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“Christopher My Son”

Christopher my beloved son, born to me when I wasn’t too young but because of you I had to re-invent myself in order to keep up with you and take care of you the way I needed to do. Christopher you brought a lot of joy and happiness into my life, with your way of saying and doing things that surprised and pleased me to hear and see. You always were and still are very special to me.

I have loved you so very much before and since the time you were born and as you grew you had a pleasing personality and a captivating smile that prompted those who saw you to want to hold you for a while. When you started to walk, you was quick and fast. You was really a blast. It was very difficult to keep up with you, you was so fast. You was some baby. You was some child. You was some handsome man with your signature smile.

You always wanted to have things your way and you did that too. You had so much wisdom and knowledge inside of you. I recall when you was seven and you asked me how you could be saved. I told you and you said you wanted to be baptized. You wanted to be saved. Time has passed so quickly since that time and you grew up to be twenty-nine. Now I reflect upon the warm September morning when you stood smiling standing at my bedroom door. You lifted up your hand, put two fingers to your lips and blew me a kiss and said “Bye Ma, see you later” and I said have a blessed day and you walked out the door and went on your way. So long Christopher, my dearest son. Have a good night. Some day we will be together again in the Heavenly light.




When I was little I asked Sister Epps 'How could I be saved?'And she responded, 'Give your life to the Lord,Because for you His life He gave'.

But Sister Epps, I asked, 'Can he save me like He saved you?'Sister Epps said, 'Seven children, grandchildren, brother and sisters I raisedI tell you, I like magnifying the Lord for He is worthy to be praised'.Sister Epps said, 'If you count on Jesus in the Book of Life,You’ll be counted too'.

Sister Epps!! Sister Epps!! Don’t stand up without your cane!Sister Epps said, 'My Heavenly Father is my doctor,So I’ll walk in Church cause He healed my pain'.

Sister Epps said, 'To honor your mother and fatherSo your days may be long,Cause one day you’ll look for them and they’ll be gone'!Like my daddy said, 'mother' may not always be right,But you can bet that 'mother' is never wrong.

Sister Epps, I asked, 'Why do you always wear white?'Whether it’s a sunny day or a stormy night, Sister Epps said'I wear white cause I’m a soldier, a missionary for the Lord,You see this white is my armor, and this book is my sword'.

Sister Epps would sing, 'It’s in My Heart, This Melody of Love Divine',Sister Epps would sing, 'It’s in My Heart, For I am His and He is Mine'.

I would hear Sister Epps pray for me - 'Lord, whatever it takes,Short of death, so that in his soul you may save,And don’t let him die in his sins, Oh Lord,Cause there is no repentance from the grave'.

There were times when I was faced with danger, and fear filled my head,Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil.I remember what Sister Epps said; she asked the Lord every morningTo watch over my life, I live today because God heard her plea.

Now I go through this life as a grown man.Lord I ask in your words, please order my steps,For you are the Father, which there is no other.Fellow saints, who love her, call her 'Sister Epps'.But I am just proud to call her 'MY MOTHER!'

Written by Christopher Samuel Epps on Friday night, September 22, 2000 as a tribute to his mother, Mother Geneva Epps. He recited it at the Appreciation Luncheon given by the Greater Zion Baptist Church and Rev. Norman Nelson, Jr., on Saturday, September 23, 2000 at The Eastwood Manor in the Bronx, NY.

Christopher S. Epps: Accounting and Poetry

Geneva Epps has not given up hope that the son she had late in life is alive. 'I’m just being hopeful and prayerful,' she said of Christopher S. Epps, her seventh child and second son. 'I just can’t seem to give up. I know that I’m not considered very wise and not facing reality. But the reality is that no one has showed me any proof that he is not alive.'

Sister Epps, as she is called at the Greater Zion Baptist Church in the Bronx, knows that the 29-year-old Mr. Epps, an accountant for Marsh & McLennan, was in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. 'He said, `Bye, Mom, see ya later,’ ' she recalled. 'And I said, `Have a blessed day.’ And that was it.'

Now she focuses on a September day in 2000 when her church honored her, and Mr. Epps recited from memory a poem he had stayed up all night writing.

There were times when I was faced with dangerAnd fear filled my head.Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil;I remember what Sister Epps said.She asked the Lord every morning to watch over my life.I live today because God heard her plea.Now I go through this life as a grown man fast in your words.Please order my steps, for you are the Father.Others who love her call her Sister Epps,But I am just proud to call her my mother.

