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In our hearts, today, tomorrow and always...
Linda Sullivan, Friend
Sep 11 2019 1:28PM
Charlie and I were best pals all through law school. We spent our time at Rudys Tavern, the gym, and the film society, in descending order, plus Our duties for the social, committee and the Friday night keg of lowenbrau We were in charge of, plus we spent two weeks in Europe . The best friend I ever had or will have, funny and considerate!
Tom Bennett, Friend
Jul 14 2017 6:05PM
Charlie and I were neighbourhood buddies on Christopher Street on Montclair when we were still in primary school. He and his family were kind to my family to us when we arrived from England. They showed us around and he and I would play catch for hours on the front lawn. He taught me to play baseball and strongly influenced my choice of the Brooklyn Dodgers as my/our favourite team. I knew he was smart because the Dodgers won the World Series soon after. Although my family moved to Canada after two years, we kept in touch for several years and I remember visiting Lawrenceville with him just before he started there. He is a large part of my memory of living there. We then lost touch, although my business took me to Manhattan fairly periodically. My office was in a neighbouring tower and I still will not go back to that area even though I am often in the city. I remember his great combination of serious level headedness and his appreciation of zany humour. My apologies for the great delay in sending this brief note. Sincerely John Pepperell
John Pepperell,
Sep 11 2016 7:11PM
Mrs. McCrann and family, my thoughts and prayers go out to your family. I was doing some genealogy research when I came across Charles' 9/11 obituary. My name is Lisa Patt McCrann and I live in Manhattan, KS (The Little Apple). I'm a 60 year old woman and a graduate of Kansas State University. My fathers name was Charles M. McCrann. I have an older brother Mike McCrann of St. Peter's, MO. When Mike was in Navy Pilot Training in 1965 in Corpus Christi, TX, we met a man named Charles McCrann who owned a GE Appliance store. I don't know much about the McCrann family name. My fathers family were Scottish Catholics and immigrated to County Cork, Limerick, Ireland. My great grandfather John Jason McCrann came to the U.S. at age 13 and was a stowaway on a China ship that docked in Philadelphia. He had siblings that lived in the Westport section of Kansas City and then settled in NE Kansas. My email address is:
Lisa P. McCrann, Family
Apr 29 2014 10:59PM
I was Charlie's first secretary when we worked in the Legal Dept at Marsh & McLennan. I worked for him for nearly six years. I remember a kind, and thoughtful man with a great sense of humor. I remember how excited he was to become a new husband and then a new father. I also remember his and Michelle's happiness for me when I was pregnant with my first child. I will never forget. Someone once told me that you never die when you live in another's heart forever. You are in my heart with love and respect.
Dorothy Arena-Brennan, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 11:18AM
Dear Mrs. McCrann and family, Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking for you and Charlie and am keeping you in my prayers. Mr. McCrann was always so nice to me when I would see him when I would go visit my dad in the office or for lunch. I am so very very sorry for your loss.
Mary (Belger) Cunningham, Friend
Sep 12 2011 4:10PM
Charlie, my husband Sean and I were colleagues in the Legal Department and became friends. It was Charlie who shared his parenting tips. He was a proud father. All these years later we remember him still...and smile.
Anne Wheeler Connor, Friend
Sep 12 2011 3:07PM
I was a friend of Charlie's at law school, and knew him to be as others, who knew him better and longer, have described: kind, funny, a gentle man. I met up with him again later, when we were fellow parents at the same small private school in lower Manhattan. I too regret a life cut short, remember him today, and am wishing Michele, his children, and his brother's family all the very best.
Pat Coffin Fry, Friend
Sep 11 2011 5:28PM
If you are lucky enough, sometime a person will enter your life who is a good soul, who can be trusted, does the right thing, and who cares. Charlie was that person to me. I still remember you, respect you, and miss you Charlie.
