Michael Tinley
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Thinking of you. 23 years but not forgotten.
Michael, Friend
Apr 27 2024 2:41AM
Hi grandpa! I am thinking about you a lot today as it is the 21st anniversary. Mom is dropping Emma off at college so it won't be a normal year celebrating you, but dad, Aidan and I are going to the Colorado memorial and we will bring you a coca cola. We will also go to the NY pizza place! I love you so much!
Avery, Family
Sep 11 2022 11:38AM
I think of you so often. You were a great colleague and friend. You are missed.
Paula Pavao, Colleague
Sep 8 2022 3:00AM
Hi grandpa Mike, I never got to meet you, but from what I have heard about you and your love for the ocean and wildlife I think you are a part of me. I am doing a project in school and I chose to research 9/11. (That is how I found this website) I think of you often and can't wait to meet you someday! I love you! -Avery, your granddaughter
Avery Kennedy, Family
Jan 21 2022 0:06PM
It's been 20 years.....I still think of you every trip to the golf course. You are always in my heart and riding on my cart!
Doug Morris, Friend
Sep 10 2021 9:43PM
Twenty years gone. What a different world now than 20 years ago. I miss you still Mike Tinley.
Cristy Dillingham, Friend
Sep 10 2021 7:10PM
Thinking of you this 20th anniversary of 911. You are so loved and missed as much as you were on that day. You will never be forgotten. Truly a unique and wonderful person. Loved by all who know you. I was so lucky to be one of them.
Amy Hallowes, Friend
Sep 6 2021 6:50AM
I worked at the San Antonio office, he would come in from Dallas he was going to train me on a new system the next time,but 9/11 happened before the next time. I remember him talking about his daughter wedding that December. I'm SO sorry, I'm sure your an angel looking over your family God Bless you,and your family.
Carmen, Colleague
Sep 11 2021 11:08PM
I was at a property conference with Mike shortly before 9-11. I was impressed with his knowledge and humanity. He talked about his daughters often. I love that.
Lauri Hanson, Colleague
Sep 11 2021 10:25PM
I did not know Mr Tinley but I will not stop my efforts to give him Justice and his family some closure over the events leading up to 9/11. My thoughts and deepest empathy to those who knew and loved him. Rest-in-Peace Mr Tinley.
Anthony C Heaford, Friend
Nov 26 2020 2:29AM
I was new to the LA Metro team and Mike was running our OCIP for Marsh. Another Midwesterner like myself, we hit it off. I was just a junior professional then, but Mike treated my like I was an important client. That was just his way. We lost touch after Metro closed down our OCIP, but I remember his easy, friendly manner. He is missed.
Greg Kildare, Colleague
Sep 11 2019 9:22PM
Lisa & Jenna: I hope you're doing well. You and your Dad are in my thoughts. Wishing you peace on this difficult day.
Cristy, Friend
Sep 11 2018 11:29AM
I first met Mike while working with Marsh on the ABIA project in Austin, Tx. He was a wonderful and kind person. Always looking forward to spending time with his daughter's and the shows in New York. Rest in peace Mike you will always be in our hearts.
Dianna, Colleague
Sep 11 2016 11:08AM
Thinking of you and your family. Rest in Peace Mike.
Cindy McFerran Gibbens, Colleague
Sep 11 2015 10:52PM
You would never forget Mike. Thinking of you and your daughters on this anniversary. Rest in peace.
Lauri Hanson, Colleague
Sep 11 2014 11:36AM
Carry your memory with me always.....each day....each round of golf....miss you Mike....I won't forget.
Doug Morris, Friend
Sep 11 2012 8:29AM
I met Mike at a Marsh conference shortly before 9/11. He was the kind of person where even though you only just met, you felt like you knew him a long time. He had such an open, friendly personality. I already knew of his love for his daughters and how he liked traveling, for the company and personally. Mike, you are not forgetten and may you rest in peace.
Lauri Hanson, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 8:55AM
Mike, remembering you on this 10th anniversary of 9/11. Jenna has been sharing het photos of her trip for the services. The MMC memorial looks quite beautiful!