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Sending condolences to Christopher's family and friends on this, the 21st anniversary of 9/11. America has not forgotten you.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 27 2022 4:16PM
I’m from Wales, UK. I visited the memorial today, as I looked into the water, I realised my hand was touching your name. I washed your name with the water, and remembered those events of nearly 21 years ago from where I was as it happened. I never knew you, but I feel a connection now. Bless your soul and your family and loved ones.
Rob, Friend
Aug 1 2022 1:41AM
Chris had a smile that would light up a room. People naturally gravitated towards his personality and his strength. Chris dated one of my best friends at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry. They were the cutest couple. Both loved to dress. When I heard his name called at the Memorial after 9/11/2001 I was speechless. I called my friend because I didn't think she'd heard the news. I'm glad he he had such a loving family. Thank God he had an amazing 29 yrs on this earth until he gained his wings. We had no idea there was an angel amongst us. I know he's doing God's work in heaven. He would of been an amazing father, husband, uncle & definitely a CEO or would of opened his own Accounting firm. I pray to God on that day that you felt no pain and transitioned quickly. Until we meet again at the pearly gates. Love Cheryl Sinclair Friend
Cheryl Sinclair, Friend
Sep 12 2022 0:25AM
Twenty years later feels like just yesterday that you were called home … RIP dear boy your family loves and misses you so much every day… gone but never forgotten Joyce
Joyce, Family
Sep 12 2021 3:05PM
Today September 11th was a solemn day, in this year September 11th 2020 the New York and the country is facing and pandemic I was not able to visit the the 9/11 Memorial this year because of social distancing, my dear brother Christopher you will never be forgotten you are missed dearly and deeply the world has taken a beautiful soul however ,God has gained a perfect angel ,I love you until now and Eternity.. Your loving sister Debra ❤💙💜
Debra Epps , Family
Sep 12 2020 4:46AM
May eternal peace surround you always Chris; you will always be in my prayers.
Joan, Friend
Sep 12 2014 1:28AM
Epps, as we referred to him in the hallways of Rice HS was such a nice guy. I just stumbled across this site & felt compelled to just write something, was heartbroken when I heard we loss a fellow Rice Raider......I remember Epps walking tall with the hi-top fade....Rice Raiders Forever....Epps, I hope you are with The Most High & in peace my brother Shep Hopkins....class of 1990
Evander 'Shep' Hopkins, Friend
Jun 10 2014 7:36PM
Happy birthday cuz! I know that you are rejoicing with the rest of the family. Still looking good I'm sure. So much has happen since you've been gone. The kids have grown. Trevor is a grown man working and going to school. Avery is maturing slowly, but I'm sure he will get there. Last but not least your God daughter has grown into a beautiful young lady. I miss you so much cuz and think about you all the time on many different occasions. In my Whitney voice 'I will always love you.'
Natasha, Family
Aug 8 2013 5:21PM
Christopher, Christopher, eleven years to date, I feel your present and this is true, you are part of history that will never be erase. Family and Friends love you.
Joanne Clayborne, Friend
Sep 11 2012 6:57PM
I worked at Victor O.Schinnerer and Co. at the time and even though I did not know anyone, my heart went out to all our Marsh & McLennan Colleagues. I wear my pin in your honor and for you families. We will never forget you. Elizabeth T. Stewart
Elizabeth T. Stewart, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 12:06PM
So much time has past....I can'nt believe you are forty years old this year on August 8th. Your death has had a very unexpected devasting effect on my life then I would ever relize would be possible, the past 19 months was all about you. Your dead was so painful unbeholding to me I have been repressing it (don't worry it was for good causes) I been on a couple of mission trips Sapa and Hanoi Vieinam I help teach 22 teachers methods on how we teach our childern Americia my church has adopted this little town we put a water system in and are helping with repairs on the school and dorms... with two translaters. I think I was the tallest one in vietnam for thoughs ten would have like a trip like that it was so incredibly amazing. I went to Mexico with the youth ministry to build houses for very underprivileged families who live in little huts in the dark make of old doors different type of wood basiclly anythig they could find , no run water etc. when I said we build a house WE BUILD A HOUSE WE WE ARRIVED THE WAY WE KNEW WHERE WE WERE GOING TO BUILD THE HOUSE WAS FLAT SQUARE OF CEMENT ON THE GROUND.... YOU WOULD HAVE LOVED THIS MISSION TRIP TOO.... we cut the wood the wood had to be cut at the correct size or the house would'nt be stable. I was pulling electical wire paintig... the guys uiled bump beds for the two girls and afull size bed for the parents, we both them a refrigerator and a little dinning table with dishes some of the teen left some money under the dishes. I was teach the two and three year olds at my chunch and help with a homeless minitsy call PIN YOU WOULD HAVE LIKED DALLAS AND ANN STAMPER WHO GAVE UP EVERYTHING TO START THE MINISTRY. ANY WAY MY DEAR BROTHER i LOVE YOU AND WILL NEVER FOGET U i WILL AWAYS HOLD YOU CLOSE TO MY HEART. I HOPE HOPE YOU LIKE MY STORIES OF AEVENTURE YOUR SISTER JULIA