Ray Oberg, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 9:28AM
When I worked for Marsh & McLennan, I had a chance to meet Charlie McCrann because we both volunteered for an organization called 'Power Lunch' (late 1990s). We had each been 'assigned' to mentor an elementary school student, and once a week we met with our students for lunch in the school's cafeteria and listened to them read aloud. Charlie and I would walk to the school together, often with Danny Meisner who also volunteered there. I remember Charlie treated me as a peer even though he was way senior to me at Marsh. I was impressed then by the fact that he took time from his day to help a child and clearly enjoyed doing it. I am so sorry that his life was cut short. I will always remember the afternoons when we volunteered for the same program. My heart goes out to his family all these years later. Cindy Sacco Leighton 4/1/10
Cindy Sacco Leighton, Colleague
Apr 1 2010 9:21PM
I was looking at the Marsh website and came across this tribute page, which I did not know was here. I am an insurance regulator (for NY State) and had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Charlie in our respective jobs. He was one of the people I truly admired and trusted. I sought out his advice many times and, although he was an excellent advocate for his employer, he was also honest, practical and respectful. Of course the real pleasure was getting to know Charlie as a person. Under that Clarl Kent persona was a fun, witty and hilarious personality. I had dinner with Charlie a few times and remember those times fondly. I lost my wife's brother at 9/11 and that grief was compounded when I found out about Charlie. I think of him every 9/11 and after a moment of sorrow I smile, remembering that personsility I referred to above. My thoughts and prayers to Charlie's family and his many friends.
Mike Moriarty, Colleague
Aug 20 2009 3:03PM
I am one of the eight recipients of the Charlie McCrann scholarship and wanted to share my deep sense of gratitude. While searching the internet I found this memorial and am deeply touched by the comments shared by Mr. McCrann's family and friends. Thank you Mr. McCrann and may we all endeavor to live up to your high level of values and love for people!
Allan Jackson, Friend
Oct 23 2008 10:33AM
I entered colleague for my relationship with Charlie but I always considered him a friend and always will. I was fortunate enough to work with Charlie often during my early years at Marsh. Initially I saw this very button down guy but as time went on he showed more and more of his intellect, warmth and humor. He was so open and had no hint of a stuffed shirt attitude as some corporate types do. He just had no bias and was always welcoming of others. Even if he disagreed with you on an issue, you were always respected, a very rare quality, these days. Of course one of the highlights was listening to Charlie talk about how he made 'Toxic Zombies' and I never miss a chance to see it, have a brewski and think of Charlie. Via con dios Charlie, you are truly a cool cat and a great person. Best wishes to his family, colleagues and friends.
Roy Simpson, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 12:10PM
It has now been 8 years since Charlie's sudden disappearance but I awoke this morning, thinking of him. I had met Charlie in my early days as General Counsel of the NAIC and learned to respect him as a valuable source of knowledge into the insurance brokerage business, always professional and trustworthy as well as an effective advocate but I did not know him personally until Mary Lanning invited me to one of her several 'blues joint' outings one night in Houston, Texas. It was there that I learned to appreciate his dry wit and charming personality. Thank you, Mary, for making it possible for me to know the real Charlie and to his family, rest assured, you were loved and it showed.
David Simmons, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 10:27AM
I knew Charlie at LeBeouf many years ago. He always was an Angel on Earth and always will be. Always in our hearts, minds and souls.
Linda Walden, Friend
Dec 5 2007 8:37AM
i worked for Charlie for nearly 2 years. A very special person. When I look up and see a star i know he is with the Angels in heaven.
Mary Boorman, Friend
Sep 29 2007 11:13PM
it's now 2007 and we're past this year's 9/11 commemoration. just wanted to post my thoughts again as to what a great guy charlie was and still is. he'll always be with us. the best of wishes to his children and wife.
janet margrave, Colleague
Sep 18 2007 10:34PM
I didn't know Charlie, but was a fan of his film 'Toxic Zombies'. I was saddened to see he was a victim on 9/11 but wanted his family to see that his legacy lives on to people around the world through his love of film that he left behind. Every time I watch this film I will remember, and I will say a pray for the McCrann family. We all leave gifts behind, and can never imagine how we can touch people who we never meet. Thanks Charlie...
Eric D., Friend
Nov 14 2006 3:48PM
Charlie McCrann was a fine man and an excellent lawyer. I met him more than 20 years ago when shortly out of law school I got my first corporate legal job at MMC headquarters. He had a good sense of humor and was a kind person. My heart goes out to his family on his loss. To me he will always represent what is best and decent about America that no terrorist or enemy can ever kill.
Florence D. Nolan, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 3:18PM
I am thinking of you today, Charlie. Bless you.