Amy Tamanaha, Friend
Sep 11 2011 3:00AM
Mr, Tinley, Many many years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting you. Jenna was one of my best friends in elementary school. I remember what a wonderful father you were to your daughters. Lisa and Jenna have always been so proud of you. I know you would be so proud of them and your grand babies. They are all so beautiful. Please rest in peace knowing that your daughters are fine and they have your strenghth every day. You are missed by so many people and will never forget you. I love you Jenna and Lisa. My prayers and heart are always with you.
Kristy Mendoza-Vick, Friend
Sep 11 2011 2:34AM
Lisa & Jenna: Your father was a friend of mine from the fellowship. We dated for a bit and I loved him dearly. He was sweet, kind, thoughtful, generous, loved his daughters unconditionally and passionately. I remember when he came to Tucson to visit his UofA daughter and he wouldn't call to bother me, and slept on a couch somewhere. I loved your dad for the fantastic person that he was. My he rest in peace and be remembered for your lifetimes. Bernadette Sayre
Berandette Sayre, Friend
Sep 5 2011 12:35AM
I still think of you often.
Cristy Smith Dillingham, Friend
Sep 12 2010 1:46AM
I did not know Michael. But I am in seventh grade and for the 8th anniversary of this attack my social studies teacher told us about Michael and we got to write letters to his family. I am very very sorry for his family and will pray for you!
Valerie, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 4:01PM
I never knew you but thinking about you and your family today. I hope the day becomes more and more of a moment to build strength - instead of a reminder of tragedy. With love from a distant cousin!
Mat McGee, Family
Sep 11 2009 12:44PM
All of these years, I had taken it for granted that my now 8 yr old son understood what 9/11 was. He has participated in flag ceremonies remembering 9/11, but was probably too young to understand. Today he will be in a flag ceremony at school and this time he'll truly understand that we will never forget those whose lives were lost on 9/11. Mike, we will never forget you or your family. Amy Tamanaha Worked with him at the MTA
Amy Tamanaha, Friend
Sep 11 2009 9:13AM
Dear Mr. Tinley, I knew this day would come. While I feel a deep loss for each person that was taken 9/11, I did not have a connection with any one individual. Today, your daughter Lisa, my friend and the owner of my former family home, told me that she lost you 8 years ago. I am so very sorry. You were 56 years old. I lost my father when he was 55 years old. I understand how she feels. We wish our fathers could be here to toss our children in the air as we were, oh so many years ago. We wish you (fathers) could be here to see the wonderful mothers (in my case Grandmother) we have become. Oh my, I could go on. But the point in writing you is to tell you that Lisa has a beautiful smile, a warm heart and welcoming spirit. You, and your, easy going, friendly nature lives on in her. I am thankful to have the two of you in my life. It's nice to meet you today and I will think of you often. Ever so Sincerely, Sonja The Gardener
Sonja Knaisch, Friend
Sep 10 2009 5:21PM
My Tribute to Michael Tinley is now posted at http://the-army-grunt.blogspot.com/ I hope it is a tribute worthy of your father and colleague.
John, Friend
Sep 3 2009 5:06PM
I am neither a family member nor a colleague or friend but I have been asked to pay tribute to your late father, colleague and husband on this 8th anniversary of the 9/11/2001 tragedy. It is an honor I hope that I can live up to and make you proud of.
John, Friend
Aug 17 2009 2:08AM
HI Dad... I am sitting here with your 5th grandbaby.. if you can believe it! I cannot believe it's been 7 years since you were ripped from our lives.. and yet, I can. So much life has happened since then... you have given us the strength to move forward and live our lives to the fullest, as we know you are not far from our sides!;).. We miss your physical presence terribly and our fun conversations and excursions! We always find a way to celebrate your amazing spirit and your captivating smile!!! Know that you are not forgotten and that you live on in Jenna and I and your precious grandbabies!!! We love you! Love, Lisa
Lisa, Family
Sep 15 2008 12:00AM
Dear Dad, I cannot believe it's been 7 years already. I miss you dearly and still grab the phone to call you. I love you soooo much! Love, Jenna XOXO!