julia epps, Family
Sep 11 2012 5:30AM
I did not hear of Mr. Epps until his mother spoke at the tenth anniversary of the tragedy. A displaced New Yorker, living in Tucson at the time, I was crying and watching the memorial open when his lovely mother captivated me as she stood at the podium. I remember her explaining the story of his friendship with Mr. Russo and her ending with 'people really are there to catch you when you fall.' I have been haunted by this story since that time. This week I have finally relocated back home to the city I love. I went to see the memorial and took a picture on my phone of Mr. Epps' name. You can tell he is a special soul just from his picture, and his family a special family. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you and with the Russo's as well.
Nancy Clarke, Friend
Jan 25 2012 4:00PM
All weekend I have cried and cried watching the television as one 9/11 memorial after another was aired. I did not know anyone who died on 9/11 in Washington, NY or Pennsylvania but I grieved as if I lost over 3k friends and family members. For some reason your story has stayed on my mind, especially of you and Wayne and the freindship you shared as co-besties. The gallup survey for corporations asks 'Do you have a best friend at work' - meaning someone you confide in, laugh with, eat lunch with, someone who has your back and cares about you as not only a co-worker, but as a person. I think you and Wayne would definitely qualify. Today as I arrived at work I looked at my 'best friend at work' and I gave her a big hug of congratulations as she just found out she is expecting a baby. I can't imagine not having her here with me every day to cheer me up and keep me grounded. I cant even imagine what you both must have been feeling that day, I can't imagine the grief your family and freinds are still expereincing but I prayed for them last night and will continue to pray for them and the other families of the victims of that awful day. Thank you for reminding me of how important freindship is. I am happy that on that day you and Wayne had each other. I can imagine right now that you share a cubicle in the sky and you are hard at work watching over all of us still here, still confused, still trying to understand how, and why someone can hate so much.
Nikki, Friend
Sep 12 2011 1:42PM
I placed a flag in your honor yesterday in the Healing Fields, Hanover PA. I never knew or met you but your name will always be with me.
Jenny Plummer, Friend
Sep 11 2011 11:03AM
I have chills as I am writing these words. I feel it is truly the work of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit that I have just had this amazing Spiritual experience on this day. I just finished writing a tribute to Wayne a few minutes ago. I was sitting down watching the 9-11 Memorial with my husband, as we always do. Debra Epps spoke of her brother Christopher. She also talked about the Russo family making sure that Wayne's name was placed next to Christopher's. They were very good friends. When I was reading some of Wayne's tributes, I remember one that asked for him to keep sending the signs. This is a beautiful sign from God for Wayne and Christopher's families. They are friends in heaven. Thank you Debra for your beautiful words. Through your love, the Holy Spirit sent the Epps family and the Russo Family a sign that your brother and his friend Wayne are together in Heaven. God Bless all of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Mariagrace Egan
Mariagrace, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 10:56AM
As we can see sorrow has hit all who remember the 9/11 tragedy. The tragedy has bought courage, strength and love. I would like to say that as former employee of Marsh & McLennan, 'I Thank you for being so gracious to those who lost their lives on 9/11.' As a former employee who had diffculities in my pregrancy my Supervisor, Dick Shipman was always thoughtful and encourage me to know things would be well with my child's birth. Dick son was handicapped and was thoughtful to all his employees. Thank you again Marsh & McLennan for the company you are and will always be to remember that your employees make your company what it is and will be. Thank YOU for remembering those who lost their lives.
Arjeana Due, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 10:53AM
