Dorothy Mauro

Family Tribute:

'When Tomorrow Starts Without Me'

When tomorrow starts without me and I'm not there to see

If the sun should rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me.

I wish so much you wouldn't cry, the way you did today,

While thinking of the many things we didn't get to say.

I know how much you love me, as much as I love you.

And each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too.

When tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand

That an angel came and called my name and took me by the hand.

She said my place was ready, in heaven far above,

And that I'd have to leave behind all those I dearly love.

But as I turned to walk away, a tear fell from my eye,

For all my life, I'd always thought I didn't want to die.

I had so much to live for, so much yet to do.

It seemed almost impossible that I was leaving you.

I thought of all the yesterdays, the good ones and the bad,

I thought of all the love we shared, and all the fun we had.

If I could relive yesterday, even for a while,

I'd say good-bye and kiss you and maybe see you smile.

Then I fully realized that this could never be,

For emptiness and memories would take the place of me.

And when I thought of worldly things I might miss come tomorrow,

I thought of you, and when I did, my heart was filled with sorrow.

When I walked through heaven's gates, I felt so much at home,

When God looked down and smiled at me from his great golden throne.

He said, 'This is eternity and all I promised you.'

You have been so faithful, so trusting and so true.

Though there were times you did some things you knew you shouldn't do.

Today for life on earth is past, but here it starts a new.

I promise no tomorrow, but today will always last,

And since each day's the same day, there's no longing for the past.

When tomorrow starts without me,

Don't think we're far apart,

For every time you think of me,

I'm right here in your heart.

