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Family Tribute:N A R E N D E R N A T H

Narender, Narender, that name sounds like music to my ears. I will never forget March 17, 1996. On that day I first laid eyes on Narender; whom God had given me for such a short time. I met him shopping, on his birthday. A year later, I was married to this wonderful man and was given the pleasure, joy and pride to be called his wife. Narender, has inspired me to be what I am today. When my husband walked into any room, he makes the room comes to life. Narender, is my life, my joy, my happiness. He is like the wind in my hair, the star, the moon, the cloud, the rain, the mountain, the trees, the sun and music to me. He is my very breath that helps me to breathe. He is one of the best husband, a woman can ever dream of having.

Marriage life with Narender was a dream come through. The first thing when I opened my eyes in the morning is to see a bright, shinning smile from my husband. He will tell me how he loves me and gives me a kiss. The day is magical, because he always pay attention to my needs. He will kiss and hug me. He never yelled at me and will always listen to what I have to say. There is always a word of encouragement from him, and he makes me feel like I am the most important person in his life. He only leaves my side whenever he has to go to work. We usually go shopping, visit my mom and friends together. Whenever I am cooking, he will be in the kitchen with me. We go to bed together and he will he always hug me. If I am in pain, he will always try to help me get better quickly.

Narender’s only hobby was me. He will miss me when he is away, and will try to come to me wherever he is. I know that is how he is feeling at the moment. I feel this way too and I wish I were with him. I do not want to face this life alone. He is the only man that truly understands my feelings. He is a strong man mentally and physically. He loves to read The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Silicone India among other periodicals.

Narender, was a smart man. He was also kind, helpful and generous. My mother, brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, nephews, nieces and I, love and adore him. He is our hero. My mother (Florence Ratansingh) would have given her life for him to return to this earthly life. We missed him a lot. The love and understanding that Narender has for my family and his family were tremendously great. He will do anything they ask for, and will always listen and offer his advise in his own indomitable way.

Such a man was my husband, Narender, who was taken away from me on that ill-fated morning of September 11, 2001 when terrorists crashed two airliners into the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York.

From his wife Ramona NathKeolahmatie Nath(Ramona)

He Made Sure 'Love Was Always There'

It was Narender Nath's 28th birthday, March 17, 1996, and he was out shopping for window blinds for his new apartment. That's when Keolahmatie Nath first encountered him in a hardware store in Queens.

'I don't know what I was looking for,' she said. 'I wasn't looking for anything specific that day, but I found a husband.'

Nath found a reason to talk to her. 'He asked me if I worked there,' she said. 'I said no, but I saw he was looking very cute, so I asked if he needed any help.'

He did. For one thing, Nath hadn't measured his windows to determine the size of the blinds he needed. For another, he wanted her phone number.

He called her that night, and they went out to Pizza Hut for dinner the following week. On Nath's next birthday, exactly a year after they met, the couple were married in City Hall.

The union of a lapsed Hindu from New Delhi and a Hindu-turned-Christian from Guyana worked out just fine, his wife said. 'Every day was like a fairy tale. Every day was like, love was always there, happiness was always there.'

Nath, 33, worked in quality assurance at Marsh & McLennan, on the 97th floor of Tower One. His wife was going to school full-time, working on a programming degree.

Nath would wake up extra early in the morning to take his wife out for breakfast before dropping her at school at 7:30. He'd pick her up at lunchtime so they could eat at their Colonia, N.J., home together, and then drop her back at school. 'If I had to go grocery shopping,' she said, 'he'd say, 'Wait for me, I'll go with you.'

Neither could go to bed without the other, she said. If she got up in the night, 'When I came back, his hand was always up, waiting for me.' And when her sister came to visit from the Bahamas last summer, the two women stayed up late every night watching three-hour Indian movies, and Nath would nap in the living room beside his wife, waiting for her to come to bed. 'I'd put a comforter on the floor and massage him,' she said. 'If I took my hand off him, he would wake up.'

