Virginia Jablonski

Virginia M. Jablonski, an assistant vice president at Marsh & McLennan, liked to get up at 5 a.m. and catch an early bus from her home in Matawan, N.J., to her office on the 94th floor of 1 World Trade Center. In recent months, that often meant slipping out while Barry, her husband of 21 years, was enjoying the extra sleep made possible by his recent retirement from Lucent Technologies.

Fortunately, Mr. Jablonski is an astronomy buff. Having noted that the International Space Station was scheduled to pass directly overhead shortly before sunrise on Sept. 11, he got up with her that morning. He recalls their standing in their garden, marveling at the stars in the clear sky and sharing the feeling that it would be a good day.

'She was a bubbly person who was always smiling,' Mr. Jablonski said. 'Most people wouldn’t know if she was angry.'

No one could miss her passion for cats, though. Mrs. Jablonski, a 49-year-old Brooklyn native, filled their home with cat-themed decorations and doted on her two feline companions, Fred and Bill.

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My heart goes out to the family of Virginia. I never met her, but it doesn't matter because we are from the same work family, and when a family member is no longer with us, we all feel the pain. Rest well my colleague.
Pamela Johnson, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 5:42PM
Virginia Jablonski was my Aunt. We called her Aunt Ginger. I had a daughter 3 years ago and her middle name is Virginia. I miss her a lot. I think back to what stands out the most about her...her laughter, her smile, she a big yet warm presence. She was a person I could go to for advice and I felt like she was a great role model as a strong woman. She was from the italian side of the family and I miss her connection to our history and the stories that followed. On this day, I go out with my family and we find a nice 'mom and pop' italian restaurant and we celebrate her life. Aunt Ginger, I miss you. I will continue to share the stories of you to my children so they can have a piece of you with them. You are never forgotten, you are always here with us.....
Lauren DeTullio, Family
Sep 11 2012 2:16PM
We shall never forget you, your smile, your voice and your laugh. We shall keep this day as a sacred remembrance of you and what we lost in a moment. 
We carry on but we never leave you behind. Thank you for helping us daily to carry the tears and the sadness in our hearts but still to move forward with strength and determination. God Bless You and your family today and always. Patricia & Charles Barraza
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 10:34AM
I met Virginia many years ago at Thomas Jefferson HS. We began working for Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co in 1971. We traveled together to work for several years before she left the bank to work at RE Insurance company we ultimately lost touch with one another. I was thinking about her recently and decided to google her name to see if I could find her and discovered that she was one of the victims of 9/11. To her husband Barry I am so sorry for your lost. I am so sorry that we never got to revisit our friendship. I will always remember her smiling face and infectous laugh. RIP Virginia you are missed
Janez Smith, Friend
Jan 18 2012 9:52AM
Seasons change, time passes but what remains the same is your imprint on our hearts. Your smile, your face, your stories & jokes are forever ours. Rest in peace and may God Bless you and your family today on the 10th anniversary of that terrible morning. We miss you and we are better for having known you. We remember you today and always...
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 12:00PM
Virgina was one of those people whose smile and kindness could shatter all sadness. She was our family historian, the one who would organize reunions and the one who was always trying to fuse past generations to the present. My heart is with cousin Barry, for I know he will forever have heart ache for the loss of his best friend and wife and additionally, for cousin Anthony, who lost his sister and buddy. We will always miss you and I hope my love for our family history is doing you proud up in heaven.
Christina Marie, Family
Sep 11 2011 10:06AM
I had never met Virginia Jablonski but once i saw her name i felt as if i had to say something. Many people died that day and all of them will be remembered, especially Virginia. From what i have read she seemed like a cheerful woman that wouldnt let other peoples remarks get the better of her. My thoughts will always be with her family and friends. I'm sorry for their loss
Amy Jablonski, Friend
Sep 11 2011 7:43AM