-Author Unknown

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Hello to the Mauro family that may see this message. I stumbled across this website yesterday and started looking through the memorials of the people in the Marsh family who lost their lives 21 years ago, and I was overcome by the fact that you continue to post messages years later. What a great and loving family you must be! I didn't personally know anyone lost on 9/11 but, through you messages, I gained true insight of the pain that you continue to feel. I lost my husband back in 2011 and my mom last year, and I miss them every day too. I hope the great comfort of your memories brings you peace.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 12 2022 7:07PM
Dorothy, we continue to remember your smile. You were always kind to all those who seek your help. May your family find peace in their love for you.
Chui, Colleague
Sep 11 2021 3:00PM
Dorothy, It's been 18 years since this horrific day. I think of you often. You will forever be in our hearts. Love, Arlene
Arlene Rothstein Schwartz, Friend
Sep 10 2019 10:49PM
thinking of you always....MB
Marilyn Boss, Colleague
Sep 11 2014 11:57AM
Another year, and no, it doesn't get easier for any 9/11 families who lost loved ones that day. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you and miss you.
Margaret Mauro, Family
Sep 11 2013 5:14PM
On this, the 11th Anniversary of the attacks on our beloved USA, you are missed by all who knew you. I think of you often and cry. I heard your name read today and tears came to my eyes, knowing how much your family misses you. We will never forget. You will forever be in our hearts. Love, Arlene
Arlene Rothstein Schwartz, Friend
Sep 11 2012 12:18PM
It wasn't long after the attack that I got an alumni newsletter from Lafayette H.S. that you had perished on 9/11. I asked myself 'WHO'? Then I went to my yearbook and when I saw your picture I nearly fainted. I broke down in tears, because while we weren't friends in school, I knew who you were. Margaret said she recognized my picture. Ever since that day, I think of you very often because of my memory of seeing you in school. I know you're looking down watching over all who loved you and whose lives you touched. When I am fully recovered from my illness, I plan to visit my old co-workers at 120 Broadway, I will place a rose on your name and say a prayer.
Arlene Rothstein-Schwartz, Friend
Sep 28 2011 2:43PM
Dear Dorothy, How much you are missed, even by people who didn't know you. Through your twin, Margaret, I've gotten to know and love you. Don't worry about Margaret, there are so many people who love her and are watching over her. Debbie
Debbie Franko, Friend
Sep 11 2011 11:38AM
I can't believe 10 years have gone by. I still think and miss you everyday. I miss hearing your voice on the phone, I miss our visits back and forth to each others homes. We should have celebrated our 65th birthday together this year. This was the year I would have been moving back up to the Northeast to be closer to you. But that won't happen, and New York will never be my home again. I even hate visiting the New York area. It's just not the same without you there. Rest in Peace my dear sister. Love, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Sep 10 2011 2:10PM
Aunt Dorothy, Tomorrow is the 9th year...patriotism that was so visible back then that was on vehicles, homes, buildings is much less prevalent. As you can imagine, Grandpa's birthday is not a happy day for him. So that makes two days in a row that are very difficult. But to us, your family, you are missed no less as time goes by. Our patriotism for our country continues and remains as strong as ever. Even making other family and friends take notice of the importance of that day to us and more importantly, positive actions in return. Love always, Matthew
Matthew, Family
Sep 10 2010 9:15PM
Today is our 63rd birthday, yet another one I celebrate without you here on earth. The most important person in my life 'you' were not here to celebrate this milestone. But I did have another important person in both of our lives here with me 'Matt' our beloved nephew came to spend the weekend and celebrate our birthday. We both released balloons in your memory dear sweet sister. Gone but not forgotten. Happy Birthday, Love, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Aug 30 2009 10:23PM
All I can say, every year when this day rolls around, it hurts. Missing you more than words can say. Friends and family have sent me such great words of comfort and love, knowing how much you are missed by me. I love you, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Sep 11 2008 11:09AM
I sit here at the computer thinking about you and thinking about birthdays we celebrated in the past together. What fun times we had, the laughs, the fun, and the joy of just being around each other. How I miss your smiling face and great sense of humor. You are missed by all. Happy Birthday. Love, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Aug 30 2008 11:36AM
Dear Dorothy, Wow! 6 years and it feels like the 1st year without you. I still have a whole in my heart. I miss you everyday of my life. I had a quiet day lighting a candle in your memory and remembering all the good and fun times we shared. My life has not been the same since 9/11/01. Love, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Sep 11 2007 10:47PM
Aunt Dorothy, Hard to believe it was 6 years ago now. The images on the television still make me and millions of others hurt as if it was today. Speaking of today, I narrated a redeployment ceremony for a company in my battalion. During the National Anthem I thought of you. Later in the ceremony I added a moment of silence, for rememberence, to our event. Today I was much stronger than in the past few years, but there is still so much pain for you, our city, our state, and our country in my heart. I miss you. Love, Matthew
Matthew, Family
Sep 11 2007 2:30PM