I am married to a Chritopher Epps and every year I pray for this family I don't know. I continue to remember Mr. Epps. Every year I get so many phone calls asking if it was my husband when the name is read on TV. Rest in peace Mr. Epps.
Sharon Epps, Friend
Sep 11 2011 10:48AM
Christopher, I just saw your sister speak of you so deeply and eloquently at the 10th Anniversary 9/11 Memorial. You are very loved and God Bless your soul. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family today and always.
Lauri Hanson, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 10:35AM
Christopher I am sitting sheding tears on this day before the 9/11 cermoines tommorrow thinking of you an wishing you were here. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Last week they were showing star wars movies on tv and my heart was thinking of you. Everytime some new game system of high tech stuff came out i would always say you would have love this. Life is going on for us but we will never forget you ever! Till we meet again your loving sister always Chundera
chundera epps, Family
Sep 10 2011 8:42AM
Christopher, I did not know you but wanted to leave you a note that many of us continue to feel the hurt and loss of so many people. I bet you as well as all the people that parished that day were heroes in many different ways.God bless you and your family. You as well as all the others will always be remembered. Sincerely-Mercer colleague
Phil Schneider, Colleague
Sep 2 2011 5:00PM
May 24 2011 3:51PM
Dear Christopher in Heaven - I saw your sister's tribute to you today on Remembering 9/11 nine years later. I just want to say what a beautiful poem she wrote for you - you must have been one heckuva person, son and brother! In the words of your sister May the Force be with YOU!! Susan
Susan S, Friend
Sep 12 2010 1:50PM
Chris I miss you more than anyone could ever know. You were my hero amd my mentor. As you niece I grew up 2 years behind you and always wanted to touch people as you did. I hope you are proud of the women I have become I have always been proud of you and I am teaching your nephew my son Jaylen to be a wonderful person just like his uncle Chris. My heart ache is bitter sweet because I miss us so but I know you are always watching over me. I love you Chris may you rest in peace!
Robyn Epps, Family
Sep 11 2010 10:26PM
I saw the tribute on CNN this morning and it was quite touching . 9/11/10. You must have been an amazing person :)
Donna, Friend
Sep 11 2010 9:14AM
I love you and I miss you so much. I just found this website and it was surprising to see that picture. I still have the doll you gave me and i never opened it yet I love You
Bre'Annah, Family
Feb 13 2010 7:49PM
Uncle Chris in this time of Holiday's and Celebrations you are missed more than you can ever know. You were and will alway's be my hero and role model. I am still doing things everyday to make you proud and I will continue to live my life with your spirit in my heart. Love Always RAH
Robyn Epps, Family
Dec 17 2009 10:16AM
Chris, in my thoughts and my heart you will always remain....
Ange, Friend
Nov 7 2009 3:50PM
Thinking of you today
Denise Casey Scott, Family
Sep 11 2009 12:52PM
hey i just found this web site..its good to be back around my family..miss you chris
david mcgriff, Family
Mar 20 2009 1:23PM
Hi Chris, I know its been a while but never will it be never. I think of you always and I miss you so much. It will be eight years this new year, still can't believe. I know you know we have a new black president and this world is going to change. Hopefully, he can and will make us have a stronger America where the events that led you not to be with us won't happen again. Love you until next time, your loving cousin Natasha. PS. Bre'Anna still has the doll you gave her. I made her keep it in the box just as it is.
Natasha Mcgriff, Family
Feb 4 2009 12:20PM
Prayers go out to your family!
Christina Epps, Friend
Jan 12 2009 5:52PM
Christopher, Another Anniversary and we still miss you! love, Denise
Denise, Family
Sep 11 2008 12:43PM
Hey Cousin, I think about you often. Your Mother is so strong and faithful. My Birthday has just passed again, and as always your Mom remembers me, and she remembers that it was my Mother's Birthday as well. She is so thoughtful to remember our loss and I feel blessed to have such a kind family. I know you are looking over us... Love and Miss you! Denise
Denise Scott, Family
May 30 2008 10:17AM
Hey Chris, Its been a long time since I was on this site. But just because I have not been on this site you have not been out of mind. I miss you very much and it becomes more apparent how much everytime the family and I get together. Things are just not the same without you. Many things has changed throughout the years. I can't believe its been 7 years since your untimely death. Well, I say untimely, but God said it was your time and we can not dispute that. Anyway, a lot of things have happened. I too lost my grandmother in 2007 and that has taken a toll on me as well. I am trying to keep up and doing what she left in process for me. I will be on here all day talking to you but I guess some of my thoughts I will have to keep private between us when I am thinking of you. I know that you are well and am feeling no pain. So, I will talk to you lata kid.
