Garo Voskerijian
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Love you uncle Garo
Hagop Minassian, Family
Sep 10 2023 2:57PM
My daughter was interviewing me this evening about 9/11 and where I was at the time. I was an employee of Johnson & Higgins but left after our first son was born and moved to NH. One question she asked was whether I knew anyone that lost their life on that day and I immediately remembered my colleague Garo at J&H, we worked together as part of a team for months from corporate on the worldwide J& H day planning the event that took place in all the offices world wide, a community day of help. Last time I remember seeing Garo was at the seaport at the end of the day at the celebration party. Garo had wonderful presence, he left a lasting impression wherever he went. May he rest in peace. I hope it’s a little comforting to his wife and children to know how much he was cared for by his colleagues and friends. I was very fortunate to know him. Theresa Parks-Cherouvis 2021 Dover, NH
Theresa Parks-Cherouvis , Colleague
Jun 17 2021 3:02AM
I met Garo when he came to Minneapolis in the early 1980's to install the BIS System for our J&H office. I remember Garo as one of the most genuine and nicest persons I ever met. I left Marsh right before 9/11 and thought of Garo on that day while watching TV. I have thought of him each year on the anniversary of 9/11. I recently rejoined Marsh at Marsh MMA and came across this Tribute Page when browsing through the Marsh website. Because of Garo's friendship long ago, I want to add my thoughts as a tribute to a man who left a lasting impression on me. Thanks Garo.
Mike Sorenson, Colleague
Oct 16 2019 10:12PM
Nobody can forget Garo! He was awesome! Always remembered. Never forgotten. Miss you!
mark konzelman, Colleague
Sep 12 2016 7:05PM
Plain and simple, Garo I miss you and think of you often.
Jeanne Moran, Colleague
Sep 9 2016 1:11PM
Garo - I think of you, Frank and Barbara'll never be forgotten...and we all miss you very much...
Jeanne Moran, Colleague
Sep 11 2015 12:44 PM
I miss you so much, your smile is imprinted in my heart. not a day goes by...
Annonymous, Friend
Jan 10 2013 1:04AM
In the summer of 2001, after I graduated college, I had a conversation with you regarding my future career path. You told me that I would be a great software manager. Now, 10 years later, I'm managing a team of software developers and love what I do. Thank you for that advice, I've carried it with me through my career.
Anonymous, Friend
Sep 14 2011 8:16PM
Still missing you and thinking of you 10 years later. I know that you are looking down and on your family. You will never be forgotten!
Debbie, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 9:32AM
hey, i was thinking about you today, and i really miss you. its been 10 years and i still cant belive your gone. you truely were an angel in disguise. your family was so important to you and i pray for them every night. but dont worry about them, they are doing well with your light shinning above them. but i do know they miss you. everybody misses you.
anonymous, Friend
May 5 2011 11:56PM
I still think of Garo, and wonder how his family is doing. I can't look at baklava and not think of him. He was a great guy.
Josephine Restivo, Colleague
Sep 13 2010 6:06PM
Another year has passed and I still think of you often and this weekend I have thought about you a lot. Debbie 9/12/10
Debbie Wharaton, Colleague
Sep 12 2010 8:45PM
Hey Garo, We are having a company picnic with softball and I was looking through my stuff and found your bat we used during our J&H; days. It made me remember how much fun we had playing in Red Hook and at Farrell's Bar for 32oz beers after. After I hit one out I will celebrate with a 32oz Styrofoam Budweiser and toast U.
Dennis Williams, Colleague
Aug 16 2010 4:02PM
Garo was a heck of guy; a good, kind friend & colleague, and just a great family man. My thoughts are always with his family. We all miss his warmth, sense of humor and friendship.
Peter Quinones, Friend
Sep 11 2009 2:30PM
Garo, Remembering you always. I consider myself fortunate to have made your acquaintance and become your friend and colleague. Your forever in our Hearts.
mark konzelman, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 11:54AM
I met Garo at Marsh in Casualty Practice. He was a wonderful person. At a conference in Phoenix, I was suffering from a broken heart. Garo gave me some words of wisdom and lifted my spirits. I will never forget his kindness, especially to someone he didn't even really know. You are truly missed.
Patty Mendogni, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 8:47AM
Garo was such a wonderful person, I still miss you and always will. Just a thought for you tonight.
Debbie, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 10:06PM
Having sat across many a conference room table and meals with Garo, I have only wonderful, happy memories, especially us arguing over our allegiances regarding his of the Mets vs mine of the Cardinals. He was a joy to know and I'll never forget him.