The two shared a large desk where they studied, read books or worked on their computers together. They played football and basketball with their Jack Russell terrier, Bruce, and Nath doted on the dog. A month and a half before Nath was lost in the terrorist attacks, the couple had started trying to have a baby. 'He would have done everything for the baby,' she said wistfully.

Nath, who moved here from India nine years ago, was firmly nonreligious, and the only place he didn't go with his wife was to church on Sunday mornings. Still, she said, he was accepting of her faith as he was of everything about her, waking her up for morning services and then going out to breakfast with her afterward.

Though her Christian faith makes her worry about where her husband's soul is now, she said, 'From any perspective, if you're a good person, you should be happy. And he was a good person. ... I just hope God takes care of him for me.'

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This is your 55 years birthday. You will always live in my heart . Happy Birthday in heaven brother! RENU YADAV
Mar 18 2024 6:07AM
We’re missing you a little more each time we hear your name. 22 Year have passed without you but it is still very difficult for us to accept that you are not with us. Your voice still resounds. Want to hear your voice once more. You were the only family left with me and now I am not with you also. My brother I miss you may God give peace to your soul. With love your sister Renu.
Sep 11 2023 5:19PM
Sep 18 2021 4:05AM
It's been 20 years since you've passed away You are being missed every single moment. You will always live in our hearts. because this is where I stored all the extraordinary moments of my life, and because, you were the one who gave me all those moments Now we pray for your grace & blessings on us deeply remembered by your sister. Renu Yadav(Sister)
Sep 12 2021 3:42AM
This is your 52 years birthday. You will always live in my heart because this is where I stored all the extraordinary moments of my life, and because, you were the one who gave me all those moments. Happy Birthday in heaven brother! RENU YADAV
Mar 17 2021 5:07PM
Every day that passed in everything we do we feel your absence .we all miss you,you are with us Every moment and will be always in our hearts.I miss you lot........your sister
Sep 11 2020 5:37PM
I am missing you every day since you left , but I am missing you, even more, today since it is your special day. Though you are not here, I want to wish you a very. Happy Heavenly Birthday your sister
Mar 18 2020 5:25AM
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Bhagyashree Ulhe, Colleague
Jul 24 2019 7:26AM
We’re missing you a little more each time we hear your name, we’ve cried so many tears Yet heart’s broken just the same. We miss our time together things in common we could share , But nothing emptiness Now you’re no longer there.We’ve so many precious memories to last our Hole life through each one of them reminders of how much We’re missing you Your sister
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 12 2019 5:22AM
16 years and your memories are still fresh in our mind. We miss you and i wish that unfortunate day never had occurred.... You will always have a special place in all of our hearts.
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 16 2017 9:00AM
You are so precious of our lives and meaning & purpose for us to live. For sorrowful years had passed when you left us suddenly without saying anything, we pay respectful tribute and homage to your very noble soul. Loved and missed every moment. Renu Yadav (Sister)
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 11 2017 9:43AM
You have become my little angel, because of that you can sense that we miss you very much and that we have you present now more than ever because today is your birthday. Happy birthday dear brother, you will always be present in our hearts.
Renu Yadav, Family
Mar 17 2017 3:36AM
It's been 15 years since you've passed away, we still miss you and hope where ever you are you'd be in peace. I think everyday that I wish 9/11 never had happened and you'd still be with us. I miss you a lot... you sister - Renu.
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 11 2016 0:48PM
Everyday I see your smile and remember the wonderful presence that you have made in our lives. You will never be forgotten...the memories that we share with you will always remain in my heart...Mr JP Martinez...this is the only avenue I have to reach out to, please leave an email address in where I can contact you.
Arisha Ishmael, Family
Sep 21 2015 11:11AM