Natasha Mcgriff, Family
Feb 7 2008 4:15PM
Hey chris i know you probably don't remember me, i go to church with Mother Epps. We all really miss u down here but we know you're in a better place. One day we will meet again an we can get to know each other. Although we didn't lnow each other that well my heart is still heavy from losing you. We love you. From The Carter Family. (Conley Carter Jr)
Conley Carter, Family
Sep 12 2007 10:28PM
Chris, As the day draws closer to Tuesday the 11th I feel the sadness and overwhelming feeling of loss and I miss you today as much as I did the day it happened. I will keep you close to my heart and prayers. Rest in peace my love. Mother Epps you are always on my mind and I love you.
Josephine, Family
Sep 10 2007 10:20AM
Aug 28 2007 4:40PM
I Love you and miss you with all my heart. In Loving Memory Your sister Debra Epps
Debra Epps, Family
Aug 13 2007 11:20PM
This is such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful saint of our Lord. I never knew Chris, but as I sift through these thoughts that you all have written down, I feel as if Chris has truly come alive to me. He seems so familiar,even though I did not know him. It is sites such as this that make the longing for Heaven even more insatiable. I can't wait to meet this true saint of God, who epitomizes the love of Jesus Christ. My sincerest condolences to his family. In Christ's love, Patty Jakubek
Patricia Anne Jakubek, Friend
May 11 2007 1:33AM
Love you man.
Phillip Epps, Family
Apr 17 2007 1:33AM
mrs epps, i do not know you or your family, but i did talk with your daughter, i work at chase and we met over the phone... i am so sorry of the loss of your son, an innocent man, just doing his job... i will not ever forget 9/11 and the pain it caused all of us... i want you to know someone in texas has you and your family on her prayer list... i lost my 25 year old son 2 years ago and i know my heart will never heal... just know that i am praying for yall... patt
patt, Friend
Oct 2 2006 2:55PM
It wasn't until I read correspondence from Rice High School that I learned of Chris' departure from this earth. I was Chris' classmate throughout high school and I remember him dearly. This is certainly not a tale. I came to know Christ at the age of 14, and although I never spoke with Chris about God, the light of Christ shone through his warm smile. To his loved ones, soon we will share in Christ's glory with Chris eternally. Sincerely, Hector Echevarria
Hector Echevarria, Friend
Jul 19 2006 1:41PM
Christopher My Friend/Family To the Epps Family: Christoper will live in our hearts forever, gone from this world, living to live agian, with the Lord Jesus Christ. Christoper frought a good fight,he have finished his course, Christoper is a part of history, He was a true soldier. In Loving Memory, The Clayborne Family
The Clayborne's, Friend
Mar 6 2006 11:30AM
As I sit here at my laptop in my first year of college. I just can't accept this. I am so angry at this fact and need to release it. I spoke to you that morning of the accidnet. I should have spoke to you longer. I am sorry Christopher. Theres nothing I can do now and I hate it. I cant't even say to make up to it for good grades in college. Nothing can make up for it. I am not at piece. At least I can talk to you somewhat through this link, but its not enough. I can just remember my eyes light up when you would answer yes when I ask to'play you game.' I had to get pushed in your room by my sisters sometimes from being scared. I wish I can have you hear. Your the reason for my success. I just want to hug you. You use to palm me to the ceiling wit one hand and I would scream when I was little. It was apart of you training me for the bigger test. What I am saying to you now is not enough. I want to stay here and just think you will respond.
Phillip Epps (His nephew), Family
Oct 9 2005 7:55PM
I remember when Christopher accompanied my daughter, Margaret on Christmas Eve of 2000 to join us for our traditional Italian five fish dinner. I think his favorite was the pasta and clam sauce, Oh! how I remember how we all laughed and talked that night. Christopher was such a nice polite youngman. He treated my daughter like a queen and me like the Queen Mother, he was so charming. I havent posted here before but realized I should let Christopher's family know that all of us miss Christopher very much. Peace be with you always. Lucille Lantz
Lucille, Friend
Sep 12 2005 6:21AM
Hi Chris, Just thinking of you today as all days. I know you know how big your God daughter is getting. I know you would have loved to hang out with her at this time. She is very fun and loving. I am so greatful to have the doll that you brought for her 2000 M. Barbie. I will not let her play with it because I want to have it 4 ever. Well, I know that you would be proud of me right now. I completed my Masters in Public Administration. I am trying to be like you. Love you kid.
