Thomas J. Ashton

Family Tribute:

If God summoned all the little boys on Earth and asked them to form a line to give her one as a gift, Kathy Ashton would have picked her Tommy.

“I’d choose my son”, she said recently in between tears. “He was the best kid. He was so handsome. He was my dear boy.”

On September 11, Thomas Ashton, 21, of Woodside, N.Y., had been working on the 95th floor of the north tower on an electrical contracting job for Marsh and McLennan. But his family believes he was probably on his way to the basement area when terrorists struck, and was killed when one of the towers collapsed. Authorities told the family that Tommy’s body had been recovered between September 11 and 13. But police officers did not notify his family until the day before a memorial service had been set for him on October 4.

Tommy Ashton had lived a good life.

Thomas graduated from Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens, where a scholarship has been established in his memory. Thomas had been a competitive swimmer and captain of his high school swim team. He also swam for the Flyers, a Flushing YMCA team. At age 13, Tommy was part of a NY State record-setting relay that still stands today.

Having completed 3 years of studies towards a political science degree at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, Tommy planned to finish college at night while working during the day. He joined the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ Union Local 3 in July 2001.

At home, Thomas lived with his parents, Kathy and John, sisters Colleen, 25, and Mary, 19. A brother, John, died as an infant before Thomas was born. His mother said her middle child was deeply in love with his girlfriend, Jackie, and the two planned to marry.

Kathy Ashton said her son doted on Jackie’s little nephew, Anthony. “Tommy adored that little boy. They used to take him to Mets games, to a summer trailer in New Jersey we have there. Tommy called Anthony ‘The Kid’ ”.

At work, Local 3 had found an assignment for him with Denino Electric Construction Co. of Woodside. After finishing an assignment in midtown, Thomas Ashton began a new job at the World Trade Center for Marsh and McLennan on September 10.

On September 11, about ten minutes before the first plane hit, Tommy was apparently summoned to the basement area of the north tower to pick up electrical supplies. The family hoped and prayed he had survived the initial impact of the aircraft and the towers’ collapse.

Since the attacks, Tommy’s family and friends are keeping his memory alive. The Ashtons themselves like to return to images of a good son, a protective brother to his two sisters and a great friend to his father. The sadness abates only a little when family members think back to the little boy who grew up to be a bright and gentle man.

Even though he was only 21, Tommy had tried so hard to begin an independent life. He was a smart kid with a good head on his shoulders…He seemed to be at a peaceful place in his life. That’s probably the only consolation there is.

