Ernest James
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Gail greene, Friend
Sep 11 2021 3:10PM
I just found out today, what? How many years? EJ would come to Franklin Plaza when I came to visit from California and either make me laugh or think. Trips to Long Branch or Great Adventure. He said I looked like a black Carol Burnett, I love you EJ. I miss you this very moment. I'll keep you in my heart forever ;o)
Judi Anderson, Friend
Jun 7 2010 2:13PM
While it has been close to 2 yrs, I still cannot believe Ernest and so many innocent people perished from such a hideous act of hate. Ernest and I worked together many years ago at Lintas:NY, an advertising agency. Like many who left the agency, we lost contact through the years. Despite that, we all shared fond memories of the work days, the group outings and holiday parties. Ernest was always the life of the party. In November 2001, I received what I thought would be the usual email about the holiday dinner plans for December. The email ended with 'Let's try to make this dinner in memory of Ernest'. I was confused and baffled - I did not know what the person meant. When I asked what happened to Ernest, I received a call from one of the people on the email - Tina told me Ernest perished in the WTC attack. The reality of what Tina told me did not hit me until I saw 'Ernest James' on the CNBC memorial page. It was so hard to read through the memorials, but to actually see a name I knew was surreal. Ernest was a wonderful person who will never be forgotten. My prayers are with Ernest and his family as well as the countless other families who lost someone near and dear on 9/11. -Demetra, North Carolina
Demetra Deriso, Friend
May 15 2003 8:36PM
Ernest will never be forgotten. He was a member of our family for quite a while. The last time I'd seen him I was busily heading somewhere on the subway. Late as usual. I was heading out of the turnstile and someone was calling my name. I turned and saw the man who had dated my cousin for several years and who was always present at EVERY family function. We hugged. I will always remember the man who for all intents and purposes was FAMILY.
Diane, Friend
Sep 11 2002 9:35AM