Its been fourteen years today, when you left us for the heavenly abode. Tears continue to flow silently. Your loving memories and blessings will remain forever in our hearts. Your loving sister.
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 11 2015 9:00 AM
Your life will continue to inspire us forever.We remember you & miss your presence every moment.You will always remain in our hearts.May your soul rest in peace. Time marches but memories stay. Month roll in years but we will remember you with silent tears. deeply missed by your real sister
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 10 2014 9:35AM
I never met Narender Nath. My husband donated blood last week at our South Bend Medical Foundation as he frequently does. This time, he was given a cardboard box with the words: 'Remembering September 11th and planting seeds of hope'. The donation from my husband was in memory of Narender Nath. Yesterday my 2 grand children and I planted his tree, a Blue Spruce, which will grow 150 feet and may live to 300 years. We will keep his spirit alive in this wonderful living thing. Jan Mitchell, South Bend, INDIANA
Janet (Gutknecht) Mitchell, Friend
Sep 14 2013 3:07PM
You were a strong pillar of our lives and meaning & purpose for us to live. For sorrowful years had passed when you left us suddenly without saying anything, we pay respectful tribute and homage to your very noble soul. Loved and missed every moment. Renu Yadav (Sister)
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 11 2013 11:26AM
Missing you on this day....always in our thoughts may you rest in peace
Suzie, Family
Sep 11 2012 8:27PM
Every day that passes, in every thing we do, we feel your absence, we all miss you, wherever you are may God be with you Renu Yadav{sister]
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 11 2012 1:51PM
One of the many few people in my life that can I ever say was a true friend. I miss you , Naren. I can still remember the time I first met him at the deli where he worked by Mount Sinai. Since then, his smile and laughter has been been a staple in my mind. Till we meet again, my friend.
JP, Friend
Jul 26 2012 10:42PM
Today ten year have passed since you left .We all with heavy hearts remember you.Your noble deeds and noble traits.In life you were an angle,you are an angle after death also and nearer almighty.Now we pray for your grace & blessings on us deeply remembered by your sister. Renu Yadav(Sister)
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 11 2011 1:54PM
Dear Narender, It is almost 10 years since you were taken from us - I can't believe how the years have gone by so fast. I still weep at the thought of your loss. You were a great family man and a great friend. I will miss you always. Your friend, Harry Tucker
Harry Tucker, Friend
Sep 10 2011 2:50AM
Nine Year have passed wihou you but it is still very difficult for us to accept that you are not with us.your voice still resound.may your soul rest in peace. Renu Yadav[sister]
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 10 2010 8:22AM
Today is your birthday naren (17 march).We miss you a alot.I just pray to god to give peace to his soul. With all the love from my heart... Happy Birthday again. Renu Yadav (Sister)
Renu Yadav, Family
Mar 18 2010 12:50AM
today 8 years have passed since u left, may god bless your soul. my brother wherever you are may god give u peace and my love.
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 11 2009 3:10PM
I was a consultant who worked at MMC from 1997-1999 on the technology side. We both worked on the 97th floor at MMC and I had many dealings with Narender during my time there. As I scrolled through the list of names on this memorial website, I instantly recalled Narender and his friendly face. He was a good man and I'm glad that I had the pleasure of working with him.
Glenn G, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 12:16PM
more then 8 years have passed since I heard your voice .life seems to be very difficult to live as every other second reminds me of you.with love your sister renu
Mar 18 2009 3:24AM
today its not his birthday or 11th September. I just felt like to write something remembering him. Its been now 8 years since he left. He always wanted me to do well in life. Today I am working for cisco and I am sure if he was there he'll be proud of me. I miss his guidance... in all aspects of my life. He was the only person in my family who had immense patience to listen and understand me. today... I miss him. since he is not around I have no one with whom I can share... he was like a mentor someone who always listened and guided me. may god give you peace and one day I'll get a small memorial made for you.