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To Mr Ashton's family and friends: I never knew him, just read about him for the first time today. I, and so many thousands of people around the world are so sorry for your loss of this young man so full of life and promise. It's so hard losing someone we love no matter what the circumstances, but by a senseless act of violence is unusually cruel and hard to understand. I offer you all my most heartfelt condolences, and I hope that in the years that have passed since this national tragedy, you have found peace.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 14 2022 4:30AM
Tommy, 20 years have passed since you and countless others were robbed of precious Life. I remember you and your sister, Colleen when I was a student at Iona College; and think about her and your family often especially when this day hits us all like a ton of bricks. The fond posts written about you before the tragedy give a glimpse of the kind of person you were and it hurts to know that you were taken so young. Today, I took my children to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in our beloved NYC and felt an outpouring of emotion that I cannot put into words — even 20 years later. I am teaching my 12 year old daughter and 6 year old son about that day and what led to it. I am sharing stories of people like you and my childhood friend’s father and brother who also met the same fate in the Twin Towers. I pray you are resting peacefully despite the way you perished; and pray that your Dear Ones are healing the void of your absence. Rest In Eternal Peace Young Man🕊
Judy , Friend
Sep 12 2021 4:43AM
We knew each other since 1986 from St. Sebastian’s. I left to Puerto Rico in ‘88 but when I came back a few years later, we reconnected. For my parents you were part of the family; a third son. Today marks twenty years since you left us. Tonight I blast Danzig’s Lucifuge album, the one we listened to many nights on the L,I.R.R over-pass with the that most beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. It was our hang out that few knew. May you rest in peace in knowing that not only did I do good, but everyone in your world has done good and has, and will, never forget you. \m/
Sebastian Figueroa, Friend
Sep 12 2021 2:48AM
To Thomas Ashton, his friends and family, and those who loved him in life and continue to mourn his passing: I was a freshman in high school in Denver, CO when I watched the terror in NYC unfold on the television. Like most Americans, that day and those images will forever be etched in my mind. But what has also stuck with me is a yellow cardstock bracelet I was given at a high school assembly/memorial service for those who lost their lives in 911. On that yellow cardstock were three names: Michael Asher (53), Janice Ashley (25), and Thomas Ashton (21). Twenty years later I still have that 1" x 3" piece of paper featured prominently on the top shelf of the bookcase in my office. It is a daily reminder of three people who so needlessly lost their lives, but whose legacies remain, and whose memories will never be lost. Thomas, we have a long way to go in uniting this nation - and this world - and in ending these senseless tragedies, but YOU continue to inspire me - a complete stranger - to keep working for the better good. Thank you for that. May you rest in peace knowing you will never be forgotten.
Ashley Beck, Friend
Sep 11 2021 4:41AM
Nineteen will never be forgotten!
Tom Diven, Friend
Sep 11 2020 2:18PM
It's been 17 years but it still feels like yesterday. You are so very loved and missed. You family will never stop keeping your memory alive. It lives on in their hearts and brings joy through your beautiful nephews. RIP Tommy ð ð ð
Loretta Ashton Tripp, Family
Sep 11 2018 11:17AM
My prayers go to you and your family. Classmate from St Sebastian 1993
TH, Friend
Sep 11 2011 11:38AM
We here in rural Tennessee had a memorial for the ten year anniversary of 9-11. As we put out flags with little ribbons that had names and ages on them I found in my hand a flag whose ribbon read Thomas Ashton, 21. You would have been 3 years older than me Thomas. I stood in shock for a moment and cried. I have read the tributes, articles, and comments. Although I never met you, your life has touched mine. You were so young but had accomplished so much! You continue to touch and inspire lives. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and your sweetheart. God Bless.
Kay, Friend
Sep 11 2011 12:46AM
Thoughts and prayers with your family on the 10th anniversary..I still remember hanging out with you at Mike's place over on 44th ave...and being introduced to Opie & Anthony finally lol. We all miss you, and you will never be forgotten!
Lisa, Friend
Sep 10 2011 1:48PM
Today I placed a flag in Cumberland County NJ, in the name of Thomas J Ashton. Although I never knew him, I felt compelled to find out who he was. A company called Cumberland Valve does a tribute every year for the ones lost on that dreadful day, now I feel I have a connection to Thomas, for his name was given to me, and an American Flag I placed in his honor. May God bless his family. John Bennett Fairton NJ
John L bennett, Friend
Sep 6 2011 10:53AM
Tommy, the thoughts and prayers of our family are with you and your family.....always.
Tom Diven, Friend
Sep 5 2011 10:12PM
Tommy, I don't think I ever got to know you. But I've been going to the amazing foundation that your parents have made in loving memory of you, since I can remember. I am sure you were a great and absolutely amazing man, and I am very sorry that you did not get to life the full life you deserved. You will never be forgotten though, there are soo many people who love you, and that won't ever change. <3