Natash Mcgriff, Family
Sep 11 2005 10:29PM
'Beyond Life's Gateway' There's an open gate at the end of the road Through which each must go alone, And there, in a light we cannot see, Our Father claims His own . . . Beyond the gate your loved one Finds happiness and rest, And there is comfort in the thought That a loving God knows best. 'Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened' I wish the Epps Family much love and peace!
Janice, Friend
Sep 10 2005 11:47PM
Happy belated birthday Christopher. I love you 4 ever. Rest in peace.
Natasha Mcgriff, Family
Aug 9 2005 12:56PM
Chris, Happy Birthday. Its been too long since you held me in your arms. I miss you so much. The more time passes the more I realize that losing you has totally turned my lifew upside down. I hope the time you spent with the kids and I will live in their hearts forever. They still talk about the Caryola factory with happy expressions. It will always be embedded in mine. Keep an eye on us because we need it. I love you. Josephine
Josephine, Friend
Aug 8 2005 10:54AM
i remember the last time i saw u. It was a moment i shall never forget. You took me to the movies that day with jasmine. it was fun. sometimes i look back and think on it and i cry. Becuase i miss ur niece Christina
Christina Epps, Family
May 17 2005 10:51AM
It still seems like yesterday since I last spoke to you. It was just like that and you were gone. I still can't believe it. That same morning I spoke to you and a few hours you were gone. In school they talked about it but it. I knew you worked in the World Trade enter, but when they said twin towers I didn't think it was the same. he moment I came home from school I heard my mom crying. Thats when it hit me at the door step. I knew something drastic happened. I couldn't cry at first. Just laid down in dibelief. It didn't come out really too a few weeks later. I cried and cried almost everyday for a long time. You were my inspiration and still are. Its been rough without you. I've been fallen off in studies and getting caught up with girls. Some how I was inducted into the National Honor Roll. But still I feel that I let you and mself down. I fell off way off, but will climb back on. Hey I'm in college and hope to pursue accounting just like you. Going for my CPA. I will never forget you and will love you with all my heart. You will always be apart of my life, my decisions, and everything. I love you and miss you. I hung you up in my room so that you can keep n eye on me. love Phillip your nephew
Phillip Epps, Family
Mar 24 2005 9:37PM
Chris, The time is rushing by and soon September 11th will be among us. If I could rewind time I would tell you how much you mean to me. I would let you get the last word in an argument, especially because you were hardly ever at fault. I would let that hug last all day. I would show you how much I cherish you. I would say thank you more often. I would never let you leave without a kiss goodbye. I would thank God everyday for putting you in my life. I would ask God to keep you safe every time we weren't together. I miss you everyday. I always knew how special you are, but as more time goes by I realize that people like you are too few in numbers. One day things will be different, and I will except you fate, but when? I love you, Josephine
Sep 3 2004 11:16AM
Well, this is the first time since my cousin's death that I read his tribute. I was and still am very angry that my cousin has been taken away from us. I know that he is in a better place now, but that still does not take away the pain. Chris was my favorite boy cousin. We were close in age and we shared a lot of secrets together. He dated one of my best friends when we were younger. I used to love walking with my cousin because he made me feel so protected. He was so tall and handsome. I could see the envy in the girls eyes when they walked by me probably thinking he was mine. I would play it off, by grabbing him by the arms close to me. He would laugh so hard. With that goofy laugh of his. I missed that the most. My cousin was a very sweet person. I even made him the God father of my daughter Bre'Annah. Recently, when my Aunt Mother Epps was moving from her apartment. We found a doll that Christopher had bought for my daughter in 2000. It was still wrapped up. It was the 2000 Milleninum Barbie Doll. I will cherrish that doll forever. My daughter does not know the significance of the doll yet, but she will. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about my cousin or miss him. Family gatherings are not the same without him. I know that God had his reason for taking Chris, he had better plans for him. Thinking in those terms has put my mind at ease. My cousin's death has taught me that you can not take life for granted. When it is your time it is your time. I always think of him anytime I hear Maxwell's song 'Can't let life pass me by' I am not sure if that is the name of it. But anytime I hear it I think of him, for that reason that song has a close and dear meaning to me. Chris did not let his life pass him by. He did everything by the book so therefore we (his family) can feel very proud of him and be very proud that we had the chance to get to know him and have him in our lives. I love you Chris, Your cousin Tasha Baby (As the family used to tease and call me, a name given to me by my cousin Robby)