Pranav, Family
Mar 2 2009 5:09PM
My friend of many years was lost a month before we were planning to reunite. We lost touch after his wedding in 1998. I was luck enough to be his best man and have never forgotten that day or the many I had with him. Circumstances in our lives gave way to time and distance between us. I miss him very much. I would like to reach out to Ramona. I do remember the times we met and she was always smiling as may understand by her tribute. I want to apologize for not trying to contact you earlier. I remember when I got the call the day after 9/11. I didn't want to believe that he was gone and all these years thereafter I have been reluctant to find out. I was scared to know that my friend was gone. Yesterday on Sept 11, 2007, after so many years, I finally had courage enough to look through the names in my local newspaper.... I can only say that I am saddened and still cry for you my friend, Naren. I know you are in a better place, in peace and looking over us all with that great smile and laugh of yours. Your Best Man, J.P.
J.P. Martinez, Friend
Sep 12 2007 1:33PM
Naren! everyone misses you. You meant the world to us. Every year on 9/11 I pray for you. Want to hear your voice once more. You were the only family left with me and now I am not with you also. My brother I miss you may god give peace to your soul. With love your sister Renu.
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 11 2007 11:32PM
I just read your tribute to your husband. It was very beautiful. Seems to me he was a very loving soul. I am sure God has opened up HIS arms and welcomed him into heaven. God bless you & your family, his family. I am so saddened for all the losses we have had on that most horrible day. I am also glad to read what loving people all these people were to their friends and family, and co workers. May God watch over all of you, and may you find peace one day. Sadly yours, palma ps it will not let me submit this without marking if I am friend family or colleague, so I will mark colleague..but in truth, I was not.
Palma, Colleague
Apr 14 2007 8:44AM
Narender you were a great person. Someone who can never be forgotten into pages of history. You have given us more than one could ever expect form life. Like every year today on 11th sept I wish that one day I'll meet you. Wherever you are my love will always be there for you.
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 11 2006 8:57PM
Today its naren's 37th birthday and like every year I miss him every moment. He use to love the food I use to cook for him. As a brother he has always taken care of everything I needed. He use to make everyone smile. He has always been a great brother, son and above all a great person. I just pray to god to give peace to his soul. With all the love from my heart... Happy Birthday again.
Renu Yadav, Family
Mar 17 2006 2:19PM
Naren was my uncle, my mentor, my friend. Its hard to believe that he is not with us anymore but with that in my mind he somehow inspires me to do well so that one day I'll make him proud. In his remembrence I pray that may god give peace and contentment to his soul.
Pranav, Family
Sep 11 2005 6:15AM
Today on 11th september again I think of you and think of your presence missed by us in our lives. I still recall every single moment spent by us. And today with all my heart I give tribute to Naren for the great brother and a wonderful person he was. May god give peace to his soul. LOVE Always. Renu
Renu Yadav, Family
Sep 11 2005 4:54AM
Naren was my only brother being his real sister today I miss him on this occasion of raksha bandhan. Time has passed by but I have kept him alive in my thoughts. Today also it just feels that he is standing right beside me. I just pray that god give peace to his soul. With all my love.
Renu Yadav, Family
Aug 18 2005 2:03AM
Well, Mr. Narender: You don´t know me, you haven´t ever seen me in your life, but I can tell you Mami Juana, muy aunty, admires you as well as Reinhard my cousind does. And I wanted to thank you for coming to my family and in a way to me, I wanted to thank you also for giving life to my interest in India, and in that way all my new life started, now I am devoted to Krishna, and everything started when I heard your name and then about your life and beliefs. Thank you for existing. My best wishes and HARE KRSNA!Shaly from Bolivia.
Sharoll Moore Fernandez, Friend
Feb 2 2005 10:09AM
To this day i cannot forget what happned on September 11, 2001. It is very difficult for me as a person. Now that i am 16 years of age, i now accpet that he is gone, away from our lives. He touched my heart and left within a quick second. I will always remember the great things that he has done for my family. I love him. May his soul forever rest in peace.