Jenna, Family
Sep 12 2008 1:45AM
I worked with Mike at Sedgwick/Los Angeles on the MTA project, and I think of him on each anniversary. Your family continues to be in my prayers. Lynn Wyse
Lynn Wyse, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 9:27AM
Michael was a hoot!!!He never met a stranger and made me feel just as important as an Insurance Assistant as any Vice President, CE or CR. He never failed to speak to me. He is truely missed. My Mother Passed away on Sept 11 also but....many years ago at age 49. God Bless you....his Family and just know...Michael is still a Hoot is Heaven!! I'm a former Sedgwick employee been with the Company almost 11 years. Bless you! Kim Allen (Camellia A. Allen)
KIM ALLEN, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 8:15AM
Today I was looking at that hole-in-one plaque hanging on my wall signed by Mike. I can't tee it up without thinking about You. May 5, 2001 is a bitter sweet memory since I can no longer play golf with my buddy. Thanks for the memories! I won't forget.
Doug Morris, Friend
Apr 27 2008 1:17PM
The best memorie i have of you is that one christmas when we were all atking a picture and you were heading down the stairs and the camera went off. and we had to do it agian. Your nephew Nick
Nicholas, Family
Apr 2 2008 4:50PM
No one has written on here in a while. It's been over six and a half years. I wanted to let people know he has not and never will be forgotten! Love with all my heart, Jessi
Jessica Tinley, Family
Apr 1 2008 1:50PM
To the Tinley Family, Just wanted to let you know that your dad and your family continue to be on our thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Amy Tamanaha (worked with your dad at the MTA)
Amy Tamanaha, Friend
Sep 11 2007 8:39PM
Thinking of you today Mike - but you are never far from my thoughts. Shaughn
Shaughn Tinley, Family
Sep 11 2007 11:25AM
Lisa and Jenna: Its time like these 'we learn to live again' It's time like these we learn to LOVE again'. This is your old grade and high school friend Derek Varricchione, taking a moment to remember and pray for a family that I cared tremendously about. YOURS! Lisa, I don't know if you are up to it but if you get the desire please, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to contact me and we can stay in touch. My parents are still in PV and well .. until then my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family on this upcoming 6th anniversary of the SADDEST DAY in United States History. ALL MY LOVE to you BOTH Jenna and Lisa !! Love Always, Derek Varricchione
Derek Varricchione, Friend
Aug 21 2007 2:40AM
I remeber Michael as a nice guy a few years older hten I. I am 54 now and a Therapist in Lander Wyoming. I was in school when he died. At first I wanted to kill Arabs and radical Moslums ..then I got calls from friends thinking it was me and not Michael that died. It has taken me 6 years to get my feelings centered. I went to a Lakota Medecine Man in SanteFe and did a sweat ceremony and it helped. I still want to go to Iraqi as a healer not as a warrior and I forgive the people who killed Mike and all the others. Hate only ends in more Hate. I remember Mike at Weddings and funerals and was very close with Tim his brother who was my age and passed away young from an accident at work. We were going to continue the Law firm of Tinley and Tinley...but after years of wondering in various jobs and full of grief over many deaths in this family...I now try to help other live. I hope thats is what Mike and others would count on me doing. God Bless you Mike and keep your family safe. Your Cousin, John Patrick Tinley IV
John Patrick Tinley, Family
Mar 19 2007 1:39PM
Mike, The first time we meet was in kindergarden, I stood between you and Pat O'Niel. I was the only one that did not have red hair.since purgatory may still exist I won't go into details about your behavior, except to say you enjoyed everything. It was great fun sledding down your very steep back alley in Council Bluffs. We did not keep in touch for many years and when I heard about your death many great thoughs came to mind. Love the picture. I hope to see you soon-- minus the Nuns. John
John Hannan, Friend
Dec 22 2006 5:47PM
To the Tinley girls...I did not know your father, but feel especially sad for your loss. We are relatives...my mom was a Tinley from Council Bluffs, IA. I remember your father and your family often throughout each year, and always on 9/11
Katy McGee, Family
Oct 20 2006 12:27PM