I never met or spoke to Virginia but I have claim files with her correspondence enclosed and I am filled with sadness every time I see her name. Her family are in our thoughts at this 10th Anniversary.
Robert Hann, Colleague
Sep 9 2011 9:54AM
Today, a day very much like that Tuesday nine years ago we are remembering you with love. Keeping your memory forever in our hearts and praying for you, your family and friends. Patricia and Charles Barraza
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2010 12:37PM
I'm looking for friends and family of Virginia Jablonski who was lost on 9/11/2001 in the WTC terror attacks. Washington Engine Co. on Jackson St Matawan is dedicating a piece of WTC steel to the Matawanites that were lost day horrible day. 10:00 am please call cell for further details 732-236-6910
mike clifton, Friend
Sep 9 2010 10:55AM
RIP Virginia. You're missed and thought of every year.
Jonathan Williams, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 9:33AM
My name is Justin Ward, I recevied a card with Virginia's name on it sometime after the attack. I was sorting threw some of my old things and came across this card. I wanted to know who she was and what kind of person she was and what she looked like. I feel connected to her in a distant way, I was 2000 miles away from New York City that morning in a small college town in eastern new mexico. I remember searching for information on her and found nothing, I am glad that I can put a face to the name. My prayers and thoughts are with her family and her friend Anne. Justin Ward
Justin Ward, Friend
Nov 16 2006 10:42PM
It has been 4 years since we lost you. In some ways it seems like an eternity since I last saw you and in some ways it seems like just yesterday because I can so vividly remember the last time I was at your house. We miss you so much. You are in my thoughts everyday and no one can ever replace you. I will love you and miss you for the rest of my life.
Samantha Pannone, Family
Sep 11 2005 12:20PM
More than a moment of silence, on this day and everyday may we use our lives to honor and respectfully remember you. With careful consideration we continue on where you could have gone, good left undone, countless gifts not given. We will not fail; we will not forget you, our precious family, our dear friend, our inspiration. Patricia & Charles Barraza
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2005 7:25AM
With a terrible sadness we mark this day, the third anniversary of the morning we lost each of you. In the end it is only a marker. The grief, sorrow and the incredible possibilities that we lost in those horrific moments remain with us every day. We weep, no, sob from a place deep, deep inside that has been left empty by your absence. And we pray, for you, your families, your friends, and your colleagues. And for ourselves may God give us the strength to go forward and honor you with our lives. We will never forget you. Patricia Barraza
Pat Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2004 9:25PM
Remembering - I wanted to write to say we remember you and think of you as we go on. We miss your being, but feel your presence. I believe that your spirit is our angel watching over us in a dangerous world. Remembering you keeps you with us and brings us peace in turmoil. In this season of renewal and everyday since we “lost” you we keep you and your loved ones in our thoughts and prayers. Peace to you.
Pat Barraza, Colleague
Apr 2 2004 1:42PM
We are reminded daily of all we lost that terrible day. Virginia, I miss our conversations. I pray for you and your family. God Bless. Pat
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 12 2003 3:09PM
Dear Daphne Freke, I just came across this site now and noticed your post. I am Virginia's Niece inlaw. (Her nephew's wife) Thank you so much for donating a quilt block. You just brought tears to my eyes. It make me feel good to know there are compationate people out there that are thinking of others. God bless you. I am heading over right now to look at it.
Jennifer DeTullio, Family
Apr 25 2003 11:27PM
My thoughts are with her family especially at the moment on their sad loss. I am from Sydney, Australia and it may interest her family to know that I contributed to the huge United in Memory quilt by making a block in which I depicted a cat (because of Virginia's love of them) and some stars because of her experience early on the morning of 9/11/01. The block may be seen on All the very best to her family as they get the threads of their lives back together.
Daphne Freke, Friend
Sep 11 2002 8:09PM
Virginia Your friends of the Route 36 bus line miss you too! Ruthie
Ruth Rohler, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 7:42AM