Jackie Young, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 10:40AM
As a former J&H;'er, I remember the laughter that I always heard coming from the area where my now husband, Bob Young and Garo worked. I always wondered what I had done wrong!! I also remember all the fun times we had at the get togethers, both at our mutual town (Valley Stream) and with the other J&H; crew. Garo and Bob were like brothers and we both miss him very much. Pam Young
Pam LaRocco Young, Friend
Sep 10 2006 6:28PM
The senseless death of my kind warm wonderful friend is a tragedy. The world truely lost one of its best. God have mercy on the ones who are responsible and may they be brought to justice for all the pain and suffering they have caused.
joe siciliano jr., Friend
Aug 19 2006 2:23PM
It is now four years later and I still think of you often. Cetain things I do still remind me of things that I learned from you and things we use to laugh about. You are sill missed and always will be.
Debbie Wharton, Colleague
Sep 11 2005 4:27PM
I met Garo in Cleveland in 1998. Several of us met up there to make the final determination on whether or not Marsh would go ahead with 'his baby', then called Cert for Windows. Garo took us to very nice restuarant where he ordered sushi, he loved it. They served water from this very attractive blue bottle, which I have always kept and have it in my office. Garo was always so intense about WinCert and really appreciated the support he received from the end users. I know Garo loved his kids, he'd talk about them, even when you were on the phone, you could hear his grin. There isn't a week that doesn't go by that I don't think of miss. I miss him so much and still can't believe he is gone.
Jeanne Moran, Colleague
Sep 12 2002 1:14PM
On this day, Thinking of Garo, I can always remember his smile. Even when something was wrong with BIS he still smiled. I worked with Garo in the J&H; days and will remember when programs would bomb, he still took it in stride. I will miss you. Everybody had problems figuring out how to spell his last name, Voskerijian. After a while it became easy. He laughed about that too. Hey Garo! We will think of you always. Love, 'The Rumba Queen'
Sharon Rene Summers, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 6:58PM
I had known Garo for 20 years. We met on the basketball courts of St. Francis Xavier High during Inter-Departmental Basketball tournaments (or was it in Peter McManus' for beers afterwards?). This started a friendship that, while interrupted for long periods of time because of transfers from New York, would be rekindled in an instant when our paths would cross at conferences and meetings. Who will ever forget the warmth and glow of a smile from Garo, when his eyes would squint and his smile would seem to reach from ear to ear? I'll always remember him for the fantastic guy he was.
Drew Haaser, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 2:38PM
My memories of Garo... A smiling face His laugh Baklava His friendship with the guys he worked with
Josephine Restivo, Colleague
Aug 25 2002 8:00PM
It has now been almost one year since 9/11 and it has taken me this long to write. I work with Garo at J&H; way back in the early days. Garo was just staring with the company. He was in Richmond many times and he became almost like a brother to me. I watched Garo change from a young partying young man into the great person that he became. I always knew he was special. I will always remember you and the good and bad times that we had. I know that you are in a better place now and I think of you and pray for your family often. I will always miss you.
Debbie Wharton, Friend
Aug 24 2002 2:20PM
Garo was a good guy to work with who would help out whenever he can. He made life a lot easier for us who supported the BIS system back in the J&H; days. I always admired Garo's competitiveness. Especially during the old J&H; company picnic's. You may be closer to the net now Garo but were still not going to let you dunk the basketball on us. Rest in Peace.
Mark Konzelman, Colleague
Jun 18 2002 4:11PM
I met Garo in 1981 when I started to work for J&H; in the Finance Dept. I also met Ed Hassen who worked with Garo. These two guys took me under their wings to help me with the Insurance business, better known as the BIS System. We were know as the Mediterranean Boys, we worked together, went out together and traveled together. If I ever had a problem, Garo was always there for me he was like a brother to me. I know you are in a better place. I will always me you.
Gary Tencer, Colleague
May 17 2002 11:52AM
I worked with Garo on an IT project for Marsh in Europe. I frequently spoke with Garo via the phone and exchanged e-mails, although sadly we never met, as I am based in London - England. I will always remember Garo for his enthusiasm. Whenever we held a project team conference call his strong voice would boom out. He was positive in sharing his thoughts and ideas about how to move the project forward. His high spirits kept the team motivated - as well as amused at times. He is, and will continue to be missed. Sue (colleague from Marsh Ltd, London, England)
Sue Pope, Colleague
Apr 5 2002 8:49AM