Dear Dot, Another birthday I celebrated without you. I still miss you very much. There is not a minute that I don't think about you and miss you. I'm going up to NY for dad's 90th birthday next weekend, but will be leaving to come home the day of his birthday as I still can't be in NY on 9/11 or in an airplane on 9/11. I wish you were still here with me. Love, Margaret
Margaret, Family
Sep 2 2007 5:32PM
My name is Dorothy Mauro, and I wanted to write to the family of Dorothy whose life was so quickly extinguished on that fateful September day. It was such a shock to see 'my name' as one of the missing when I read the first memorial. I know that she is with our maker, and that she looks down upon her family with the love that she so obviously lavished upon all of her family and friends left behind. God bless all of you, and bring you peace. I can be contacted via email at
Dorothy Mauro, Friend
Aug 22 2007 5:27PM
Dorothy, I miss you more and more as each passes. I heard a quote recently and I thought about our relationship and how very special it was for me to spare my life with you. Being twins wasn't always fun, because we were always teased with 'Which Twin has the Toni' and the jingle to Doublemint gum. Those things annoyed us so very much. But we did have fun being twins and confusing people. Here is the quote I wanted to share with you. 'If you love someone they will live in your heart forever'. There is no doubt in my mind that you're spirit is with me everyday. I love and miss you, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Sep 22 2006 5:41PM
As another year passes, my thoughts, prayers are with you all. We will never forget! On that shaded day, Dark with more clouds than tempests are, When thou didst yield thy innocent breath In birdlike heavings unto death, Night came, and Nature had not thee; I said, 'We are mates in misery.' Ralph Waldo Emerson
--, Friend
Sep 11 2006 10:37PM
Dorothy, Was one of the first people that I got to establish a working relationship with. I remember the little corner where her desk and Charlie's office were when we were at 1166. Dorothy was a nice person who was a delight to talk to. It has been 5 years and your memory is still in my heart. May your family find strength and comfort in this day, for your memory lives forever through the kindness you shared with others. Yvette Guidry-Robinson Marsh (1995-2004)
Yvette Guidry-Robinson, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 1:25PM
Dear Aunt Dorothy, Like Aunt Margaret wrote, it has been 4 years now. It has not gotten any easier for many of us. I have worn a braclet with your name engraved in it every day since Aunt Margaret sent it to me. Together you and I have been many places and accomplished many things. Out Mets won today, just like they did in their first game back in 2001. I love you and miss you. Matthew
Matthew, Family
Sep 11 2005 9:04PM
9/11/04 Dorothy, today is the 4th anniversary, and it doesn't get easier with time. I still have a big hole in my heart...still missing you. I have asked Margaret Brown to place flowers at Marsh's Memorial Wall for you for this anniversary, from me. This morning I'm going to a service here in Nashville remembering all the 9/11 victims. Look for some balloons with messages from me a little later today. I love you.... Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Sep 11 2005 9:40AM
Happy Birthday Dorothy, another year to celebrate our birthday without you. Some of your colleagues placed flowers at Marsh's memorial for you today. I did remember to set free some helium balloons for our birthday today. As I sit here typing this note I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since I've seen you or heard your voice. I miss you more than words can say. I love you... Margaret (your other half)
Margaret Mauro, Family
Aug 30 2005 4:48PM
Well Dot, Thanksgiving is just a few days away, since 9/11 I have dreaded this holiday. This was the one we enjoyed spending together and doing our Christmas shopping early. This year Matthew will be here spending Thanksgiving and the weekend with me, you will be with us in thought and prayer. I miss you!! Love, Margaret
Margaret, Family
Nov 22 2004 8:25PM
Happy Birthday Dorothy, Another birthday is here and again I get to spend it without you, but trust me you are in my thoughts and in my heart today and everyday. I love you and miss you, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Aug 30 2004 9:01AM
Dear Dorothy, I was looking for a recipe today, and I found a Christmas card you send me back in 1990. Needless to say reading it brought tears to my eyes. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you and miss you. I haven't been back to NY in over 2 years, remember how I would love to come visit you and we would explore the city as if I had never been to the city. Those are some of my fondest memories. The other night I went to the theater here in Nashville and saw 'The Producers' I remembered you had gotten tickets for Christmas in 2000 to see this play but because of 9/11 you didn't get to see it. My thoughts that night were filled with you. I recently did a TV interview about the 9/11 commission hearings. I got to watch the video again just recently and watching it I realized just how very much alike we really were. Watching it I thought it was you talking because all through the interview I was using my hands. I miss you more than words can say. I love you, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Mar 31 2004 7:02PM
Dear Dorothy, The 2nd anniversary of 9/11 is today and I just don't know where 2 years have gone. But I can tell you, I miss you so much my heart aches. I wish we could talk and laugh like we use to. My phone doesn't ring like it did when you were still here with me. Please know you are still a big part of my life and always will be. I love you. Love, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Sep 11 2003 7:36AM