Arisha Ishmael, Family
Nov 5 2004 10:01PM
Narender was the only brother I had today even after 3 years of WTC incident I still feel he is between us. He was a lovely brother, a devoted son and a good husband. I felt really great to have keo as my brother's wife. He took care of everyone. Every year on Rakhi I still feels that he is there close to me in my heart and thoughts. Its hard to believe he is not between us now but I hope he is in a better place above and still looking at us.
Renu Yadav, Family
Aug 29 2004 9:14AM
Narender, I noticed a couple of thoughts of mine have been posted about you. As the third annual chess tournament in your name winds down, I am reminded of what a tremendous friend you were to all of us at Workforce Logistics. I told Keo that we were all better people for having been touched by you. I feel that more than ever, Narender, and I wish you were still with us. You will always have a special place in my heart. Your friend always. Harry Tucker
Harry Tucker, Friend
Jan 6 2004 11:19PM
I am a 14 year old who will be starting high school soon and this past year our religion teacher had us make a tribute for every person who died on September 11th. I was the one who had the chance to pay a tribute to Narender Nath. I want to say that even though I never knew him, I still feel a personal connection with him. I still have the tribute I made to him from 8th grade and I still pray for him. I just want you to know he will never be forgotten.
Anne McIntire, Friend
Aug 11 2003 3:49PM
Presented by Harry Tucker on May 22, 2002 at 7:00pm – Fund Raising Dinner / Presentation of first scholarship (over 400 people in attendance). Good evening. On September 11, 2001, the lives of many people changed in a way that cannot be adequately described in words. It is impossible for many of us to understand the loss or the pain felt by those who lost loved ones on that terrible day. At the company where I am employed, Workforce Logistics Inc., we lost a dear friend, Narender Nath, on that day. Those of us who knew Narender remember him as someone who loved his wife, Ramona, his work and his dog, Bruce. One could not help but be caught up in his positive outlook and enjoyment of life in general. Narender participated in the First Annual Workforce Logistics Correspondence Chess Tournament in the winter of 2001. By his own admission, he did not have any idea how to play the game. However, true to form, Narender made the most of every moment, enjoying himself immensely as he was beaten soundly in all the games that he played. As we prepared to play our second annual chess tournament, we remembered how much fun Narender had when he played, and in doing so, how he made the tournament so much fun for all of us. We decided to rename the tournament in Narender’s honor, so that we would always remember him and the manner with which he conducted himself. He represented the best attributes of humanity, even in defeat. In addition, we knew that Narender would want the tournament to contribute to life in a positive way. In keeping with this spirit, it was decided that an entry fee would be charged, with the winner donating the entire prize pool to the charity of their choice. We hope that in this way, we can preserve Narender’s memory and continue making positive contributions to those around us as Narender did. As the winner of the tournament this year, I have the honor of choosing the Stephen J. Fiorelli Memorial Eagle Scout Scholarship as the charity of my choice. On September 11th, Terry Fiorelli, Steve’s wife, had her world changed forever as her husband, the father of her children, her confidant and life partner was taken away from her. As with Narender, Stephen Fiorelli spent much of his time providing those around him with encouragement, help with life’s challenges and positive energy overall. The memorial fund was set up to honor Steve and to make a positive contribution to the Eagle Scout organization that he donated so much of his time to. Both Steve and Narender would undoubtedly have insisted that despite the tragedy of our loss, there is much work to do for those of us left behind. Their message would be, to continue doing good things for others, to look at life in a positive manner, and to strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us every day. With this donation, the players of the Second Annual Narender Nath Memorial Chess Tournament hope that they contribute to the positive message that both men projected to those around them. I would like to thank the players in the tournament for their camaraderie, generosity, and for helping make this tournament a success. The players in this year’s tournament are: Joachim Petzold (Germany), Stan Sulsky (USA), Michael De Candia (USA), Roberto Luberti (Italy), Claudio Del Tufo (Italy), Stacey Hyatt (Canada), Tom Raab (USA), Karsten Beyer (USA), Harry “Spud” Tucker (Canada) and Harry Tucker Sr. (Canada). Without them, this tournament would not have been possible. On behalf of all the players, I would like to present a check in the amount of $1050 to Terry Fiorelli and Bob Shea, representing the Stephen J. Fiorelli Memorial Eagle Scout Scholarship. Thank you. Harry Tucker