Natasha Mcgriff, Family
Jul 12 2004 11:34PM
Chris, Chris so handsome and oh! so fine with a heart of gold I see you decided to leave me behind Why Oh! why I ask, for if you had told me, I would gladly stood by your side I ask myself why should I have to say goodbye, and I know why, God was looking for a leader a captain of a ship someone who qualified as a Jedi So go on my dear brother don’t be shy your ship awaits you and your crew has already arrived (2000 and more) there to stand by your side, awaiting to salute you as soon as you arrive Your pancakes are on the grill and there will be plenty of sweet potatoes pie oh! How I want to cry My dear brother for you being so proud and so strong of you to take this trip So climb aboard your ship and may the force be with you because when God chose you he really chose a Jedi LOVE YOUR LOVING SISTER DEBRA
Jan 26 2004 10:40PM
CHRISTOPHER The day my mother brought my brother Christopher home, he had five sisters and one brother anxiously waiting for him. As we took turns holding him it seems as though a breath of fresh air had sweep through the house leaving behind the most beautiful sunshine. Our house became alive with the smell of baby magic lotion and formula. We were all old enough to take care of him the youngest being twelve years old. The first one up in the morning would usual get to feed him, wash him up, dress him and as he got a little older take him out to the park (under the very stern no excuses excepted instructions of our mother). So you could imagine the mad rush in the Epps household in the mornings and actual throughout the day. Christopher was a very happy and joyful child, who (if you ever took him out side for a walk would discover just how much he loved trees) every time we would past one he would point his little finger at it and say treee! Treee! Oh! He was the “cutest in the world”. When Chris was about four years old he would pretend he was superman, he would wake up early in the morning, and wake one of us up saying pin me! Pin me! Meaning to pin his towel around his neck so he could pretend to fly through the house like superman. Then it was time for Christopher to start school. My mother was determine to send him to private school, being a very large family our budget was very tight, but my mother managed some how to do for her last and youngest child something she would have like to have done for all of her children. My brother went to private elementary, middle and high schools and then on to college. I cannot recall a time when Chris was in trouble in school he never gave my mom a reason to worry, he made very good grades and made the deans list in college. As we watch Chris grow into a very tall handsome and stylist young man who gave of himself so freely to those in need of his help in anyway (even when he knew he was or might be taken advantage of). He worked with mentally and physical disable adults on the weekends. They loved Chris. On the weekend they would say where is Chris? They could not wait for him to get there to make them pancake or waffle (one of his specialties and favorite foods). Chris still found time to care for our mother and attend to her needs as well as indulge in his hobbies like bike riding, bike building, and bodybuilding. He went to the gym in the mornings before going to work (that is why we thought he was a live somewhere. We did not think he was at his desk at the time the plane hit). To this day I still believe he got out the building and went back to help someone. (That’s the kind of person he was, he would never just stand around looking on when someone needed help) No! One not even the fireman or policeman thought the building was going to fall. I believe my brother died doing what he loves to do, helping people. As a young teenager one of his other hobbies was to do free hand drawing and sketch of his favorite action characters “his drawings were very captivating”. Chris loved to play with logos. We found the very first set he assemble in the top draw of his dresser, he had completely tape off a section of the dress draw just to preserve the logos from his childhood. (He was sentimental like that). Chris also was a Star War groupie he and my sister Valerie would go to see the latest Star wars movies. They always saw them together it was a tradition with them. The last star wars movie came out after his death…I don’t think my sister Valerie has gone to see it yet, I guess it not the same without him…. My brother Chris was a comedian he could make you laugh so hard you would cry from laughter. When we had a gathering I felt it was never complete until