Michael C. Sensiba, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 1:43PM
many years ago, i met charlie when i was in-house counsel for an arizona insurance company. a mutual friend, beth kravetz, introduced us. initially, one would never guess that beneath that well-dressed and mannerly exterior the heart of a crazed and hilarious lunatic lurked. but soon enough, his true self emerged. we would see one another through the years at naic meetings and would talk occasionally after i left the insurance company. i met him for lunch once when i came to new york and heard all about his family. i had not realized he worked at the wtc. i thought he worked in midtown. it never occurred to me that he was in danger until some days after 9/11 when beth called to tell me he had been in one of the buildings. a terrible loss for his family and for everyone whose lives he touched. a really great guy. i think of him often.
janet margrave, Friend
Sep 11 2006 1:07AM
It's five years since The turbofan clatter, the sudden silence, The loud report, the screams, The gashed tower, the smoke, Then the flame, and the realization ... I like to imagine a time When you, George and I Take the heavenly Path To celestial Hoboken, where, At the bar of the cosmic Brass Rail, We'll sip ambrosial Berliner weisse; This time, Brando will join us.
Claude Scales, Friend
Sep 11 2006 12:16AM
I met Charlie and his friend, Claude Scales, at a NAIC meeting many years ago --- as a LeBoeuf'er then and them being former LeBoeuf'ers. They were great at sharing insights and how to survive in a law firm. Over the years, I got to spend time with them at NAIC meetings --- including a house tour in Arizona with Charlie and Michelle and a wonderful dinner at Obrecki's in Baltimore where we all could not get cabs home. Charlie and Claude decided to walk back --- through a tough neighborhood --- and probably exploring a local bar or pub on the way --- it was pretty funny the next day as Charlie and Claude were nowhere to be found in the AM the next day at the meeting --- later in the afternoon, Charlie showed up in sunglasses.... and Claude told me that they had a long walk home, and a fence or two to climb... Great colleagues, humor and warmth. I was saddened to learn that Charlie had been lost in the 9/11 attack --- what a loss... to his family, friends and colleagues.
Debbie Chong, Colleague
Jun 23 2006 10:43PM
I sit here on a rainy April night reading these kind words about my father, and it brings a smile to my face. I know Dad would have been truly touched by the fact that so many people cared enough to take some time out and post their feelings here. Thank you all very much.
Derek McCrann, Family
Apr 24 2006 1:42AM
I miss Charlie and think of him and his family often. I Think of his brother tom and his wife. I am glad to find so may good things being said about Charlie. He was always suppotive of me and my mother susan. Thanks all You are in my prayers.
Kevin Gillson, Family
Sep 12 2005 6:17PM
I didn't know chuck, although i listed him as a friend. I'm a huge horror film fan and filmmaker myself, and i happened to get a copy of his film 'Toxic Zombies'. Though by far it was very cheap and laughable at best, no one deserved the fate he endured. NO ONE. It really hurt me to find out he had died as a result of the WTC collapse. RIP chuck. you are missed
matt enos, Friend
Jul 9 2005 11:52PM
I recently found out about this site and wanted to add my thoughts about Charlie. I had the opportunity to meet Charlie early in my insurance career. I lost touch with him for a few years, and then had another opportunity to work closely with him when I handled state affairs for The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers. We were working on some pretty high profile issues at that time, and his advice and counsel to me was invaluable. What impressed me most about him is his attention to the detail of these matters and his quest to understand all of the angles in the issue before making a decision on how to proceed. I also felt honored to work with someone who was truly knew more about insurance that I could ever dream about learning. Of course, there were also the times when we would discuss things outside of the insurance arena. I recall one particular dinner at an NAIC meeting with Claude Scales, Mary Lanning, Howard Greene and others where Charlie and Claude recounted the filming of 'Toxic Zombies.' I don't think I have ever had such an enjoyable dinner in my life. Charlie was truly a mentor to me, and I think about him often. I truly miss him as a colleague, and hope that Michelle, Derek and Maxine know that there are many in our industry who miss him dearly. Godspeed, Charlie.
Nicole Allen, Colleague
May 17 2005 8:58PM
Today I lit a candle in Charles memory. It has been 3 years and every Sept 11th I cant help but think of him. Never forget...