Harry Tucker, Colleague
Mar 17 2003 11:42AM
NARENDER NATH You came into our lives, Like the gentle wind. And tenderly brushed our hearts, With your kindness, love and generosity. Who could have guessed, That it was only for a while. And that we would have Left with the longing ............ To see your beautiful smile, To hear your refreshing laughter, Or just to feel your tender touch. We try not to think about, The STORM that took you away from us. That didn't give us, The chance to say GOOD-BYE. But ripped us apart, Without telling us why. If ever I had a chance, To be granted a wish. It would be to have you in our midst, To share the joy, love and togetherness We once knew. May God grant you a resting place. In his Kingdom, Until we meet again. From his wife sister Voilet Ishmeal
Voilet Ishmeal, Family
Jan 31 2003 8:28PM
IMPRESSIONS OF NARENDER Naren was one in a million. The very first time we met him, we felt as if we had known him for years. He was easy going, caring, kind, loving, generous and well-mannered to all of us. He never made us feel unloved or unwelcome. He had a heart of gold, and he will go out of his way to make us happy and comfortable. Naren was more of a big brother than that of a brother-in-law. He was a homely person, who preferred to be among the people he loved and who loved him. We will always remember the long hours we spent with him watching “Indian” movies, and waiting for him to interpret the dialogue we didn’t know, as well as the many hours we spent splashing in the pool together. We can still hear his laughter as if it was only yesterday. He was a gem of an individual; as he made sure we obtained everything we needed, even though it meant walking through a “mall”. Wherever we were, he would find a place among us; sharing his thoughts and feelings with us. Besides being a wonderful individual, Naren was also very intelligent. Whenever we needed to make a big decision, he was the one we turned to for advise. Naren, was a patient man who was always willing to lend a helping hand. In reflecting, we were truly blessed to have an opportunity to mingle with such an exceptional individual. He will always have a special place in our hearts. We cannot think about our loss; but to thank God for granting us the precious moments we shared with him. He was indeed an inspiration to all of us. Naren, loved my sister infinitely. Whenever I looked at them together, I always thought that God was right when he joined their hearts together, so that they would live happily ever after. How wrong I was. It pains my heart to think about my sister and how incomplete her life is without him. It is said that God always takes the best. We are now positive that He does. He has taken our beloved brother-in-law, and uncle to Heaven. It is heart-breaking but true! From his wife sister Voilet Ishmeal
Voiley Ishmeal, Family
Jan 31 2003 8:27PM
NARENDER NATH It was a Blessing to know you Naren You will always be in our memory We love and miss you very much From his wife sister Syslyn, Aubrey, Shem & Nefertiti.
Syslyn Reece, Family
Jan 31 2003 8:26PM
NARENDER NATH Best person I have ever seen. It was great to have him as my uncle. Instead of being my uncle, he was a good friend too. I didn’t have enough words to express what he was for me and my family. He has always listened to me and guided me towards the best way. He always understood me when I knew what I was doing and when I made mistakes. Thank you for believing in me, for supporting me and for always being ready to share thoughts together. You are the best person I ever had in my life. I would like to thank him for giving me such a wonderful Mami. 11th September 2001, it was a hard to believe that he was in WTC. But I have some hope some day I’ll meet him and I don’t know where either in this world or in heaven. From his nephew Pranav Yadav (17 years)
Pranav, Family
Jan 31 2003 8:24PM
Jamaladeen Ishmeal, Family
Jan 31 2003 8:23PM