Chris arrived. Number one! To see what latest fashion fad he was wearing. Number two! He was the toast of the party. He had the most beautiful smile, to tell you the truth… when I think of him (as I do so often) I always picture him smiling his smile would brighten up any room that he was in…. we loved him so! He was and always will be the best of us. I think Christopher took the best characteristics from all of his sibling (being that we all help raise and couch him) the five girls were like sistermothers and the one boy was the typical big brotherfather. Chris took these characteristics and incorporated then into what would become - CHRISTOPHER SAMUEL EPPS One of my favorite memories of Chris is his 27th birthday party at my sisters Valerie’s house (she is the oldest sibling). We had the biggest cake fight ever. Even my mother had cake on her face. Chris was covered with cake from his head to his toes, it just so happens he received an outfit for his birthday that day, he had to take a shower and change his clothes, and we laughed until we cried, we had the best time ever. Thinking about it as I write this puts a smile on my face. One of my favorite pictures of Chris is the one when he’s about ten months old. We sat him on the kitchen table wearing his pamper and one of his little cute tee shirts in front of him is a five layer cake my sister Debra (the third oldest made, she was always experimenting in the kitchen) Chris or as we called him“ eickey stickeys” started sticking his fingers in the cake and had smeared cake icing all over his face with his fingers, we all stood around watching him play in the cake and decided to take a picture. It’s the cutest picture you’ve ever seen… I’m going to miss my beautiful brother….. Words would be an understatement to describe the pain…. If they only knew what they took from us …. A beautiful bird that had just begun to spread his wings. JULIA EPPS THE FOURTH AND MIDDLE SISTER
Jan 3 2004 8:40PM
Aug 8 2003 10:10AM
The last time I saw Chris was in 1992. Since then I often thought about him, his smile and his caring ways. When I learned of the incident, I was heart broken, so many years has gone past, so many memories shared. I can't stop but think how an amazing friend he was to me. Chris, you will always have a special place in my heart. Your memory will always remain close within me. Ange
Ange Anglade, Friend
Oct 9 2002 12:30AM
I remember the first time I met him so clearly. I was instantly amazed at his height and size. As I got to know him I realized that there was so much more to him. He was everything a women could want all wrapped up in a beautiful exterior package. As time went on our friendship grew stronger and love was inevitable. We loved hard, and enjoyed every minute we shared together. I remember riding our bikes through time square without helmets. Mother Epps prayed that we would get home safely. There was a steep hill and we were riding in a dangerous speed. Chris was a pro, but I was wobbly. We made it home savely (thanks to Mother Epps' prayers). Months have passed and we have not heard anything. I have no idea what happened to him, but I can't give up. I miss hime so much and the pain I have inside just tears me up. I don't know what the future brings, but I know that God loves me and in time I will know. Chris is missed by all who knew him. I have finally gotten the courage to write, because I knew how I would feel while writting. I hold my feeling inside alot because I do not like when people see how weak I am. I cannot postpone this any longer. You see Chris deserves that the world know how incredibly amazing he is. His love, dedication and commitment never faultered. None of us are perfect, but we all deserve a second chance. I thought we are going to be together forever, and until I hear differently I will continue to hope and pray for his safe return. We were drawn together with love and nothing will ever break us apart. Chris' mom, his brother and sisters have been so supportive and helpful. I thank God that they are a part of my life forever. Thank you for your concern for the children and also for me. I love you all and you will forever be a part of my family. Josephine
May 4 2002 9:01AM
I met Chris one day through Wayne Russo, a good friend of mine in the Accounting department. I had insisted on meeting Chris who had helped me with an accounting issue on Wayne's day off. On the phone, he was very kind, and was very patient and thorough with my questions. I remember Wayne mentioning to Chris about bowling -- Wayne tried, unsuccessfully, for years, to convince me to join the bowling team; however, I wasn't prepared to show ANYONE my uncoordiated bowling moves. I kindly declined, but I remember Chris and Wayne conversing about bowling after work, and how I definitely should try a shot at the game, anyway. I am sorry about the loss of Chris, and I send my condolences to his family and friends. Perhaps they are bowling, now. I'll have to start practicing.
Rei Hirasawa, Colleague
Apr 15 2002 1:07PM