Sean Foster, Friend
Sep 12 2004 5:39AM
I worked with Charlie on committees of the NAIB and later the CIAB for a number of years. He was without a doubt a fine gentleman and always a pleasure to work with. His professionalism was clear, and I'm sure that his contributions to Marsh were as significant as the contributions he made to the industry as a whole through his work with the various associations and industry groups. It saddens me to see his name here, but it is comforting to remember that he touched many people during his life and that he made their lives better by his presence. He will always be remembered fondly by those who had the pleasure of knowing him.
Michael E. Vaughn, Friend
Jul 27 2004 5:22PM
I did not know Charles, but I knew of his film Toxic Zombie. I was an avid fan of the film and I was shocked to see his passing in the twin towers. I have devoted a tribute to him on my web page. And even thought I never knew him, I part of me will always mourn his death, because I knew him from his film. Every Sept 11 I look up to the sky and thank him for what he has done, not just for his family and his friends, but for his love for the genre and the love for movies and what he contributed to them.
Sean Foster (owner of Crimson Mask Video), Friend
Jul 4 2004 6:11AM
I didn't know him very well, because Maxi and I wern't good friends while he was alive. We have gone to school together since Jr. Kindergarden, but we always used to fight. Even so, I knew what a great man Charles was, and I was always happy to see him on those few occasions that I visited Maxi at her house. Now, Maxi and I are really good friends, and I know that Charles is looking out for her.
Elizabeth kipp-Giusti, Friend
Jan 26 2004 1:32PM
Charlie McCrann worked with my dad, Bob Kennedy. They were great friends and coworkers. They did quite a bit of business traveling together and my dad always had a great time. He spoke so highly of Charlie's intelligence and kindness. I know Dad thought the world of him and considered a great friend. My hope is that they were together that morning helping each other as they usually did. God bless his family and know you remain in my prayers.
Cathy Kennedy Miller, Friend
Jan 6 2004 2:47PM
I am Laurice Fox's Mom. I agree with my daughter. Charles was so very special and his loss made our girls, (Maxine and Laurice) grow up very quickly. Now life is more precious. Maxine is a great kid and has gone through a lot because of this terrorist act. I hope this is it for NYC.
Marilyn Weaver-Fox, Friend
Oct 30 2003 11:24AM
Two years ago today, on a crisp, clear morning just like this, I lost someone very dear to me. Charlie's and my friendship took root in the early 1970's in a shared office at LeBoeuf's, was watered during bachelor hours at the Lion's Head and the Spring Street Bar, flowered in exotic locales at NAIC meetings, endured and strengthened through his and my marriages and the births and growth of our children. He was responsible for my brief, less than glorious but delightfiul movie career. I miss him very much. Today my thoughts are especially with Michelle, Derek, Maxi, and Tom and his family.
Claude Scales, Friend
Sep 11 2003 11:17AM
I am one of Maxine's friends. Charlie was an angel on earth. He was the sweetest man you would ever get to know. He would take me to movies, museams, and other places. I know why god would want him by his side.
Natalie Tagher, Friend
Apr 26 2003 5:17PM
Charlie was my uncle, lunch buddy, and one of the kinder people I've known. Over two years ago, he called me on my first day at work to see how I was faring. I fear nothing could have prepared him for what he received on the other end of the phone, but I certainly appreciated his listening to all my new job jitters; silly as they were, he was such a needed comfort. Never one to overlook anything, I only wish I'd had more time. Uncle Charlie, I miss you very much and I think of you everyday. Love always
Mari McCrann, Family
Dec 2 2002 5:15PM
Hi, I'm one of Maxine McCrann's friends. Charles used to take Maxi and I everywhere. To breakfast, to meusems, to the zoo, apple picking. He he was so nice. He was alwaysx treating. I wish my father was more nice like he was...
Laurice Fox, Friend
Nov 27 2002 5:36PM
Hello. I was Charlie's daughter. I loved him so much. I thank you for being so supportive of him. I know he would love you for being so kind. Thank you.
Maxine McCrann, Family
Nov 23 2002 7:16PM
During my 15 years at Marsh, my path would occassionally cross with Charlies. He was always a pleasure to work with and was never too busy to help. He was a great asset to Marsh and a great colleague. He is surely missed...
Traci Noon, Colleague
Apr 8 2002 9:47AM
I had the honor of working with Charlie on a project a while ago. What a special man! The world is now a much sadder place without him and he will be missed.
Sue Reuterskiold, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 10:44AM