CHARACTERISTICS OF NARENDER NATH: - gentle - sense of humor - persistent - kind - tenacious - laughed a lot - team player - devoted family man -- loved his wife and his pet dog - a funny handyman (he 'fixed' stuff at home but never quite right) - dedicated - generous - enjoyed our chess tournament even though we creamed him! His nickname at WLI was Demon, because he pushed so hard for what he believed was necessary to get the job done, that I named him that. He absolutely loved the name (and lived up to it). We used to get harassed by the Indian guy in the store downstairs. One time, Narender bought gum from the guy and the gum was hard as a rock. Another time, he bought chocolate covered peanuts that were so old, that the peanuts had disappeared. It got so bad downstairs that he taught me to swear in Hindi so that I could give the guy a hard time. I remember telling you this, Mrs. Nath and you tested me on my Hindi - I passed the test if I remember correctly. Narender was a great teacher. One time, as a practical joke, we replaced one of the pictures on eRoster with a porno picture. When we let him test the application, he was so dedicated to the job that he saw problems on the page but didn't even notice the porno picture. Of course once we pointed it out to him, he thought it was quite funny. For me personally, I will always miss him. People still ask me if I feel guilty that WLI let him go the previous April (Ken was performing a cost cutting measure at the time). In many ways I do even though I really tried everything in my power to prevent it and I could not convince Ken otherwise. There were times when Narender drove me crazy - asking me for information on this, that or the other thing. The bottom line is that he was doing his job -- and we didn't always have the info he needed but that was our fault, not his. I always enjoyed his company. He was an incredible team member, family man and a dedicated worker. He stayed whenever we needed him to, worked the few weekends we asked him to, etc. without a single complaint. He always seemed happy. He was also a gadget fiend -- always buying new digital cameras and stuff and bringing them in to the office. He also loved and was fascinated by commercials on TV and radio. I swear he knew every single one by heart. If you mentioned a theme, he could tell you exactly what the commercial was. I could go on and on -- but the bottom line is that he was a truly wonderful person. I am honored that I came to know him at all, and I will never forget him. I wish more people could be just like him, Mrs. Nath. I know you miss him, Mrs. Nath -- everybody who was ever associated with him is a better person for it. Harry Tucker
Harry Tucker, Colleague
Jan 31 2003 8:21PM
MY UNCLE NARENDER NATH For the short time I have spent with Uncle Naren it seems like if I have known him for years. I have loved him from the moment he started talking to me. He was a caring, generous, and loving uncle. He loved being around the people he loved so dearly. He would stay up late in the nights and watch Indian movies with us and he would never complain. My dear uncle would go out of his way and make us happy no matter what he had to do. He was always concerned about school and me. He was always there to listen to my problems. Uncle Naren was very intelligent and he was a great advisor. There was one thing I admired about him. This was his love that he showed for my Aunty Ramona. When I see them together and see the happiness they share it makes me feel like if I can't wait to get married and find someone who share the same qualities as him. When I see my aunt now, it hurts my heart to see that she is so hurt, depressed, and incomplete without Uncle Naren. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep to know that he is not here with us anymore. God really took the life of the best uncle that walked this earth. It hurts but it is the truth. By Arisha Ishmael (niece by wife side, age 12)
Arisha Ishmael (Niece, age 12
Jan 31 2003 8:16PM
Dear Friend I do not know either one of you but I am deeply touched by your loss. I will keep you in my prayers and god bless you. Indira Persaud
indira persaud, Friend
Sep 11 2002 2:46PM
I didn't know Narendar personally but he has touched my life. I have made a quilt square for Narender on the 9/11 United in Memory quilt. ( I want his friends and family to know that I took on this memorial project with great reverence. I spent much time doing research on the internet, I went to a local Indian community and researched fabrics and color. I truly wanted this small rememberance to be respectful and honorable to Narender and to his wife, Keolahmatie that he obviously loved so dearly. Keolahmatie, I will keep you in my prayers.
Cyndi Beaver, Friend
Aug 8 2002 3:42PM