Katie Donohue, Friend
Apr 9 2011 9:35PM
I can't believe 9 years have gone by...I feel as if we were hanging out and laughing only yesterday...I miss you beyond any words can describe...miss you and love you...always.
Katie Donohue, Friend
Sep 15 2010 2:38PM
I can't believe 9 years have gone by...I feel as if we were hanging out and laughing only yesterday...I miss you beyond any words can describe...miss you and love you...always.
-, Friend
Sep 15 2010 2:38PM
Tommy, You always keep me going, man. Whenever it gets tough I think of you and I get it done. Thanks for giving me that extra push when I need it. You have a special place in my heart and will never be forgotten.
John J. Concado, Friend
Sep 11 2010 10:15PM
I remember all the old days back in the neighborhood and it only seems like yesterday when we hung out by the tracks with the killer view of Manhattan. I am now a social studies teacher working in Rochester and the other day I scrapped my lesson plan to instead educate my 9th grade class about 9/11; they don't remember that day. As long as I am a teacher I will always make sure that those younger generations that cross my path remember that day. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your not forgotten bro, and never will be.
Sebastian Figuero, Friend
Sep 11 2010 5:03PM
Thank you for the Family Tribute. I now have a greater understanding of who Tommy was.....I still wear the bracelet and think of him and his family often. Bless you all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you this day.
Tom Diven, Friend
Sep 11 2010 3:04PM
Tommy, I'll never be able to thank you for all you've done for me. I think about you more and more when this day comes around as the years go by. Nine years seems so short, but it feels so long. You are missed and you are remembered. Thank you and God Bless you.
D, Friend
Sep 11 2010 2:21PM
Im still thinking about you Tommy, and i didnt know you called me "The Kid". This article was sad but it brought back memories. You will never be forgoteen, 9 years later and im still thinking of you. Love Anthony
Anthony Uribe, Family
Sep 11 2010 1:43AM
Thinking of you and dreaming of you constantly as of feels as if I only lost you life has moved on but time seems to stand still when memories of what we shared arise...I miss you...
Shay, Friend
Apr 13 2010 10:01AM
It is 2010 and I still wear the bracelet with your name. While I never had the opportunity to meet you continue to be remembered. Your family continues to be in my prayers..........God's Blessings.
Tom Diven, Friend
Jan 4 2010 9:20PM
Tommy, you were an amazing guy and an amazing cousin i love you soo much and miss you like crazy i am right now really happy and i know you be happy for me and you would really like james you will never be forgotten <3 love and miss you alot Katie
Katie Ashton, Family
Jan 4 2010 7:51PM
tommy, you were a great guy tommy. no one will ever replace you. we love and miss you. you will never be forgotten <3. ¢¾ michele& amanda
Michele and Amanda Mieczkowski, Family
Sep 13 2009 9:00PM
I did not know you but I remember and honor you today. I wear a bracelet inscribed with your name to always remember. Like you I was 21 0n 9/11/01 and chose to wear this bracelet because at any moment I would know that we would be the same age on that day. So today I remember and will never forget. I will share your story and teach my daughters as they grow to live life to the fullest in your honor. R.I.P
Rachel Feller, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 8:37AM
We miss you more each year! Please keep watching over all of your family, and help us all to remember that God is in control and will never gives us more than we can handle.
Luanne, Family
Sep 4 2009 11:29AM
You are always in my thoughts. Never a day goes by that I don't think of you. We all miss you. I love you. Please watch over all of us. Love, Aunt Barbara
Barbara, Family
Mar 2 2009 11:49AM
You are in my thoughts and prayers. 7 years have gone by so fast. May your memories of Tommy keep you strong, and may God Bless You. Yours in Brotherhood, Tommy Golding 2nd VP Local Union 3 Motorcycle Club (LU3MC)
Tommy Golding, Friend
Sep 11 2008 8:46PM
Colleen - My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Robert Sharkey, Friend
Sep 11 2008 11:42AM
You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I consider myself lucky to be a part of your extended Flyer's family.
Jonah Montgomery, Friend
Sep 11 2008 10:29AM
Another year goes by...........while I never met you I feel as though I know you. My thoughts and prayers are with your family as they go through this day they continue through life. May God give them strength and peace.
Tom Diven, Friend
Sep 11 2008 10:00AM
There is never a day that you don't come into my thoughts. There is never a day that I am not on my knees praying for your sweet Mother! Tommy we will never forget that day! God bless the work our Military must do!
Barb Underwood, Friend
Sep 10 2008 10:18PM
Tommy was always there for me. No matter what others were saying about me he always stood up for me and was my friend. He cared about me in a way that has never been matched. I think about him everyday and hope he is watching done on us. He was an amazing friend. I tend to look up at the clock in my classroom every morning at 9:11. It makes me think of Tommy and think that he is still taking care of me. I will always miss you.
Jennie Lutz, Friend
Mar 12 2008 8:40PM
