Ramzi Doany

Ramzi Doany amassed friends. He amassed them with acts of kindness, like tutoring a woman with lupus, two children and no husband, to get her through college, or letting his college roommate and the roommate’s wife live in his condo for two years so they could save money for a down payment on a house.

He amassed friends with his sense of humor, which filled a room and flourished at an early age. As a boy of 9 or 10, young Ramzi dug a hole in the backyard for a terrible report card and put a stone on top. 'He said it was dead and buried,' said his sister, Dina Doany Azzam.

Mr. Doany was born to Palestinian parents in Amman, Jordan, and lived for many years in Milwaukee. At 35, he devoured the novels of Dickens, cooked Thanksgiving turkeys with great pride (even if they were just a bit dry) and had just bought a Harley- Davidson motorcycle. He chose to work as a forensic accountant last March for Marsh & McLennan, the insurance brokerage company, because it would bring him to New York, a city he loved. The job also brought him to the World Trade Center.

It was a funny sort of journey, his sister said.

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My husband Mike knew Ramzi, his brother and his sister Dina at UWM - all international students from Jordan. We are happy to continue his legacy through a scholarship at UWM in his honor. "UWM established a scholarship in honor of Ramzi, the Ramzi Doany Memorial Scholarship. He was the only UWM alumnus to have died in the 9/11 World Trade Center attack." May good memories sustain the Doany family and many friends, even as the 20+ years have gone by -
Dana Fenlon, Friend
Mar 11 2023 8:23AM
It has been 20 years since Ramzi has passed. I think of him every 9/11, when I see 9:11 on a clock, sometimes for no reason. My friends Diane, Christine and I shared a Duplex with Ramzi, his very good friend Hanni and 'Ramzi II' as we ('the girls') called him, while Ramzi was a student at UW-Milwaukee. The first time we went to their apartment to meet our new neighbors, Ramzi almost immediately offered to cook us a meal. Ramzi was beyond warm. He loved people and was passionate about those in his life. He was a leader, a protector, a care taker. His empathy and capacity to give was immense. Ramzi also had a good sense of humor, being a keen observer of human nature. He knew people we're imperfect and welcomed them in with open arms. I miss you, my friend, and you are not forgotten.
Jane Mills, Friend
Sep 11 2021 2:51PM
I knew Ramzi when I was at UW Milwaukee. Ramzi played drums in my first cover band. He did the vocals for the song “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf and he just howled it having a good time. He said he was in a band back in Jordan and loved music. I will always admire Ramzi for his constant positive attitude where any obstacle can be overcome if you just try.
Laurie Potter, Friend
Sep 11 2009 8:31AM
I only knew Ramsy a very short time, while we aligned our property claim group with the newly formed CAPS, the forensic accountants. However, in that short time, I could see that Ramsy loved life. He approached it with such enthusiasm and anticipation. He loved his family and his work and he was so excited about moving to NY. He and my other lost colleagues and their families have a permanent place in my prayers.
joanna.zappala, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 7:50AM
for the remembering 2,996 tribute...I recieved Ramzi's name.... if there are friends and family that would like information added please let me know
http://armywifetoddlermom@blogspot.com, Friend
Sep 10 2006 12:52PM
Sept 11 2005 - Can't believe it's now 4 years ago. Ramzi was working with us in the UK and was on a trip back to base in New York when this atrocity happened. He had e-mailed us in the morning so we knew he was in the office which made the news even more difficult to bear. I think of him often - he was a very kind, generous, funny and intellingent man.
Emma, Friend
Sep 11 2005 7:42AM
Today is 9-11-03 and I cant believe 2yrs have gone by. Hani and I think of you so very often. God had taken you early my dear friend, we miss you so much! Ramzi theres so many things I never got to say to you- Thank you for letting us live w/ you so we could buy our house- Thank you for loving and taking care of Hani like he was your brother - Thank you for always making me feel cared for. You were truly a gift from God ! Much love Jen
Jennifer Alyousef, Friend
Sep 11 2003 2:30PM
Ramzi was a great asset to his company. He also was a good friend. Thanks for assisting Heather! Roe
Roe Vaughn, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 12:44AM