Dear Amy (MTA)and Family members who've written messages here and other places, Thank you for remembering our dad and for your nice, loving messages to him and us! Amy, I know my dad really enjoyed working with you all! I remember him taking me to that office and introducing me to many of his friends there! To Dad, I can't believe it's been 5 years already. In some ways it seems like so much time has passed, yet in other ways it feels like just yesterday you were stolen from us. We miss you and love you so much. Not a day, or minute, goes by that we don't think of you. Lisa and I are so very glad we were able to attend the anniversary memorial in NYC this year to remember and honor your life and death in the city you loved so much. Dad, thank you for sending us Bob. We know you definitely had a hand in our meeting! Watch over us Dad and be with us always. Know we love you and would do anything to have you back with us. E, A, and O send much love to their Papa Mike!!! XOXOXO!! Love, Jen
Jenna, Family
Sep 14 2006 12:57PM
Dad.... we miss you soooo much! You were so loved and cherished by so many people! We had the priviledge of being in NYC this 5th Anniversary! It was so difficult and yet so good to be with other family members that understand!!! Jenna and I know you were there with us the night of 9/11/06... and always! We would love to hear stories of our father from anyone who would like to share them from Marsh! Thanks so much!!!! Love, Lisa
Lisa, Family
Sep 14 2006 1:42AM
To the Tinley family, Just wanted to let you know that we still remember Mike as vividly as ever. I used to work with him when he was on the MTA account in Downtown LA. A group of us would go to lunch together. He always talked about his daughters and how proud he was of them and how close they were. He will never be forgotten, Sincerely, Amy
Amy Tamanaha, Colleague
Sep 12 2006 3:02PM
Though I didn't know you that well I heard you were a great guy. I wish you were here and that I knew better, but if god says your going you can't stop him. Athough when we met I was to little to remember but in the heart I know I love you. good bye Your Great Nephew Nick
Nicholas, Family
Apr 26 2006 11:06PM
It was hard loosing you, but after time i did let it sink in. I had a hard time with a few kids at school, but i have been getting better at letting that wound heal. I really miss your spirit and i hope heaven is all you expected it to be. With so Much Love, Cassandra
Cassie Tinley, Family
Apr 24 2006 10:27PM
To a loving great uncle, much love. -Jessica
Jessica Tinley, Family
Apr 14 2006 9:44PM
Hi Dad! Well, it's 2:30 a.m. on 9/10/04 and I can't sleep. I am thinking of you and all of those that lost their lives almost 3 years ago. I can't believe how quickly the time has passed, and yet how it has dragged on. To this day I still want answers, answers that I know I will never truly get in this lifetime. I am sure that you know about us meeting Bob. He has been a wonderful person to know through this experience. He reminds me so much of you in so many ways. Emma turned 2, can you believe it? We celebrated her birth two years ago and also the last day that we saw you in NYC 3 years ago. Jenna and I both also have some news for you, but I am sure that you know that too! I am sure you had your hand in it someway somehow. I miss you Dad and love you so much! Love, Lisa
Lisa, Family
Sep 10 2004 5:39AM
Hi Dad, As I'm sure you know, Lisa and I were in New York this past weekend. It was so hard being there without you and visiting the place where you were stolen from us. However, Lisa and I were able to enjoy many of our wonderful memories we shared with you in New York. We went to many of your favorites - with Chris and Cindy, too! You would have loved it! I miss you so very much, Dad. Everyday it's still so hard to know you're gone. I still have the same strong desire I had early the morning of the 11th to call you to say hello and see how you're doing - to chat and share a fun conversation. Please never be far from me - please always be near. Please know how much I love and miss you. I love you, Pop!!!! Love, Jenna
Jenna Mather, Family
May 11 2004 9:02PM
Hi POPS!! We'll - yet again - I just MISS you sooooooooo much! Jenna, Steve, Chad and Emma and I will be attending a 9/11 support group tomorrow in L.A. We have met some wonderful people through this horrible experience! Although I cannot see you, I feel you around me at times, and that is comforting! I am going to celebrate 'our' birthday in a way that I know you would have loved! I hope that you will be with me at times and give me the strength that I need to do what I need to do! Happy 59th Dad! I love you! Love, Lisa
Lisa Kennedy, Family
Dec 5 2003 11:28PM
Miss you heaps Mike- so little time but so many many memories!