Tommy was my best friend since the fith grade of st sebastion till the day he passed. i have yet to find someone who has a heart as big as tommys or someone who made me laugh the way he did. I am having a hard time writing this its been a long time but i stil feel like i can pick up the phone and talk to him like he still only lives 5 blocks away in the big six. i would like to thank the ashtons for rasing one of the best human beings i ever had the pleasure of knowing and that he loved his family more then anything. i am not good at saying the way i feel but i will never have a problem saying that i loved that man he was the best
Andrew Mitsis, Friend
Oct 10 2007 4:51PM
Several years ago I began wearing a bracelet with Tom's name on it. I am still wearing it......with many signs of wear! Last night we had our Heroe's Memorial Service. Tom was included in our prayers as were all the heroes. Know that Tom, his family and friends are included in our thoughts and prayers daily. Tom Diven
Tom Diven, Friend
Sep 12 2007 9:32AM
Colleen, Just thinking about you and your family. I pray God gives you strength and peace. Robert Sharkey
Sep 11 2007 10:18PM
Thinking the Ashton family on this day. May God bless you, and may Tommy continue to watch over us. Tommy Golding 2nd Vice President Local 3 Motorcycle Club
Tommy Golding, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 6:06PM
My grandson, Thomas Ashton, will be 5 years old on 9/11/2007. Every year since his birth I remember the wonderful Tommy Ashton who gave his life at the World Trade Center on the same day in 2001. May God bless Tommy and his family an may his memory live always in the hearts of those who loved him.
Judy Ashton, Friend
Sep 8 2007 2:33PM
Tommy was and still is my favorite friend Ive ever had. God Bless you Tommy, God bless the Ashton Family. You are always in my prayers. this is one friend I will never forget, even if this tragedy had never occured. Thank you for making this website. Mark Abdelmaseeh
Mark Abdelmaseeh, Friend
May 11 2007 10:32PM
I knew Tommy from college. Though I didn't know him well, I knew he was a sweet kid. I was so saddened to hear the news from one of our professors that he had passed, and he is often in my prayers!
Lenore, Colleague
Mar 13 2007 10:51PM
god bless all of the innocent victims who died on september 11. god bless everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
tammy ashton, Friend
Oct 26 2006 11:08PM
Know that he is remembered in St. Louis. I wear my bracelet daily. Although it is showing a few scratches from a year of wear it is a daily reminder to me of Tom's life, your family's loss and the price paid by so many. You are in my prayers.
Tom Diven, Friend
Sep 15 2006 9:27AM
Tommy, Words can not convey how much you are missed and loved. Anthony misses you terribly, please continue to watch over him. Give us all the strength and courage to keep going until we see you again. You are always with us. Love, Mel
Melissa, Friend
Aug 16 2006 1:44PM
As I look for Ashton"s, I always wonder why things like this happens. Even through some time has pasted it is hard to lose one so young and full of life. I know what it is like. God bless you and your family and friends. I need to sign this as a friend because they only give me three options.
Louis Ashton W, Friend
Jul 18 2006 8:32PM
Sorry Tommy, A silly typo: Your 26th birthday. I love you. Uncle Tom
Tom Sartorio, Family
Dec 8 2005 2:18PM
Thinking of you on what would have been your 29th birthday. Your are very present in my mind even day to day. Seeing your picture and remembering you when I visit the family room in my building gives me strength. I hope you are at peace, and I know you are watching over my family and for that I am grateful. Love, Your Uncle Tom
Tom Sartorio, Family
Dec 6 2005 2:34PM
This past Saturday, Sept. 10, 2005, the City of Fenton, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis) dedicated a "Heroes Memorial". I work for Anheuser-Busch, Inc. and we are honored to be one of many sponsors or the memorial to our everyday heroes. As a sponsor we received bracelets with names of the heroes that perished on 9/11.......similar to the POW/MIA bracelets from the Vietnam Conflict. I received the bracelet with Tom's name. I will wear it assured he will not be forgotten.
Tom Diven, Friend
Sep 12 2005 9:04AM
I sat next to Tom all four years at Molloy. I used to joke with him about how much he smiled, but that was just the type of person he was. You are missed.
Anthony, Friend
Jun 26 2005 9:33PM
Tommy is missed so very much! This life is so precious and can be over in a heartbeat. Don't put off telling the people you love how you feel. Live every day as if it were your last. I love you Tommy!
Aunt Luanne, Family
Jun 13 2003 4:34PM
God truly chose some of his most precious creations on 9/11 to be with Him. We are left with an incredible void. Please give us all the strength and the ability to live a happy life.
Aunt Mary, Family
Oct 11 2002 2:36PM
Tommy was a great guy. I had the pleasure to work with him for about a year and there's no bad words to be said about Tommy. Tommy and his family are in my heart everyday. God Bless
Tim Candelario, Friend
Sep 11 2002 7:43PM
"Tommy" was working at Tower One, 95th floor, as an electrician apprentice for Denino Electric. His first day, Sept 11th, he was assigned to work with my brother, Robert J. Caufield, who also perished. Our family attended his wake, as they did my brother's. We are both grateful that the fireman located both of their remains. Tommy's father told us, Tommy was so proud to be at the Towers, he used a photo of the Towers as his screen saver for his computer. God Bless this family and the young woman he loved.
Patricia Caufield Fennelly, Friend
Jun 4 2002 2:21PM
Thomas was a very good man.
kate, Friend
Jun 2 2002 6:13PM