always miss you...
Deanna Mancuso, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 9:33PM
Its heartbreaking to know that the woman i donated blood in memory of on September 11, 2010 was a mother. I'm 17 years old and i couldn't imagine my life without my mother. I'm sorry for your loss. She looks so happy in her picture, Maria Jakubiak, I'll always remember your story, and your smiling picture.
Alyssa Avina, Friend
Oct 14 2010 1:33AM
I love you too
maria, Friend
Sep 11 2010 12:18AM
i love u mom
Pawel Jakubiak, Family
Apr 28 2010 12:38AM
You still inspire me Maria- All these years and I am still trying to get a family weekend planned the way you used to when you went water rafting..I miss your laugh and the best remarks making me laugh...I will never forget you and the strong bond you had to your family and committment you had to your work. Deanna Mancuso
Deanna Mancuso, Colleague
Jan 20 2009 9:15PM
Maria, Even though 5 years have passed, I still think of your dedication to your family and to your job. We were always echanging stories about our children and their accomplishments. You were a wonderful person to know and work with, who will truly be missed and forever in our hearts. May God bless your family. Lovingly submitted, Yvette Guidry-Robinson Marsh (1995-2004)
Yvette Guidry-Robinson, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 9:45PM
Still after all these years the pain is just as strong. I miss you and your laughter and your incredible finesse in how you always made people laugh. I have always admired you as a mother and fellow colleague and still tell people about how you always loved life to the fullest and how much you accomplished and were always motivated to do more. Deanna
Deanna, Colleague
Jun 9 2005 9:13AM
I miss you terribly Maria. I think of you everyday. Your picture is on my desk at work and at home. Leila
Leila Elvebakk, Friend
May 20 2004 8:58AM
Maria You're still in my prayers, you're still missed and I wish you were not there that day With Love Caroline
Caroline, Friend
Apr 6 2004 12:54PM
Maria, I fondly remember comparing our weight loss and words of encouragement to one another. So wonderful, warm and easy to talk. A treasure of a gem you are missed indeed. Gwendolyn
Gwendolyn, Colleague
Nov 11 2003 2:43PM
My heart and my prayers are still with you Maria. God Bless you.
Charlene Auclair, Colleague
Sep 11 2003 1:28PM
Maria, May the Lord bless and comfort your beloved family in a special way. I pray that God will reassure your spirit that he will look after all your children and husband.
Ada, Colleague
Sep 13 2002 3:42PM
Maria I miss you so much!!! I wish you were still here. I still can't get over that fact that you're in Heaven. You are and always will be missed. Always Caroline
Caroline, Friend
Sep 12 2002 12:24PM
I know you are an angel in heaven now Maria watching over your family. You were a very special friend to me through the years we worked together. I will never forget your laugh, your smile, your dancing green eyes and your sense of humor. Your strength and determination to overcome all obstacles. You made my life at work bearable and I am a better person for having know you.
Charlene Auclair, Friend
Sep 11 2002 9:13AM
Dear Maria, I think about you everyday. I wish you were still with us, but I know you are in heaven. Your gentle, giving nature inspires me. I miss you very much Maria. I love you, your friend, Leila
Leila Elvebakk, Friend
Sep 9 2002 10:41AM
Maria was like a mom at the office. She always had a smile on her face and loved her job. I remember when Maria and her husband went on a criuse and she was telling us what a wonderful time she had and of course Maria had a exciting story for, Her husband was swiming in the ocean and was bitten by a jellyfish. Maria had told us that she told her husband not to swim that far into the ocean. Maria was caring and full of life, she loved everyone. I'll miss her.
Michele Sammarco, Friend
Apr 21 2002 12:29PM
I loved working with Maria. When I moved over to the Treasury dept. years ago, Maria welcomed me with open arms. She adored her family as well. She always had such funny stories to tell us about her children. We all enjoyed hearing them. We used to crack up every year at Christmas time...Maria would bring her children up as well as everyone else who had kids. But Maria was the only one who put hers to work. We used to laugh. She definitely was a great mother who taught her children good values. I will miss Maria very much.
Linda Vogt, Colleague
Apr 18 2002 7:54PM
Maria, you gave your life, I give you my love and tears... Renata
Renata A. Brzozowski, Friend
Apr 12 2002 2:56PM
There isn't one day that goes by that I don't think about Maria. She was a gentle, giving, loving person. I always respected and admired Maria for her strength, being able to handle a full time job, school at night and always being there for her husband and children.I miss seeing her smile everyday and hearing her stories about her children. I cherish all my beautiful memories of Maria. Words cannot express my pain. I miss you Maria and I love you. I know you're with the Lord. Leila
Leila Elvebakk, Friend
Apr 4 2002 12:58PM