Shaughn M Tinley, Family
Sep 18 2003 9:19PM
Hi Mike: It's been too long since we've talked and fought over CCIP and OCIP issues. I think about you often and just know you are up in heaven teaching everyone how to better line the streets with gold! I can hear you now - 'This HCIP (Heaven Controlled Insurance Program) will make it easier to keep track of all the bricks of gold - I can get you a 20% increase in profit on your bottom line in pre-construction costs!' Just like old times... My heart goes out to your family, close friends and other colleagues who lost someone special that fateful September day. The only thing that makes me feel okay is knowing you are up there in charge of 'disciplining' your attackers as you all see fit. Give them the old red, white and blue for all of us down here! 'Till we meet again... Linda
Linda Hopper, Colleague
Jun 19 2003 5:08PM
Dear Dad, I miss you SO much! I miss your calls each morning, your messages, your advice, your humor, your kindness, your love, even your voice. We ALL miss everything about you here. We hope you're happy in Heaven. You would absolutely LOVE Emma to pieces Dad....although I'm sure you do in your own way. You would have been such a great grandpa to her...I'm sad that we don't get experience seeing you with her. You were always so great with kids! I love you Pop, and am so grateful for all of our wonderful times together. Love you, Jenna
Jenna Tinley Mather, Family
Sep 25 2002 11:25PM
I was not a colleague of Mike but, I worked in the same office in 1999. What little I did get to know of Mike was that he was a good man, loved his family, and made the little people in the office not feel so little. My prayers goes to his family and friends and to all who perished in the towers on 9-11. May god be with you always. God Bless, Cynthia Parnell
Cynthia Parnell, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 12:10PM
This Tribute was provided by Shaughn Tinley: Congratulations!! A grandfather!! I wish you were here to share the joy with Lisa & Steve, the rest of the family- and your new grand baby- Emma Elizabeth!! (she is a red-head at this time- you and I both know the joys and mischief of being a red-head) I miss you so much Mike. The first 6 months were so difficult- but I put up a wall and I found a way to cope through work. The past few weeks have proven to be quite difficult. I consistently re-play those horrific moments of 9/11 through my head. I miss you so much! Jenna's wedding was beautiful- you were so missed but your presence was felt by all! Do not wory - we will confess to Emma all of your mischief , just as you confessed Dad's mischief to us! Your are physically gone but spiritually never are you forgotten-- Love you always, Your niece, Shaughn
Shaughn Tinley, Family
Sep 8 2002 9:28AM
Mike, It took me about a year to fully come to to terms with the fact that you are no longer there. Each time I have a complex work situation, and I think of looking into my cell phone address book, I have to cope with it. You were not only one of my biggest advisors (in more than just the OCIP arena), but it was also just great to have the opportunity to just speak to you, and hear your always different & experienced opinion. I really really miss you, and each time that dreadful day is mentioned, I immediately think of you & the other guys, and what it must have been like to have your life ended like that. I'm sure that you are in a better place right now, and probably cracking fun at all the hustling that we are doing down here. Wish you were here to share, my man. Good bye for now, and I'm sure I will see you again one day. Paul
Paul Marchena, Colleague
Sep 4 2002 10:33AM
I had the pleasure of attending a class of Mikes' in San Antonio. The Marriott was overbooked and they gave him the Presidential Suite. After dinner, he took our whole class for a walk on the Riverwalk and then to his room so we could all see the Piano no one knew how to play. The next morning he started the class by showing us digital pictures of the night before and tons of New York pictures. He loved talking about New York. As a bonus to a wonderful trip, he crammed 2 days worth of OCIP into our minds and for me personally allowed me to use him as a long-distance mentor. He is very missed...
Brenda Wheeler, Colleague
Aug 30 2002 7:32PM
Mike was just the greatest. He always had time to help out and was fabulous for bouncing off ideas and working through issues. On top of being a great colleague, he was a great friend. I think of you constantly Mike and really miss our talks. Your support and guidance will always be with me. Thanks for everything. Paula
Paula Beers, Colleague
Jun 5 2002 11:22PM
My father was a wonderful man. He was so full of life and loved to teach and to travel. My sister Jenna and I were so blessed to have spent Labor Day Weekend with him in New York. (Just days before this terrible tragedy) I will always remember his infectious smile and ability to always be on the go. I swear that at 56 years of age, he had more energy than my sister and I combined. (30 and 26 :) My dad and I shared the same birthday, January 12th. This was always a special day for us. I still cannot believe that he is gone, but know that he is busy in heaven taking charge and taking in the sights!! I love you dad!! Love always, Lisa (Your little chickadee)
Lisa Kennedy, Family
Apr 10 2002 1:05AM