Hey Dot, Did you see the helium balloons with the messages on them that we released on our birthday? I honor your memory on our birthday and the anniversary of 9/11 by releasing helium balloons with some of my thoughts written on them. When I look up in the sky watching the balloons just floating along I think of all the fun times shared with you throughout our childhood and adulthood. There will always be a void in my life now that you are no longer here, but I want you to know that there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you and send my prayers to you. I love you, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Sep 1 2003 10:33AM
Dot, Tomorrow I will be celebrating another birthday without you, and even though it's been almost 2 years I miss you even more. One of your friends found a unique way to celebrate your memory on your birthday. A hospice in Florida will be releasing a butterfly on our birthday in your memory. Some of your colleagues and friends from work have honored you by placing flowers at Marsh's memorial for your birthday. I plan on doing something both of us would have enjoyed doing. Just know you are always in my thoughts and you will never be forgotten. I love you. Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Aug 29 2003 9:13AM
Yesterday was the 1st anniversary, and I felt like I did last year when this happened. I know you are in a better place surrounded by some really awesome people. There isn't a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts and prayers. I miss you more than anyone can possibly understand. Twins have a special bond that other siblings don't, your were my other half and nothing will ever fill the void that your death has left. Your spirit lives on with me. Love, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Sep 12 2002 3:22PM
My dear sister, Today is our birthday and I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. As I celebrate our birthday today you will be right beside me. I miss you more than words can say. Happy Birthday 'twin'. Love, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
Aug 30 2002 7:22AM
Dorothy, Happy Birthday in heaven. I know that your Mom, sister & the angels are all surrounding you. You are missed more than words can say. You will always be in the hearts & thoughts of many especially your twin Margaret. Love, Jackie, Marvin, Duchie & family
Jackie Verbell, Friend
Aug 27 2002 11:40AM
Hi Margaret.. Although you don't know me, I'm sure our friend, Jackie Verbell, might have mentioned me to you. There have been many times when I wanted to write you or email you but I felt since you didn't know who I was, what was the point. The point being, that I wanted to offer my profound and deepest sympathy in the loss of your sister, Dorothy. You seem to have a terrific relationship and very close bonding being twin sisters! This tribute to your sister was so inspiring, so motivational and truly you could clearly see and feel the love you had for your sister, Dorothy. This tribute is so beautiful and so touching, that it just made me feel so sad inside. I wanted to reach out and give you a hug and let you know that if ever you need an ear to listen, I'm just a click away via email. No words can ever replace the loss of your sister but in keeping the faith and always looking up to God for his love and support, you will see that each day, will be a little easier to bare. As long as you keep those memories of Dorothy locked up in your heart, she will always be with you and she will live in your heart forever and no one but no one can ever take that away from you. This attack on the WTC on September 11, 2001, will remain embedded in our souls until the day we die. It was such a horrible tragedy and such a waste of human lives, that you have to wonder, how, why did this have to happen? How could there be such inhuman people out there to do something like this to such innocent people? There isn't one day since the 9/11 attack, that I don't stop and think of all those that were taken away from their loved ones, and I pray for everyone one of them. I pray that God helps them in this hour of need and that he is merciful and help those who are having such a hard time in dealing with their loss and grief. So, just wanted to let you know, that even though I did not know your sister, Dorothy, you or any of those thousands of lives who were loss at the Twin Towers, I wanted you to know that I will never forget them and they will always be in my prayers. God Bless you and may God give you the perseverance and strength to move on but never ever forgetting your sister and the thousands, who died that day. Sincerely, Carmen Moses (Jackie Verbell's friend)
carmen moses, Friend
Jun 14 2002 11:17PM
I was truly saddened to hear that Dorothy was one of the missing.. I worked with Dorothy for many years and found her to be funny, smart and always helpful. We miss her tremendously!! I did not know that she had a twin sister, and my heartfelt sympathies go to her and Dorothy's family.
Donna DiDonato, Colleague
Jun 12 2002 11:26AM
My dear sister, There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you and miss you. You are always on my mind, and you will always be in my heart. Love, Margaret
Margaret Mauro, Family
May 17 2002 10:29PM
Dorothy was one of finest people I have ever met or worked with. She was my mentor when it came to NY surplus lines tax (I owe her more than words can say). She was also a great friend and I think of her and miss her everyday.
Virginia Shaffer, Colleague
Apr 29 2002 11:56AM
Dorothy and I were friends from high school. She was one of the nicest and friendliest girl I knew. She also had a great sense of humor. My family and I send our heartfelt condolences to Margaret Mauro her twin and her family and our prayers are with them always. May Dot rest in everlasting peace!!!!
Jackie Verbell, Friend
Apr 19 2002 2:46PM
'Dorothy was my cousin and I was truly saddened to hear of her loss. Memories of our childhood will live in my heart forever. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and especially her twin Margaret. God Bless all of you.' Love, Barbara & Nick
Barbara & Nick Salvato, Family
Apr 19 2002 1:38PM
One of the nicest, friendliest, helpful and hard working people at Marsh. Dorothy was a mentor, a friend and I miss her everyday. My thoughts and prayers go out to Dorothy’s family and friends.
Pat Foy, Colleague
Apr 5 2002 6:55AM